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FADE IN. SUPERIMPOSE on a black screen: "INSANITY: A spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns which may manifest as violations of societal norms, including becoming a danger to themselves and others. It can be the result of severe stress, loss, extreme betrayal, or even typical stress and anxiety, among other causes." FADE IN: EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- ESTABLISHING- DAY Outside, a nice 2-story home. A pretty young woman, JESSICA CHAMBERLAIN (23), boasts curly chest-length hair and a low-cut white top as she walks from her blue Corvette to the front door of the house. INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- KITCHEN- DAY Inside, an attractive woman, ABIGAIL CHAMBERLAIN (41) flips bacon on the stove. She has a look of anger on her face. In walks Jessie, who strides toward the kitchen table, to see DOUG CHAMBERLAIN (44), a good-looking man, looking very professional, and RYAN CHAMBERLAIN (15), a rather scruffy-looking boy, sipping on orange juice, with a German Shepherd puppy, KAISER, at his side. JESSIE Hey, am I late? RYAN No, I don’t have to be at school for about 25 minutes. JESSIE Good. She goes to sit down. She looks at Doug. depressed. Jessie bites her lip. JESSIE What’s wrong, Dad? Doug just glances at her. He looks




DOUG I have this meeting I can’t get out of tonight. ABBIE (interrupting) Yeah, because you absolutely have to go. You can’t skip it. Yeah, right, Doug. DOUG Abbie, if I could get out of it, do you really think I’d miss our anniversary? Ryan looks at Jessie. The incoherent shouting has begun. Jessie just closes her eyes. She knows what she has just started. She looks at Ryan. JESSIE (barely audible) You ready, Ryan? Ryan just nods, annoyed. EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- DAY Jessie and Ryan walk out of the door and toward Jessie’s car. RYAN Tonight’s gonna be fun. JESSIE Shut up, Mr. Saturday Detention. They get into the car. EXT. HIGH SCHOOL- DAY A typical single-level small town high school, but there are only a few people outside. Jessie’s corvette pulls up, and Ryan opens the door. JESSIE Are you gonna need a ride home? RYAN I dunno. Jessie drives off.




JESSIE Well, if you do, call me. don’t get off work til 2. RYAN Okay, I’ll call you. Jessie pulls away.

But I

Ryan starts toward the school.

EXT. STATLER’S DINER- ESTABLISHING- DAY A typical small town diner. Roughly twenty cars are parked. It is obvious that they are in breakfast rush. Jessie pulls into the parking lot and gets out of the car, to walk into the building. INT. STATLER’S DINER- KITCHEN- DAY Jessie walks through the door, and the owner, MAC STATLER (53), looks at her, surprised. STATLER You’re almost an hour early! JESSIE Yeah, I know. Parents are fighting, so I figured I’d come in early and have breakfast. STATLER Well, eat something and then you can clock in early if you want. INT. STATLER’S DINER- LOBBY- DAY Jessie sits at a table, a plate of pancakes and hashbrowns in front of her. In walks RACHEL FOSTER (25), a very pretty blonde woman. She walks up to Jessie’s table. RACHEL Hey, sexy, what’s up? JESSIE Not much, other than Mom and Dad arguing. RACHEL Isn’t it their anniversary? Sounds like a rough morning for you.


CONTINUED: JESSIE Well, first, my hot water wouldn’t work, then I go to pick up Ryan, only to start a huge argument between my parents, Ryan’s giving me shit for it, I came in early, and now I’m eating my pancakes. Rachel just looks at her, with a "that’s too bad" expression. RACHEL Well, the pancakes are worth it.


Jessie smiles. Rachel grabs Jessie’s fork and takes a bite of her pancakes. LATER Rachel races around the floor, carrying trays of food. After she maneuvers around a few crowded tables, she arrives at the table the food is for, and in the process of putting the tray down lets out a loud, painful groan, spills soup all over her apron. From across the restaurant, Jessie looks over, sees Rachel’s dilemma, and walks over to help. Statler comes out of the kitchen to see the mess. He instantly realizes what it is. STATLER All right, Rachel, there’s another apron in the back. Take five. And Jess, can you get this lady some more soup? Jessie nods at him. Rachel walks toward the back. looks at the customer. JESSIE I’m sorry, hun. She has arthritis. It kind of... I’ll get you some more soup. INT. STATLER’S DINER- BREAKROOM- DAY Rachel takes off her apron, and then holds her hands together, in pain. Jessie walks in. JESSIE You all right? She looks back and snarls, but not particularly at Jessie. Jessie


