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Starter Progress Test Units 12A


Vocabulary and Grammar

1 Track 1 Listen and write (yes) or (no).

3 Add one word from the box to each group.

1 The photos are of Lauras family.

2 Judith is Lauras sister.
3 Sasha is an actor.
4 Sasha is from Moscow.
5 Lucas and Toby are 23.
6 Toby is a student at university.
7 Lucas isnt happy.

Brazil eleven
daughter actor
1 read
2 mother
3 singer
4 twelve
5 bored
6 China






4 Underline the correct alternative.

1 Open your numbers/books, please.
2 My job? Im a businessman/father.
3 72 is twenty-seven/seventy-two.
4 This is the Apple Caf. Its/Its a family business.
5 Rome, Naples and Venice are in Russia/Italy.
6 The shop is very good. Its/Its doors are open 24/7.
7 Anna is William and Michaels sister. William and
Michael are parents/brothers.
8 Seema and Jabeen are doctors. They/Their
husbands are engineers.
9 Are you OK? No, Im thirty/thirsty.
10 Whats your/youre number?

2 Track 2 Listen and tick the word with a

different sound.
1 you too your
2 it Im Y
3 O not hot
4 Russia hungry university
5 I me my
6 music number student
7 go U two

8 son cold mother

9 they A we

5 Underline the correct alternative.

1 Hello, I
a) re
b) m
2 Where
Bill and Sheila from?
a) are
b) is
3 We
in Rome on holiday.
a) s
b) re
4 Harry
English. Hes from the USA.
a) arent
b) isnt
5 Are you an engineer? Yes, I _____.
a) m from b) am
6 Are you from Argentina? No, I _____.
a) m not
b) arent
a good university?
a) Is it
b) It is
8 What
your name?
a) m
b) s
9 Were from Brazil. We
from Portugal.
a) m not
b) arent
10 Is it OK? Yes, it
a) is
b) s
11 Is Jan a waiter? Yes,
a) is
b) he is

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Starter Progress Test Units 12A

6 Write the questions for the answers. Use the


1 A: Are you happy?

B: Yes, I am.

(you / happy?)

2 A:
B: Yes, he is.

(he / a waiter?)

3 A:
B: No, we arent.

(you /

4 A:
B: No, it isnt.

(it / a big city?)

5 A:
B: Shes from Australia.

(where / she from?)

6 A:
B: Theyre from Spain.

(where / they from?)


8 Read the article and choose the correct answers

to 16.
Hotel Royale
Hotel Royale is only fifteen minutes from the
business centre of the city. Its a modern hotel just
ten years old. The rooms arent beautiful, but they
are big.
The managers are Canadian, Lucille, and her
husband, Pierre. They are both twenty-nine years
old. Hotel Royale is a hotel and a restaurant, too.
Our cook is French and her food is fantastic!
The Park Hotel
The beautiful Park Hotel is seventy-five years old
and its right in the city centre.
Its a family business. Sixty-two-year-old manager,
Ferdinand, says, My daughter is the receptionist
and her husband is the cook.
The rooms at the Park Hotel arent big, but its the
perfect place for a friendly stay.
1 It isnt an old hotel.
a) The Park Hotel
b) Hotel Royale

7 Complete the sentences with the correct word

from the box.
your her its our his their my
1 Whats your surname, please?
2 Mart and Helen are the hotel managers and
two daughters are cooks.
3 Hello,
names Andy. Nice to meet you.
4 Were brothers.
father is an engineer.
5 Lisa is 29. Shes an actor.
husband is a
6 David is 42. Hes a singer and
wife is a
singer, too.
7 This the school.
classrooms are very small.

2 The cook and receptionist are husband and wife.

a) The Park Hotel
b) Hotel Royale
3 Its a beautiful place.
a) The Park Hotel
b) Hotel Royale
4 Its 10 years old.
a) The Park Hotel
b) Hotel Royale
5 Its in the city centre.
a) The Park Hotel
b) Hotel Royale
6 The managers are 29 years old.
a) The Park Hotel
b) Hotel Royale

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Starter Progress Test Units 12A



9 Complete the conversation with the words from

the box.

11 Rewrite the text message with capital letters

and contractions (e.g. were, theyre).
hi, i am leo. i am from russia.
Hi, Im Leo. Im from Russia.




A: Hello. Im here for the dance class.

B: OK. Whats your 1surname, please?
A: Its Wood.
B: W-o-o-d?
A: Yes.
B: And your 2
A: Ayla.
B: Is it I-s-l-a?
A: No, its A-y 3
in Australia and yes.
B: Whats your 4
number, please?
A: 0348 92276
B: And your email address?
A: aylawood 5
yahoo 6

hi, pedro. we are in england. it is not hot here!

what is your address in london? yukiko

12 Write text messages. Use the information.

1 maria I / at the caf. marcus / not here. what / his
number? stephen
Maria, Im at the caf. Marcus isnt here.
Whats his number? Stephen.

10 Complete the words in the conversations.

A: Im cold.
B: 1Me too.
A: Lets go inside for five minutes.
B: Good 2i

2 matteo I / in the right restaurant? It / called /

pizza house. cindy

A: 3A
you OK?
B: No, Im not!
A: Whats the 4p
B: Im hot.
A: 5L
stop for ten minutes.
B: Great!
A: Im tired.
B: 6Me t
A: Lets have a 7b
B: Yes. Lets go to a caf.
A: OK, 8w
B: Erm that Hungarian caf?
A: Whats it 9c
B: Caf Andres.
A: How do you 10s
B: A-n-d-r-e-s. Caf Andres. Its very good.
A: OK. Lets 11g

3 natasha we / bored! where / you? simon and



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