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The Great Happiness

Ray del Sole

Copyright by Ray del Sole, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4466-6663-0
All rights reserved including the right to reproduce this
work in any form whatsoever, without permission in
writing from the author, except for brief passages in
connection with a review.

Art work: Copyright by Ray del Sole, 2010

Front cover: Art work by Ray del Sole, 2010
Back cover: Photo: Bonsai, Nur ein Sonnenuntergang, CCLizenz (BY 2.0)

Please regard that you take the responsibility for all
exercises, experiments and advices you do or follow in
this book. All warnings of spiritual teachers, especially by
Franz Bardon, Indian Yogis and me should be taken
serious. Spiritual training is an art and science and not
something to play with or for curiosity. Spiritual
development takes years, whole life times, many
incarnations indeed. As you are an eternal being you have
time enough to proceed step by step keeping the balance in
all aspects.

I dedicate this book to wonderful Otilia who inspired me

to write this book. I also want to express my appreciation
and thankfulness towards the excellent teachings of Bon
Buddhism provided in the Western World by Geshe Tenzin
Wangyal Rinpoche, - the brother tradition of Franz Bardon
s universal teachings.

Ray del Sole

Change yourself and you change the world, - your world.

May happiness, love and joy return to all people!

Ray del Sole





Dear reader,
This short book has the aim to explain the main points
which are necessary to create real happiness in life.
Certainly meanwhile dozens of guidebooks have been
published about a happy and successful life. Most of them
are onesided or deal with half-truths following the motto:
Take my magic pill and your life is perfect, - no effort or
change needed.
I cant provide such a magic pill but I show here the
principles and the techniques for a fulfilled life from the
holistic, spiritual point of view. A deep understanding is
absolutely important. On this basis the right spiritual
techniques can be applied and as the result life becomes
fulfilled. You will see.
Life today is so complex, so overwhelming that most
people do not see the wood for the trees. So it takes much
effort to work through the jungle to reach the light for
clarity. Indeed real solutions are never complex but quite
simple. Complexity is a quality of creation and simplicity
is a quality of the divine. So you will experience that the
main factors here in this book are simple, - good to
understand and good to handle.
The techniques I present here provide something very

beautiful and precious. It is the total change of yourself

and your life to the positive principle. This I call the
creating of the great happiness as it means real
fulfillment. In the coming chapters you will get to know
what this means.


Happiness is probably the highest aim in life but
obviously it is so hard to reach. Many people search for it
outside. They work hard for a good education, for a good
job, for career, for a nice house, an expensive car, a
beautiful partner, etc. But often, - although they pay much
these outer things do not satisfy them really. They are
still on the search and often think that they need to work
even harder to compensate what is still missing. And
indeed something is missing but not outside.
On the other hand there are many people who neglect
outer things and focus only on the inner, spiritual aims.
They work hard on their spiritual development; they do a
lot of exercises, do a variety of meditations, care about
their nourishment and renounce many good outer things.
Their ascetism and critical view on their personality often
provide not real happiness but the idea to work harder, to
improve abstinence. Often these people lack of money and
so the outer life becomes quite hard.
So in fact both types provide a certain degree of happiness
but both types are at the same time onesided, in parts
extreme and certainly imbalanced. A wise man would
respect the law of balance, - a good balance between the
inner development and the outer progress. We need both, inner happiness and happiness in the world outside.
Unfortunately in reality people tend either to the inner side
or to the outer side. The reason for this is the karmic

disposition. This works like a pendulum swinging from

one pole to the other and in most cases from one extreme
to the other one.


