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- The Complete FAQ -------------------- Written by James Donnelly (TrystXII) This guide is for Fairune, written and maintained by James Donnelly. GameFAQs
This guide has been submitted to:
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Please do not post this guide anywhere else without my permission. You may
quote specific sections of the guide, but please link directly to it and cite
my name when you do.
If you need to contact me, please email
This guide was written playing both the Android and Japanese 3DS versions of
Fairune. As far as I can tell the Android and 3DS versions are identical, so
this guide should also apply to the iOS version as well.
I imagine in future the game will also be released on the European and North
American versions of the 3DS, but for now the Japanese version is the only one
I admit, at first I thought this game was called "Fa rune", and then I thought
it was called "Falrune". There are even some reviews which do call it Falrune,
but I can confirm that this game is definitely called "Fairune".
I was not paid to write this guide, so if this guide has helped you and you
feel like buying me me a coffee I'd greatly appreciate it!
Bitcoin: 1DebR2XyHmuKgXM5WKQNbjU9f7xYmBjhqE
-------------------------------------------------------------||||-------------- CONTENTS -----------------------------------------------\\\\////----------------------------------------------------------------------\\\///-----------=============================================================\\//=============
If your browser or screen reader supports text finding, you can use the code
listed to the right of each section below to quickly navigate to that section
within the guide. On Windows browsers you can do this by pressing Ctrl + F.
- INTRODUCTION - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - int00
- WALKTHROUGH - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - wlk00

Piece of Mana
Sword of Hope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Red Gem #1
Dead Yet? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Red Gem #2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Red Gem #3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Placing the Red Gems
Green Gem #1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Green Gem #2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Silver Key
Log #1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Green Gem #3
Placing the Green Gems . . . . . . . . . .
Log #2
Warrior Statue . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Flame Icon
Spirit Lamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Log #3
Seedling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Placing the Flame Icon
Sage's Tablet #1 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
ID Card
Gold Key . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Using the Logs
Water Icon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Planting and Watering the Seedling
Placing the Water Icon . . . . . . . . . .
Using the ID Card
Climbing the Tower Part 1: Mamono Slayer .
Climbing the Tower Part 2: Sage's Tablet #2
Climbing the Tower Part 3: Reaching the Sky
Sage's Tablet #3
Sage's Tablet #4 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Crystal Key
Sage's Tablet #5 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Wind Icon
Sage's Tablet #6 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Placing the Wind Icon
Sage's Tablet #7 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dragon's Scale
Into the Unknown . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3DS Bonus Dungeon
3DS Bonus Puzzle 1 . . . . . . . . . . . .
3DS Bonus Puzzle 2
3DS Bonus Puzzle 3 . . . . . . . . . . . .
End Game Phase 1
End Game Phase 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
End Game Phase 3
One Last Puzzle . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Uh, okay, one more puzzle...
The End . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . wlk02
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk04
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk06
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk08
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk10
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk12
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk14
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk16
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk18
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk20
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk22
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk24
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk26
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk28
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk30
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk32
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk34
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk36
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk38
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk40
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk42
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk44
. . . . . . . . . . . 3DS01
. . . . . . . . . . . 3DS03
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk46
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk48
. . . . . . . . . . . wlk50

- LOCATIONS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - loc00
- ITEMS AND HEALING PLANTS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - inv00
- MONSTERS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - mon00

The Underworld . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mon02
Lava Zone
Administrators' Tower . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mon04
- SECRETS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - sec00
Rare Monsters
Hidden Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sec02

-------------------------------------------------------------||||-------------- INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------\\\\////--- int00 ------------------------------------------------------------\\\///-----------=============================================================\\//=============
This guide references in-game map locations by their co-ordinates which can be
seen in the below Imgur gallery. Unfortunately GameFAQs rejected these as map
image submissions as they do not include item locations, however these are the
maps pulled from the Android version of the game.
Map gallery (4 images):
These are referenced as follows:




Grasslands map co-ordinates.

The Underworld map co-ordinates.
Lava Zone map co-ordinates.
?????? map co-ordinates.
Administrators' Tower map co-ordinates.

