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One last time I ask you; from where come these desires that so easily deceive my

people into
choosing death for themselves instead of life? From where come these desires tha
t deceive
my people into worshipping and serving dead idols and false doctrines, which are
to heal, to change the heart, or to deliver from dead thoughts? From where come
these evil
and wicked desires that entice my people to pervert my ways and to make light of
my words?
From where come the desires that tempt my people to refuse my instruction and to
hate my
correction? From where come the desires that steal away my love out of the heart
s of my
people? Now hearken unto me, and I will show you the source of all these desires
as well as
the source of every foolish, every evil, and every wicked desire; for these desi
res are the
strength and power of the kingdom of darkness; the strength and the power that a
passionate desires in the inhabitants of this world to believe only the lies of
Satan. When I
breathed life into Adam, he became a living being; a being that lived, that move
d, and that
had all of his being in fellowship and communion with God. I breathed my words/t
houghts into
him, they came as the words which were spirit and life; and the spirit that I br
eathed into him
was my wisdom. My wisdom is the breath of my power for life; but there is anothe
r wisdom,
the wisdom that is of this world, and there is no breath in this wisdom for it o
nly has a desire
for death.
My wisdom is the matrix from which all life is birthed. My wisdom is matrix from
which the love
for my truth is birthed. Only by my wisdom are my people able to delight themsel
ves in my
words and keep them out of love. My wisdom is the matrix that brings forth spiri
t and life; and
by my wisdom was Adam formed after my image; the image of the Words of God. My w
has desires for those things which only come from above; and it has no agreement
pleasure with the vanity and foolishness of this world. My wisdom loves me and d
elights in
communion and fellowship with me. For fellowship I created Adam by my wisdom, an
d by my
wisdom I breathed my words/thoughts into him; and after the very image of my
words/thoughts was he created; that is, by the words/thoughts that came forth by
my Spirit.
By my wisdom I brought forth a man who was like-minded with me. By my wisdom, Ad
am and
I walked daily in communion and fellowship with one another; and you know that n
othing that
is of this world walks with me because it has no agreement with me.
In the beginning, I brought forth my wisdom as the light that in the darkness; a
nd that
darkness was the wisdom of this world. Then Satan came lusting to sow the seed o

f his lying
words/thoughts into Eves mind; for Satan knew that his words would awaken a giant
that had been lying asleep in both Adam and Eves since Adam was formed; a giant t
could only be awakened by his lying words. Adam was formed from the elements of
the earth,
not from the Spirit of the Lord; and it was these worldly elements that the seed
of his lies
would arouse from their sleep: the elements of the wisdom of this world, natural
understanding, and the carnal knowledge. For these three elements are of the dar
kness, and
they can only agree with and desire to believe the lies of the ruler of darkness
. Satan knew
that their earthy vessels would be well nurtured and fertile ground that would m
ake his lies
desirable to believe and pleasurable to make right. The lies that once believed
would then
allow for sin and the death to take their rule over Adam and Eves minds and heart
s. He knew
that it would only be but a matter of time before the passions of this worlds wis
dom would
awaken and overcome them with her burning and passionate desires.
For it was Satans words/thoughts that awakened the wisdom of this world that had
been lying
asleep in them. For the wisdom of this world only has a desire to believe the li
es of Satan;
and all of his lies only focus on the being of self. For out of the wisdom of this
world comes
forth all of the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, and the pride of
life; and all who
are given to her will live, and move, and have their being serving the ungodly d
esires of
creature rather than the desires and pleasures of the Creator. What greater lie
could Satan
have spoken than those lying words/thoughts that would arouse in them same desir
es and
passions that had already overcome Lucifer to believe that he could become as Go
d? For
Satan well knew how he himself was so easily overcome by these same desires when
he was
corrupted by this same wisdom; for the wisdom of this world only delights in doi
ng those
things that satisfy self desires; that is, for one to do his own will, to walk in
the way that is
right in his own eyes, and to make a name for himself. For the wisdom of this wo
rld loves the
being of self, and she lives and moves and has all her purpose in the desires that
delight in
serving this ungodly creature which has no passion or desire for God. For the wi
sdom of this
world is the matrix from which comes every unclean, wicked, profane, evil, and a
desire and passion; and they all come forth to join themselves to the lies of Sa
tan. When
Satans words awoke the wisdom of this world in Eve, he awoke all of the desires o
f this
world. She is the natural desires, pleasures, and passions that burn in the hear
ts of all who

are carnally minded.

