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It is written, In the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God; and the W

ord was
God. I am the Word; I am the Word of life. I am the truth. I am the Word of truth
and life. I am
the Word made flesh, full of grace and truth. I am the Word of life that appears
in the flesh of
all those who give to me their thinking. Now hear and understand: In the beginni
ng, I created
Adam after my own image; that is, after the image of my words/thoughts; words/th
oughts of
life and truth. I did not create Adam after the image of any of these carnal wor
These words/thoughts had no dwelling place in the minds of Adam or Eve.that is, u
ntil the
fall; until the day that Adam and Eve freely chose to forsake the counsel of my
in order that they may believe the lying words/thoughts of Satans counsel instead
. On that
day, through the deceitful and enticing words of Satan joined with the desires o
f their heart,
they freely chose for death to be the ruler over their thinking. For it is as it
is written, No man
can have 2 masters; either choose death or choose life. On the day that they fors
ook my
counsel, then the image of my words/thoughts, the words of life and truth, depar
ted from their
thinking to make way for their new master: the death that rules over all of the
of those who are carnally minded.
On the day of the fall, the life of God that was in the thinking of their minds,
that which was
created after the image of God, departed from their thoughts; and all of the wor
ds/ thoughts of
the righteousness of God that had given unto them abundant life, were then trans
formed into
the likeness of these lifeless dust particles that drift about because they have
no purpose.
Until that day, Adam and Eve had daily eaten of the tree of life, and the words/
thoughts in
their minds were continually renewed in the image of the words of life. It was a
lso on that day
the desires and the affections of a mans heart were given over to submission to t
he lies of
Satan; the lies whose complete focus is only on the vain image of the being of se
lf. It was on
that day that all fellowship and communion between God and man ceased; and the p
that God created man upon the earth was corrupted. On that day, the darkness of
and mortality took its place to rule over the world with death; the world that Go
d himself had
created. A man is as he thinks; he who is carnally minded thinks and speaks deat
h; he who is
spiritually minded thinks and speaks life.
I Am the Lord of life. I Am the God of the living and not the dead. I Am life. I
Am the Words of
Life. Those who depart from me depart from life. Those who do not desire to obey
me are

those who choose for death to be the lord of their thinking. Those who choose de
ath to be
their lord are those whose very image is death, and they have death for their th
inking. Death
has no power to rule over life because I Am life; I Am the source of all life; I
Am that which life
consists of, and I will never bow the knee of my heart to serve even one of the
words/thoughts of death. When Adam and Eve chose to follow the counsels of Satans
then I, as the image of, and the very affection for my Fathers words/thoughts, th
en departed
from their hearts and minds; and thus was the saying brought to pass that is wri
tten: Your
thoughts are not my thoughts. On the day that death took its rule, not only did th
e lies of
Satan enter in, but so also did the love and affection to believe his lies also
took take its
throne to rule over the hearts and thoughts of all who are carnally minded. In t
he kingdom of
darkness, not only is there a desire to love Satans lies, but so also is there a
burning desire
to hate the truth of God. I am the image of the truth of God, and I am the wisdo
m of God that
loves the truth; and I, as the light of life from which all things were created,
and from which all
creation communed and fellowshipped with God by, was taken out of the world. Dea
th came;
Death came as the darkness that completely alienates and separates all creation
from the life
intended by its Creator. Only death is able to dwell in the darkness that inhabit
s the
words/thoughts of the carnal mind; a darkness where there is no presence of the
God of life.
On that day, God became mans alien.
I am the Lord of light that the darkness has blinded all men to see. I am the Lo
rd of life that
the darkness has alienated my creation from. It is the darkness that blinds the
eyes of man so
that there is none who are able to see the life or that can correctly interpret
life. There is no
man is able to see as I see, says the Lord. For fallen man judges all things accor
ding to
appearances; for the carnal mind only has the ability to interpret the appearanc
es and the
images of what he sees. For all men judge and measure other men after the height
and the
weight of their bodies; after the intelligence of their words; after the color o
f their skin; after the
measure of their wealth, and riches, and fame; after the countenance in their fa
ces; after the
gender of their body; and after the appearance of their works and deeds. But in
this world of
darkness, all appearances are only illusions; illusions where vain things appear
to be right
and true things that a man should live his life according to; and illusions to j
udge others after
the lives they appear to live. There is no man who is able to discern the truth
about the intents