In Fairune you gain experience and level up by killing monsters at your level
or one above your level. These monsters give 1 experience point when killed.
If you attempt to kill a monster two or more levels above your own you will
deal no damage but take damage yourself. If you attempt to kill a monster one
or more levels below your own you will kill the monster but gain no experience
at all. Monsters at your level damage you for 1HP and monsters one level
higher than you damage you for 2HP.
The aim of the game is to collect certain items and use them to advance the
story whilst also levelling up in order to take on the monsters which would
otherwise block your path.
For every level you gain your HP bar will go up by 2, starting with 20HP at
Level 1. The number of monsters you must kill to level up does not increase
with each level.
-------------------------------------------------------------||||-------------- WALKTHROUGH --------------------------------------------\\\\////--- wlk00 ------------------------------------------------------------\\\///-----------=============================================================\\//=============
Note: I sometimes speedrun Fairune, too. If you want a sort of video
walkthrough with no commentary and Japanese text,my current record is 41
minutes and 24 seconds, which can be viewed at:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Piece of Mana ----------------------------------------------------- wlk01 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------When the game begins you'll be given the Ancient Codex and will find yourself
on Grasslands (G-C3). If you do a bit of exploring you'll see several Slimes
and Treant monsters wandering about which push you around. You cannot do
anything about these yet, but they cannot hurt you either so you can just
ignore those for now.
One screen left of where you begin (G-C2) you'll see a sword which is blocked
by thorns. Our first aim is to clear those thorns to allow us to continue.
Head up two screens from the start point (G-A3) to find some ruins. Game
dialog will appear pointing out the item at the top of the ruins. Head around
to the left of the ruins to get through the gap to pick the item up. You now
have the Piece of Mana.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sword of Hope ----------------------------------------------------- wlk02 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head down one screen (G-B3) and more dialog will appear telling you what to
do with the Piece of Mana (head over to the large weed to the right of this
map and select the item from the menu).
Walk to the screen one left from where the game begain (G-C2) to find that the
vines have now disappeared. You can now obtain the Sword of Hope.
Now that you have this sword you can now battle the Slime and Treant monsters
in this area. Now you should head back to the map with the healing plant (GB3) and use the monsters in this map to get to Level 2. Once all the monsters
have been defeated, you can change to a different map and come back to find
them all respawned.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Gem #1 -------------------------------------------------------- wlk03 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you've been following this guide word-for-word so far you will not have
visited one screen below where you obtained the sword (G-D2). Head there to
find the first Red Gem.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dead yet? --------------------------------------------------------- wlk04 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Before continuing it may be a good idea to get to Level 3 on the Treants in
the map one screen right of where we just picked up the first Red Gem (G-D3).
In this map you'll notice a stone which blocks off the route to the right.
You'll also notice a switch in the bottom right which is blocked off by trees.
Our next step is to get to this switch. Head one map down (G-E3) then one map
across (G-E4). In this map you'll notice something peculiar... of the trees doesn't have a trunk and is instead floating in mid-air.
We can walk straight under the leaves of this floating tree into the map
above (G-D4). From here we can follow the path left to find ourselves next to
the switch back in the map with the stone (G-D3). Standing on the switch will
make the stone collapse, allowing us to pass through.

Backtrack to the map with the now-collapsed stone (G-D3) and head right into
the now-open route (G-D4). Follow the path to the right (G-D5) then go down
into a map with two strange statues (G-E5).
By this point you may be really low on health. If you die there are no consequences other than being warped to a weird tomb (?-D5) which takes us out in
the map right of where the game started (G-C4) which we'll need to backtrack
from to get back to where we were.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pickaxe ----------------------------------------------------------- wlk05 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------From the map with the two statues (G-E5), walk down the stairs. If you go down
one screen from here (G-A5) we'll see another Red Gem, but this is blocked
off by trees. You'll also notice that the world map loops around (G-E5 at the
bottom of the Grasslands map has taken us to G-A5 at the top).
Head back up to the map with the two statues and head right (G-E1). In this
map you'll see some stairs blocked off by trees and a lone rock in the middle
of the area we can access.
Move to the left of this rock and push it to the right to reveal another set
of stairs which will take us down into the Underworld (U-E1). By now you
should be at least Level 3, with the Ancient Codex recommending that you kill
Fungus monsters to level up. We'll ignore the Codex's recommendation and
instead head one screen right (U-E2) and one screen up (U-D2). In this map
we'll find our second healing plant in the top right, so use your Piece of
Mana on that and heal.
This map is a really great place for us to get to Level 4.
Once you're at least Level 4, go to the top left of the map to find a hidden
passageway taking us to the top of the map to the left (U-D1). Here we'll find
the Pickaxe.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Gem #2 -------------------------------------------------------- wlk06 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Backtrack and then take the bottom left exit into the bottom part of the map
we just picked up the Pickaxe in (U-D1), then head down to find another set of
stairs back in the map we entered the Underworld in (U-E1). These will take us
out through the stairs we saw before entering the Underworld which were
blocked by trees (G-E1).
Head up (G-D1) to find a tree blocking our path to the top right, then head
right (G-D2) to see that the tree was blocking access to a strange looking
statue-version of our player. This can't be accessed just yet, so head down
into the next map (G-E2).
Here we'll see an alien crop circle-like bird carved into the ground which
looks identical to the birds in the two statues we saw back before we entered
the Underworld. As you may have guessed, the statue is telling us that what we
must do here is place Red Gems on the wing tips and the tail of the bird. We
only have one Red Gem so far, but you can place that now if you like.
Head down (G-A2) to find the third healing plant, then go one screen left (GA1) to find a tower on the other side of the river. See anything else

