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The Mallard

Issue 289

October 2015

Village Success Again For Macmillan Cancer Support

The Macmillan Coffee Morning held at the Village Hall on Friday 25th September
was as successful as ever and a true indication of how Massingham cares.
Nicola Clerk, from Macmillan Cancer Support and present at the event, expressed
her sincere appreciation to the village for the tremendous support it has given year
on year. She found it amazing that such a small village could achieve so much.
Final figures are not yet available but the total is expected to be over 7,000. Many
thanks to all who supported and especially to Chrissie Warnes for taking the lead.
Some members of the team of people helping to run the event.

The hustle and

bustle in the hall.

Mallard News
This parish magazine is
published every month for the
residents of Great and Little
Massingham with the support of
the Great Massingham Parish
Council, the Parochial Church
Council and Massingham
Village Hall Trustees.


For those of you who have long suspected as much, I can now
reveal that the original inhabitants of Massingham were Fred
and Barney Flintstone.
Two remarkable flint hand axes, originally found in ingham, and now in Ant Robinsons Historical Society collection exactly match a haul of 28 Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age)
e-mail: hand axes recently dredged from the sea off Yarmouth.
Editorial Committee
Editor: Bev. Randall.
6 Abbeyfields
Great Massingham
01485 520899
Treasurer: David Baines
01485 520966

Deadline for the

next issue

20th October
In this issue

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Histry Bits
Historical Society
Village Hall Plans
Village Hall Events
Craft & Chat
Folk Spot
Gert & Daisy
Road Race
Film Club
Shoebox appeal
Baby & Toddler
Yard Sale Report
Celebration Time
School News
Harpley Craft Festival
Litter Bins
Message for Parishioners
Church News
Grassroots Malawi
Church Services
Dates for your Diary

The Massingham hand axes date from the end of the last ice
age, around 100,000 years ago, and were painstakingly
chipped from flint nodules by the hunter gatherers who roamed
the grass-covered plains that joined Massingham with the rest
of Europe, before water from melting glaciers raised the level
of the North Sea and turned Britain into an island.
We dont know much about how our Palaeolithic ancestors
lived. They were presumably not cavemen, since Norfolk is
not exactly noted for its caves. Instead they probably constructed shelters from tree saplings hacked down by hand axes
(which did originally have handles) as they pursued the herds
of game migrating across the plains and river valleys.
The animals they pursued (and which frequently must have
pursued them) included mammoths, woolly rhinoceros,
wolves, bears and reindeer. Recent archaeological analysis
suggests that Palaeolithic humans were mostly scavengers,
squabbling with wolves and hyenas over rotting mammoth
carcases. And yes, they were Neanderthals.
Modern humans had not yet arrived in Norfolk though with
the recent widening of the A11 theres hope that they might do
David Miller

Mallard News
Massingham Historical Society
After negotiations with the City of Norwich
Aviation Museum we plan to donate the Sister
Lawrence RAF Massingham Museum to them.
The display is in need of a revamp and, rather
than spend a lot of money on it, we want to devote
our time to produce new display panels that will
depict our village histories.
I visited the Holt Society's Exhibition last month,
was very impressed by the quality of their displays
and have sought their advice on how to set up our
new display for Massingham. It will be more user
friendly allowing us to show it in the Church on
occasions and perhaps, at the Village Hall. This
will not be cheap to set up so, if anyone would
like to sponsor a panel, please let me know.
We will try to digitally record as much of the
RAF material as possible and even retain some of
the artefacts but I am confident CNAM will take
great care of the main display. Being permanent,
it will be accessible to a wider audience such as
researchers and other interested parties and at the
same time ensure Sister Lauries work of many
years is in good hands.
Ant Robinson

Village Hall Refurbishment

The Refurbishment Committee of the
Village Hall invites everyone to
come to the Village Hall on
Wednesday 14th October
from 7 - 8pm
to view plans and ideas for the
Halls refurbishment.
Its an opportunity to share your
thoughts with the people who have
developed the proposals which are
both achievable and will also ensure
the Hall meets the needs of the community for the years to come.
(Note: Village organisations have been
invited to come earlier)

Arthur Allen for the Village Hall

Refurbishment Committee

Mobile Library,
27 Oct. & 24th Nov.