CONTINUED: RACHEL Damned arthritis, anyway. Jessie offers a faint, sympathetic smile. EXT. HIGH SCHOOL- DAY The bell rings. INT. HIGH SCHOOL- DAY


Ryan and a few other teens walk out of a door labeled "DETENTION." Ryan, books in hand, walks to his locker. He puts his books away, and pulls out his cell phone. He presses a button twice, and then puts the phone to his ear. JESSIE (v.o.) Hello? RYAN Hey, I think I’ll take you up on that ride, sis. And I have to tell you something. EXT. HIGH SCHOOL- DAY Jessie’s car pulls up. She is still in uniform. Ryan, sitting on a bench outside, sees her and walks to the car. He gets in, and Jessie pulls away. JESSIE So, what’s going on? RYAN Higgenson is making me go see a shrink... tonight. INT. JESSIE’S CAR- DAY Jessie looks at Ryan awkwardly, confused. JESSIE What in the hell do you need to see a shrink for? RYAN The quack thinks I’m bipolar. He pulls out a paper from his pocket. (CONTINUED)



RYAN A Dr. Madeleine Childers. JESSIE Higgenson’s a moron. Everyone knows that, even him. RYAN Agreed. But I can’t go back to school until she signs this paper. JESSIE It’ll be all right. I’ll just have to explain to our mother that your principal lacks a fully-funtional brain. RYAN Agreed, once again. JESSIE So what possessed him to do this, anyway? RYAN Bret Richter was picking on some kid... for the last week, and I got sick of hearing the douchebag’s voice yesterday, and pushed him up against a locker, telling him to leave the kid alone. JESSIE Who’s the kid? RYAN Oh, I don’t know. His mom’s some rich shrink or something, in Hammond. JESSIE Well, I’m being dragged to a rave with Rachel and Desi tonight. Ryan just looks at her, in awe. RYAN Yeah, I can just see you at a rave. Jessie rolls her eyes, just mildly annoyed, and smiles.




JESSIE (half-serious) Shut up. INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- HALLWAY- DAY Abbie is carrying laundry down the hallway, holding a phone between her ear and her shoulder. ABBIE I don’t know, you could have told them about this over a month ago. (pause) What do you mean there’s nothing you can do, you can ski--Jessie and Ryan walk into the doorway. laundry down. Abbie puts the

ABBIE Well, look, Doug, I have to go. I’m trying to do laundry. (pause) Yeah, love you too. Bye. Jessie looks down, and Ryan strolls to his room, as Kaiser trails him. Abbie looks at Jessie, after laying the phone on the laundry basket. ABBIE What? JESSIE (shrugging it off) Nothing. I have to call Rachel. That party tonight. says I have to go.


She reaches for her cell phone, only to realize it is not in her pocket. She looks at Abbie, in disbelief. JESSIE Can you call my phone? Abbie picks the phone back up and dials a number. two or three times, and then: RACHEL (v.o.) Hello? Jessie’s phone. It rings




ABBIE Hey. Jessie left her phone at work, huh? RACHEL Oh, hey, Abbie. Hey, Rach. Jessie looks at her. JESSIE "We"? ABBIE Yeah, I’m hungry and don’t feel like cooking. RACHEL Well, see you in a few minutes. ABBIE Okay, Rach. EXT. STATLER’S DINER- DUSK The sun is lowering, not setting yet, but it is getting somewhat dim for 6PM. Jessie pulls up, with Abbie in the passenger seat. INT. STATLER’S DINER- LOBBY- DUSK Jessie and Abbie walk into the doorway, at the counter is Rachel, holding her phone up. Abbie sits at a booth, and Jessie walks toward Rachel. All of a sudden, PATRICK, the evening manager, 36 and good-looking, but cocky about it, grabs the phone. Rachel looks at him with a bewildered expression. PATRICK (condescending) Rachel, you know better than to use your phone when you’re wor--JESSIE Patrick, it’s my phone. I left it here by mistake when I got off work. CLOSE UP ON PATRICK (CONTINUED) ABBIE We’re on our way.



He looks both flustered and annoyed. Rachel smiles and grabs the phone back, to hand it to Jessie. But Abbie catches Patrick’s eye, sitting at the booth, and he appears to have forgotten that Jessie and Rachel exist. Not even holding a waiter’s pad, he walks up. PATRICK What would you like to drink, miss? Mrs. ABBIE And a Pepsi, please.

He looks back, and Jessie and Rachel are well out of earshot. PATRICK And what will a young beauty like you be having for dinner? ABBIE Excuse me? PATRICK Oh, I was just commenting on how attractive you are. Jessie and Rachel are distracted, talking. RACHEL Plus, Travis is gonna be there. JESSIE So? I told you I don’t want to come off too clingy. RACHEL Jess, it’ll be fine. Besides, I already promised him you’d be there. Rachel! Because. enough. JESSIE Why? RACHEL You two don’t hang out

JESSIE Rachel, seriou--Jessie’s phone rings, she looks and answers it.