and the motives of his own heart, much less the intents and motives of the heart
s of others.
Understand this, I said that your thoughts are not my thoughts because it never
enters into my
mind to judge any man according to his appearance; for appearances are only illu
sions; and
illusions deceive; and all who judge according to appearances only deceive thems
These deceive themselves because when they condemn others, they are only condemn
themselves. From where came the saying that says, Nothing is as it appears?
Thus says the Lord, I judge no man after appearances, but I judge all men after t
he words
that are thought upon in his heart; for where the desires of the heart are, ther
e shall you find
the riches and the treasures of his heart; the riches and treasures of the life
that he finds
pleasurable and that he would love to have. I see the words/thoughts that are de
sired. I see
the words/thoughts that are esteemed. I see the words/thoughts that are believed
on. I see
the words/thoughts that exalted to be right. I see the words/thoughts that are h
onored. I see
the words/thoughts that are trusted in. I see the words/thoughts that are deligh
ted in. I see the
words/thoughts that are desired to be truth. I see the words/thoughts that men h
ate and
despise. I see whose words/thoughts, whether death or life, that appear as lifel
ess dust
particles as well as those which appear as lively particles with purpose. I see
that the
measure of man is not according to his appearance but it is according to the wor
that he believes on and agrees with.
Thus says the Lord, I came into the world to reconcile the world unto God; but wh
o is he who
can understand what the world needs to be reconciled of? I came into the world,
the world
which I created, and the world did not know me. I came as the righteousness of G
od into a
world where each man believes that righteousness comes forth how he sees and int
erprets all
things. Who is willing to allow for me to reconcile his world? Who is willing to
allow for me to
make life first in his thinking rather than death? I forewarned Adam and Eve in
the beginning
that if they disobeyed my words/thoughts, and chose to eat of the fruit from the
tree of the
knowledge of good and evil, then death would surely enter into the world; and de
ath would be
the first desire in their thinking. Have you ever considered just what it was th
at overcame
Adam and Eve, that which enticed them and led them to disobey the counsel of God
? Was it
Satans lies that overcame them or was it their own desires that overcame them; de
sires that
arose in their hearts whereby they wished to believe that Satans words were the t
ruth rather

than the words that had been given to them from God? Do you see how it was by re
ason of
these desires that a power arose within them that led to fall of man upon the ea
rth; a powerful
desire to believe lies. What power could any lying words/thoughts have if there
was no desire
to believe them? So then, I ask you once again, what does this world need to be
What man is even able to comprehend just how great his captivity is to the death
that rules
over the thinking of the carnal mind? Do you still scoff at me when I tell you t
hat your thoughts
are not my thoughts? Do you still make light of my instruction that says that al
l of your
thoughts are vanity and your imaginations are continually evil? I created man to
be partakers
of life, not to be captives to death. I created man for communion and fellowship
, not alienation
and separation. But how can darkness fellowship with light, and with what commun
ion does
death have with life? If you desire to commune and fellowship with God, should n
ot first
understand that which must first be reconciled unto God? How can that which is a
n enemy
become a friend except that which makes it an enemy is first removed?
If you believe that my words are true, then what agreement could the definition
of the carnal
minds interpretation of life have with my spiritual definition of life; seeing th
at your thoughts
are not my thoughts? What agreement does the carnal minds definition of love have
with my
love, or the likeness between the carnal minds understanding of the truth and the
truth of
God? How can a proud mind possibly interpret my humility and meekness? How can t
carnal mind comprehend true forgiveness where sins and transgressions are forgiv
en, and
they never return to the thoughts of the mind? How can the minds of those who de
light in
judging others, in finding fault with others, and in accusing others find any co
mmunion with
God who then delights in showing mercy to the same? Where is the communion betwe
anxiety and peace of mind? Where are the carnally minded who are clothed with ev
How can any man comprehend the truth of my love, my truth, my patience, my power
, my
gentleness, my meekness, my care, my joy, my mercy, my belief, my forgiveness, m
humility, and my goodness when he uses the thinking of the carnal mind to interp
ret my heart
and my nature? Do you not understand that they who think that I am in the likene
ss of their
carnal interpretations are changing me to be an image like unto the death of the
carnal mind;