God, the eternal light, is in its state of unity in a static
balance. Creation is in a dynamic balance, - the dynamic
balance of the four elements controlled by the fifth
element to keep the harmony. Creation means movement,
means change, means transformation. Creation is a selfregulating system, a self-balancing system always working
towards balance. Balance is the basic need of creation
and all creatures. Balance means harmony, balance
means completeness, health, happiness, fulfillment.
Dynamic balance works in main in cycles, cycles of nature.
The sun comes up in the break of dawn, rises until midday
and goes down until dusk. Then slowly moon and stars
rise in the darkness of the night. This is an important cycle
for all creatures. Another well known cycle is the cycle of
water. At the sea water vaporizes into the air. Water vapor
agglomerates to clouds and the wind transports them to
the land. There the clouds rain down, the water gathers in
rivers and flows back to the sea. Regarding the elements
states of heat, warm temperature change to states of cold;
states of solidness change to fluid states and then to
gasiform states. These are all natural cycles
corresponding with the laws of nature.
Creatures and with this we as humans have our own
cycles. Basic cycles are sleeping at night for regeneration
and activity at day, the cycles of metabolism eating and
drinking to restore our physical energy, etc.

As you can see these cycles of dynamic balance deal

always with spending some kind of energy and the
restoring of the energy. This we call life.


To go deeper in the principle of balance we have to take a
look on the different levels and types of dynamic energy
changes. For this we use the keys of wisdom. The universal
keys are quality and quantity, the three planes of
existence and the relationship of the four elements. In best
case all aspects are similarly cultivated and well

Mental plane:
According to the four elements we have will (fire), intellect
(air), feeling (water) and mind (earth). All four aspects
have a quality side and a quantity side. For example you
can have a strong will which is refined. This means you
have much will power (quantity) and positive intentions
(quality). In the ideal state all four mental aspects are
similarly cultivated. This means total balance, health,
harmony and fulfillment on the mental plane. Regarding
the dynamic balance it means that all aspects of your
mind are similarly active and also well recharged.

Astral plane:
This is the plane of soul, of your personality, your
character. We differentiate here the four temperaments:

The choleric (fire), the sanguine (air), the melancholic

(water) and the phlegmatic (earth) temper. The four
tempers provide analogue positive and negative qualities,
powers, feelings and abilities. Human beings consist of all
four tempers with a domination of one temper in most
cases. In the ideal state all four tempers are similarly
cultivated in power (quantity) and character (quality).
Regarding the dynamic balance it means that all aspects
of your soul are similarly active and certainly well
recharged. This means total balance, health and harmony
on the astral plane, of the soul.

Material plane:
This plane deals with several different aspects. The first
aspect is nourishment. Food and drinks contain also the
four elements but in a denser form than on the higher
planes. Balance and with this health are reached by a
balanced composition of foods analogue to the elements.
Food can have activating qualities (fire), cooling qualities
(water), easing (air) and grounding qualities (earth). The
right amount of the different foods has to be certainly also
considered. A balanced diet means balance and health on
the physical plane, of your body.
Other aspects of the material plane deal with your
circumstances of your life, your situation, your
relationships, your activities in life, in the material world.

This is a wide topic. It concerns your family, your job, your

hobbies, sports, your house/property, the place where you
live, etc. Short, - it is the network of life you are in, you are
a part of and you are interdependent.
In main these are two things, - relationships and activities.
They are reflections of your personality from the mental
and astral plane. All your relationships and activities
should be in balance regarding the four elements. We also
differentiate here quality and quantity aspects.


Currently I have described the ideal form the balance
between quality and quantity (power), the balance among
the four elements and the balance on the three planes. As
you have probably noticed already most people do neither
provide this ideal form of balance in their personality nor
in their life. This means that most people have to cope with
a diversity of imbalances which leads to a certain degree
of suffering. For a better understanding we want to have a
look on some examples:
Mental plane:
Today there is a focus on the intellect, - in education, at
work and general in life. The consequence is that the
intellect is much demanded, very active, very big in size.
Further consequences are that all other aspects of the
human personality are more or less ignored, not
cultivated, not strengthened and refined like the intellect.
In parts they dwarf. This is an imbalance. A second
problem is that the intellect is often unable to stand the
flood of information, of stimulus satiation, - it is simply
all too much with the consequence that a regeneration of
the intellect is not really given. Suffering starts.