JESSIE What, Ryan? (pause) Oh, sorry. Yeah, I’m on my way. She closes the phone. JESSIE I’ll be back. RACHEL Okay, I get off at 8. Jessie walks up to Abbie and Patrick. JESSIE Hey, I’ve gotta run Ryan to Hammond. Want me to come back and pick you up, Mom? ABBIE No, Jess... I can--(looks at Patrick) I can walk. Actually, take Ryan to that party with you, okay? Jessie looks at her, jaw dropped and shaking her head, disgusted. JESSIE (with disgust) Mom! Oh... my... god! She walks off. Rachel looks over at Patrick and Abbie, instantly realizing Jessie’s problem. EXT. CORNFIELD- NIGHT An isolated clearing, flooded with teenagers and young adults, kegs, a bonfire and all the fixins. Rachel pulls up in a blue Pinto. She gets out and walks up to two young women, DESARIEE, 23, and MONIKA, 24. Desariee is dressed slutty, while Monika is just stylin’. The girls all have to yell to hear eachother, due to the very loud partiers. Rachel! DESARIEE Where’s Jess?!?

RACHEL She had to take her little brother to Hammond, then she’ll be here!




MONIKA (slight British accent) Good, because that wanka’ Travis is freaking over her! RACHEL Yeah, she didn’t seem too thrilled about that! DESARIEE She’ll be fine, Rach! Suddenly, Jessie’s car pulls up. looking around for her friends. DESARIEE Jessie, over here! Jessie looks over to see them waving, and then goes to join them. Rachel glares at her. RACHEL About time, Jess! MONIKA Don’t listen to this slag! She got here about two minutes before you did! Didn’t you, Rachel?!? RACHEL (under her breath) Yeah, yeah, British bimbo. JESSIE Sorry, I had to drop Ryan off in Hammond! I think I have to pick him up in a couple hours, too! RACHEL Yeah, I know. Your mom stayed at the diner until close. He took her home. JESSIE Oh, god. Desariee points to a beefy young hunk. DESARIEE Forget about that for a little while, Travis is over there waiting for you! She gets out and starts




Jessie looks over, and then rolls her eyes at her friends, followed by walking over in the direction Desariee pointed to meet TRAVIS McCUTCHEON, 23, a VERY handsome young man. TRAVIS Hi. Hello. today? JESSIE What have you been doing

TRAVIS (in a joking tone) Working... and jerkin’ it to your picture. Jessie laughs lightly. JESSIE Sounds a lot more fun than my day. TRAVIS Tell me about it. You sure? Yeah. JESSIE It’s my parents’ anniversary, and I think my mom is cheating on my dad, with my boss. TRAVIS WOW, that is a weird one. your dad? Where’s JESSIE It’s a weird one. TRAVIS

JESSIE Some business meeting he couldn’t get out of. EXT. TRASK INDUSTRIES- NIGHT A sleek, tall building.


INT. TRASK IND.- HALLWAY- NIGHT Doug Chamberlain and his boss, VERNE TRASK, 53, and looking well for his age, walk up to an elevator. DOUG Well, that didn’t last half as long as I’d expected. TRASK Well, I’d mentioned that it was you and Abbie’s anniversary, so they sped it up. DOUG You didn’t have to do that, Mr. Trask. TRASK You shouldn’t have to spend your anniversary at work. I’d ordered some roses, they should be on your desk. DOUG Thank you, Mr. Trask. Trask smiles, and the elevator door opens. The two get in the elevator, the door closes. EXT. CORNFIELD- NIGHT Jessie and Travis have found their own clearing in the cornfield, and they are using it to their advantage. They are making out, hot and heavy, Travis on top of Jessie. Suddenly, Jessie’s phone rings. JESSIE Shit, it’s Ryan. TRAVIS Ignore him. He continues kissing her neck, while she resists lightly. JESSIE I can’t, he’s stuck in Hammond. I’ve got to take him home. Travis looks pissed. He gets off of Jessie and stands up.