In this map you'll notice that a couple of the trees do not have trunks and,
like the ones we went through before, are floating in the air. Walk under
these floating leaves to come out in the map where we saw the second Red Gem
(G-A5) - this time we're on the right side of the trees for us to collect it.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oil --------------------------------------------------------------- wlk07 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Backtrack to the floor-carved bird (G-E2) then head two screens right (G-E4).
Here you'll see a large stone which can be pushed into the river to make a
bridge. Cross the bridge and head down (G-A4) to find a sandy area. Head down
into this sandy beach (G-B4) to find nothing but a hole in the ground.
Here we can use our Pickaxe on the hole to obtain Oil.
You should now spend some time getting Level 7 before continuing. The Wasps
and Dramos monsters near the third healing plant are a good place to do this.
Watch out for the Gold Dramos in the map with the floor-carved bird (G-E2)
though as this guy will take away a lot of your health!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Gem #3 -------------------------------------------------------- wlk08 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to where we pushed the block into the river to create a bridge (GE4), then head down one screen (G-A4) without crossing the bridge to find
another set of stairs which lead down into the Underworld (U-A4). We need to
be Level 7 for this, as in the next room we must defeat several Ooze
Head one screen left (U-A3) to find 16 Ooze monsters. We need to defeat all 16
in order to unlock the door which blocks the Red Gem in this map. If we're
Level 6 here, all 16 monsters will reduce our HP to 0, which is why Level 7 is
important unless you fancy backtracking.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Placing the Red Gems ---------------------------------------------- wlk09 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Now that we have three Red Gems we can continue with the story. Head back to
the map with the floor-carved bird (G-E2) and place a Red Gem on each of the
tips of the bird's wings and its tail. If you put them in the wrong place
you'll get a message saying "This item won't work here", so hopefully you can
use this to find the right spots!
A portal will now open into Lava Zone (L-C3) where we'll find a second bird
carved into the floor.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green Gem #1 ------------------------------------------------------ wlk10 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------From the map you've entered in Lava Zone (L-C3), head one screen left (L-C2)
to find a patch of grass with healing plant #4. Spend some time here getting
yourself to Level 8 or 9 before continuing.
Head back to the map we appeared in (L-C3), then head down two screens (L-E3)

to find the first Green Gem.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hatchet ----------------------------------------------------------- wlk11 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you're not already Level 9, now is the time to get there. Head back to the
healing plant (L-C2) and kill the Red Slimes and Ash Dramos monsters here to
level up.
We now want to head left from the healing plant (L-C1) and down into an area
full of Skeletons (L-D1). From here we can see another Green Gem which is
blocked off by rocks. We'll get this later.
Head through the lower right passage (L-D2) then head down (L-E2) to find the
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green Gem #2 ------------------------------------------------------ wlk12 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Backtrack to the entrance of this rocky area (L-D1) then take the upper right
passage (L-D2) and go down around the area we just picked up the Hatchet, then
up and right (L-D1) to find the second Green Gem.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Silver Key -------------------------------------------------------- wlk13 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------In the same area we just got the second Green Gem is a rock which is covered
in lava. Stand next to this rock and use the Pickaxe to break through it. Now
head down (L-E1) to find a narrow one-tile passage which leads to the Silver
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Log #1 ------------------------------------------------------------ wlk14 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Carefully make your way back to the healing plant (L-C3). If you die, you'll
be warped back to the grave which leads to the Grasslands and you'll have to
walk all the way back here.
After healing you'll need to get to Level 10.
Once you're Level 10, head one screen left of the healing plant (L-C1) then
head up (L-B1). Here you'll find some Skeletons and Phantoms which you can now
kill both of. At the very top of this map is a tree which is a slightly
different colour than the rest - you'll have seen this same type of tree
earlier on the Grasslands, too.
Stand next to the tree and use your new Hatchet on it. The tree will be cut
down and you will obtain a Log from it.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green Gem #3 ------------------------------------------------------ wlk15 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head up from where you just cut the tree down (L-A1) to find the third Green

Before continuing you'll want to head back to the area with the Skeletons and
get yourself to Level 11.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Placing the Green Gems -------------------------------------------- wlk16 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------With your three Green Gems, head back to the map we arrived in (L-C3) and do
the same with this floor-carved bird as we did with the Red Gem one by placing
your Green Gems on the wing tips and tail of the bird.
A portal will now appear which takes us back to the Grasslands (G-E2).
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Log #2 ------------------------------------------------------------ wlk17 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------From where you've re-appeared in the Grasslands (G-E2), head up and then go
left (G-D1) to get back to the tree we walked past earlier in the game. As we
did with Log #1, stand next to this tree and use your Hatchet to cut it down.
For this you will be given your second Log.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warrior Statue ---------------------------------------------------- wlk18 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head up through the tree you've just cut down (G-D1) and go one screen right
(G-D2). Here you will find the Warrior Statue.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flame Icon -------------------------------------------------------- wlk19 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to the portal to Lava Zone (G-E2) and go through it to head back
there (L-C3). Now go to the healing plant (L-C2) and go up one screen (L-C1).
Here you will find a door which can be unlocked with the Silver Key we found
Go through the door and stand on the switch to open another door slightly
further up, then go through that to find a map with two switches (L-A2).
If you stand on a switch then move off of it the switch will become unpressed,
however we've just obtained the Warrior Statue which we can use to weigh one
of the switches down. Stand on a switch then select the Warrior Statue to
place it, then stand on the other switch to open the door.
Go through the door to obtain the Flame Icon. This is the first of three Icons
we need to collect. We're now effectively 1/3 of the way through the game,
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spirit Lamp ------------------------------------------------------- wlk20 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to the map we arrived in (L-C3), but be sure to pick up the Warrior
Statue on the way back. Now head up one screen (L-B2) to find a map with some
Go one screen up from this map (L-A3) to find an unlit lamp at the top of the
map above a flame symbol on the floor. We can't pick this up yet. Instead,