Astral plane:
Soul and character are often branded by the experiences

we have made in life. Life provides a lot of negative

experiences which hurt our souls, which causes
blockades, negative emotions and negative patterns of
behavior, of reaction. This is one major aspect.
The second important aspect is our karmic disposition, we do not come with a perfect balance of all four elements
in soul into this world but with an individual, typical
imbalance, - domination of one or two elements, tempers.
For example we say that someone is airy or very active,
fiery or very emotional watery or very grounded, earthy.
Then there are many positive characteristics people have
but also several negative qualities. Negative qualities are
like dirt on a nice dress.
So indeed balance on this plane is often far away.

Material world:
The world today with all aspects is obviously the biggest
imbalance we have to cope with. The human world, society, job, preached ideals and aims, relationships, etc.
are not based on the laws of nature but on ideologies. This
is very unhealthy. We do not orientate us on our true
nature with its needs and order but on ideas how leaders
suppose them as good for humans. So we are exposed to
massive stress today equal where you look at. On the other
hand we often have not the possibility to regenerate us, to

restore our energies, to balance ourselves. The

consequence is suffering, a feeling of being burned out,
asking for the sense in life. A variety of diseases can
In conclusion where should happiness come from?
You see that one major problem is that most people do not
live according to their nature and their natural needs. The
second major problem is the imperfection of humans.
Imperfection means that mankind is in an evolutionary
process where in the end total balance, perfection is
reached. Spiritual training compresses this very long
natural process to maybe one life time. So spiritual
teachings provide techniques for a deep balancing of the
human nature.


The first and main approach for balancing your life is the
insight of the necessity and the enlightenment to do so.
Real enlightenment means to reconnect to the divine
source of life and with this to the natural-divine order.
Unfortunately many people are cut off from the divine
connection and with this from divine guidance and
inspiration. Most spiritual healers are able to reconnect
you to the divine without any problems. Here the crown
chakra and the heart chakra must be cleared and
energized. A prayer or meditation calls on enlightenment
and divine guidance. You can do this also on your own by
concentration exercises on crown and heart chakra and an
according prayer.
The different approaches come together with the different
spiritual traditions and their preferred techniques. So it
depends on your spiritual path and also on your abilities.
Certainly you can get support from professional spiritual
healers and alternative practitioners.
In general the balancing process consists of three parts:
Clearing, healing and refinement of yourself. Regarding the
law of analogies when you clear, heal and refine yourself
then also the circumstances of your life are cleared,
healed and refined. Change yourself and you change the
world, - your world.
The pure part of clearing, healing and refinement can take
time as it deals in main with your soul, your experiences

in life, your wounds, your imperfections, your needs,

desires and wishes. I recommend to ask for professional
support of a spiritual teacher or a spiritual healer and an
alternative practitioner. The aim must be to progress in
best time as your time is very precious and imbalances are
real expensive luxury.
For the improvement of the circumstances of your life with
the aim of manifesting the great happiness I have
developed a special exercise.
Spiritual training here is not a must but spiritual practice
makes certainly much sense and will help to let you grow
and become perfect in all aspects. Perfect means to be
complete. It does not mean to function like a machine.
Perfect means highest possible balance and with this
deepest inner harmony, happiness, peace of soul and


The approach with the chakra system provides several
different possibilities. The main advantage here is that you
can do it on your own without much effort or special
skills. The work with the chakras is also very effective.

Working with the Ajna chakra:

The Ajna chakra is the master chakra. When you do
concentration exercises on this center you can blast all
kinds of blockades, you clear and heal yourself on all
planes and you support the spiritualization of your nature.
The time of concentration must be increased slowly up to
half an hour. Daily trainings with breaks is necessary. The
training can take a few weeks, one or two months
depending on your individual disposition. Please read my
eBook about the Ajna chakra for further information.

Working with crown and heart chakra:

This is in main the technique for enlightenment, for
activation of your divine centers of spirit and soul. This
will increase your connection to the divine source, your
divine guidance and the rebuilding of your natural-divine
order. If you like you can get more details from my book
about the direct path to enlightenment.

Working with chakras according to the four elements:

This technique is described in my book A superior
technique for spiritual activation, healing and
transformation. The chakras are used here to develop the
four elements on mental and astral plane in an easy way
with very positive effects in all aspects. It is spiritual
bodybuilding and certainly good for healing.