The wisdom of this world is the entity from which all ungodly desires, pleasures
, lusts, and
affections come from; and her desires, pleasures, lusts, and affections are the
strength of her
power. The wisdom of this world is the sinful nature of the flesh. All those who
agree, and fellowship with her are in the darkness because light has no fellowsh
ip or
communion with the darkness. She is the darkness that dwells in Satan as well as
darkness that dwells in the children of ignorance. She is the uncleanness in the
unclean; she
is the wickedness in the wicked; she is the evil that is in the evil; and she is
the profaneness
in the profane. She is the deceitfulness that makes the lies of Satan desirable
to believe. She
is the passion and desire to believe Satans lies; and Satan is the liar that sati
sfies her
passions and desires. Satan is the father of all lies and she is the mother who
nurtures his lies
with desire until they become that which is pleasurable for one to believe; and
her children are
all of the lies that come forth when his words and her desires are regarded and
believed on.
She passionately loves all of her children, which are the words/thoughts that gi
ve birth to all
that is unclean, wicked, deceitful, profane, evil, and abominable. Her desires a
nd pleasure are
that which all men know by nature; for all who commune and agree with her desire
s and
pleasures are like unto her. The wisdom of this world is the illusion of lies th
at are used by
men to justify her children. She is also the illusion of lies that men use to bu
ild their own selfimages
The wisdom of this world is the darkness. She is the spirit that led Lucifer and
the angels by
her desires to fall in heaven. She is the spirit that led by her desires the fal
l of man upon the
earth. She is the spirit that burned with desire in both Lucifer, the angels, an
d Adam and Eve
to believe the lie; the lie that says that there can be more than one God. She i
s also the spirit
that by her desires leads many hearts to fall from the grace that has been given
to them
through the blood of Christ. She is the spirit that seduced Esau to give up his
inheritance for a
small piece of meat. She is the spirit that tempted Lots wife to look back at the
life she was
leaving behind. She is the spirit that deceived Saul to bow his knee to honor th
e words of the
people rather than to honor the words of God. She is the spirit that caused all
of Israel, except
David, to cower in fear before Goliath; and she was also the spirit in Goliath t
hat defied God.
She is the spirit that puffed up Sennacherib when he attempted to threaten and i

Hezekiah. She is the spirit that confused Judas. She is the spirit that deceived
Peter into
believing that he had the faith that would allow for him to go to prison for Chr
ist sake and that
deceived him into believing that he would even die for the testimony of his name
. She is the
wicked counselor who overcame Ananias and Sapphira. She is the entity that Jesus
with and overcame in the garden, as well as the same entity that then led others
to then
crucify him. All those who have her are always wise in their own eyes, and they
are always
convinced that the way they see things is the right way those things should be s
een; yet the
way that seems right is only right in the sight of those who are blind. The dece
itfulness and
the strength of her power is found in that she is able to make the ways that lea
d to death and
destruction to seem like the right things for me to do.
The wisdom of this world sits as a queen over her world of darkness; and chaos i
s her delight
and rule. From her throne proceed all of her desires and pleasures that tempt my
people to
believe only the lying words/thoughts of Satan; the words/thoughts that inhabit
imaginations of the carnal mind. None of the thoughts that she desires to believ
e have any
likeness with the thoughts of God. She is a world without order that is ruled by
her wild and
untamed imaginations; a world of disorder and lawlessness where every man does t
hat which
seems right in his own eyes. She is a world of imaginations where there is never
any thought
to acknowledge the sovereignty of God or to ask for any guidance or help. None o
f her
desires will ever be accompanied with any counsel that instructs one to bow his
heart before
God. Every mans imaginations are the idols of his heart; and it is by her desires
pleasures that they are formed, and then it is by her pleasure that they are the
n exalted to be
more righteous than God. By her reasonings and excuses she makes her counsels to
to be much more important than the counsel of God. She is the chaos and confusio
n in world
where each man believes he is right in his thinking; yet, there are no two who a
gree. She is a
world of disorder; a world where men continually get angry and frustrated when t
hings do not
go according to the way that they were imagined to go. She is the imagined sover
eignty that
keeps each man in bondage to the delusional state of thinking that he is I am, and
that he
can take control over the circumstances and situations in his life. She is the c
ounsel of
words/thoughts in the minds of mens imaginations that never acknowledge the preem
of God. She it is who keeps the children of God from drawing closer to their hea
venly Father