TRAVIS Fine. Go. Jessie gets up and looks at him, irritated. JESSIE You don’t have to get all pissy. TRAVIS Well, maybe if the little fucker even had any friends, you wouldn’t have to pick him up. JESSIE Are you seriously going to react like this? Travis scoffs. TRAVIS Like what? Jessie storms away. Her phone is still ringing, she answers. JESSIE I’m on my way, kid. RYAN Well, it’s gonna be another half hour. I just wanted to let you know so you could start up here. JESSIE Okay, I’ll see you when I get there. RYAN Okay, bye. JESSIE Bye. She hangs up, and catches up with Rachel and company. Rachel is tipsy at the very least. JESSIE Hey, I’ve gotta go! RACHEL You haven’t even been here two hours!




JESSIE Yes, I have! You’re drunk! I have to go pick Ryan up! RACHEL No, I’m not! DESARIEE I’ll keep her under control! But come back! JESSIE Okay, bye, you guys! She walks back to her car. EXT. HAWTHORNE- NIGHT A nice, attractive two-story therapist’s office. INT. HAWTHORNE- DR. CHILDERS’ OFFICE - NIGHT Ryan is sitting on the couch while DR. MADELEINE CHILDERS, 52, sits in a chair and talks with him. RYAN And I regularly shake my head at everything the jocks do. Childers smiles. CHILDERS Well, Ryan, it sounds to me like you just have conformity issues, which is not a bad thing. You just don’t want to be exactly like every other football playing drone in your class. RYAN See? CHILDERS Yeah, I agree. Your principal is a windbag. Childers’ phone rings. She answers it. CHILDERS Hello? (pause) (MORE) (CONTINUED)



CHILDERS (cont’d) Yeah... well, I’m in the middle of--- all right, I’m on my way. She hangs up the phone and walks to the hallway. CHILDERS Alex?!? Enter DR. ALEXANDRA WALKER, 38, very good looking for a psychiatrist pushing 40. ALEX Yeah? CHILDERS I have to go, we have to get to the airport. Rick’s parents were just in an accident. Can Ryan here sit in your office until his sister gets here? Alex looks past Childers and to Ryan. ALEX Sure. It’s this way. She motions for him to follow. He gets up and walks toward her. CHILDERS Thanks. ALEX No problem. Alex and Ryan walk toward the hallway. INT. HAWTHORNE- DR.WALKER’S OFFICE- NIGHT A VERY nice office, well furnished and lit. Alex and Ryan enter the room, and Alex walks to her chair. Ryan sits on a couch. ALEX So you’re Ryan Chamberlain? RYAN Yeah.




ALEX I’m Alex Walker. I believe you know my son Les. Ryan looks up at her, somewhat surprised. RYAN Yeah, I know him, he’s th--ALEX The reason you’re here? Yeah. He told me about yesterday. (brief pause) Thank you. He gets a lot of crap at school... and he can’t help it, you know? Ryan nods respectfully. RYAN Well, nobody deserves to deal with that crap, gay or straight. ALEX Thanks... He likes you. Ryan looks taken back. quietly. Alex closes her eyes and laughs

ALEX NOT like that. I mean, he likes that someone actually cares enough to not watch him go through that. Ryan looks relieved, and shrugs. RYAN He’s an alright person. He never bothers those guys. ALEX Well, maybe you’d like to come out to our house sometime, I mean, I’ve heard you’re kind of a loner, so... A knock at the door. ALEX Come in! Jessie walks into the room.




JESSIE Hey, kid. You ready? Ryan looks at Alex. RYAN WellALEX Yeah. We were just talking to pass the time. Your brother seems pretty defensive. Jessie chuckles, then puts her hand out. JESSIE Yes, he is. Jessica Chamberlain. Alex reaches back and the two shake hands ALEX Alex Walker. JESSIE Now, I hate to rush, but I have to get Ryan home and I have to get to my friends. RYAN Hold on, I have to use the bathroom. Ryan gets up and walks out of the room. ALEX Your brother’s a pretty cool kid. JESSIE You know, outside of my friends, you are the only adult that has ever said that. EXT. CORNFIELD- RAVE- NIGHT Rachel is sitting down, drinking a beer. Her phone rings again. She answers. RACHEL Jess?




JESSIE (v.o.) Hey, I’ll be there in a few minutes, I just have to drop Ryan off. RACHEL Ok... but you’re missing the real party. A bunch of rednecks are fighting. INT. JESSIE’S CAR- HIGHWAY- NIGHT JESSIE Wow. Sounds fun- not. RACHEL I know, right? Jessie hears a beep on her phone. JESSIE Rache, someone’s calling me. I’ll see you in a few minutes. RACHEL (v.o.) Okay, bye. JESSIE Bye. She hits the "switch" button. JESSIE Hello? DOUG (v.o.) Hey, are you at the house? JESSIE No, Mom had me pick up Ryan. Why? DOUG I got out of the conference. I’m coming home to surprise your mom. There is a tinge of worry in Jessie’s voice.