Next Strollers Walk

18th October

Shop window
make up

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West Heath Barn

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B & B and Holiday Lets
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West Norfolk Glass

Mark Large

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Discounted Curtain Fabric Sales

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Save Energy - Save Money

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Mallard News

Keep Fit
Coronation Club
Baby &Toddler
Folk Spot


11th Oct

Wed.1.45pm to 2.45pm
Friday at 7.30pm
(4th Wed.) 2-4pm
Thurs. 10am - 11.30am
Sundays 7-10pm

18th Sept


You may have heard of Knit and Natter
groups. Well, in Massingham we like to be
different so we are starting a Craft and Chat
If you knit, sew, crochet or do any other sort
of craft why not join us on the second Monday of each month in the Village Hall bar
from 2pm to 4pm starting October 12th. To
begin with, there will be no facilities to use
electrical appliances but if there is a demand
we may be able to address it.
You can bring your current project with you
or just come for coffee/tea and a chat. If you
would like to learn a new craft or skill there
may be someone in the group who can help
you or we may be able to source help for you.
This is a new thing for us and the afternoon
will be very informal.
There will be a nominal charge of 1 per
person which is just to cover costs.
Why not give it a go what have you got to
Sue and Maxine
Any questions please phone Sue on
01485 520476 or email

Featuring Starbuck and

The Hobblers
Featuring Greg Harper &
Steve OKane & Fiona

Chris White & Julie Matthews
Massingham Village Hall

Friday 23rd October at 7.30pm

Tickets 12 in advance from
Or the Village Hall Bar


Quiz Nights

22 October & 26th November

7pm for 7.30
Village Hall Bar
If you would like to run a quiz we would
love to have you on board. Please speak
to Peter Lawton or myself. The more quizzers the better!
Keith Bowes

Shop window
Carol Walker MCFHP MAFHP

Sara Barns

Registered Member of the British Association of

Foot Health Professionals

Dress Making


Foot Health Practitioner

Loose Covers



Foot Healthcare in Your Home

Tel: 07714192521 or 01485 520 187

The Old Swan, Gt. Massingham 01485 520151

Shop window

S & R Reeve

All styles and levels

All building work undertaken

Quality assured. Renovation & newbuild

Drums and other


Stephen Reeve
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Reasonable Rates
Contact Andy Graham
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Mole Catcher
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Taylors Tails & Turnips

Your Local Pet Care and Gardening Service

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No Mole, No Charge!
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Lynn Road
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General Building Work

Barn Conversions
Hard Landscaping
Floor & Wall Tiling

Tim Margereson

3 Weasenham Rd
Gt.Massingham PE32 2EY

Bed & Breakfast
Mrs. Veronica Prentice
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White Cottage, School Road, Necton (opp Rectory)

Mallard News
Gert & Daisy....... Well, there go summer. Plenty ter dew in the garden now cutting
back and digging up. When awl thas dun, we ken sit inside until the spring then start awl
over agin.
Gert went ter the dance up the hall and had a really gud toine. Well dun ter her gal Mel
who worked hard ter organise it and sold raffle tickets anall. Sadly, the people of Massingham hev either already gone inter hibernation or just cant be bothered anymore ter
support local functions. So, due ter lack of support only 10 wus raised terwards the
Coronation Club Christmas lunch but, thanks ter a kind donashun, there is now 50.
That shud feed a few.
We were very sorry to hear about the death of Sheila Smith. For those of you who didnt
know her she ran the Post Office for many years. Not only that but you could get wool,
sweets and even a puncture repair kit and welly boots from her shop. Our thoughts go
out to her husband Maurice and family.
We hev hed a few replies ter our Celebration Tea Party invitation but are very surprised
not to hev hed more. Perhaps its the thought of spam sandwiches or mebbe you just
dont want ter show yer age. Still, we will hev a gud toime enyoldhow. Again, we wonder if people just cant be bothered. Perhaps its toime fer those who keep trying ter keep
this village community spirit going ter sit back with the rest and see what happens!
Blast we int harf heving a gud old moan this month.
Arter Gerts holiday in Scotland where she saw tatties and neeps on the menu, she hed
ter dew sum research ter find owt exactly what they are. Tatties are potatoes of course
but she thort neeps wus swedes. Well, arter torking ter Mr Connolly (who is a true Scot)
he told her neeps are turnips or in his words large orange veg. Now we hint sin turnips
loike that, only swedes, so we reckon his swedes are our parsnips. Awl we ken say is
thas true what they say about furriners they dont know their onions.
So, dont fergit the Cycle Race on 18th October theyll be coming in ter the village four
toimes but dew ter Health and Safety (!) they int allowed ter cum through the middle. If
yew want ter see them in their Lycra yewll hev ter stand near the Butchers shop ter
watch them go up Lynn Lane. The Church is dewing teas in the porch so yew ken pop up
there in between laps.
Enywun who hint put their name down fer the Tea Party hurry up and let Gert or Daisy
know so they ken git started on the grub. (See details on page 10)
Congratulations to whoever got married on 19 th September we wunt invited but we
heard the bells ringing.
Tek care til next month.
Gert and Daisy
Thought of the month: Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright
until you hear them speak.
Sub Text For Gert & Daisy
Tint very often that the editor knows more than Gert & Daisy but the editors researchers tell her that it werent a wedding on the 19 th but visiting bell ringers from Watton!
Mr Brun has done some research and he has discovered a small nugget of information
that the term Gert & Daisy is cockney rhyming slang for people who are at least a little
bit eccentric! ......... He said it not me!

