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Assessment is the process of gathering, analysing, interpreting, and using information

about students' progress and achievement in order to improve teaching and learning (Home Assessment, 2014). In order to complete Part 1 task, we had observe an English teacher during
her class to get expose what kind of assessment that she use in the classroom to check on
pupils progress. She is the teacher for Year 4 and the pupils proficiency level is average.
Context of the lesson was about topic on Insect Investigator. The theme for the topic is
world of knowledge. The topic is exposing the pupils about the insect which are about their
characteristics, habitats and the life cycle of an insect. The language skills that been assess by
the teacher was reading. The teacher distributes the handout to the pupils in the beginning of
the lesson. The teacher gives the pupils some time to read the text and try to understand the
text on their own first. The pupil can read the text but there are some of the words in the text are
not able for them to understand. After the self-reading, teacher read aloud the text followed by
the pupils. Along the reading, teacher continuously corrected the pupils pronunciation. After the
reading, teacher asks questions regarding to their reading materials. From our observation, we
can say that the teacher was trying to get feedback from the pupils by oral assessment. This is
one of the informal assessment that being used during the lesson. This was method been used
by the teacher to monitor the progress of the pupils whether they are going toward the objective
of the lesson or on the other way.
The assessment that been conducted during the lesson was formative assessment
where the main objective for the lesson was to analyze the pupils learning progress during the
lesson. Formative assessment is the (usually informal) assessment that occurs dururing
teaching and learning (McKay, 2006) (Joan Kang Shin, 2014). During the production stage,
worksheet was used to as assessment to check progress of the pupils. Format for the
worksheet was multiple choice questions based on the text that they had read earlier. The
worksheet consists of ten questions where there are different types of difficulty. In our opinion
the worksheet was good because the difficulty of the question was arranged in ascending order.
The pupils can feel that the questions is a bit easy in the beginning and the increasing or the
difficulty as they go on to the next question will trigger their critical thinking.
Type of the instrument or task used for the assessment that been used by the teacher
during the observation was the achievement test. Achievement test is to measuring and
reporting pupils progress in learning the curriculum (Joan Kang Shin, 2014). This is because
the objective of the assessment was to get the feedback on the pupils progress. This is to

ensure that the pupils are on the right track so the objectives of the lesson are able to be

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