JESSIE Oh, that’s sweet... Where are you? INT. DOUG’S CAR- NEIGHBORHOOD- NIGHT Doug pulls onto a residential street. DOUG About two blocks from the house. JESSIE (v.o.) Well, I’m about to drop Ryan off, so I’ll see you in a few minutes. DOUG Okay, Jess. Bye. JESSIE Bye, Dad. INT. JESSIE’S CAR- NIGHT Ryan looks at Jessie. RYAN So what was that about? JESSIE Dad’s home. Ryan smiles. RYAN Cool. JESSIE No... not cool. Ryan looks up at her, puzzled. EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE-NIGHT Doug pulls up to the house, gets out with a bouquet of red roses in hand. He walks up to the house.


INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- LIVING ROOM- NIGHT Doug walks into the doorway. Abbie is nowhere to be found. He starts to walk up the stairsand hears low, moaning sounds. He continues to walk toward the bedroom door, and the sounds get louder. He stands at the door a moment, and then kicks the door in, to find Patrick and Abbie having sex. CLOSE-UP on his fist, clenching the roses tightly, snapping some of them. EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE-NIGHT Jessie and Ryan get out of the car and slowly walk up to the house. As they get to the house, they hear low SCREAMS. Jessie starts running for the house, Ryan darts after her. Jessie hears her mother SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER from upstairs, and dashes up the steps. INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- BEDROOM- NIGHT Jessie runs to the door to find a dead Patrick, beaten to a pulp, and Doug beating Abbie’s face in. Before Jessie can do anything, Ryan runs past her and jumps on his father’s back, trying to pry him off of Abbie. Ryan scratches toward Doug’s eyes, but to no avail: Roses still in hand, Doug slams Ryan into the wall, the rose stems gashing his stomach. Jessie grabs a lamp and SLAMS it onto her father’s head, who is knocked unconscious as the glass shatters, and then focuses on her mother. Abbie is at her death throes, choking up blood by the mouthful. Jessie looks down in horror, covered in tears and running nose. JESSIE No, Mom, hang on! Just hang on, dammit! Ryan, call 911! Call them, dammit! Ryan can not move, but struggles to pull his cell phone from his pocket. Camera is TIGHT on Jessie, as she checks her mother’s pulse. RYAN Hello, I need an ambulance. Somebody’s been killed and my mother’s hurt. My name’s Ryan Chamberlain, I’m at 317 East Winchester Road. Hurry, please! My mom’s bleeding to death.




Jessie all of a sudden looks blank, and her tears stop coming. She is trying to cry but can’t. JESSIE She’s dead. Sh- she- she’s dead. EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- STREET- NIGHT A powder blue Pinto speeds up to the house, which is surrounded in medical buses and police cars, along with 2 news vans. Rachel gets out of the car and rushes toward the house. DETECTIVE TOM CULLEN, 30, stops her. CULLEN Miss, you can’t go in there. Rachel pushes him back and runs into the house. RACHEL Get off me, I’m here for Jessie! INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- KITCHEN- NIGHT She finds Jessie, sitting at the kitchen table. RACHEL Jessie, baby, I’m so sorry. Where’s Ryan? Jessie looks at her helplessly. JESSIE (flatly, emotionless) They’re loading him on a stretcher. His rib is cracked. Rachel looks down. RACHEL And him? JESSIE They took him away about 10 minutes ago. Rachel moves toward Jessie, arms open. Jessie collapses on her shoulder. JESSIE And the worst part is I can’t even cry. I’ve tried, I just can’t.

23. Being a good friend, Rachel holds Jessie. Rachel looks devastated, while Jessie retains a blank, emotionless look as her brother is taken down the staircase on a stretcher. INT. POLICE STATION- INTERROGATION CELL- NIGHT Dr. Alexandra Walker walks into an interrogation room. Doug Chamberlain is sitting in a chair at the table. ALEX Mr. Chamberlain? He doesn’t answer. ALEX My name’s Alex Walker. I’m a forensic psychologist. He shrugs at her. DOUG So? INT. POLICE STATION- NIGHT Detective Cullen walks up a staircase with a female detective, ELEANOR MAPP, 51, with short gray hair, who looks a little shaken for a seasoned detective. CULLEN Ellie, go to Chief Crane’s office, he’s waiting for you. Mapp walks that way. Cullen continues toward the hallway and walks into the other side of the interrogation room, and watches through a twoway mirror as Walker continues her interview with Doug Chamberlain, joining two other detectives, WASHBURN, 51, and CURTIS, 46. ALEX Why would you do this to your children? DOUG What, took a worthless whore out of their lives? ALEX No, you took their mother from them. A simple divorce might’ve done the trick, Doug.