Working with all chakras in a cycle:

This is a technique which works with concentration
exercises on each chakra in a special energy flow cycle.
The point is here that one gets to know the different
chakras, centers, their qualities and energies. This
technique is described in my book Preliminary Practice
for Franz Bardon.
In conclusion what technique you use just depends on
your individual preference. The techniques have all a
special focus but they all provide clearing, healing and
refinement, - balance. All techniques provide quickly first
results. But please understand that clearing, healing and
refinement is a process, - a process of transformation and
this needs time. Factors are how often you do the
exercises, how long each time, what your personal aims

are and how your disposition is. So in fact spiritual

training, time and results are always very individual. In
best case it takes a few weeks and normally 1-3 months.
Important is also to increase the training time on half an
hour. This has to be done in steps during a longer period
of training so that the energetic system of your body can
adapt itself in best way. Please consider that clearing and
healing means that old hurts or disharmonies are
dissolved and the concerned parts of your soul and body
are more active. When you heal something then often the
topic comes into your mind, in your dreams, - to say
Good-bye. This is normal and a good sign.


The Bon Buddhists provide very interesting and excellent
techniques for clearing, healing and refinement, - balance.
They work also with the five elements and with so called
shamanic techniques. Certainly it makes sense to have
already a deeper interest in Bon Buddhism teachings and
the necessary time for practice and studies. It is
recommendable to read introducing books by Tenzin
Wangyal Rinpoche like Healing with Form, Energy and
Light" and others. For the practice itself you probably need
a direct teaching and maybe support of a master of
healing. Necessary is also a good imagination.


Bardon provides a sophisticated system for clearing,
healing and refinement. It is of universal nature and
explains how all other spiritual systems work. It is very
demanding and not meant for a short training with limited
aims. If you have good imagination skills, much will power
and time for training then you can do the soul mirror work,
the breathing exercises with vital energy and then those
with the four elements. These techniques provide a deep
understanding of yourself as well as a deep clearing,
healing and refinement. For quick results other
techniques are recommendable. For long term spiritual
development Bardon present the most complete and
sophisticated training system.


Choa Kok Sui has developed an efficient system of
energetic treatments, for clearing and healing. Psychic and
also physical problems are scanned and directly treated.
So indeed a Pranic Healer can dissolve all kinds of
blockades, negative patterns and energetic disharmonies.
He can also support all healing activities of mind, soul
and physical body. One treatment is certainly in most
cases not enough. So you have to invest time for a certain
amount of treatments. The results are very good. On your
refinement and the cultivation of all aspects of your
personality regarding the five elements you must work on
your own. But clearing and healing are a major step


Mantak Chia provides energetic techniques of Chinese
alchemy which help to clear, to heal and to balance your
whole personality. Here it is nearly similar to the things I
said about Bon Buddhism. You should have a special
affinity for Taoistic Practice.

Certainly there are many good ways to clear, heal and
refine yourself. Clearing and healing must always include
mind, soul and the physical body. First of all your mind
must be enlightened, cleared and balanced, then your soul
and with your soul your physical body will follow.
Refinement with the work on becoming complete in all four
tempers is extra work, spiritual training. We humans often
feel somehow incomplete; we have the impression that
something is missing to feel complete, balanced, a deeper
harmony. Maybe you have thought that it would be great to
have more will to accomplish things or to have more
patience or more ease or that you are more grounded.
These needs can be fulfilled with exercises concerning the
four elements. This is a topic of spiritual development, of
refinement and personal growing. It is the next step after
clearing and healing.


