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2014 ‫امتحان شهادة إتمام الدراسة الثانوية }نظام حديث{ لعام‬
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‫ثلث ساعات‬
Write all the equations balanced with the conditions
‫)السئلة فى أربع صفحات‬
‫ الجابات المتكررة عن أسئلة التختيار من متعققدد لققن تقققدر ويتققم تقققدير‬:‫تنبيه مهم‬
.‫الجابة الولى فقط‬
First: Choose the correct answer for each of the following:
1- Ionic equilibrium occurs in weak electrolytic solutions between......
a) molecules of reactants and molecules of products
b) molecules of reactants and ions of products
c) ions of reactants and molecules of products
d) ions of reactants and ions of products
2- From the general properties of basic aqueous solution…..
a) Has pH less than 7
b) Makes litmus solution red
c) Has a bitter taste.
d) Makes methyl orange turn
3- The concentration of sodium hydroxide solution which results from
dissolving 40gm of it in water is…..
(Na = 23, O=16 , H =1)
a) 1 mole/L
b) 0.5 mole/L
c) 0.25 mole/L
d) 2 moles/L
4- Chemical equilibrium for any balanced reaction is affected by the
following factors except…….
a) Pressure
b) Heat
c) Concentration
d) Catalyst
5- Number of litres of oxygen resulted from dissolving 36gm of water at
stp is……
(H = 1, O = 16)
a) 22.4 litres
b) 44.8 litres
c) 11.2 litres
d) 5.6 litres
6- In the dry cell reaction, reduction occurs to……

a) Zn c) MnO2 b) MnO(OH) d) NH4+ (‫)بقية السئلة فى الصفحة الثانية‬ -2‫ ثان‬/.What is the scientific basis of the precipitation method in analytical chemistry? Show its steps. b) Pyrogallol 2. and in an ascending order according to the standard reduction potential.Saturated hydrocarbons with the general formula (C nH2n). b) Picric acid from benzene. QUESTION TWO: (15 MARKS) First: Write the scientific term for each of the following: 1.A solution whose one litre contains one mole of solute.Arrange the following aqueous solution in an ascending order from the acidic to the basic: (potassium nitrate – ammonium chloride – sodium hydroxide) 2.The arrangement of elements in a descending order according to the standard oxidation potential. . 5.Mention Faraday’s first law and how it can be determined experimentally.‫ع‬.The product of multiplying the concentration of hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions that result from the ionization of water.‫ع‬. 3.The only alkene that gives a primary alcohol by catalytic hydration.Which of the following compounds can be oxidized with acidified potassium dichromate solution? (Write the equation) (Methane gas – Ethyl alcohol – Acetic acid – Tertiary alcohol) 3. 4.Show by balanced chemical equations how to obtain the following: a) Dihydroxy alcohol from a monohydroxy alcohol.‫{ ث‬266} ‫تابع‬ ‫ح‬14 Second: 1.What is the chemical structure and IUPAC name for each of the following? a) Formic acid. 2. Second: 1. 3.

‫{ ث‬266} ‫تابع‬ ‫ح‬14 QUESTION THREE: (15 MARKS) First: 1.‫ع‬.Compare between: a) Electrolytic cells and Galvanic cells b) Complete ionization and Weak ionization (‫)بقية السئلة فى الصفحة الثالثة‬ -3- ‫ ثان‬/. 2.4. Second: 1. 2.What is the contribution of the following scientists in chemistry? a) Avogadro b) Wohler c) Gay-Lussac 3. Mention the components of the detergents and method of operation. b) Write the symbolic notation for the standard hydrogen half-cell.Write the chemical equation for the preparation of methane gas in the lab with drawing a labelled diagram of the apparatus used.“Scientists have agreed to use the standard hydrogen electrode as a standard electrode which can be used to measure the potential of other electrodes.) = 2AgCl(s) + Ba(NO3)2 (aq.‫ع‬.) + BaCl2 (aq.Show by a chemical equation how to obtain industrial detergents from aromatic sulphonic acid compounds.Which of the following reactions are complete and which are reversible? Give reasons. a) C2H5OH + CH3COOH = CH3COOC2H5 + H2O b) AgNO3 (aq.) c) 2Cu(NO3)2 (s) = 2CuO(s) + 4NO2 (g) + O2 (g) d) CO(g) + H2O = CO2 + H2 (in a closed vessel) QUESTION FOUR: (15 MARKS) First: . a) Show by drawing a labelled diagram: The components of standard hydrogen potential.

An alkyne has a molar mass 54gm.‫ع‬. Show the type of anode and cathode and the total reaction in the cell. (2propanol)? Write the equations. (‫)بقية السئلة فى الصفحة الثالثة‬ -4‫ ثان‬/. 4. (H =1.86)? Write the equation of the cathode.Calculate the concentration of hydrogen ions in a 0.‫{ ث‬266} ‫تابع‬ ‫ح‬14 3- Some primary cells are characterized by small size and various uses as (earphones – cameras – watches).6 gm.Answer the following questions: . Second: 1.Phenol is more acidic than ethyl alcohol. of iron from a solution of iron III chloride given that (Fe = 55.The amount of water vapour resulting from the elements of water increases by increasing the pressure. 3.1M solution of hydrochloric acid at 25°C given that the equilibrium constant: K a = 7.What is the result of the reaction of toluene with each of the following? a)Chlorine.What is the quantity of electricity in coulombs needed to separate 5.What is meant by qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis? QUESTION FIVE: (15 MARKS) First: Give a scientific reason for the following: 1.The nomenclature of the alcohol that contains 4 carbon atoms as butanol only is considered to be inaccurate.2 × 10-10 3. 2.The law of mass action is not applied on strong electrolytic solutions. Deduce its molecular formula and write its structural formula and the IUPAC name. 2. C =12) 2.‫ع‬. Second: 1.1- What is the proper alkyl halide for the preparation of: (ethanol). b)Mixture of conc. 2. sulphuric and nitric acids.

Calculate the percentage of sodium hydroxide in the solution.1M hydrochloric acid solution.1 gm. (‫)انتهت السئلة‬ . of the mixture was titrated using 10ml of 0. 0.a) What does the ring inside this figure indicate? b) Aromatic benzene reacts by 2 types of reactions: (Addition – Substitution). c) A mixture of a solid substance contains sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride. Show a chemical equation for each type with the conditions of reaction.