DOUG On our anniversary. Our FUCKING ANNIVERSARY! ALEX And do you know that Ryan is going to have scars for the rest of his life? And that’s not counting the emotional ones. Same with Jessie, she can’t even cry, you’ve messed her head up so badly. DOUG It doesn’t matter. They’ll probably grow up like her anyway. I should’ve killed them too. Alex shudders at what Doug has just said. She closes her eyes tightly, then gets up and bangs on the door. ALEX Washburn! Open up! Washburn walks around to the door and lets her out, and proceeds to shut and lock the door. ALEX I can’t do this. I met both of those kids earlier. And they’re already fucked up, this is just gonna make it worse. I just can’t listen to him talk about killing those kids. Washburn sighs in agreement. WASHBURN Yeah, I should’ve pulled you out of there five minutes ago. Alex nods in agreement, and looks angered beyond belief. ALEX I’ve gotta get home, Ralph. WASHBURN Okay. Go ahead, I’ll lock him up. Alex walks away. Washburn goes back into the room. Cullen looks at him.




WASHBURN It’s too much for her. CURTIS But she’s a shrink. all the time. She does this

WASHBURN Well, as it turns out, Alex met both of those kids tonight. CURTIS Well, evidently, she likes them. Good thing you pulled her out when you did. She can’t be on this case. CULLEN Mapp, either. She’s definitely shaken. Washburn turns his back to everyone and looks at Chamberlain through the mirror. WASHBURN What a night. Superimpose: TWO YEARS LATER INT. MISSOURI STATE PENITENTIARY- WARDEN’S OFFICE- DAY Warden JOHN LENNEVALD, 58, with a very TEXAN demeanor, sits at his oak desk going through papers. The papers deal with the murders of Abigail Chamberlain and her lover. He is shuffling through them, shaking his head. His intercom beeps. He answers. LENNEVALD Yes? RECEPTIONIST (v.o.) The officers are here to transport Doug Chamberlain to Ridgemont. LENNEVALD Send ’em back.


INT. MISSOURI STATE PEN- HALLWAY- DAY The RECEPTIONIST buzzes two police officers, MATTSON and VALMONT, through the doors. They walk down through the halls until getting in the warden’s office. MATTSON Warden Lennevald? Sergeant Ronald Mattson. This is Officer Valmont. He shakes Lennevald’s hand. Lennevald looks him square in the eyes. LENNEVALD Now, son, are you prepared to move this monster? Or do you even know what you’re dealin’ with? MATTSON We are fully aware of the inmate’s tendencies, and of his past. LENNEVALD Okay, then I’m about to be rid of him. Now, Alex Walker tried to convince the jury that Chamberlain was psychotic before. I’m sure she’ll be glad her efforts have finally paid off. MATTSON He’ll be under maximum security, sir. LENNEVALD It’s not his being there I’m worried about. It’s his getting there. The last thing those two kids in Litchfield need is Chamberlain escaping and coming after them, as Ms. Walker swears up and down he would if given the chance. MATTSON We’re well prepared to transport him, sir. LENNEVALD If you say so.


INT. MISSOURI STATE PEN.- CHAMBERLAIN’S CELL- MORNING A dark, undecorated cell. Doug Chamberlain sits on his bed, looking almost catatonic. He has a flashback of his wife’s betrayal- and his revenge. After a moment, Lennevald turns the corner at the end of the hallway, followed by Mattson and Valmont. Lennevald reaches the cell, and looks at Chamberlain with a spiteful look in his eyes. LENNEVALD Chamberlain, you better be ready for the psych ward. Lennevald looks down the hallway and sees a young black guard, GRAHAM, 24. LENNEVALD Graham! Get another guard, we have to shackle Chamberlain up. Graham looks at him and walks down the hallway, looking somewhat peeved. Chamberlain stares at Lennevald. DOUG Shackles don’t scare me, you know that, Johnny. Lennevald smirks at him. LENNEVALD I don’t care if you’re scared or not, you heartless sack of shit. I’m making sure you don’t get loose. Chamberlain smirks. INT. HAMMOND POLICE DEPT- DAY Detective Washburn sits at his desk, going through paperwork and photos- he is currently working a child rape and murder case. He looks more worn than when we last saw him. He looks down at the papers in disgust. WASHBURN Heartless son of a bitch. Suddenly, Detective Cullen walks into the room. CULLEN Hey, Ralph. Guess who’s being moved to Ridgemont? (CONTINUED)