Shop window
Harpley Village Hall Mon. 7 - 8 pm
Wed. 9.30 - 10.30 am
Leziate Village Hall Thurs. 6.30 - 7.30 pm

Classes 4 each. For further information

please contact Julie Austin on

07721 774 198

For all your

Patrick Jacques
Boarding for dogs in the comfort of our home
Your dogs will be treated as one of the family for
the duration of their stay. Daily walks & spacious
grounds for your dog to play in.
Love and cuddles guaranteed!

The Dabbling Duck

A warm welcome guaranteed from
all the staff at the Dabbling Duck.

The Paddocks, Station Road,

Little Massingham

Contact Donna on 07793 737 312

Open all day every day

Coffee from 12 noon daily
Food served Monday to Sunday from
12 midday to 2.30pm & 6.30pm to 9.00pm.
Take Away Menu available at same times.
Real ales and full wine list
Locally sourced, seasonal weekly menus
Childrens choices available.

For all bookings phone

01485 520827
For that special occasion



Painter & Decorator

Free Estimates


32 Walcups Lane
Gt. Massingham
01485 520768
MOB. 07768 384 305


A professional & reliable service at a price

you can afford.
Brian Connolly 01485 520938

Mallard News
Come and Cheer
Great Massingham village
has been chosen again this
year as part of the route for
the Kings Lynn Road
Race, as you can see from
the poster left.
This is a British Cycling
event category 3/4 Road
Race, with seventy riders
from all parts of the United
Kingdom expected to be
competing. The route goes
through the villages of
Grimston, Gayton and Great
Massingham. There will be
four laps totalling fifty
miles with Castle Acre
Road and Lynn Lane being
the roads used in our village.
Riders commented last year
on the support from local
crowds. Please support
again this year and witness
the speed and thrill of road
racing on your local roads.
Refreshments will be
available at the Church.

Allotment News

T h e Fi l m C l u b

If you are interested in having an

allotment in the future or even part of an
allotment, please get in touch so you can
be first on the waiting list and ready to
take over the next available plot.
Call Ali Ward on 01485 520700.

Thursday October 15th, 7pm for 7.30pm,

Massingham Village Hall, 3.50 entry.
Refreshments available.

Marshland, directed by
Alberto Rodrguez Librero,
sends mismatched pair
of Spanish cops on the
trail of a serial killer in the
aftermath of the fall of
Coming on Nov 19th - Mr Holmes

Mallard News
Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes
This Christmas we want to send thousands of extra
Shoeboxes to refugees from Syria living in existing
camps in Northern Iraq and across Europe.
Get involved and bring joy and hope to refugees. We can
put a smile on the faces of children who fled with their
families, leaving everything behind.
All boxes need to be ready and filled by the end of October
and left at the back of St Mary's Church. Leaflets giving details of
what gifts to put in your box are available in the Shop and in the Church. THANK YOU
Contact: Margaret Bowes