a likeness that is only an illusion of lies that seem right? Only a fool would t
hink that my heart
and my nature can be interpreted with the understanding of the carnal mind that
is corrupted
with darkness; and all who use their carnal mind to interpret me, they blind the
mselves to ever
see any need for me in their lives because they have me to be like an image of t
All those who think that my heart and my nature can be compared to the heart and
the nature
of man, they are blind to see that by their own thoughts they have made themselv
es to be like
unto God. I am not a man. My nature is not like unto a man. My character is not
like unto a
man. I am not like a man. My thoughts are not as your thoughts. My ways are not
your ways. I
do not see as man sees. I tell you again, I and my Father are as aliens unto men
. Though
there be none who are righteous in their thinking or good in their hearts, the h
ypocrite will still
think to walk in the image that is according to his own interpretations of my na
ture and my
heart; and these are so confident that I am pleased with their efforts and works
? I tell you that
all false witnesses are an abomination in my sight. Who will seek to know the tr
uth about my
heart and my nature, rather than to twist my image into the likeness of their ow
n carnal
thoughts and hearts desires?
I will be their God and they shall be my people." Therefore, "Come out from amon
g them and
be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean and I will receive you. I
will be a
Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the LORD Almighty."
Who is able to understand that I have no communion with the interpretations of t
words/thoughts that inhabit the carnal mind? Who is able to comprehend that it i
s only the
Devil who communes and fellowships with those who are carnally minded because it
is who
has fathered all of the words/thoughts that are conceived in the carnal mind. He
knows well
the name of all his children, such as fear, hatred, bitterness, confusion, doubt
, anxiety,
depression, slander, worry, unbelief, fornication, and pride; and the Devil know
s that all of his
children desire to serve him only. Just as the Devil desired to be like unto God
, so also do the
children of darkness desire to be like unto God, but after their own interpretat
ions and
imaginations which twist the image of the heavenly God into the likeness of thei
r own
goodness, their own pleasure, and their own righteousness. These are the childre
n who love
to satisfy their own desires through their own deceivings. Do you see how the da
rkness works
in a man to satisfy the desires of death that rule over the carnal mind? Do you
understand yet

that which man needs to be reconciled of?

I came into this world to give to all men a choice between death and life. Have
I not set before
you all a choice between life and death? Have I not given to you the ability to
choose between
life and death? I am giving unto each one of you a choice that will allow for ea
ch one of you to
choose whose words/thoughts your desire to believe; a choice between the words/t
houghts of
the carnal mind or the words/thoughts that inhabit the spiritual mind? If you ha
d life dwelling in
your thoughts, would it be necessary for me to even give to you such a choice as
this? Life is
not that which comes naturally, for death is thoughts that the carnally minded k
now naturally. I
am not the words/thoughts that natural man desires to be true, but I am the word
s/thoughts of
truth that sets men free from their miserable captivity to the thinking of the c
arnal mind. I am
the word made flesh, the word that is full of grace and truth. I am the word of
life come to
redeem those who are carnally minded, who hate the counsels of death. But who wi
ll choose
to have me to be their words/thoughts? I am the truth that makes free, but who w
ill choose
me? He who chooses truth loves life, and he who does not choose me loves the dea
th that
rules over all of his being. I will speak truth, but many will harden their hear
ts when they hear
the voice of my words/thoughts because they have no desire within them to receiv
e or to
believe my words/thoughts; for they are alien and strange to them.
Now again, I want to remind of that which I once taught you, that the words/thou
ghts of God
and the words/thoughts of Satan do not sit equally balanced in the hearing of ma
n; for man
being created from the dust of earth, by reason of the natural elements loves th
e self being
that all lies focus on; for is it not as it is written, that no man ever hated h
imself? But man was
created from the very dust of the earth that Satan himself inhabited; seeing tha
t when he was
cast out of heaven, he was cast into the earth. It is of these earthy elements fro
m which
Adam was created that also brought forth the desire in Adam and Eve to believe S
atans lies.
Though I created Adam after the image of my words/ thoughts, he was compassed ab
out by
an earthy vessel that was/is subject to worldly desires. It is by reason of thes
e earthy
elements that a desire arouse in their hearts to believe Satans lies; and when th
e serpent
sowed the seed of his words in Eve, he then departed, knowing that it was only a
matter of
time before his words would arouse these earthy elements from their sleep; and t
hen would
come forth those worldly desires that tempt all to believe that Satans words are
right and

true. For it is only worldly desires that make it pleasurable for a man to belie
ve lies. Until that
day, neither Adam nor Eve had never heard any lying words, thus keeping asleep t
he worldly
desires and pleasures that inhabited their earthy vessel. But now that these wor
ldly elements
were aroused, they began to join themselves to the seed of Satans words with beli
ef; and
once the belief came forth, then that which had been forbidden began to appear p
leasing in
their sight. And when they sinned against God, death came swiftly upon them; the
whose very nature is in complete rebellion against God, and all things that are
of God.
And so it is today, that just as these desires burned like as a fiery passion in
the hearts and
the minds of Adam and Eve to rebel against the counsel of God, so also does that
same fire
continually burn in the thoughts of all who are carnally minded. Can the spiritu
ally minded be
tempted by carnal desires and pleasures? I think not, seeing that the Spirit has
no desire for
worldly things. Yet, are not my people still being tempted today in the same man
ner as Adam
and Eve; having the same desires that prefer to believe that lying words/thought
s of Satan are
truth rather than the counsel of my words, says the Lord. False doctrines, traditi
ons, laws,
denominations, and the commandments of men so easily take away the heart of my p
today with their enticing words appearances of being true and right. Can you not
see how
powerless all these words/thoughts are in that they are not able to deliver any
from the death
that rules over the words/thoughts of the carnal mind?