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My Fair Lady
While reading
Chapter 1
1 Answer these questions.
a How does Freddy first meet Eliza?

b Why do some people think Henry Higgins is
a detective?

c What kind of writing is in Higginss book?

d How does Higgins know Eliza is from west

e How long does Higgins think he needs to
teach Eliza to speak well?

f Why has Colonel Pickering come to London?

g Why does Higgins throw some money to

2 Here is some information that Henry Higgins
wrote down later about Eliza Doolittle. Some
of it is wrong. Change it to make it right.
When I met Eliza she was selling vegetables at a
street market at Opera Garden. She was about
twenty-five or thirty years old, and she was very
good-looking. She was wearing a big, clean, pink
hat, a clean white blouse, a new skirt and new
shoes. Her hair was clean and her teeth were
perfect. She spoke very politely and did not have
a London accent. She was from east London.
3 Match and finish the sentences.
a Freddy Eynsford-Hill is a .
b Henry Higgins is a .
c Colonel Pickering is a .
1 writer of books on Indian languages
2 professor who studies phonetics
3 rich young man, about twenty years old
Chapters 23
4 Are these sentences true (T) or not true (NT)?
a Alfred Doolittle likes working.
b Professor Higgins makes recordings of
different accents.
c Higgins thinks that Eliza is going to pay
him sixty pounds an hour.

c Pearson Education Limited 2008


d Pickering says that if Higgins can teach

Eliza to speak like a lady, he will pay for
her lessons.
e Higgins wants to help Eliza because he
likes her.

Chapter 4
5 Put these sentences in the right order, 1 8.
a Higgins gives Alfred 5 for Eliza.
b Eliza and Higgins dance together.
c Eliza begins to pronounce The rain in
Spain perfectly.
d Alfred goes to Higginss flat.
e Higgins, Pickering and Eliza sing
f Alfred tells Higgins that he wants Eliza
g Eliza is angry with Higgins about the
work he makes her do.
h A woman tells Alfred that Eliza is living
with a rich gentleman.
6 Match the names and the words in the box.
Explain why.


lucky tired worried


a Alfred
Why: ..
b Eliza
Why: ..
c Mrs Pearce
Why: ..
Choose the right words from the box and
put them in the right places.
all down go more my things

Bed! Bed! I couldnt to bed!

My heads too light to try to set it !
Sleep! Sleep! I couldnt sleep !
Not for the jewels in the crown!
I could have danced all night!
I could have danced all night!
And still have begged for
I could have spread wings
And done a thousand
Ive never done before.

My Fair Lady - Activity worksheets

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Activity worksheets

Teacher Support Programme


My Fair Lady


Chapters 5 6
8 Answer these questions.
a Why does Higgins take Eliza to Ascot before
the Embassy Ball?

b What does Freddy do immediately he sees

c What happens when Eliza talks about things
she doesnt know how to say?

d Why does Eliza want Dover to win the race?

e Why doesnt Eliza want to see anyone after
the race?

9 Who says these things? Choose the right
a Miss Doolittle, you look beautiful.
b Ive come to like that girl so much in the last
few weeks.
c Charming. Absolutely charming.
d You did it, didnt you? You did it! What
about me? Didnt I do it too?
e I dont think youll have any trouble finding a
good job now, you know.
1 Colonel Pickering
2 Eliza
3 Higgins
4 Mrs Higgins
5 The Queen of Transylvania

Chapter 7
10 Who says these things? Who do they say them
a You know Im in love with you, Eliza.
Who: ..
To: ..
b My ladylove wants to marry me, now that
Ive got some money.
Who: ..
To: ..
c But good luck.
Who: ..
To: ..
11 Complete the sentences.
a Eliza was .
when she met Freddy outside on the street.

After reading
13 Complete each sentence.
a Eliza Doolittle was selling flowers at Covent
Garden market. She had a very strong London
b Professor Higgins studies .
c Mrs Pearce is Professor Higginss
d Eliza made a terrible mistake at the horse
e Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering took
Eliza to the Embassy .
f People at the ball thought Eliza was
g Professor Higgins told Eliza to bring him his

c Pearson Education Limited 2008



Eliza was .
when the men at the market stopped singing.
Eliza was .
when her father came out of the pub.