who loves them all.

It is only by the wisdom of this world that men are made to be friends with this
world; for the
wisdom of this world is the only entity from which all worldly desires come from.
She is the
darkness, and the darkness consists of her ignorance of her alienation from God,
separation from God, and her hatred for all things of God. She is the entity of
darkness that
does not know God, that does not respect God, that does not trust God, that does
not honor
God, that does not believe God, that does not obey God, and that does not love G
od. All
those who delight in her exist in a world that is alienated and separated from t
he abundant life
of God. Her habitation is the darkness that dwells in all those words/thoughts t
hat abide in the
carnal mind. She is the words/thoughts of death. She is nature of rebellion, and
by her the
children of God refuse to hearken to the voice of their God. She is the enmity o
f the carnal
mind that will never subject itself in obedience and humility before God, and sh
e can never
subject herself to any of the truths or life of Gods words. Even Satan and his de
mons believe
that there is only one God, and they are also subject to Son of God, as well as
to the
limitations that God uses to restrain them. It is not so with wisdom of this wor
ld, for she cannot
even believe that there is one God other than the being of self.
The wisdom of this world is that which makes all men to be as beasts in the sigh
t of God; for
all who are subject to her lust and desires are like unto her. She is the enmity
against God;
and by her she fills the thoughts of the mind with all manner of rebellion, unbe
lief, hatred,
rejection, bitterness, hesitation, refusal, fearfulness, blame, scorn, as well a
s the making light
of all of the words/thoughts that proceed forth from God/Jesus Christ. She is al
l that doubts
God. She is the unbelief that mocks God. She is the murmuring and complaining ag
ainst God
when he will not bow to her desires. She it is that overcame the children of Isr
ael in the
wilderness with her murmuring and complaining against God that led to the destru
ction of
many who agreed with her. Just as she did then so also does she do now in all th
ose who
remain carnally minded. Her desires are seen in the works of all those who do no
t believe that
all things are possible for God/Jesus Christ. She closes the ears of those who r
efuse to hear
my voice. She is the stiffness in the neck of those who refuse to turn to me. Sh
e is the spirit
that hates Jesus and that persecutes those who take up their cross and follow af
ter me.
As Satan is the adversary of man, so is the wisdom of this world the adversary o

f God, for she

is never able to agree with anything of God/Jesus. She is the spirit of antichri
st, the spirit that
can never believe or obey any of the words/thoughts of God. By me were all thing
s created,
and there is nothing that is that was not created by me. Yet, when death entered
into the
world by her, all creation was taken captive to her. She is mortality and death;
the mortality
and death that is ignorant of immortality and life. I came into this world, and
the world which
was created by me did not know me. I came to my own children, and neither did th
ey receive
me. For by reason of the wisdom of this world, the creation has despised and rej
ected me,
even though all of creation moans and groans to be free from mortality and death
. When I
came into this world, those who were wise in their own eyes saw no outward beaut
y in my
appearance to be desired; and neither did they see any outward show of righteous
ness to
meet the approval of their eyes; for all were blinded by the sight of the wisdom
of this world.
My Father even spoke from heaven saying, This is my Son in whom I am well pleased;
by reason of the wisdom of this world, the children of this world and the childr
en of Israel
could find nothing about me that was pleasing to them; for those who are wise in
their own
eyes cannot interpret God, not the things of God.