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Changeling Feats

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Changeling feats can only be taken by changelings as they

often change or alter the benefits of their shapechange ability,
which is unique to changelings.

Conversion Info
Character Conversion

Perfect Reflection [Changeling]

Prerequisite: Changeling, Wis 13, Chr 15
Benefit: When you use your minor shapechange ability to

Deities & Faiths

mimic a specific person, you can a competence bonus to your

Mythic Abilities

Disguise and Bluff checks to impersonate that person, based

Prestige Classes

on how well you know that person.

Channeling Feats


Bluff / Disguise Bonus

Combat Feats

Recognized on sight


Dragonmark Feats

Friends or associates


Close friends




General Feats
Item Creation Feats
Luck Feats
Metamagic Feats
Mythic Feats
Psionic Feats
Racial Feats

Source: PGoE, pg. 25

Persona Immersion [Changeling]

Prerequisite: Changeling
Benefit: So long as you currently under the effect of your

Changeling Feats
Shifter Feats

minor shapechange ability, any attempt to read your mind,

Warforged Feats

know your alignment or otherwise detect your thoughts made


by a 3rd level effect or lower produces a misleading result of

Traits & Drawbacks

your choice. While you are not aware of who generated the

Equipment & Services

effect or what spell, power, spell-like, psi-like or supernatural

Magical Items

ability they used, you are aware of what information was


desired and can decide appropriately. This response does not

Removed Material
The Epic Campaign
The Story So Far...
Important Items & Places

use an action, even an immediate one.

Source: RoE, pg. 110

Quick Change [Changeling]

Prerequisite: Changeling
Benefit: You can use your shapechange ability as a move
Normal: Changelings use their shapechange ability as a

The Opposition
Credits & Links

full-round action.
Source: RoE, pg. 110

Community Use / OGL

d20 Pathfinder SRD
Pathfinder Forums

Racial Emulation [Changeling]

Prerequisite: Changeling
Benefit: When using your shapechange ability, you take
on the subtype of the humanoid you are disguised as. You still
retain your shapechanger subtype, but you now also qualify as
the mimicked humanoid subtype for the purposes of magical
items, spells or other effects. If the subtype you are disguised
has low-light vision, darkvision or the scent ability, you do as
well, with darkvision to a maximum of 60', so long as you are
disguised like that subtype.
Normal: Changelings do not change their subtype, nor do
they gain any special abilities.
Source: RoE, pg. 110

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