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The wisdom of this world is the harlot who tempts my people with her desires to b

elieve the
enticing and seducing lies that are pleasing for the ears to hear. She delights
in deceiving the
children of God to go a whoring from the truth of God after false doctrines, the
commandments of men, and the traditions of the past. She loves only the lying wo
rds that
exalt and love self, rather than God. It is by reason of her whorish words/thought
s that she
continually tempts my people to forget the counsels of Gods words/thoughts, just
as she did
with Adam and Eve. She hates, and is envious of, any and all other works or word
s that are
done that appear to be more righteous than her own. She is the spirit that was i
n Cain that
lusted to kill Able. She is spirit that burns in the hearts of the children of t
his world to hate and
to persecute the children of God. She is the queen of this fallen world, and her
desires and
pleasures are the harlotry of this world; for she is the harlotry that seduces a
ll with her evil
desires, her profane desires, her wicked desires, her deceitful desires, her unc
lean desires,
and all of her abominable desires. All those who love to satisfy her desires and
affections are
those who make themselves to be the enemies of God. The wisdom of this world is
Babylon that has kept many of my people captive under the illusions of her spell
; the
blindness whereby they worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator. S
he is the
city that is full of desires and vain glory; a city full of the idols of self.
She is the wisdom that blinds the eyes of people so that they are not able to se
e that the
things which they naturally esteem and honor, they are in the sight of abominati
ons. She is
the mother of all abominations, and all they who have her in their thoughts and
her power in
their hearts, are abominations in the sight of God. She is the consciousness and
love of self
that has no love for God. It is her abominations that are found in the hearts of
the hypocrites
who profess to know God but then deny his power. Her abominations are the mounta
ins upon
which her throne sits, exalted in the high places of self-image; and her mountai
ns are those
seven abominations which those who are carnally minded esteem and honor. There i
s no
desire in her to be as the faithful wife who patiently waits for her Lord to fin
ish his work, but on
the contrary, she is the spirit that seduces my people to walk today in the ways
that seem
And I heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out of her my people so that y
ou be
not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins
have reached
unto heaven and God has remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she reward

ed you,
and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she has fill
ed fill to her
double. How much she has glorified herself and lived deliciously; so much tormen
t and sorrow
give her: for she says in her heart, I sit a queen and am no widow, and shall see
no sorrow.
Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; an
d she shall
be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judges her.
Again, the wisdom of this world is not one because she loves all of the lies of
Satan; the lies
that are always changing and forming themselves into those words/thoughts that e
ntice and
seduce men with desires to believe that his words are right and true. She is the
mother of all
strife and contention because there is no agreement in the lies that she mothers
and nurtures.
She is the mother of all hypocrisy; the skill whereby one is able to act as thou
gh he is as the
image that he appears to be in the sight of men, rather than be the image of wha
t he is
actually thinking. Just like the wisdom of this world, the hypocrite also consta
ntly changes into
the images that are pleasing in the sight of those who are seeing him; in the si
ght of those
who only believe that he is as the man that he appears to be. The hypocrite is t
ruly an illusion;
a wind that blows this way, and then that way, and then is no more; an illusion
of images that
changes to please the desires of men. The hypocrite is like the wisdom of this w
orld in that
they only exist in the lying thoughts of the darkness of mens imaginations. The h
ypocrite is
one who desires for the darkness to be the light. The darkness is passing away w
ith all of its
lies, and desires, and vanity, and affections, but the word of truth, which neve
r changes, will
abide forever and ever; as well as all those who have the truth in the words/tho
ughts that they
think upon. The hypocrite is not, nor was he ever, and neither shall he be forev
er. The
hypocrite shall be as a bad memory; a memory that no one ever desires to be remi
nded of.
That which is born of this worlds wisdom is flesh; and that which is born of my w
isdom is
Spirit and life.
When the troubles and cares of this life arise, you will always find the wisdom
of this world
there first as though she is the caring mother, the faithful friend who is there
for you with her
helpful counsels; but she is only there because of her love to seduce men with h
er desires
and Satans lies to deceive men into taking control over their situations or circu
mstances, lest
they turn to God. All her counsels have an appearance of help, but that is only
come in that

manner to keep one from asking for help from above. She comes as the help that s
the children of God from love of their heavenly Father, who yearns to help us in
all things. She
sits as a queen of worldly advice, seemingly helpful with her counsels, but they
are used only
to keep the door open to the lies that accompany these troubles with such miseri
es as stress,
fear, disappointment, failure, pride, worry, emotions, confusion, sadness, anxie
ty, and the
uncertainty that accompanies all of counsels. She is the lies of uncertainty and
confusion that
trouble men in their troubles. Though she appears first as caring mother and fai
thful friend,
she is the hidden enemy who betrays, always hiding behind the illusion of friend
ship, care,
righteousness, and helpfulness. Watch and pray that you do not enter into the sn
ares of her
temptations; for she always seeks to lead the children of God astray with her de
sires. Who
goes astray in the time of trouble but those who yield to her desires?
That which is natural to the wisdom of this world is that which is natural to th
ose who are
inhabited by her; and her nature is darkness; and darkness is the nature of all
flesh. It is only
by reason of the wisdom of this world that the inhabitants of this world are hav
e become the
children of darkness because the darkness is the nature of this world. The natur
e of a man is
as the nature of the words/thoughts that he thinks upon; for a man is as his tho
ughts. Seeing
then that wisdom of this world is she who mothers the children of darkness, she
nurtures them to keep the consciousness of their thoughts filled with such couns
els as
bitterness, loneliness, cruelty, arguments, covetousness, worry, envy, contentio
spitefulness, complaints, fears, greed, hatred, love of self, confusion, anxiety
, emotions, selfglory,
unbelief, disappointment, malice, hypocrisy, corruption, impatience, strife,
hopelessness, doubt, murder, frustration, stress, depression, arrogance, boredom
meanness, evil suspicions, self-condemnation, lies, thefts, dread, and pride. Th
ese are the
thoughts of darkness and all who are mindful of the darkness are unto the darkne
ss. The
wisdom of this world is the darkness itself; and the children of darkness commun
e and
fellowship with her because they are like unto her. It is impossible for any man
to have a
nature that is not like unto the thoughts that he thinks upon.
In this fallen world of darkness it is not possible to find any man who is able
to walk free from
his captivity to the natural senses of this world; that is, it is not possible t
o find a man who by
nature loves the Lord God with all of his heart, all of his soul, and all of his
mind or that keeps
the commandments of God out of love. For by nature, men love to make themselves