stand on the flame symbol and select to use the Oil we picked up earlier.
Once you've used the Oil, we can now select to use the Flame Icon we just
collected. This will put light into the lamp, and allow us to now pick it up.
Our Flame Icon will automatically be moved back into our inventory, so don't
worry about that.
Now head back into the map we just came from and use these Phantoms to get to
Level 12.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Log #3 ------------------------------------------------------------ wlk21 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back through the portal into the Grasslands (G-E2), then head down and
right (G-A1) to get back to the map we were in earlier to go through to get
our second Red Gem.
At the bottom of this map is a third tree which we can cut down using our
Hatchet. This will give us our third Log.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seedling ---------------------------------------------------------- wlk22 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head down through the tree we just cut down into a map with another block (GB1) which can be pushed into the river to form a bridge. You won't be able to
deal with the lone Maneater in this map just yet, so try not to get hit by it.
Head down (G-C1) then right (G-C5) to find the Seedling planted in the ground.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Placing the Flame Icon -------------------------------------------- wlk23 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to the bridge we just created (G-B1), then cross it to find
yourself back in the game's starting area. From here, head right then down
to get back to the very map the game began on (G-C3).
This strange statue has three tiles which are connected to it by thin pipes.
Stand on the middle one and select to use the Flame Icon we obtained a little
while ago.
This will open a hole in the ground somewhere we've been before...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sage's Tablet #1 -------------------------------------------------- wlk24 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head down one screen (G-C2) then make your way through the forest we walked
through after getting the Sword of Hope at the start of the game to get back
to the area with two statues (G-E5). Now head down one screen (G-A5) to find
the newly-opened hole.
Head down the hole to find yourself back in the Underworld (U-A5). From here
follow the corridor around to the right (U-A1) to find the first Sage's
Tablet laying just above this map's entrance.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ID Card ----------------------------------------------------------- wlk25 -

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------From where we just obtained the first Sage's Tablet (U-A1), head right (U-A2)
to find the ID Card laying in front of a gravestone.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gold Key ---------------------------------------------------------- wlk26 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to where we just placed the Flame Icon (G-C3), then head right (GC4) to find another staircase which leads down into the Underworld (U-C4).
Here we need to get to Level 13 before going any further, which we can do by
taking down the Zombie Dramos monsters in this map.
Once you're Level 13, head up into a map with pillars surrounded by water (UB4). Rather than heading straight up, walk through the pillar entrance then
head right (U-B5) to find yourself in a map full of Wraiths. Similarly to how
we obtained the third Red Gem earlier in the game, here we need to defeat 15
Wraiths in order to open the door which is blocking the Gold Key.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Using the Logs ---------------------------------------------------- wlk27 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------After getting the Gold Key we'll now be pretty low on health, so either kill
yourself or walk back to the healing plant in the Grasslands (G-B3), then head
back to the map with the pillars (U-B4).
From here, head through the pillars and go left (U-B3) to find yourself in a
watery map full of Giant Medusa and Zombie Dramos monsters. In this and the
next map (U-C3) you should get yourself to Level 14.
Once you're Level 14, head down (U-D3) to find a map with a raft floating in
the water. Walk on to the raft to be taken down to the bottom of the map, then
exit into the next map (U-E3).
In this map you can see monsters moving about on the bottom platform, but this
map has no raft. You may have already guessed it, but here is where we use the
three Logs we obtained earlier.
Stand on the tile with the downward-facing arrow, then select each of your
three Logs to build your own raft to cross this bit of water with.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Water Icon -------------------------------------------------------- wlk28 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------From where you've just rafted across the water, head right (U-E4) to find
another map containing pillars surrounded by water. Head straight up (U-D4) to
find healing plant #5 surrounded by Golems. Here is a great place for us to
get to Level 16.
Once you're done, head back to the pillars we came in through (U-E4) and head
right (U-E5) then up (U-D5). Here you will be faced with a mini-puzzle where
you have to push the correct blocks in order to pass.
If you're struggling: push the left and right block up, then push the middle
block to the left or right out of the way to open a path through the middle.
Now head up (U-C5) to find the door we can use our Gold Key on. Then head up

