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Creative Knowledge

Myths, Visions and Realities

Edited by

Marina van Geenhuizen
Professor of Innovation and Innovation Policy in the
Urban Economy, Delft University of Technology, Delft,
the Netherlands

Peter Nijkamp
Professor of Regional, Urban and Environmental Economics,
Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Edward Elgar
Cheltenham, UK • Northampton, MA, USA

Contents List of contributors Preface _. Jackie de Vries and Hans de Jonge 6 Science parks: changing roles and changing approaches in their evaluation Marina van Geenhuizen. Danny P._ 1 Creative cities in a knowledge society: introduction Marina van Geenhuizen and Peter Nijkamp PART I vii ix 1 CRITICAL VIEWS ON POLICIES AND POLICY TOOLS 2 Theory and practice of the creative city thesis: experiences from Amsterdam and Rotterdam Arie Romein and Jan Jacob Trip 3 The sustainability of knowledge-related policies in technologybased cities in the Netherlands Ana Maria Fernandez-Maldonado and Arie Romein 4 Two critical notes on the meaning of the new middle class for creative knowledge city policies Marco van der Land 5 Developing knowledge cities: towards aligning urban and campus strategies Alexandra den Heijer. Soetanto and •' Victor Scholten 7 The academic entrepreneur: myth' or reality for increased regional growth in Europe? Katalin Erdos andAttila Varga 8 From exit to excellence: turning old industry regions into knowledge regions through triple helix processes Martina Fromhold-Eisebith 23 53 84 104 132 157 182 .

NETWORKS AND 'SOFT' FACTORS 9 A map of human capital in European cities 213 Andrea Caragliu. Mozhdeh Taheri and Marina van Geenhuizen 11 Innovation networks in a cross-border context: the case of Vienna 273 Michaela Trippl 12 Spatial. Chiara Del Bo and Peter Nijkamp 10 Social capital's and absorptive capacities' impact on new ventures' growth 251 Danny P. network-based and regional proximity in US biotechnology 303 Der-Shiuan Lee and Breanddn O h Uallachdin 13 ^Interlocking firm networks in the German knowledge economy: the case of the emerging mega-city region of Munich 333 Alain Thierstein and Stefan Lu'thi 14 Knowledge exchange in trans-national city networks: evolutionary mechanisms in cross-local learning among European cities 364 Martin de Jong and Jurian Edelenbos PART III CREATIVE KNOWLEDGE CITIES IN EMERGING ECONOMIES 15 Location patterns of advanced producer services firms: the case of Sao Paulo Roberto Rocco 16 Knowledge spillovers through informal contacts in urban production systems: the case of ICT firms in Creative knowledge cities PART II KEY CONDITIONS: HUMAN CAPITAL. Brazil Renato Garcia and Veneziano Araujo 17 Making Shanghai a creative city: exploring the creative cluster strategy from a Chinese perspective Yawei Chen Index 385 413 437 465 . Soetanto.