Washburn just looks up at him, curiously. WASHBURN Who? CULLEN Doug Chamberlain. Looks like Alex finally convinced them that he was a nut. WASHBURN Alex is retired. She’s the last person who would go to the judge with anything. She’s got enough to deal with teaching those college brats. Anyway, when is he being transferred? CULLEN As we speak. They loaded him in the transport car ten minutes ago. WASHBURN So? What does this have to do with me? CULLEN I’d figured you’d wanna keep a tab on it. WASHBURN Because of him, a good shrink can’t even be consulted on a case anymore. And one of my best cops left, not to mention everything else he’s done to this town. I don’t even want to hear that man’s name ever again. CULLEN Okay... sorry. I’m just gonna go cal--WASHBURN Do not bother Alex with this. Or Jessica Chamberlain. Those kids don’t even need to think about their father. And even if he does, do NOT tell Ellie Mapp. Cullen looks back at him, somewhat intimidated.

29. EXT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- DAY A very posh, attractive college. Class is definitely in session, so very few people are outside. ALEX (v.o.) We all have these thoughts. INT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- WALKER’S CLASSROOM-DAY Alex Walker is at the front of a huge stadium-style room filled with desks and students from the first step all the way up. Alex continues her lecture. ALEX But, honestly, can I say something? I think Freud mostly just liked to hear himself talk. Just because you have brief moments of extreme anger every once in a while... that does not mean you’re bipolar or psychotic. It just means... you’re human. Jessie, now 25, is sitting at a desk in the back row, not paying very heavy attention. Suddenly the bell rings. Alex looks up at the clock, and then back to her students. ALEX Okay, guys, just hand me your papers on the way out. Jessie gets up and joins the crowd walking down the steps to the exit. When she reaches Alex, Alex stops her. ALEX You were drifting off again. Jessie licks her lip, as if preparing to say something, but Alex interrupts. ALEX Believe me, I understand. But, I’ve been covering for you for two weeks now, Jessie. I can’t just keep giving you 90s when you don’t pay attention in here. JESSIE Well, we’re kind of in a sore subject- anger issues and psychosis? (CONTINUED)



Alex looks down. ALEX I know. Jessie just looks down, almost in guilt. JESSIE I’m sorry, Alex, I juAlex lifts her hand up. ALEX Don’t be. It’s all right. What, with the anniversary last week, it makes sense. JESSIE No, I shouldn’t react like this. ALEX It’s all right. I’ll see you tomorrow, Jess. Jessie looks confused and baffled. JESSIE But tomorrow’s Friday, you don’t have class. Alex nods in agreement. ALEX Yeah, but you need to retake that test. You’re my favorite student, Jess, but I can’t keep giving you the easy out. (pause) Is your brother gonna be at my house tonight? JESSIE I don’t think so, but he and Les were gonna go to the mall with a couple girls from school. ALEX Okay... I can pick them up after if you want. JESSIE Actually, that’d be great.




ALEX So tomorrow at... 2. How’s that sound? Jessie inches toward the door. JESSIE That sounds good. ALEX Okay, bye. JESSIE Bye. She walks out of the classroom. EXT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- DAY On the curb in front of the building sits Rachel’s Pinto. She has a pair of ear buds on, listening to mp3s as she waits for Jessie. At the entrance, Jessie walks out of the door and immediately spots Rachel’s car. She walks up to the car, gets in, unbeknownst to Rachel, and then SLAMS the door, causing Rachel to jump and let out a small scream. She turns around to see Jessie, grinning. She forces a laugh. RACHEL You... bitch. Rachel starts the car and pulls away. RACHEL So, how was your day? JESSIE Not too bad. But Walker is getting on my ass about things. RACHEL Eh, I never really cared for that woman. She’s always so serious. JESSIE Yours? RACHEL I broke a couple of dishes today. Statler was mad. Damn arthritis.




JESSIE Why do you still work there? You know I can get you hired down at the shop. RACHEL Well, yeah, I’m just a loyal employee. That has to be the only reason I’ve held that job for 4 years. JESSIE No kidding. So what do you want to do tonight? I’m off work. RACHEL Well, Des and Monika are going to the dance club in Hammond. We could join them. Jessie nods. JESSIE Okay. The sound of a SCHOOL BELL carries over into: EXT. HAMILTON HIGH- DAY Dozens of teenagers are outside, and some are still walking out of the doors. Ryan Chamberlain, now 17, is walking out and joined by LES WALKER, also 17, a rather skinny boy with short blond hair, and HEATHER KEPPLE, 17, a reddishbrown haired tomboy who still manages to stun the boys around her. Following close behind is HAILEY KEPPLE, 15, Heather’s somewhat lookalike tagalong little sister. They walk out to the main sidewalk and then turn to their left. HEATHER And then, he told me I couldn’t change in the locker room because he thinks I’ll do things with the other girls. LES I can’t believe they’d pull that on you, Heather. RYAN Yeah, you oughta pour a pound of sand down the prick’s gas tank. (to Les) (MORE) (CONTINUED)