the stairs back up to the Grasslands (G-C5). If you're only level 15, be
careful of the Maneater monsters in these maps as you will not be able to
hurt these yet.
Head straight up (G-B5) and to the left (G-B4) - as you're above Level 14 the
Shadows here will not cause you much trouble - then go down (G-C4) to find the
Water Icon sitting in the middle.
Before you continue, get yourself up to Level 17 on the Shadows, then Level
18 on the Maneater monsters in this area.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planting and Watering the Seedling -------------------------------- wlk29 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to where we first returned to the Grasslands (G-C5), then head down
and to the right (G-D1). In this map is a strange-looking patch of soil which
we can plant the Seedling we obtained earlier in.
Now we can use the Water Icon to water our planted Seedling, which will make
a climbable vine appear, allowing us to get up onto the ledge above.
Upon climbing the vine we'll appear in a map (G-C1) containing both Maneaters
and a new monster we haven't seen before: Rock Face. Now that you've obtained
the Water Icon, these Rock Face monsters will have replaced the Slimes in the
map where healing plant #1 is located.
If you want you can kill these Rock Face monsters here, but it's best to do
this at the healing plant mentioned above. Head straight up into the next map
(G-B1), then head right (G-B2) to find another block which we can push into
the river here to make a bridge. We're now right back in the starting area of
the game.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Placing the Water Icon -------------------------------------------- wlk30 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Backtrack to the statue where we placed the Flame Icon (G-C3). Back at the
statue you can now place the Water Icon on the tile to the right of where we
previously placed the Flame Icon.
As with placing the Flame Icon, this will cause a hole to appear. This
particular hole may be somewhere you haven't been before though, so to get to
it you'll need to head up one screen (G-B3) - here you'll notice that the
Slimes which were previously here have now been replaced by Rock Faces - and
then go left one screen to find the hole (G-B2).
On the screen with the healing plant and the new monsters it'd be ideal to
get to Level 20 here before continuing.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Using the ID Card ------------------------------------------------- wlk31 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Make your way down the hole (G-B2) to find yourself once again in the Underworld (U-B2). From here, ignore the passage downwards and head straight up
(U-A2) to find a locked door. Here you'll need to present the ID Card you
found earlier in order to continue.
Head through the unlocked door and up the stairs to get back to the Grasslands

(G-A2), then head left (G-A1) to find yourself at the entrance to the tower.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Climbing the Tower Part 1: Mamono Slayer -------------------------- wlk32 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Enter the tower (T-E2) to find yourself in a room with a large screen in the
middle and two switches at the top. Occasionally the rare Gold Knight will
spawn in this map, but at Level 20 you shouldn't have any trouble from him
(although you can't kill him just yet).
As we did before in Lava Zone, here you'll need to place your Warrior Statue
on one of the switches and then stand on the other. This will activate the
screen in the middle.
Stand in front of the screen and select the Sword of Hope from the menu. This
upgrades your sword to the Mamono Slayer.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Climbing the Tower Part 2: Sage's Tablet #2 ----------------------- wlk33 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Now climb the stairs to enter the next floor (T-D4). It's a good idea to use
this and the next map (T-C4) to get to Level 21. Climb one floor higher (T-B4)
and use this floor to get to Level 22.
Use the bottom right staircase (T-A4) to
switch which you need to press to make a
the stairs (T-B4), ten use the staircase
right of the quadrant, then walk through
staircase which the switch unlocked.

find yourself in the quadrant with a

new staircase appear. Head back down
in the top right to get into the top
the wall at the top to get to the

The map here (T-E5) has spikes which you need to memorise in order to get
past the floor above (T-D5). As you're reading this guide though I'll just
make it easy for you:
- - - - | ^ X
O | X =
X | _ =
| X X X
| O =
X X | ^ =
| _
X |
- - - - -

Entry staircase
Exit staircase
Sage's Tablet #2

If that isn't clear enough: head right three times; up twice; right once; up
twice (T-C5); back down the staircase (T-D5); left twice; down once; left
twice; up once (tablet); down once, right twice; up once; right twice (T-C5).
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Climbing the Tower Part 3: Reaching the Sky ----------------------- wlk34 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------The spikes here (T-C5) will take 2HP away from you, so try to avoid them. You
should then use the next map (T-B5) and the map above that (T-A5) to get to
Level 23.
Now head up (T-A5) and present your ID Card once again to open the door.
You're now at the very top of the tower (T-A2)!

-- Sage's Tablet #3 -------------------------------------------------- wlk35 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Be careful not to stand on any of the holes in the clouds here, as doing so
will send you right back to the Grasslands at the bottom of the tower (G-B2).
Head down two screens (T-C2) to get to healing plant #6, then go right (T-C3).
From here you'll see three tiles with 4 squares in the middle of them. Head
down one screen (T-D3) to see a similar tile arangement but with the 4 squares
in the middle lit up.
Go back up (T-C3) and walk on and off each tile the number of times specified
by the example in the previous map:
Tile 1: 1 Square
Tile 2: 3 Squares
Tile 3: 2 Squares
Provided you did this as the example showed, the door to Sage's Tablet #3
will now open, allowing you to collect it.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sage's Tablet #4 -------------------------------------------------- wlk36 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Behind the Sage's Tablet #3 we just picked up (T-C3) is a switch. Press this
switch to have the three tiles in this room also display a count like the
previous room showed.
Now head down to the previous example map (T-D3) and walk on and off the
tiles here in the same fashion as we did to get the third tablet:
Tile 1: 3 Squares
Tile 2: 2 Squares
Tile 3: 2 Squares
This will unlock the door at the bottom, allowing us to head down (T-E3) into
the map containing Sage's Tablet #4.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Key ------------------------------------------------------- wlk37 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to the healing plant (T-C2) and this time head left (T-B2). In this
map we find 7 pillars, 6 of which are neatly arranged and 1 is at the top.
What we need to do here is push the pillar in the top middle up to fill the
gap below the pillar at the top. After doing that, we can then climb the
stairs and walk on top of the pillars to get up one screen into the next map
From here we can head straight up into the next map (T-A1) where we'll find
the Crystal Key.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sage's Tablet #5 -------------------------------------------------- wlk38 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to the map with the 7 pillars (T-C1), then head down one screen (TD1) and we'll see Sage's Tablet #5 in the middle with seemingly no way to get