Chapters 89
12 Answer these questions.
a Why does Higgins want Pickering to call the
1 Because Eliza has stolen something.
2 Because something was stolen.
3 Because Eliza has gone.
b Why does Mrs Higgins say, Thats terrible,
my dear. Really terrible!
1 Because Higgins and Pickering didnt say
how wonderful Eliza was at the Ball.
2 Because Higgins and Pickering didnt
dance with Eliza at the Ball.
3 Because Higgins and Pickering didnt want
her to talk with the Queen of Transylvania.
c Why does Elizas smile disappear?
1 Because she thought Mrs Higgins didnt
like her.
2 Because she heard Higginss voice from the
front door.
3 Because she saw Higginss angry face
through the window.
d What will Mrs Higgins do if Higgins isnt
polite to Eliza?
1 She will ask him to marry Eliza.
2 She will ask him to say sorry.
3 She will ask him to leave.

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Progress test


My Fair Lady
1 Circle the correct words in italics.
a Professor Higgins was writing down every word /
alphabet Eliza was saying.
b Higgins could / couldnt tell where Eliza came from.
c Colonel Pickering studies the languages of Spain /
d Higgins said he could turn Eliza into a rich dancer /
a real lady.
e Higgins asked Pickering to come to his house and
drink / stay with him.
2 Circle the words which end in the same sound.
There are two groups of three words.
All I want is a room somewhere,
Far away from the cold night air;
With one enormous chair
Oh, wouldnt it be loverly?
Lots of choclate for me to eat;
Lots of coal makin lots of heat;
Warm face, warm hands, warm feet !
Oh, wouldnt it be loverly?
3 Match the questions and answers.
a Why did the barman throw Elizas father out of the
b What is the first name of Elizas father?
c Why did Elizas father ask Eliza to give him a few
d Eliza said, I had a bit of luck tonight, What
was her a bit of luck?
e What was on some of the walls in the Professors
f How much was Eliza going to pay Higgins for the
g What will Pickering do if Higgins takes Eliza to
some of the Londons finest dances and parties
without anyone knowing that she isnt really a lady?
1 Pictures of mouths and lips.
2 Higgins threw her some money.
3 Alfred
4 Because he wanted to have a drink on his way
5 Because he didnt have enough money to pay for
the drinks.
6 Twelve pence an hour.
7 He will pay for all the costs of the lessons.
4 Put the words from the box in the right places.
happen hurricanes plain rain Spain

The in stays
mainly in the , but in Hertford,
Hereford and Hampshire, hardly
ever .
c Pearson Education Limited 2008

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5 Choose the right answers.
a Why did Higgins take Eliza to the horse race at
1 To meet other people and see how she does.
2 To introduce her to his mother.
3 To talk about the weather.
b Who fell in love with her at the horse race?
1 Pickering
2 Higgins
3 Freddy
c Who did Freddy talk to at 27a Wimpole Street?
1 Eliza
2 His mother
3 Mrs Pearce
d What did the Queen of Transylvania said to Eliza at
the ball?
1 You look beautiful.
2 Not bad at all.
3 Absolutely charming.
e Who was getting married in the morning?
1 Eliza and Higgins.
2 Eliza and Freddy.
3 Elizas father and his ladylove.
6 Put these sentences in order, 15.
a Higgins listened to Elizas voice on his
recording machine.
b Eliza walked into the room.
c Higgins found Eliza at his mothers house.
d Higgins didnt understand why Eliza left.
e Pickering called the police.
7 Are these sentences right (3) or wrong (7)?
a Eliza saw Freddy at the horse race for the first
b Pickering was always kind to Eliza.
c Eliza said, I washed my face and hands before
I came, you know, at her first visit to 27a
Wimpole Street.
d Alfred asked Higgins to give him five pounds,
but Higgins gave him ten pounds instead.
e Higgins gave Eliza some sentences to say, with
difficult sounds in them.
f Higgins and Eliza danced together when Eliza
pronounced the sentence perfectly.
g Elizas London accent came back at the ball.
h Higgins asked Eliza to marry him.
i When Eliza went back to Covent Garden
market, the fruit and flower sellers didnt
know who she was.
j After Eliza left, Higgins couldnt stop thinking
about her.

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