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Bulacan State University

Meneses Campus
TJS, Matungao,Bulakan,Bulacan

Narrative Report in Student Teaching

with a theme


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Associate Campus Dean/Chair,Education


Narrative Report

We, the incoming fourth year Education department gathered for three days seminar for our field study held
on June 3 to 5 205 at AVR Alvarado Building with the theme: SOARING HIGH TO EXCELLENCE IN
TEACHER EDUCATION. After the said event was the pinning for the student teachers and distributing their
certificate of attendance and participation which were assisted by the chairperson of education Department,
Mrs. Denia M.Clacio and the Bulacan State University President, Dr. Mariano C. De Jesus.
Practice teaching is crucial part of every student teachers life during college. Student teachers or preservice teachers are college students teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for
a degree in education. These certified teachers are called cooperating teachers and the school where this teacher
is working is called the cooperating school.
We have hard different speakers during the session, and in the last day of seminar was the ceremony of all
field study students aspiring to be a teacher together with our parents, teachers and with our beloved president
of Bulacan State University, Dr. Mariano C. Jesus.



I have learned a lot from the different speaker with their different assigned topic on this this seminar, I used to
jot downs all the important thing that can be used as I enter the real world of being a teacher, as well as the
encouragement and wisdom theyve shared. We learned: The Dos and Donts, not just during field study but as
a lifetime habit. How to develop Inter Personal Relationship, good climate in the classroom, a healthy
personality and on how to take care of ourselves. How to be efficient and effective teacher, and how to make
use of our resources, strategies and approaches in teaching. Its good to know that we are being prepared as we
soar high to our dreams, as a future educator.


Documentation ( Day 1)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Antonio L. Del Rosario (Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Soaring High to Excellence in Teacher Education Introduction

Lecture 1:
Roman M.

Carreon (Principal,Dona
Candelaria Meneses
Duque High School)

Behaviour, Values and Attitude

Lecture 2:
Ms. Myrna DC. Ramos (SPED Teacher, Bulakan District SPED Center0
Basic Sign Language and Facilitating Children with Special Needs

(Day 2)

Lecture 3: Mr. Frederick G. Del Rosario (Head Teacher/OIC,Balagtas Agricultural National

School ANNEX1)
Authentic Assessment in Teaching

Lecture 4: Mr. Belarmino S. Cruz (Associate Dean, BuLSu-College of Education)

Instructional and Classroom Management

Lecture 5: Ms. Agnes P. Tadeo (Teacher 3, Guguinto National Vocational High School)
Good Grooming and Personality Development

Lecture 6: Ms. Gemmaimah P. Pascual (Teacher ,Romeo A. Santos Memorial School)

Expectations of cooperating Teachers from the Student teachers/Field Study


Lecture 7: Dr. Danilo S. Hilario (Vice President for Planning, Research and Extension)
Profession ethics of teachers/Legal Basis for student Discipline

Develop a work with good

- -Dr.
Mariano C. DE JESUS