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Dede Putra Andika

K4 2013
Essay Writing
The Story of an Hour
By Kate Chopin
The story of an hour was written on April 19, 1894, and first published in Vogue on
December 6, 1894, under the title The Dream of an Hour. It was reprinted in St. Louis
Lifeon January 5, 1895. This beautiful story was written by Kate Chopin.
This story tells us about a wife who had heart problem, her name was Mrs. Malard.
Mrs. Mallard got an information from her sister Josephin that her husbands death. Her
husband died in railroad accident. Her husbands name was in list of the passenger. She was
really sad, and then he went to her room. She wanted no one follow her. When she in her
room alone, she said, free, free, free! she said it over and over. She felt happy because she
could free from her husband, she would never meet with her husband. She was very happy
know that her husbands death. Suddenly, her husband back to their home, he stood waiting
for them at the bottom. Mrs. Mallard was shocked know that her husband was not dead.
Then, doctor arrived and pronounced that Mrs. Malard died by a heart attack brought on by
This is really beautiful story that has a meaning of freedom that express by a wife who
wants to free from her husband. The writer tells the reader about idea of freedom by an
accident that happens to Mrs. Malard who got information her husbands death. It is really
interesting for me because the writer has a good way to produce the problem from this story.
The writer describes a death that affects happiness for someone that is really close to man
who is died. It is a unique story that Ive heard and I love it.
Although this story has a good theme that shows a freedom for the woman or Mrs.
Malard, this story has difficult words that make me hard to understand the words and the
meaning of them. It cause the reader face difficulties when they are reading the story of an
hour. I think, the writer wants to describe the story well by give some figure of speech that
make story more interesting, but it causes a problem for me, for the reader that make me hard
to figure the story. If the writer prefers to use words that are easy to understand, I will easy to
understand the story of an hour.
I love this story of an hour. This story has a good conflict in there; it makes the reader
curious and makes them interested to continue the story until the end of the story. I like the
idea of freedom that Mrs. Malard wants. In the other hand, I face difficulties when I read this
story. I could not understand some words well. It makes me have to read this story for few
times. In general, this story is very good, I like the way the writer figure the story.

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