Omegle conversation log

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hi You: hi Stranger: you know what im sick of? You: people touching themselves on this? Stranger: haha Stranger: no Stranger: i have an idealistic vision Stranger: will you hear it? You: sure Stranger: ok Stranger: i am sick of the present modernist state of our society Stranger: you can barely call it civilization, since it lacks the culture neccesary Stranger: i am sick of politicians, for example, You: The culture neccesary for what? Stranger: i am sick of this "democracy" which is only a nationalist system, a tyranny by the idiotic majority Stranger: to be called civilization Stranger: the reason i say this Stranger: (it is not unsubstantiated) Stranger: is because our culture, not our science, produces almost nothing new in art, music, and literature Stranger: most movies are rehashes, so are most books (harry potter, star wars, etc), so is most contemporary academia Stranger: which mainly discusses the old ideas without generating new ones Stranger: i am sick of democracy, the almost fanatical political structure today Stranger: that is mindlessly accepted without question and reflection Stranger: i am sick of the freudian system that permeates every facet of society You: absoulute democracy is near impossible Stranger: i do not ask for absolute democracy You: especially how "informed"everyone is You: I understand what you mean about the polititians and lobbyist though Stranger: yes Stranger: what i ask for in government Stranger: maybe i should get to this soon Stranger: but suffice it to say for now that it is very close to what the founding fathers and voltaire would have admired in governmnet Stranger: *government Stranger: i am sick of the freudian system, which is not based on science, which is not logical or empirical, and which, under any other auspices, would be disregarded as absurd mysticism You: what the founding fathers what can't be completely applied to our society You: that was centuries ago Stranger: true, in economic situations

You: hell, right to bear arms is hardly as needed as it was Stranger: but man is man Stranger: why is right to bear arms a bad thing? You: man is man, but morals are always changing Stranger: have you ever heard of the nash equilibrium? You: I didn't say it was Stranger: hmm, morals are changing Stranger: thats a good point Stranger: but there is a philosopher called leo strauss i believe Stranger: who said that the deterioration of morals was due to the purposelessness of democracy Stranger: *of in the individual in democracy i should say Stranger: but why even assume morals are needed? Stranger: they dont even factor into the argument for the right to bear arms Stranger: it is a matter of simple self interest Stranger: that is what is at the heart of the nash equilibrium Stranger: anyway Stranger: what was i saying.... Stranger: yes Stranger: i am sick of the freudian system and all the drivel of streamofconsciousness modernist and postmodern literature that pours out from it Stranger: i am sick of modern art Stranger: i am sick of the fact that the mass media plays such a heavy role in our society You: so you are agaainst modern art in all forms? Stranger: yes, while i do recognize its genius in some respects Stranger: so not totally You: Back to what you said about morals Stranger: i believe in freedom of expression, and i enjoy particular works, but i am against the trend You: there's always the question whether morals are instilled or bron form within You: nature or nurture Stranger: i never speak of morals though Stranger: i do not believe they are neccesary Stranger: all that we need to self-regulate is our own self-interest Stranger: morals dont factor into the equation, even though they exist Stranger: but yes, in most respects, morals are relative You: isn't a psychopath someone who knows what emotion is, but doesn't feel them? Stranger: i believe so You: wouldn't you say morals and emotions tie together? Stranger: yes, but what is your point? You: not completely You: but definitly alot of aspects Stranger: yes yes Stranger: what are you getting at though? You: That morals ARE beccisary You: neccisary Stranger: why? You: without them we would all be psychopaths You: to some degree Stranger: yes, emotions exist, and they are important as externalities, but they do not have any real effect