Great Massingham 7th Annual Village Yard Sale

WOW! This years village yard sale was the biggest and (I would say) the best ever.
The weather was great not holding it over a Bank Holiday week-end definitely helps!
The eventual number of households taking part was fifty-two, which, together with the
sale of maps and gift aid, resulted in a total of over 300 for the funds of St. Marys
Church, Great Massingham.
All monies raised have been passed over for the church to use as they deem fit. Old and
treasured buildings like our church always need help.
As with previous years, the event was advertised in the local papers and radio with the
signs being used once again to help bring in passing trade we had people phoning
from, Spalding, Diss and Norwich passports were required for the out of county visitors! Some really lucky people got lost on route and saw the signs whoopee once
they had bought something they were free to go!
Our Great Massingham Village Yard Sale is now seven years old and benefits the village
and its inhabitants in a number of positive
Great Massingham Baby and Toddler ways.
It only remains for me to thank all those who
took part and all who trudged round the vil10am - 11.30am
lage in the sweltering heat to help support
At the Village Hall
our Parish Church and enjoy meeting many
Come and enjoy toys,
friends and fellow villagers who we maybe
craft activities &
dont see as often as we would like.
meet new faces.
Carly Ilott

Mallard News

Celebration Time!


We would like to hear from anyone who

was born before 1st September 1939.
We want to commemorate the 70th Anniversary
of the end of WWII not just for the veterans
who served during the war but for anyone who
lived during that period. We are hoping to
organise an afternoon tea with some music
and memories possibly in November.
Please tell us NOW if you want to come.
Contact us on either 01485 520609 (Jill/Gert)
or 01485 520476 (Sue/Daisy) or leave your
name on the form at the Village Shop.

Arts and Crafts Festival

Gert & Daisy

at St Lawrences Church
Entry free
Sat. Oct.3rd 10.30am-5pm
Sun. Oct 4th 10.30am-5pm
Mon. Oct 5th 10.30am-4pm
Competitions, music, flowers and refreshments served all day.
New Venture this year:
Harpley Bake off - Baking/cake decorating for ALL.

St Lawrencess Art Competition - calling

ALL children/young people.



School News
Welcome To The New Term
The new school term is well under way and
everyone has settled down very well. Welcome to our new children - Emma, Noah,
Rhys, Gideon, Chloe, Mason, Charlie and
Beatrice - and our new Reception and KS1
teacher - Mrs Karen Hall.


We have previously told you about our partnership with Harpley C of E School. This has
proved very successful and, as a result following a full consultation process, the two
schools have now formed a Federation which
formerly commenced on 21st September. The
title of the Federation is Great Massingham
and Harpley C of E Schools Federation. The
two schools work well together to the benefit
of both village communities and a federation
puts everything on a firmer footing.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The children raised 45 at the school which
was added to the main village collection.

Clothes Bank
Thank you for putting items in our school
clothing bank. Please remember to put everything in bags and make sure shoes are paired.
Many thanks.

The bins on the

green are for litter
from passing people
and those fishing on
Scotsman's Pit.
Recently , however, someone has been
disposing of wine bottles in the Abbey
Road bin. On one occasion at least five
Waitrose wine bottles and several beer
cans were deposited. While it is possible that they were deposited by fishermen it is also possible villagers were
responsible. Hence this reminder.
Glass and tin should not go to landfill,
They should be put in green dustbins
for recycling. It is a problem for the
volunteers who take the contents of the
bins to a central collecting point each
week, as the bins are so loaded with
heavy glass they can hardly be lifted.
PLEASE dispose of your rubbish in
the appropriate place rather than the
ones designed for sweet wrappers and
crisp packets.
Liz Foster

Shop window

Wood Floor Sanding & Fitting Specialist

Floor Boards, Wood Block/Parquet,
Engineered & Laminate Floors
Sealing Staining Waxing Oiling
Moisture Issues, Floor levelling

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01945 780166 or 01485 521707 or 07894791723

The Window Doctor

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sales @

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Jammed or failed windows & doors fixed
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Natural Healing

Neil Brodie
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Cancer, Muscle & Joint Pain,
Arthritis and much more.
For more information call Amanda on

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17Th Edition qualified,
Part P registered

07584 665 742 or


01328 878 871

07554 073 830

Digital and print photography

Portrait - Wedding
Commercial - Private
01485 520413
40 Sunnyside Road, Great Massingham, Norfolk

