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1. Scope of Works
2. Project Organization for Health & Safety Control
3. Health & Safety Risk and Control
4. Access / Egress
5. Lighting
6. Plant & Equipment
7. Personnel Training Certificate
8. Hazardous Materials & Substances
9. Waste Management
10. Special Control Measures
Appendix 1: Checklist for Room Control Unit
Appendix 2: Project Organization for Health & Safety control
Appendix 3: Risk Assessment
Appendix 4: Personnel Training Certificate

1. Scope of Works

Scope of Activities
This scope defines the minimum standards to be adopted when installing Room Control Unit
in Hotel Guest Room. The RCU provides intelligent management of the guest room energysaving and control system like, Energy management of guest room status, lighting control,
guest amenities, central monitoring, and including precise temperature control for enhanced
guest comfort.

Site Procedure
Site mobilization shall be done with real time monitoring the conditions & progress of builder
works. Before commencement of the work, carry out examination of the physical condition of
the area. Photographs should be taken where necessary, prior to commencement and
during works.


Preparation stage
a. Factory visit and testing to be conducted before shipment to site.
b. Engineer in-charge shall check to ensure that the Room Control Unit manufacturing,
complies with specification and drawings.
c. Engineer shall check to ensure that the guest room architectural finishing work is
completed and any physical obstruction during the delivery RCU.
d. Ensure that the RCU design/equipment provided all are fully comply with the
e. Supplier shall deliver RCU unit to site and store it designated place.

Handle the RCU unit with care to avoid damage to components, frame and finish.

g. When the RCU unit is received, unpack it sufficiently to inspect it for concealed
damage to determine that the shipment is complete and correct.
h. If the RCU is to be stored prior to installation, replace the packing for protection
during that period. When conditions permit, leave the packing intact until RCU unit
are at their final installation location.

Protect the equipment against the dust and debris during construction period.


A trolley or pallet may offer a more convenient method of handling the RCU to shift
from one location to other.


Installation stage

a. Site survey of the proposed RCU is based on approved CSD by foreman / subcontractor together with Engineer.
b. Installation must be carried out based on approved shop drawings & samples by
foreman / sub-contractor.
c. Install the RCU in its final position at guest room, progressively leveling each section
and bolting the frames together if they are separated.
d. Mark the exact position of the RCU panel using respective template.
e. Drill the anchor location and install the RCU.

Tightened all bolted connection in accordance with the manufacturer torque


g. Fix all the incoming & outgoing power/control cable in the RCU unit.

Input / Output wiring of RCU panel

h. Connect all input/output control cable for Door contact switch, lighting control
Thermostat, Fan Coil Unit, Motion detectors and the communication output to
Network Floor Bridge.


Door Contact Switch

Door Bell


Name or label RCU unit for future reference.


After installation of RCU, Engineer-in-charge shall check the complete works and
complete the Inspection Checklist for Room Control Unit installation works.
( See Appendix 1)

k. Engineer-in-charge shall arrange and request for inspection with the Owners
representative Residential Technical Officer (RTO) using approved Main con
Request for Inspection (RIN) form.


Testing and Commissioning

Steps to be taken before energizing the RCU.
a. Qualified personnel should be present when the equipment is energized for
the first time.
b. Tighten all accessible electrical connection to the manufacturer's torque

c. Check the enclosure to see that it is not been damaged in a manner as to
reduce electrical spacing.
d. Manually exercise all switches, circuit breakers, and other operating
mechanism to make certain that they operate freely.
e. Conduct and electrical insulation resistance test to ensure that the RCU panel
is free from short circuits and grounds.

Check electrical relays and instrumentation to determine that the connections

are made properly and the devices function properly.

g. After RCU energizing check all the loads are working according to the
program logic installed in RCU.
h. Check the function of DDC Thermostat functioning properly.

Check the function of Chime bell.

Check the dedicated switch function for Sub Master, Pendant, Head board,
Night light, Bathroom light, Luggage lights, Foyer switch, Card key switch.

k. Check the day light open and night light open.


The performance and requirement of RCU shall follow contract documents

( Part III: Page PS-5-98 to PS-5-100 ) or approved shopdrawing.


Preferred Materials

RCU Room Control



Project Organization for Health & Safety Control

( See Appendix 2 )

3. Health & Safety Risks and Controls

( Please refer to attach Risk Assessment with respect to above scope of works see
Appendix 3)

4. Access / Egress
Proper step ladders shall be provided for access and egress into Distribution board
as applicable.

5. Lighting
Adequate temporary/task lighting shall be provided if work to be carried at night or at
dark places.

6. Plant & Equipment


Center punch
Torque wrench
Electrical drill (only for surface installation works)

1 lot
1 lot
1 lot
1 lot
1 lot

Diagonal-Cutting Pliers

1 lot

Wire Stripper/Cutter with Spring

1 lot

Side-Cutting Pliers

1 lot




Shank Screwdriver

1 lot


P.P.E. Personal Protective Equipment (safety helmet, Boots,

gloves & safety vest )

1 set per worker

*The above machinery & Equipment used quantity will be varied depending on site conditions and production rate.

7. Personnel Training Certificate

( see Appendix 4 )

8. Hazardous Materials & Substances

( Not applicable )

9. Waste Management
The Rubbish which would be created from our scope of works will be disposed to the
designated dumping ground.


Special Control Measures

The following general control measures against Safety, Environment and Quality
shall be required for our scope of work and special control measures are not
applicable for us

Proper PPE must be worn at all time.

Permit to work at height > 2m where applicable
Lifting operation permit (using crane) where applicable.
Confined space permit where applicable.
Approved work method statement and risk assessment will be made available to
site. All workers doing the work shall be briefed on this method statement and
risk assessment.

Checklist for
RCU Installation

Project Organization
for Health & Safety

Risk Assessment

Professional Training