So far we have seen that happiness as one of the highest
aims in life is an attribute of real inner and outer balance,
of balance in mind, soul and body. Balance means
harmony, completeness, peace and fulfillment. As we are
not born as perfect beings and additionally life does not
support perfect harmony itself we feel and have the deep
need to balance ourselves. This means we have to clear
and to heal us on all three planes. Further on we can work
on becoming complete, perfect by spiritual training and
refinement of mind and soul together with keeping a
healthy, fit body. This all means work on yourself. Now we
come to the work on your life, your world, - your
relationship with God, other humans and creation. The
practice of this second part leads to the great happiness in
life. It means the manifestation of the positive principle
and power in yourself and your world. All spiritual
masters incorporate and represent the divine, positive
principle. It is the principle of the all-embracing love and


When we think about happiness we have to consider our
interactions and interdependencies with other humans,
creatures and nature in general. Happiness does not only
depend on ourselves but in main also on our
relationships. Indeed we have to clear, to heal and to
refine everything in our lives to reach real happiness. It is
indeed like a three-dimensional network where each one
occurs like a single knot. When you pull on one knot or a
connecting thread all other knots are moved. So equal to
what we do we have to care about all other beings knots
we are in interdependency. To understand this better
humans have a family, have a job, have a place where they
dwell, have neighbors, teammates, friends and so on.
When you do something it has consequences for others
connected to you. These are the knots, now to the
connections, the threads. For simplification we can
differentiate three main groups of relationships:


Although you might feel or think that you are alone in
mastering the challenges of life and on the spiritual path it
isnt so. Behind the scenes of the material world there is a
whole hierarchy of spirits and beings who keep creation
working. This hierarchy has inter alia the function to
support you in your human evolution, your spiritual
development. These are spirits, cosmic beings which cover
all fields of knowledge, science and creation. They serve
mankind with inspiration and in parts with direct help.
Beside this hierarchy of spirits everyone has a spiritual
guide, an ambassador of God who cares for the foreseen,
right development of his protg. The spiritual guide is a
refined soul, often a spiritual teacher or master who has a
deeper relationship to the incarnated person. By
inspiration, intuition and also in dreams one can receive
messages and signs of the spiritual guide. In higher steps
of the spiritual development it is normal to meet his guide
for direct exchange and teachings. Then there are divine
beings, deities which provide all kinds of blessings, fortune, inspiration, teachings, protection, healing,
cornucopia, etc. And certainly there is the eternal light,
God who is your inner nature, the source of everything.
So in conclusion concerning the spiritual realms we are in
relation with spiritual guides, spiritual masters, spiritual
brothers and sisters, spirits/cosmic beings of the
hierarchy, deities and God.
It certainly makes sense to be aware of these spiritual

relationships as they can be very positive and helpful. We

all need spiritual guidance, good inspiration, divine
support, clarity in life and also protection, care and love.
So it is our interest to keep a good connection to all who
support us.


Here we can






Group: Positive relationships

This concerns partnership, family, friends, - people we
love and take care for. These relationships we want to
keep, to stabilize and to cultivate.


Group: Negative relationships

Sometimes there are people who have negative
influences on us or might be somehow hostile,
aggressive or dangerous. Negative influences we want
to dissolve and in best case to transform into positive,
peaceful relationships.


Group: Karma based relationships

These are people we are connected to, to balance our
karma, to complete something, - topics of karma, fate.
Karma needs to be balanced. In fact we are forced to
balance such relationships and in our interest
preferably quickly.


Group: Business relationships

With these people we make business, - an exchange
of goods and services, some kind of bartering. Here we
have a need or a wish and we know that we have to
offer something so that our business works in a
happy, successful way. We have to ask what we can

offer so that our business partner will accept and be

happy himself. This includes real business and all
private forms of business.

Group: Compassion based relationships

There are people who are in some kind of need and
want to receive something from us. The main point
here is compassion, mercy, service. We are
ambassadors of God and for all who are in need and
who come to ask us for our support we should act in
the name of divine love. Everything we give we will
receive in another way. Because we are children of
God it is right to behave generous with love and care
for everyone.


Group: Neutral relationships

These are all other relationships which are quite
neutral for us. Here we want to keep at least a neutral
relationship and better develop a positive one.


