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Riser Explained

Why maintain my dry/wet riser?

Risers can be prone to neglect and even
vandalism, so it is important to have them
regularly maintained and inspected. With the
potential for penalties should they fail to
function in the event of a fire, the risers should
be visually inspected every 6 months and
hydraulically pressure tested annually in
accordance with BS 9990.

What is a dry/wet riser?

Maintenance of measures provided for

protection of fire-fighters
"Where necessary in order to safeguard the
safety of fire-fighters in the event of a fire, the
responsible person must ensure that the
premises and any facilities, equipment and
devices provided in respect of the premises for
the use by or protection of fire-fighters under
this order or under any other enactment,
including any enactment repealed or revoked by
this order, are subject to a suitable system of
maintenance and are maintained in an efficient
state, in efficient working order and in good

Pressure Testing
System Installation

Dry and Wet Riser Mains are intended for use by

the Fire Service to provide a readily available
means of delivering considerable quantities of
water to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire
in large buildings.

Where will I find a dry/wet riser?

Dry Riser
In buildings where there are floors higher
than 18m above Fire Service access level (to a
maximum of 50m).
Low level buildings where there are excessive
distances from entrances (60m).

Wet Riser
In buildings where there are floors higher than
50m above Fire Service access level.

Extracted from Regulatory Reform (Fire

Safety) Order 2005, Section 38 - (1)

How DYNO KLANG can help ?

Advanced Fire Technologies

Wet Risers

is committed to providing its customers with the

highest level of service and support.

A Wet Riser System is kept permanently charged with

water from a pressurized supply.

Through or team of trained engineers, we are

able to service and maintain your systems.

Utilizing the town mains water supply, a series of

pumps maintain water levels in large storage tanks,
normally located on the uppermost level of the

Our custom built 'Dry Riser Unit', houses all the

equipment and spares necessary to deliver a
'self-sufficient' service to your doorstep.

Vehicle crossing ramps

Cones & barriers
Air Compressor
Electricity Generator
600 litre water storage tank
It's simple - in order to pressurize a Dry Riser
System with water, and simulate usage by the
Fire and Rescue Service, you must have the right

Each floor is fitted with an outlet valve, gravity fed

from the storage tanks, to which a fire fighting hose
can be connected.
Service - Two inspections per annum
Six Monthly - Visual and functional testing of all pipe
work, brackets, valves and cabinets.
Annually - In addition to the six month inspection, the
following checks should be carried out:
Cleanliness of storage tanks.
Flow Test.
Thorough inspection of the booster pumps and their
associated mechanical & electrical equipment.

Dry Risers
Dry Risers are normally only charged with
water when required by the fire and rescue
An inlet valve is provided at street level
allowing a fire service pump or engine to be
connected. Each floor of the building is fitted
with an outlet valve on to which a fire
fighting hose can be attached. Water is then
pumped through the riser for delivery at the
relevant area of the building.
Service - It is imperative that a maintenance
regime is adhered to on a six monthly basis.
Six Monthly - Visual and functional testing
of all pipe work, brackets, valves and
Annually - In addition to the six month
inspection, the system is pressurized with
water to a pressure of 10bar and checked for

Dyno Klang gives you the assurance with the Fire Safety Regulations place a duty of care responsibility
on the employer / owner to use competent persons.
We will provide you with professional help and support to allow you to satisfy our service.

For further information or a free no-obligation quotation, please contact:

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