to it.
The wall to the right of your character has a slight shadow just under mid-way
though this map going down. Here is a wall which you can walk through to get
into this middle section to pick up the fifth tablet.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wind Icon --------------------------------------------------------- wlk39 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Once again head back to the healing plant (T-C2), but this time go down one
screen (T-D2) to see a collection of six statues facing in different
directions. These statues have a number of dots below them, which represent
their order.
Head down into the next map (T-E2) to find yourself in a crossroads. To get
through this puzzle you'll need to exit the map in the order specified by the
statues in the previous map. As this is a guide, here is the order:


If you do that in the correct order you will come out on a map (T-E1)
containing the Wind Icon behind a locked door which we can use the Crystal Key
to unlock.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sage's Tablet #6 -------------------------------------------------- wlk40 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to the healing plant (T-C3), again, but this time head up (T-B2) and
right (T-B3), making sure not to fall in any of the holes. At the top of the
visible platform in this map you'll see a wind symbol. Stand here and use the
Wind Icon.
This will create a path allowing us to access the map above (T-A3) which
contains Sage's Tablet #5.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Placing the Wind Icon --------------------------------------------- wlk41 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Now go back to the previous map (T-B3) and intentionally fall down one of the
holes in the clouds to quickly get back to the Grasslands (G-B2).
From here we want to go back to where we placed the Flame and Water Icons to
place our newly-obtained Wind Icon (G-C3). This will open a hole back where we
climbed the vine earlier on and created a bridge.
Head up one screen (G-B3) then left two screens, walking across the bridge,
and then down to find the hole (G-C1) which leads us once again down into the
Underworld (U-C1).
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sage's Tablet #7 -------------------------------------------------- wlk42 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Defeat the monsters in this map (U-C1) to get to level 24.

In the top right of this map is a hidden passage which takes us through into
the map with the 7th Sage's Tablet (U-C2).
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dragon's Scale ---------------------------------------------------- wlk43 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back into the previous map (U-C1) then up into a map containing seven
large screens (U-B1). Next to each of these you'll want to use each of your
seven Sage's Tablets.
Once you've placed all seven a switch will appear. Pressing this switch will
make Dragon's Scale fall from the sky.
Head back into the previous map (U-C1) and take down the Guardians to get to
Level 25.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Into the Unknown -------------------------------------------------- wlk44 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to the Grasslands (G-C1), then make your way back across the bridge
and to where you've placed all three Icons. Stand on the grey tile just below
the three Icon tiles to witness the power of the three Icons as they come to
A door will have now opened in the main statue, which takes you into the
unknown (?-E4). Head up two screens (?-C4) to find a carving on the floor.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3DS Bonus Dungeon ------------------------------------------------- 3DS00 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------In the Android and iOS versions of the game this area does not exist. The 3DS
Bonus Dungeon features three extra puzzles before being allowed to continue.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3DS Bonus Puzzle 1 ------------------------------------------------ 3DS01 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head up then go right across a thin bridge, then down to find some new ?????
monsters which you will not have seen before. These are also unique to the 3DS
version of the game. Try not to touch these as they will instantly kill you.
Move into the next map through the path at the bottom right to find another
map with ????? monsters and a switch at the top. Your goal here is to press
switch without getting killed.
After pressing the switch, head back to the room before the first set of ?????
monsters to find the blockade at the top of this map has been lowered. Head
past it to find yourself in a room with grass in the middle. Above this room
is a blue room with 9 tiles arranged in a square.
Can you work out what to do here?
If not: head back into the previous map and take a look at the way the flowers
are positioned:

- | # |
- - | O |
- - | F |
- -

- | O |
- - | # |
- - | O |
- -

- | F | # = Weed
- - | # | O = Grass
- - | O | F = Flower
- -

Still can't work it out?

Head back into the blue room. What you need to do here is only stand on the
tiles which match the flowers in the previous room. For this you must stand
on the bottom left tile, then move around the tiles without standing on any
more until you get to the top right tile. Once you've stood on both and both
have lit up, a blue bridge will appear in the main room.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3DS Bonus Puzzle 2 ------------------------------------------------ 3DS02 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Head back to where the blue bridge has now appeared, then this time head left
two maps. From this map, head down avoiding the spikes, then head left once
This map looks like a dead end, but if you get damaged a path at the top will
make itself temporarily visible to you (you don't have to get damaged to
activate it). Head up across this hidden path to find the second switch in
this dungeon, which will make a green bridge appear.
Back track then head left to find the bridge you just activated, then walk
across it to find another map with grass in the middle. Above this map is a
green room with similar tiles to the one in the blue room we were in before.
If you followed this guide and went right first you should already know what
to do here, but if not: can you work it out?
- | O |
- - | F |
- - | # |
- -