One big part of creation we have already examined.
Another part is nature with its landscapes, flora and fauna
and also the spirits of nature, the beings of the four
element realms salamander in the fire, sylphs in the air,
undines in the water and gnomes in the earth. The main
point here is that we as human beings need a place to live
and the nature to live from. This means that we necessarily
come into conflict with other creatures. Furthermore
mankind has made it to poison and to prey nature to
unhealthy degrees. If you ask animals, plants and the
spirits of nature what they say about the human behavior
what do you think they would answer? So indeed the
relationship with nature, with animals, plants and
especially the spirits of nature needs a conflict
management and much work on balance, on healing.
In best case humans integrate themselves in the
surrounding nature with good relationships with their
neighbors, - the flora and fauna and the spirits of nature
who dwell there.


As you see there is a big need for the maintenance of our
relationships in life. It is not only a need but also a great
chance to provide a positive, spiritual influence on
creation as divine service. With this positive, loving care
about yourself and all who are connected to you the great
happiness in life will manifest and stay.
Lets turn now to the practice.
Religions and spiritual traditions provide often an own
frame with own rituals and techniques of service and
compassion. This is a part you can use when you are
embedded into such a religious or spiritual background.
Today not everyone has something like this as more and
more seekers choose their own individual path or follow
directly the universal, cosmic religion without outer
In general we have a bright variety on possibilities to
create positive influences. The main techniques are
prayers, divine blessings, offerings, donations, gifts, good
behavior, rituals, magical operations, etc.
Certainly everyone should choose the technique he prefers.
In the following I present techniques which provide good
results and do not need much effort. They can be
integrated in all religious backgrounds and especially
students of Bardon can use them very well.


Let us begin with the spiritual support from the higher,
divine realms. How can you show your love, thankfulness
and appreciation to spiritual guides, masters, brothers
and sisters of your tradition, spiritual protectors, deities,
divine spirits and the eternal light, God, Divine
Providence? Certainly with something beautiful. So when
you buy yourself flowers then you can dedicate them to
God, to all those spiritual beings you are connected with.
Pray to them from your heart with feelings of love,
thankfulness and appreciation. Tell them that you think of
them and that they have a place in your heart. Tell them
that you are open and receptive for all their blessings,
their inspiration, their guidance and protection, for all
their support and backing.
You can create an own altar with pictures of spiritual
masters and your spiritual family, with pictures of deities,
angels, symbols of God. There you can place a nice candle,
flowers and other beautiful things, also fragrances or holy
smokes. This is also a good place for your prayers. You
can speak them or you just speak and feel them mentally
and with your soul and also you can write them on paper
to stick them on your altar.
You can be sure that the spiritual beings will receive your
prayers and the energetic forms of your flowers and your
fragrances. So they know that you care about them and
they will keep up and improve their relationship to you.
When you have made a certain degree of progress you will

experience how they help you, how they work with you
together on all holy projects you start, equal if it concerns
healing treatments, blessings, guidance or whatever you
wish for yourself and others.
An active, good relationship to the spiritual realms is
maintained in this way. It is one important part of
reaching real happiness and fulfillment in life. We all
need divine support.


Beside all possible techniques I want to focus only on
three things:

Prayers should be well designed according to the aim
and the concerned person, spirit or situation. In
general you should wish others a happy, fulfilled life,
cornucopia, divine blessings, fortune, that all their
hearts desire may realize, certainly also health,
success, inner peace, etc.


Energy blessings:
All seekers who are in an active spiritual training
produce huge amounts of high energies, - spiritual
energies of love, of devotion, of peace and happiness
but also amounts of vital energy and energies of the
five elements. There are always humans, beings and
situations that are in need of energy, of a certain kind
of energy. It can be that a certain energy is needed for
clearing, for healing, for spiritual uplifting, for feeling
centered and complete, in general for balancing an
imbalance. So you can use your too much of energy
for those in need, equal what kind of energy it is. You
call on divine support ordering that those who are in
need of your energy will receive your blessings.
(Spirits, angels will help to send the energies to the
right persons, beings or situations.) Imagine now that
those who need your energies are in front of you and

you raise your hands to bless them. (The intention

here is already enough to make it work.) The energies
and blessings flow from your hands and heart to
those in need. With receiving your blessings they start
smiling and being happy. When you feel that it is
enough you wish them all the best for their lives,
divine guidance and further blessings, divine love,
peace and happiness and then you thank them for
accepting your gifts and say goodbye.
Probably you will experience that the blessings not
only come from yourself but that you serve as a divine
channel for great amounts of spiritual energies which
increase your offerings. Here you will experience
yourself as a temple of God, as a high priest, an
ambassador of the Divine who serve in the name of
the all-embracing love and compassion. These are
certainly great experiences. As a side effect you
balance your own energy level which is healthy.