You: If everything was regulated by self interest we would be psychopaths You: emotions coincide with self interest Stranger: i see what you mean You: to be happy is in your best slef interest You: would you agree? Stranger: but think about a scenario where you are in a fit of rage Stranger: and you have a gun Stranger: but the person you are mad at also has a gun Stranger: are you going to shoot them? no, that would just be too stupid to do even in a fit of rage Stranger: i agree with you though Stranger: emotions do complicate things too much You: wthat's a pretty extreme scenario though Stranger: but i believe man simply denies himself the capability for rational action only because of the society's state of mind Stranger: it is a product of rousseau and the romantic thinkers Stranger: "man is born free and is everywhere in chains" You: rationality is subjective Stranger: no it isnt Stranger: why? You: societire's state of mind molds it You: OK You: is it rational to burn all of your money? Stranger: no You: What if money was meaningless You: just a green piece of apper (which it is) You: and you were cold Stranger: because it isnt that You: so it's subjective Stranger: if you were to modify the assumptions you would not be changing the logical connections Stranger: the logic connections themselves still hold regardless You: like what you said about the gun Stranger: see? Stranger: its because they are definitional in nature, i have worked this out Stranger: how should i explain this.... Stranger: they are our inventions, and we decide when they are true or not, given a set of conditions Stranger: but not inventions, quite Stranger: more like something we create to order the data Stranger: see? You: you're saying that that is logic? You: Have you ever read "Brave New World" Stranger: yes You: Do you agree with what the general message for that is if all logic were used that society would emerge simmilar to that one Stranger: hmmm You: or do you think Huxley was writing out of his ass Stranger: haha You: you seem to lead toward the latter Stranger: no no i need to consider this Stranger: you may have a point

You: semm more like a Kurt Vonnegut guy (whom I like as well) Stranger: i read it such a long time ago i need to remember it Stranger: never read vonnegut actually You: I think that you would love harrison bergeron You: it's only a short story, you can probably find it online Stranger: ill look into him Stranger: its a story? Stranger: or an author Stranger: oh i see You: Care to tell me your age? Stranger: 18 You: I;m 19 Stranger: cool You: what college are you going to? Stranger: the ivies Stranger: reject from yale lol Stranger: *rejected You: I'm in Community (slacker in High School) Stranger: lol You: another semester then I'll try UCLA for television writing Stranger: nice Stranger: good luck You: I "modern art" Stranger: lol You: *A You: but I think you'd really like Vonnegeut Stranger: thanks Stranger: you should look into the philosophy of kant You: You a philosophy major? Stranger: not sure yet Stranger: kant argued much of what you argued in regard to reason Stranger: he said its synthetic Stranger: im not really sure if hes right...ive been trying to figure it out on my own You: See I'm in a mentality that anything can be looked at subjectively Stranger: kant is really the basis for modernism Stranger: yeah i can see that You: lol Stranger: i am trying to root out the objective and base my world around that to be safe Stranger: lol Stranger: i feel objectivity will tend towards the most virtuous, compassionate lifestyle You: Hope you don't become aimless though Stranger: that will most lead to my happiness and the happiness of those around me Stranger: thanks lol Stranger: but the modern age has forgotten Stranger: this is actually where i think we differ on brave new world Stranger: logic is not neccesarily just computation Stranger: it is creativity, it is independent though Stranger: thought Stranger: there is logic to bachs work

Stranger: and therefore a beauty to it Stranger: it need not be unoriginal Stranger: brave new world turns humans into machines, computers Stranger: that is not my vision Stranger: mine is close to the pursuit of happiness You: You want a balance? Stranger: which im pretty sure would involve alot of shakespeare Stranger: sort of You: Also, as a writer I feel that nothing is original anymore Stranger: but i believe reason will provide that balance You: or ever Stranger: yeah You: that goes down to meing subjective I guess Stranger: i feel the reason is not enough independent reasoning Stranger: it is a culture of authority and conformity Stranger: basically a culuture of the masses Stranger: authority is counter to reason Stranger: its harmful to reason You: Harmful is going a little far for my taste Stranger: what do you mean You: authority is harmful to reason? Stranger: yes You: by authority you mean conforming to the mass culture? Stranger: any authority Stranger: any authority is the enemy to reason Stranger: as voltaire said, ecrasez l'infame Stranger: authority can be religion, the kind, politicians, the mass media, the people Stranger: as long as it is accepted without question, it is the enemy of reason You: so if the news (authority) said that it's cold outside, you should wear a jacket, is it against reason Stranger: no You: see? There's always an exception to the rule Stranger: upon first hearing it i would question it Stranger: but then after the empiricism of experience Stranger: i would agree Stranger: based on my own reasoning You: fact can be vied as opnion You: *viewed Stranger: i know that it is highly likely for the reports to be true Stranger: so i would follow them out of reason You: why? Stranger: what do you mean You: because you trust them? Stranger: no Stranger: because i have learned from my own experience that they are usually right, so the best course of action would be to follow Stranger: that is independent reasoning You: ok, good point You: but back to my reasoning Stranger: ok