- | F |
- - | O |
- - | F |
- -

- | # | # = Weed
- - | F | O = Grass
- - | O | F = Flower
- -

In the green tile room, stand on each tile where a flower is positioned in the
previous room. Note: if you stand on a tile after it's already lit up it will
deactivate, this allows us to simply move up twice, left, right, up, down and
left. This will activate all the required tiles.
A green bridge will now appear alongside the blue bridge in the main map.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3DS Bonus Puzzle 3 ------------------------------------------------ 3DS03 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Head back to the main map and cross the bridge. Here we'll find another map
with grass in the middle. Repetitive, huh?
Repeat the same process we did for the above two rooms.
- | O |
- - | O |
- - | # |
- -

- | # |
- - | F |
- - | O |
- -

- | # | # = Weed
- - | # | O = Grass
- - | O | F = Flower
- -

But wait, there's a twist! Unlike in the previous rooms, when you stand on a
lit tile it does not deactivate. Have you figured out how to do it yet?
Walk to the middle tile and place your Warrior Statue in the middle. Now go
back to the map with the grass and come back. The Warrior Statue in the middle
will activate the middle tile for you, causing a red bridge to appear,
allowing you to finally access the stairs in the main room.
Head back to the main room and head down the staircase. This is where the 3DS
version rejoins the Android and iOS versions.
Stand on the carving and use the Dragon Scale we just obtained. This will make
a glowing platform appear with a sword in the middle. Now we present the
Mamono Slayer we obtained from the ground floor of the Administrators' Tower.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End Game Phase 1 -------------------------------------------------- wlk45 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------After presenting the Mamano Slayer we'll be transported into a boss battle (?C5) where we need to fire beams from our sword into the flying boss.
The first part is simple, just spam the attack buttons to fire a constant
stream of beams at the weak boss whilst dodging his mediocre attacks.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End Game Phase 2 -------------------------------------------------- wlk46 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------The second part of the boss battle takes place in
boss is now much larger. This version of the boss
from left to right, and whilst doing so will fire
into the middle of the map, and then a green beam
the outer edges of the map.

the same map (?-C5), but the

fires individual bullets
a purple beam twice directly
on either side of it hitting

The tactic here is to dodge the two purple beams, then get into the middle and
shoot at it like crazy when it fires its green beams. You'll need to repeat
this a couple of times to take the boss down.
In between these boss battles you'll need to try and get hit as few times as
possible, as your HP does not replenish after each battle.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End Game Phase 3 -------------------------------------------------- wlk47 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In this battle you're moved to a different map (?-B5).

This version of the boss will most likely take a few tries. You need to dodge
its initial attacks where it rains bullets down onto you, and wait for it to
go into the middle.
When it's in the middle, meteors will start falling from the sky. These
appear at random to the left, in the middle or to the right of the map.
Getting hit by these will reduce your HP to 0 (even if you had 70HP!). Beware
that you can also get hit by their tails, so be sure not to be to hasty when
moving back into position.
When the meteors are falling, keep yourself in the middle for as long as possible, firing a flurry of beams at the boss. You will need to do this for 3
or 4 rounds of meteors, but the thing will eventually fall.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One Last Puzzle --------------------------------------------------- wlk48 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------After defeating the three boss forms you will be moved into a map (?-B4) with
a power button in the middle. Have a walk around and see if you can figure out
what to do...
...if you can't figure it out, this is the only part of the game which requires touch screen input. Simply touch the power button in the middle.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uh, okay, one more puzzle... -------------------------------------- wlk49 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------After pressing the power button in the previous map (?-B4) you'll be taken to
a new map (?-A4) featuring a statue surrounded by the three Icons. Not much to
do here other than head one screen right (?-A5) through the green passage in
the top right of the map.
In this map you'll find yourself on a three-tile ledge which doesn't appear to
lead anywhere. Have you figured out what to do here?
...stand at the furthest point to the right and open the Ancient Codex.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The End ----------------------------------------------------------- wlk50 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Congratulations, you've now beaten the game!
After the credits have finished rolling the game will tell you how long it
took for you to complete the game.
If you quit out of the game you can view your collection (on Anrdoid and iOS
this is done by swiping the main image to the right or left, and on the 3DS
you simply click the "Collection" button). This will list all the monsters
you've encountered and the items you've found. If you're playing on Android
or iOS, your completion time ranking will also be displayed here.
But wait, there are still ? entries in both the items and monsters collection
screens! Head over to the Secrets section at the very end of the guide to
find out what you've missed.