01485 520 186 or 07557 436 411


Message to all Parishioners

Does singing make YOU happy?
Many experts tell us that all types of singing have positive psychological effects. Apparently the act of singing releases endorphins - the brain's feel good chemicals - and
studies have shown that singing decreases both anxiety and depression. So, even if you
only sing in the shower carry on - its good for you!
Groups of people are also re-discovering the positives of singing together and choirs
have become popular again. It has been said that choral singers tend to be happier than
the rest of us! Maybe thats because there is an added social dimension which is also
beneficial to our wellbeing.
Those of us who attend church services tend to sing a great deal! So, hopefully, it follows that we are a happy bunch of people.
Every Sunday morning in church finds us singing our hearts out and I can personally
testify that, for me, Sundays are generally joyful and happy days!
However, there is more to singing in church than making us happy. God wants us to
sing. Its not an option its a command!
Colossians 1:16
let the word of Christ dwell in you singing psalms
and hymns and spiritual songs to God.
Why is it so important to God? Does he simply desire our praise and adoration? No, its
more than that. When we sing we dig deep roots into the teachings of God, we build
each other up and, importantly, when we sing we are strengthened spiritually.
We often think of singing only when were happy and times are good:
Psalm 98.1
Oh sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done
marvelous things.
But what about when we are not feeling so good? Singing can actually strengthen us
and help us to cope and to persevere in the face of hard times and difficulties
Psalm 59.16
I will sing of your might; I will sing aloud of your
steadfast love in the morning. For you have been a
fortress for me and a refuge in the day of my distress.
Singing is good for us, physically, mentally and spiritually. And to cap it all it makes us
So, whether you are joyful or whether you struggle for joy - SING! Get those endorphins going!
Even better, join us happy bunch of people on Sundays, so together we can sing Gods
glory and spiritual songs.
With Love, Revd. Jane Holmes
Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes
See Page 9

Fitness Mobility, every Thursday, Docking

Surgery, 11.30 - 12.30. Details from surgery.

Our next stall is on
Saturday 3rd October, from 9am.
Cancelled if wet. Donations welcome.
Many thanks for your support
Jenny Borley

at St Marys
On Sunday 6th September,
Archie James Gould
Warmest of welcomes and congratulations
from the Church congregation.

Church Services

4 October
7th October



9.30 am Sung Holy Communion

11.00 am Holy Communion
9.00 am Holy Communion

Great Massingham

11th October

10.30 am Group Holy Communion

4.00 pm The Gap


18th October

9.30am Holy Communion

11.00 am Holy Communion
10.00 am Family Service

Little Massingham
Great Massingham

25th October

11.00 am Holy Communion

Great Massingham

1st November

9.30 am Sung Holy Communion

11.00 am Holy Communion

Great Massingham

Monthly Benefice Prayer Meeting, Sunday 4th October, Great Massingham, 6pm.
Sunday 1st November, Ashwicken, 3pm


Messy Church
Thursday 15th October from 3.30pm in
Produce Stall Cancellation
Gayton Village Hall. Please join us
The produce stall on Saturday 3rd October
has been cancelled due to illness and holidays. Harvest
Our Church was beautifully decorated for
We have had a very successful season and
our festival service. Special thanks to
are very grateful to all who have helped,
Elsie Winterbone and her niece Janet,
baked and all the wonderful support we
Betty Woodbridge and Judy Goodings
have had from the village. Hopefully, we
very ably assisted by Barry. The flowers
will be back in May 2016 as usual.
were beautiful. The service was led by
Wednesday Teas
Rev'd Julian Thomson assisted by one of
Every Wednesday from 3pm to 4.30. This is
our lay readers, Nell Steele. We were well
a good time to catch up with friends over a
supported in the readings and prayers by
cuppa. Our final Tea Time for this year will
Joanne and Brian and their lovely family.
be 28 October simply because the Church
We are blessed to have their support.
is too cold during the winter. Thanks you for
Family Praise Service on Sunday 18th
your support with making cakes and your
October will start at 10am to enable the
Church to provide refreshments for supIs there another group who would like to
porters of the Road Race passing through
continue with the teas in the warm village
our village.
hall bar for the winter?
Village Yard Sale
Church Cleaning
The PCC is very grateful to Carly and all
Saturday mornings at 10am . Please join us.
of her helpers and everyone who contributed
to such a great day.
Stephen Hudson
Sheila May Smith at Mintlyn Crematorium.