You: What if there was a new color You: can you picture it? You: you can't Stranger: yes i cant You: because all logic and everything you know has shown no perception of it Stranger: well Stranger: maybe i could measure the wavelength but we will disregard that for the sake of ur argument You: I believe everything is perspective You: including wavelength You: and math You: and money You: everything You: and there will always be a perspective that you can't see or comprehend You: a new color Stranger: hmmm Stranger: you're not talking about authority now right? You: no You: but I could probably apply it to that somehow You: I'm just talking about thinking ingeneral Stranger: ok Stranger: i agree with you on this point Stranger: i agree that many things are subjective Stranger: but my point is that reason is not subjective You: and THAT'S why we are bumping heads, lol Stranger: and we can use reason's highly objective, fair, revealing, universal quality for the advancement of mankind You: wouldn't it be reasonable to conform? Stranger: no, why would it be? You: to fit in like everyone else and be accepted by your peers You: I'm not saying it's right You: but It's reasonable You: Many Psychopaths do, actually You: a person without any "burden" of emotional thought, all logic sees the benefit to conform Stranger: hmmm Stranger: if conformity provides the greatest level of happiness, it is reasonable You: because that's better for you in a self interest way Stranger: but if the action contradicts reason, it is not, because that would provide unhappiness You: the greatest level of happiness isn't always logical You: the greatest level of happiness reasonable Stranger: for example, in nazi germany, assisting in the murder of jews would cause personal unhappiness, assuming normal human qualities Stranger: the pursuit of long-term happiness is usually reasonable You: so it was reasonable to do this to preserve one's self Stranger: self-preservation is not always in the interest of the pursuit of happiness Stranger: sometimes self-sacrifice is preferable to a life of shame You: But that means you're agreeing with me wouldn't it? You: logically self sacrifice is stupid Stranger: no Stranger: it isnt

You: why die for someone else Stranger: not if a state of non existence is preferable to a state of misery Stranger: there is shame in not dying for someone else sometimes You: on an completely unemotional level, self sacrifice isn't logical? Stranger: in not living by a heroic code of honor You: honor isn't logical either Stranger: yes it is Stranger: it leads to long-term happiness You: I REALLY disagree with that Stranger: why? Stranger: the ancient philosophers knew this well...the reason that we have honor is to provide us with the happiness that comes from virtue Stranger: that comes from our conscience Stranger: its like the good feeling u get when u do something kind You: self preservation trumps trumps happiness logistically Stranger: why? You: becuase of fear of the unknown You: logically you don't know what happens when you die You: so why would you make that risk Stranger: so a 50-50 shot is better than a 100 percent chance of misery You: can we stay away from that subject though? Stranger: that is still logical Stranger: ok You: There's always the chance that the misery wouldn't last You: so you'd be at a standstill You: best bet is to go with the most known unknown You: logically You: and this all brings back to my point Stranger: but say the chance were 75-25 even Stranger: 50-50 is still better You: what you see logically and what I see logically are pretty different wouldn't you say? Stranger: but in those situations it is only a matter of whoever's logic is inferior You: Almost...subjective? Stranger: not saying which one of ours is Stranger: but somebody's logic has to be inferior here You: Isn't logic absolute? Stranger: based on the rules of logic Stranger: or we have taken up nonlogical assumptions Stranger: see? Stranger: happiness is the subjective variable here i think Stranger: the nonlogical assumption Stranger: but regardless, it can be pursued, that is logical You: based on rules of logic, logic is absolute? I'm just making sure I'm not interperting you wrond Stranger: yes it is absolute You: so how does happiness apply to logic? You: based on what you say happiness is variable Stranger: yes Stranger: hmm Stranger: well at the heart its subjective

Stranger: but i believe happiness is the only thing we can conclude is a purpose in life You: but there is no heart in logiv Stranger: given that we cant prove anything else Stranger: no it is only logical to conclude that we should live our lives in the pursuit of happiness You: Ok, let's say I agree that logic is absolute Stranger: the happiness itself varies from person to person You: it wouldn't matter because that's not the only variable to consider about the human concoius (except to psychopaths). And if Logic ways completely run by society we would all be psychopaths You: becuase we would be aware of what emotion is, but logically it wouldn't come into our choices Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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