-------------------------------------------------------------||||-------------- LOCATIONS ----------------------------------------------\\\\////--- loc00 ------------------------------------------------------------\\\///-----------=============================================================\\//=============
The game has 5 areas which are devided by 4 different maps.
Map 1: Grasslands
Grasslands is the regular outside world, featuring grass, trees, sand and
water. This is the area you begin your journey on.
Map 2: The Underworld
The Underworld is what exists below the Grasslands. This is a cave-like
area which is dark and full of narrow corridors.
Map 3: Lava Zone and ??????
Lava Zone exists alongside the Grasslands and, as the name implies, has a
lot of lava. And, if it were real, would be very hot!
?????? is a collection of maps which fall outside of any other area in the
game. This includes the map you're sent to when you die and various other
unknown places which exist in the world... or, well, don't exist.
Map 4: Administrators' Tower
The Administrators' Tower is the large tower located on the Grasslands. So
large in fact that it has its own map dedicated to it. This tower takes
you up into the sky.
No Map: 3DS Bonus Dungeon
The 3DS Bonus Dungeon is a unique dungeon in the 3DS version of the game
and does not feature in the Android or iOS versions.

-------------------------------------------------------------||||-------------- ITEMS AND HEALING PLANTS -------------------------------\\\\////--- inv00 ------------------------------------------------------------\\\///-----------=============================================================\\//=============
Healing Plant #1
Healing Plant #3
Log #2
Log #3
Piece of Mana
Red Gem #1
Red Gem #2
Sword of Hope


Warrior Statue
Water Icon


The Underworld
Healing Plant #2
Healing Plant #5
ID Card
Red Gem #3
Sage's Tablet #1
Sage's Tablet #7
Secret Item #2


Lava Zone
Flame Icon
Green Gem #1
Green Gem #2
Healing Plant #4
Log #1
Secret Item #1
Silver Key
Spirit Lamp


Administrators' Tower
Crystal Key
Healing Plant #6
Mamono Slayer
Sage's Tablet #2
Sage's Tablet #3
Sage's Tablet #4
Sage's Tablet #5
Sage's Tablet #6
Secret Item #3
Wind Icon


Ancient Codex


-------------------------------------------------------------||||-------------- MONSTERS -----------------------------------------------\\\\////--- mon00 ------------------------------------------------------------\\\///-----------=============================================================\\//=============
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grasslands -------------------------------------------------------- mon01 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Level


Poison Fungus



Rock Face
Blue Knight

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Underworld ---------------------------------------------------- mon02 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Level



Poison Fungus
Zombie Dramos
Giant Medusa
Metallic Ooze
Mecha Dramos

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lava Zone --------------------------------------------------------- mon03 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Level



Red Slime
Ash Dramos

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Administrators' Tower --------------------------------------------- mon04 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Level 20: Blue Knight

Level 21: Red Knight
Level 22: Dark Knight
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ?????? ------------------------------------------------------------ mon05 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Level ??: Mega Dark
Level ??: Giga Dark
Level ??: Terra Dark


-------------------------------------------------------------||||-------------- SECRETS ------------------------------------------------\\\\////--- sec00 ------------------------------------------------------------\\\///-----------=============================================================\\//=============
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rare Monsters ----------------------------------------------------- sec01 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Rare Monsters appear randomly in certain locations within the game. You can
get these to spawn with a bit of luck, or by constantly entering and exiting

the map they appear in until they spawn. There are 5 Rare Monsters in total:


Orc Prince
Gold Dramos
Gold Skeleton
Blood Ball
Gold Knight

(Grasslands G-B3)
(Grasslands G-E2)
(The Underworld U-A1)
(Lava Zone L-C2)
(Administrators' Tower T-E4)

Level ??: ????? (?????? ?-E5)

Level ??: ????? (3DS Bonus Dungeon)
* This monster is unkillable and will instantly the player if touched. You
can kill this later on with a special item, only available on the 3DS
version of the game.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden Items ------------------------------------------------------ sec02 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Well, more hidden than usual at least. There are three items which boost
certain stats which do not have to be collected in order to complete the game.
All of these items are found within a map which has space invader-like
monsters which will instantly kill you if touched.
Shield Boost
This item prevents monsters at the same level as your character from
dealing any damage to you, allowing you to easily level up without having
to constantly heal. This can be accessed in the map one screen up from
the healing plant on Lava Zone (L-B2). Walk behind the pillar on the left
where the locked door is (or was) and you will be transported to a new
special map (?-E5) where you can find the item.
EXP Boost
This item gives you twice as much Experience when defeating monsters. This
one can be found in the map with the exit stairs of the tunnel which takes
you out near the Water Icon (U-C5). Walk around the stairs to the right,
then walk right onto the black cliff above the water. Walk a few more
steps right, then go up to be transported to the special map (?-E5) where
you will find the item.
Rare Boost
This item makes you more likely to encounter Rare Monsters (which are
listed in the first part of this Secrets section). This item can be found
up in the clouds above the Administrators' Tower we accessed after using
the Wind Icon was to create a path across to obtain Sage's Tablet #6 (TA3). In this map there are two holes in the clouds. The hole to the left
of the platform where the Sage's Tablet was found will take us to the
special map (?-E5) where the item can be found.
"????? Killer"
This item is unique to the 3DS version of the game and allows you to take
down the otherwise unkillable "?????" monsters, which also allows you to
complete your game's monster list. I need to confirm the location but I've
been told that this can be found on the 14th floor (14F) of the
Administrator's Tower by heading up two spaces from the entrance stairs in
the room with the Red Knight, then moving right through the wall (thank

you to Askondi and Phil Neff for helping me find this one!).

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