Shop window
Debbie Woodhouse
Holistic Massage Practitioner
MTI & CNHC Registered

Suitable for all ages and body types, holistic massage

can relieve tension, aid sleep, relieve anxiety & stress,
improve mood & promote a general sense of well-being.
Deep tissue and clothed seated massage available.
Massingham Chiropractic Clinic

01485 520123

Rachael Spooner MCFHP MAFHP

Foot Health Professional
Treatments include:
Nail cutting, Corn Removal, Callus Reduction,
Diabetic Foot Care, Verruca Treatment.

Call 01485 601128 or 07754 947 408

for advice or an appointment.
Caring for your feet in your own home.
Member of British Association of Foot Health Professionals


A Warm Welcome Awaits
Heath Farm, Lynn Lane, Great Massingham
01485 520828

Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer,

Children's Fitness Instructor, GP Exercise Referral Instructor

Nutrition and Weight Management,

Level 2 ASA Swimming Teacher, First Aid Qualified.
Tel: 07825 371 381 -

Welcomes old & new members

Annual Membership Subscriptions
Adult Couple
Individual Adult
Over 65 years
Juniors (14 17yrs)

High quality fitted and free-standing

furniture. Individually designed,
traditionally hand-crafted and
personally installed by experts from
our Great Massingham workshops.

Excellent facilities and

a friendly atmosphere.
Good beer, real ale, wines and spirits
all at competitive prices.
Separate snooker room.
Satellite, large screen TV.
Outside drinking area.
Entertainment throughout the year.
Membership applications can be obtained
from the club bar
01485 521888

Book the Village Hall for your function 01485 520588


Useful Numbers


Phone No.

Allotment Association

Gill Goold


Borough Council

Mike Tilbury


British Legion & Bell Ringing

Denys Winner


Bowls Club

Peter Wadham


Church Contacts

Revd Judith Pollard

or Revd Jane Holmes

01485 601 251

01553 636227

Community Car Scheme



Coronation Club

Pam Hales


County Council

John Dobson



Massingham Surgery


The Film Club

Arthur Allen/Barry Talbot

520628/07818 807 738

Fishing Warden

Nigel Yates

520844/07527 866 055

Football Club

Barry Talbot (seniors)


Guide Trefoil Guild

Shirley Rae


Massingham Historical Society

Anthony Robinson


Tennis and Multi-Sports Club

Arthur Allen


Parish Council

Kevin Webb (Clerk)

Vic Cross (Chair)

01328 855 046



Pip Armitage

07807 185 746





Ann Beardall


Village Hall

Hall & Bar & Vic Cross



The Village Store & Post Office


Range Eggs
Local Free
ing Service
kly Dry Clean
Twice Wee
nce & Foreign
Euros on d
Ray and staff
welcome you to
your local shop,
7days a week.
Mon. to Sat.
8am to 5.30pm
Sun. 9.30 -12.30
Tel: 520 272

Call the local experts now

Clean Tech

FREE local deliveries

every Thursday !

01485 609223

Village Store
Great Massingham

Card, cheque and cash

payments accepted

Tae Kwon Do Students are

Part of Team GB
On August bank holiday Daisy
and Jake Linney who attend our
village school represented Team
GB at the World Martial Art
Games in Norwich.
224 athletes from eight nations
participated, representing a multitude of disciplines. With up to
300 divisions encompassing the
disciplines of Extreme Martial
Arts, Grappling, Ju-Jitsu, Karate,
Tae Kwon Do and Kick Boxing
and many more, all up against
each other, it was a real test.
Daisy and Jake are Tae Kwon Do
students and both took part on the
first day, showing their traditional Patterns and Self Defence moves and, although they both missed out on medals, it was an experience and real honour to represent GB and will spur them on further in their training.
Daisy also took part on day two in the Combat divisions. This was only her second
competition fighting and it was a bit of a shock to the system! It was also a steep
learning curve as, although winning on points, she unfortunately got three warnings
and thus points deducted, meaning she lost the fight - but did learn valuable lessons
for the next competition.
It was great to be part of Team GB - especially as the next one is in South Africa and
their mum says theyll have to wait for a closer one before the opportunity arises
Well done Jake and Daisy!
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