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Human Resources Executive who partners with the business in order to achieve aggressive growth strategies and cost
containment while maximizing the talent management lifecycle. Builds organizational capability by matching
structure and strategy with companys goals, culture core values, and organizational requirements. Trusted advisor
to leadership team to proactively identify top talent for linchpin jobs in order to meet the corporations future
business needs. Formally educated in a scientific discipline with strong analytical skills and the ability to assimilate
large pieces of information holistically. Experienced in managing multi-sites, including global ones, within a highly
regulated environment. Resilient in the face of challenges and leads with empathy, energy, and optimism.

Biomet, (acquired by Zimmer in June 2015) Palm Beach Gardens, FL / Warsaw, IN

2008 2015

VICE PRESIDENT, GLOBAL HUMAN RESOURCES, Biomet 3i, LLC, Palm Beach Gardens, FL (2010 2015)
Recruited to subsidiary, a World leading premium dental implant manufacturer / distributor across 56 countries;
generating $256MM in revenue annually. Initially joined parent company that designs, manufactures, and markets
products targeted to musculoskeletal medical specialists; $3B - $4B industry.

Pivotal in turnaround of troubled organization. Introduced partnership model as well as a high-performance

integrated culture. Rebuilt and retrained team, overhauled and standardized processes, and reframed HRs image.
Provided proactive insight over 15 HR managers and professionals. Directed multiple programs and initiatives
(technology, compensation and recruitment) while serving 1250 employees in four regions: North America, Latin
America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Managed budget of $4MM.

Executive member of integration team as part of Biomet 3i M&A with Zimmer; worked with leaders from both
companies on organizational design and talent selection for four business units representing $1.5B;
Reduced time to fill sales requisitions (60%), from 120 days to 39. Overhauled sales recruiting model, utilized
Kaizen to create Perfect Rep Profile and streamline the process which dramatically increased sales.
Developed and launched global succession program. Pinpointed top talent for linchpin jobs utilizing Success
Factors and PDI. Grew talent organically resulting in 10% more internal promotions, prepared the company for
sale as well as ensuring the transition of talent into the new organization.
Analyzed talent acquisition strategies and elevated standards of hiring by aligning business strategies with skill
sets and anticipating future business needs; saved $150k first year.
Point person for divisional retention strategy and equity programs impacting approximately 60 people to
minimize disruption during acquisition phase; 90% retained.
Participated on due diligence teams in evaluating potential acquisitions up to $1B. Led labor activities for
acquired manufacturing sites.
Restructured Marketing and R&D Departments. Created $1.1M in synergies, while enhancing customer service
and timely deliverables.
Communicated regularly with global teams regarding management programs and organizational performance
metrics such a Revenue targets, EBITDA, and Free Cash Flow.
Directed an HRIS / compensation exercise leveling more than 1000 positions globally to create infrastructure for
the implementation of SAP.

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Biomet, Warsaw, IN (2008- 2011)

VICE PRESIDENT, COMPENSATION, BENEFITS & HRIS, Biomet, Inc., Warsaw, IN, (2008 2010)

Overhauled outdated $25M benefits program in US operations with 3000 employees as well as introduced formal,

market-driven compensation program for $160M payroll to attract and retain employees.
Modeled and prepared BOD recommendations and related cost structures for merits, bonuses, equity grants, and
benefits programs.
Evaluated executive compensation programs and re-drew equity programs for talent retention resulting in
Restricted Stock Unit creation for 100 executives.
Transformed 401(k) portfolio into balanced, contemporary program; safe harbor design and ROTH 401(k).
Conducted EMEA and APAC studies to evaluate pay packages. Traveled to Germany, France, UK, Netherlands,
Spain, and Belgium, identifying inequities and educating on using survey data to target recruiting efforts.

Maple Leaf Farms, Milford, IN

2000 2008

(Manufacturer of poultry products for foodservice, retail, and specialty markets, $160MM in annual revenue)
Promoted to drive HR efforts across four manufacturing locations within union / non-union environment. Negotiated
four union contracts delivering frameworks for strategic, long-term company objectives at minimal cost.
Reduced high turnover and increased employee satisfaction by negotiating three year contract that included
unprecedented pay raise and balanced benefit package with usage level while remaining cost neutral.
Incentivized employees, identifying motivational drivers and designing annual incentive plans, including for sales.
Improved companys financial health by consolidating 2 plants into 1 while reducing overhead. Rearranged
manufacturing and workforce capacity. Teamed with executive colleagues to conduct capacity evaluation.
Reviewed and negotiated $4MM benefits packages annually. Led to overhauled 401(k) plan.
Eliminated and revamped low-ROI programs, including overhauling $1MM bonus program and educating
employees of all levels on opportunities to make a difference.
Reduced repetitive motion injuries and cumulative trauma, cutting payouts 80% by engaging and empowering
employees to communicate unsafe environments. Led to highly cost-effective solutions and high employee pride.
Headed training, compensation and introducing process improvement. Rewrote divisional employee handbooks.
Selected Six Sigma to drive continuous improvement and became the companys first Black Belt.
Developed curriculum and launched multi-level management training up through executive level. Subject
matter ranged from problem solving, time management, continuous improvement. Formally evaluated results.
Replaced internal equity compensation philosophy with market- based system. Saved ~$200k by engaging local
university vs. consultant to statistically validate and launch market-driven program impacting 1000 employees.
Evaluated departmental efficiencies by benchmarking, process mapping, and studying organizational structure.


Master of Science in Neuroscience (conferred in Psychology), Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology / Minors in Biology and Spanish, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
Six Sigma Black Belt (Inactive)
Executive HR Leadership Development Workshop - Cornell Industrial Relations Program
Notre Dame Business School Senior Leadership Program Selected for program by Biomet senior leadership
Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and World at Work