Material offerings:
Prayers and energetic offerings are most important.
On the material plane we have the possibility to make
small offerings to those in need or simply as a sign of
our love and care. Small offerings are in most cases
enough. For example you can offer the plants in your
surroundings water and maybe some fertilizer while
telling them how much you appreciate their beauty.
You can offer the birds some birdseed which you have
blessed before. From time to time you can make a gift
to your beloved ones and the people you work and live

with. You can donate small sums for altruistic

projects. You can offer small pieces of your meals to
hungry beings, spirits. Offerings are always a sign of
compassion, of love, of generosity, of the divine
positive principle. Offerings and sharing makes
happy. Not the quantity counts but more the intention,
the feeling of love while wishing the best for all

How can you realize these techniques in best way? In first
place you should certainly follow your intuition. Then it
depends on your individual situation, eventual problems,
imbalances, needs, wishes. In general I recommend to
choose determined weekdays of care for each defined
group of relationship. For example on Sundays you pray to
the spiritual realms for their support for the whole week.
On Mondays you pray for all your positive relationships,
for your beloved ones and for your friends. On Tuesdays
you can pray for all negative relationships, for all
imbalanced negative people, for their healing and
changing to the positive. On Wednesday you can pray for
all your karma based relationships for divine inspiration,
enlightenment to be able to clear negative karma quickly,
to learn the lessons, to heal and to balance the
relationship. On Thursdays you pray for all those you
work with and work for, for your teammates, your
costumers. On Fridays you pray for all those in need, for
those who suffer, you make your offerings. On Saturday
you pray for all your neutral relationships, so that they
change to positive ones.
In this way you invest every day a short time with prayers,
love and offerings. By regarding the different groups you
dont miss anyone. You do each day something very good; you serve God, mankind and creation. You are an
ambassador of the divine, positive principle; a servant of
light, love and compassion. This is a great honor and
makes really happy.

Depending on your spiritual power and the effort you put
in these techniques you will experience sooner or later
amazing results:

You will grow in your spirituality

You will experience great spiritual support
You will receive deep enlightenments, deep
insights and clarity
Your love will grow to divine degrees
You will become a temple of divine love and
With this you will become very happy, balanced
and fulfilled
All you wish to others, all your offerings will
come back to you to support you in your life and
to bless you with the great happiness
All your relationships will be positive and
You will become a true ambassador of the
positive principle
All people and creatures will love and respect

The degree of happiness you can reach with these simple

techniques is overwhelming, amazing. It is indeed what we
all are looking for, - completeness, happiness, cornucopia,
balance, health and happy relationships. Everything is in
best order, in the natural, divine order. This is fulfillment.

Dear Reader,
thank you for following me through this book. The idea for
this book and technique was a divine inspiration for
which I am deeply grateful. We all need this great
transformation to the divine principle of love and
compassion. We all need care and support. It brings so
much joy to serve creation in this way, so much happiness
and fulfillment.
Become a Buddha of compassion and let us together heal
the world we are living in.
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With love,
Ray del Sole

Dear Reader,
if you like to contact me, please regard the following:
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on the path not for curiosity. Before you ask me try first
to answer your question by own research as many
questions of beginners and advanced students are already
answered in my books and in the recommended spiritual

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I have not much time for answering questions. I

am very busy.
I do not provide any magical help in any case.
There are others who provide direct support.
everyone has to go through the spiritual
training by himself as training means a deep
transformation of your personality, - there is
simply no alternative. Discipline in training will
let you reach all aims. Practice makes perfect!
I am not interested in joining any kinds of
circles, secret societies, brotherhoods etc.

I am a genuine servant of the eternal light and

only responsible to God, not to any kind of limited
religion or human interests.

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Thank you for your understanding.

In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole