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Shwetabh Kumar

Phone: +91 9949020686 Email:


Project Planning

Design and Development

Agile: ScrumMaster

Technical Management

Team Management

Process Compliance

RISK/Employee Services Domain

Client Interfacing

People Management

Continuous Integration


Presently associated with Deloitte.

Possess good interpersonal, analytical and team building skills with ability to establish quality

Skilled in designing and developing modules/products, managing and tracking project

execution, executing test scenarios, releasing products to production.

Serving as a main point of contact regarding needs definition, project status and issue

Skilled in communicating with Business stakeholders, external/internal departments and

senior management.

Possess a track record of meeting project milestones and developing long-term relationships
with clients.

Web Development 3.5, MVC, WCF, JQuery, Java Script, ASP


C#, Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012, Visual Basic 6.0


SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server2010/2012

Third Party

IBM Rational tools RTC/RRC/RFP, Crystal Reports, Visual Source

Safe, Win CVS, Ankh, Tortoise, Perforce and Source off Site


AGILE Scrum, Waterfall

May 2012 Till

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

India Pvt. Ltd

"Deloitte is the brand under which tens of

thousands of dedicated professionals in
independent firmsAbout us throughout the world
collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial
advisory, risk management, and tax services to
selected clients. These firms are members of
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), a UK
private company limited by guarantee. Each
member firm provides services in a particular
geographic area

Product suite DRMS (May 2012 Till Date)

DRMS helps Deloitte RISK Analyst in accessing and recoding RISK parameters for clients availing
Deloittes Risk services.
Technologies: ASP.Net 3.5, MVC, SQL Server 2008 R2.
Worked on

Was involved in/as
Scrum Master
Technical requirement analysis
Stakeholder management
Sprit 0 planning
Collaborating with different teams SOA, PMO, Operations, etc.
Backlog refinement
Managing work for BA, Dev and QA
Role Scrum Master and Project Management (Team size 18)

ADSync ADSync is a tool which runs in background to sync DRMS with Active Directory and
provide reports to Business team and helps them to decide on action to be taken for
exceptional cases.
Was involved in
Development planning and execution
Technical requirement analysis
Business logic implementation
Integration testing and quality assurance
Role Independent contributor (Team size 1)

Continuous Integration It is a practice which helps automating build, test case execution,
security scan, packaging and deployments.
Was involved in
Build server integration with RTC (code repository)

MSBuild configuration to submit build for security scans on baseline builds.

BuildForge steps analysis and creation for automated build.
Deployment scripts

Role Independent contributor (Team size 2, with a RTC SME)

SQL Server Migration 2008 R2 to 2012 DRMS is planned to be migrated to SQL 2010 soon.
Was involved in
Database migration and sharing reports and experiences with operation team
Role Independent contributor (Team size 1)

Floor involvements
People management: having 8 counselees, from year-end performance evaluation perspective (Few
of them are not reporting to me from work standpoint).
Leading Talent Advisory Council (TAC) India: It includes 800+ practitioners of DTTL India. I am leading
with the thread Development Opportunities.
December 2005
April 2012

ADP Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.

ADP - Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (Nasdaq:

ADP), with nearly $9 billion in revenues and about
570,000 clients, is one of the world's largest
providers of business outsourcing solutions.
Leveraging 60 years of experience, ADP offers the
widest range of HR, payroll, tax and benefits
administration solutions. ADP is also a leading
provider of integrated computing solutions to
auto, truck, motorcycle, marine and recreational
vehicle dealers throughout the world.

Product suite RUN (Jan 2010 April 2012)

RUN helps our client in employee services like Payroll, Taxes, HR, etc.
Technologies: ASP.Net 3.5, SQL Server.
Modules worked on

Full Level Tax FLT subsystem is to ensure that when client is coming in the middle of the
year, their federal/state/local taxes filed are correct so that ADP can take care of it onwards.
Was involved in
Technical requirement analysis, module design
Business logic implementation
Integration testing and quality assurance
Role Tech lead (Team size 6)

Webchat Webchat is a feature through which client can chat to service agent for their
Was involved in

Development planning and execution

Technical requirement analysis, module design
Interacting with the product team and vendors providing the chat solution/
Business logic implementation
Integration testing and quality assurance
Role Project lead (Team size 2)

Branding RUN has different brands/partners. Whenever new partner come we create new
brand for then according to partners specification and standards.
Was involved in
Requirement analysis, module design
Business logic implementation
Integration testing and quality assurance
Role Project lead (Team size 2)

Retirement Services for CPA This was an integration of RUN RS with CPA clients.
Was involved in
Business logic implementation
Role Consultant

Team involvement
Preparation of WSR that is shared with the client to convey project health.
Productivity calculation for the team of 10 members, productivity and resource utilization
report preparation and review with senior management on a quarterly basis.
Estimation of assigned project/task for the associates based on complexity, expertise and
Product suite Associate Portal (Dec 2005 Jan 2010)
Associate Portal is compromises of 11 different applications which enables organization associates to
manage their day to day work.
Technologies: ASP.Net 2.0, ASP, SQL Server.
Applications worked on

Strategic Assessment and Recognition System (StARS) StARS is a system used by Managers,
HR and Compensation group to assess the ADP associates at common review period. Its
appraisal system which helps organization in promotion, Pay change, Off Cycle Pay Change,
Was involved in
Product Maintenance and support
Development of new features
Role Senior Developer

Flex Flex is a system which is used by Associates, HR and Compensation groups. It allows
enrolling and validating associates annual flexible benefits
Was involved in
Product Maintenance and support

Development of new features

Role Senior Developer
April 2005
November 2005

Syncata Pvt. Ltd. (A

ProQuest Company) ,

Syncata is SEI-CMM Level 3 Company. As a part of

a continuous process improvement philosophy,
automotive consultancy and IT services firm
Syncata expects its clients to receive key benefits
such as software quality improvements, reduced
cycle times, long-term cost reductions and
productivity increases.

Tools worked on
Helix CRM.Net Developed for Alorica. Its a Customer relation Management System. Basically
used by customer care agents. They can register products to customer. Create tickets, case,
MX Conct.Net It was developed for MX-Contact. It is used to manage the contacts. The
contacts can be converted into leads. Which can be further used by the members of the
Team/Company, The software also efficiently manages the team/s activities.
Role Developer
Technologies: ASP.Net 1.1, SQL Server.
February 2003
March 2005

Softcom Inc. is a leading provider of Software

Solution and Services from streamlining,
automating and web enabling core business
processes to strategizing and implementing a
customer centric approach to business.

Softcom Inc., Delhi

Products worked on
Electrophysics Corp. Web site Manages the contest organized by Electrophysics Corp.( Leading in
Night Vision and Infrared Cameras) at It includes the dynamic generation/display
of questionnaire, accept participant response, saving responses and mail to participant. It also looks
after the administrative part of the contest.
Application & Web Site Designed and developed the whole site in VB, ASP and SQL Server. The
project was to calculate all incomes included in their Multi Level Marketing Plan, Online registration,
monthly statements, etc. Their plan includes the Binary structure tree.
Role Developer
Technologies: VB, ASP, SQL Server.

Good 2 Great by Industry leaders in 2011.

Web Security training in 2008.
QMS and SQA Training in 2008.
SQL Server 2005 from SQL Star in 2007.



Value Adds


Associate of the quarter - Quarter 3, 2009

Recognition Award for dedication and great result October 2009.
Recognition Award for contribution Feb 2008.
Star Performer Aug, 2007

Code Crawler for Impact Analysis: This tool developed to get the list of all
the affected objects/modules due to our changes. It was capable of crawl
through referred dlls, DB objects, etc.
Benefit - Saved lots of time of impact analysis.
Developed a tool to change the look and feel of all ASP pages when
Associate portal mover to IBM Websphere.
Benefit Page conversion time reduced from 1 day to 30 minutes.
Actively involved in all major Recruitment drives at ADP.


Certified ScrumMaster


Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development (70-433) - 96% in 2011


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development (70-562) 98.4% in 2009
Diploma in Advance Computing (DAC) - 65% in 2003 from CDAC ACTS,
Bachelor of Information Technology - 67% in 2002 from MAHE, Manipal,
Diploma of Information technology - 81% in 2000 from MAHE, Manipal,
Diploma in Software Management - 86% in 1999 from Aptech Ltd., Patna