to be
their own gods because that is the nature of the wisdom of this world who is in
them. By
nature, men would rather try and keep the commandment by their own ability, rath
er than ask
for my Spirit which always delights in doing my will. By her nature, men delight
in only in doing
their own will. By her nature, men delight in doing those things which are right
in their own
eyes. By her nature, men love to receive glory and to be praised. By her nature,
men trust in
their own understanding and senses. By her nature, men delight in making a name
themselves. By her nature men find fault with, judge, and accuse one another. By
her nature
men make excuses and find reasons that always allow for them to justify all of t
heir desires,
words, pleasures, and deeds. By her nature, men will esteem those things which a
re an
abomination in the sight of God. By her nature, men believe what they see. Again
, the wisdom
of this world is the nature of this fallen world; and it is only by her nature t
hat man has
become the citizens of this world. By her nature, the apostles said, Lord, who ca
n be
saved?; not understanding the love, the mercy, and the power of God.
* The Lord spoke this word to me once saying, There is no treasure in a mans heart
that is
any greater than those things which he believes and trust is right; and every ma
righteousness is determined by whose wisdom is in his heart
The children of this world love the darkness because they love living a life tha
t is free of God,
though they are blind to see that they have no freedom from the miserable thinki
ng of the
carnal mind. Oh many worship me with their lips and honor me with their mouths,
but they
would never allow themselves to receive any of my instructions or counsels. Many
love their
false doctrines because it allows for them to continue living a life that is ind
ependent from
God, thus allowing for them to continue being god and lord over their own lives.
The children
of this world love this independence because the wisdom of this world continuall
y deceives
them with the illusion of self-sufficiency; the illusion that all men are able t
o provide for his
own needs and supply for himself that which he lacks. This is idolatry; the idol
atry of the blind
children who see no need for God to be anywhere in their thoughts. These are tho
deceived children who see nothing but the goodness and righteousness that is of
the being of
self; for in their ignorance they are not able to comprehend or understand how the
re can be
any goodness or righteousness that can go beyond that which they see and know na

The wisdom of this world is so delighted when her children choose to put God in
second place
behind their own intents, their own cares, their own righteousness, their own fa
milies, and
their own desires and pleasures; for then are her desires satisfied. But there a
re no second
place trophies or runner up ribbons on Gods shelf. That which is written is truth
; There is
only one God; and you shall have no other gods before him; and you shall love th
e Lord your
God with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your strength, and all of y
our soul. The
wisdom of this world is always ready to supply reasons and excuses in her attemp
ts to
supplant that which is of God with that which is natural; she is always ready to
exalt the
natural with her reasonings to me more important than the things of God. She is
the desire for
all laziness and slothfulness that seeks to hinder my people from seeking after
my heart. In all
these things, the children of the darkness do not understand the power of the sp
irit of their
God, that power of the law of the Spirit of life that is well able to overthrow
all of the laws of
sin and death that rule over the desires of the heart and the thoughts of the ca
rnal mind.
Though they think that they have become independent from God, they are blind to
see how
their hearts and minds are completely submitted to the words/thoughts of the que
en of
darkness, the wisdom of this world.
Do you now understand, that as the wisdom is that dwells in the mind of man, so
also is the
consciousness of the words/thoughts that he thinks upon? Though there are many l
thoughts just drifting around in the mind of man, the only ones that are meditat
ed on,
considered, or believed are those thoughts which are found to be pleasurable and
to the wisdom that is in him. So then, when I declared, My thoughts are not your
was I not also saying in truth that your wisdom is not as the wisdom that is giv
en from above?
Do you now see and understand that my thoughts are no where to be found in the
consciousness of the natural mind because the desires and pleasures of the natur
al and the
spiritual are contrary to one another? In truth, if your thoughts are not as my
thoughts and
your wisdom has no likeness to the wisdom of God, then who is your Lord? Who is
the god of
your world except the one who administers to you the words/thoughts that you thi
nk upon?
Who is your Lord except the one whose counsel you live your life according to? W
ho is a
citizen of this world except those whose consciousness is captive to only be onl
y mindful to
the dead words/thoughts that come forth from the god of this world? They that ar
e of this
world speak only of the things that are dictated unto them by the king and the q

ueen of his
world; otherwise they would not be the lords and rulers of this world.