RYAN (cont’d) You should too, you have to change in the bathroom every day. LES Ryan, that’s different. RYAN No, it’s not. I’m gonna take it up with Brandywine in the morning. Heather just looks at him, with a "Why?" expression on her face. RYAN What? My friends won’t stand up for themselves. You guys leave me no choice. Ryan smiles, almost triumphantly. LES So what’s Jessie doing tonight? RYAN Drinking, looking at pictures of Mom and Dad... and not crying. It’s become a sort of standing arrangement, you should know that by now. HEATHER (sarcastic) Hmmm... you sound sympathetic. What do you mean by not crying? LES Oh, now you did it, Heather. RYAN She hasn’t been able to shed a single tear in two years. No matter what happens, she’ll sit there, blank, but she just can’t make herself cry. It’s only now that Hailey finally speaks. HAILEY That’s weird... and sad.


CONTINUED: RYAN Yeah. Well, unless she plans something with Rachel, that’s what she’s doing. LES & HEATHER (in unison) Sorry I asked. RYAN It’s ok. She’ll come around... eventually. HAILEY Well, here’s our turn. HEATHER Yeah, we’re gonna go get ready. You gonna meet us out there, or--Heather and Hailey turn onto a road. RYAN Yeah, I’ll have Rachel drop us off. Jessie’s car is still in the shop. HEATHER Well, okay. See you later, Ryan. Bye, Les. RYAN Later. LES Bye. HAILEY Bye, guys. RYAN (faint smile) Later, kid.


Ryan and Les continue down the road they were walking on. LES Heather has a thing for you, dude. Ryan shoots him a "What?" look. RYAN No she doesn’t. Les, you really need a life. We need to get you a boyfriend. (CONTINUED)



LES What, so Bret and his minions can come after us with torches? I don’t think so. RYAN Look, if you man up and meet somebody, maybe I’ll man up and ask Heather out. Les puts his hand out. LES Deal. RYAN I didn’t think it would work, dammit! HIGHWAY- LATE AFTERNOON A rural road, separating two sets of woods. In the woods where Valmont and Mattson are laying, both with bulletholes in their foreheads, Chamberlain is nowhere to be seen. INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- BATHROOM- DAY Jessie stands in the bathroom, prepping her hair. Kaiser, now fully grown, stands behind her. After a moment, she opens a cabinet under the sink to reveal a bottle of whiskey. She pulls it out, takes a long hit of whiskey, and puts it on the sink. She is so used to alcohol now that she doesn’t even need a chaser. She looks at herself for a moment, somewhat depressed. Suddenly, we hear a door open and SLAM, followed by FOOTSTEPS. Kaiser immediatly darts away. JESSIE Hello, Ryan! He just walks past the doorway, followed by Les, who stops to see Jessie. Kaiser follows Ryan. LES Hi, Jess. Jessie looks back quickly.




JESSIE Oh, hey, Les. I didn’t see you there. How was school? LES Fine. JESSIE Your mom’s on my case again. LES That’s mom. JESSIE So, anything interesting happen today? LES Not really. Just more flirting between Ryan and Heather. JESSIE Well, she better be the one to make the move. Because Ryan may act like a badass, but he’s a big baby. LES Could’ve fooled me. JESSIE Well, he’s protective of you. course you wouldn’t think so. Of

RYAN (distant, v.o.) What the hell are you two talking about?! INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- RYAN’S BEDROOM- DAY Ryan lays on his bed, Kaiser laying on him. JESSIE (v.o.) Nothing! Just people pretending to be something they’re not! Ryan rolls his eyes, and pets the dog. RYAN (to himself) Whatever. (CONTINUED)



(to Kaiser) Yes, I love you, buddy. boy, Kaiser. Ryan hears a car horn HONK loudly.

You’re my

INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- BATHROOM- DAY Jessie hears the horn. JESSIE That’s Rachel. You ready? Les nods. Ryan! JESSIE You ready?!

RYAN (v.o.) Yeah, just let me get my iPod! JESSIE Lock the door on your way out! Jessie and Les go down the staircase. EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- STREET- SUNSET The sun is almost fully gone. Twilight fills the sky. Across the street, a shadowed person stands behind a tree, watching Rachel’s Pinto outside, and Jessie and Les walking out of the door. They leave it open, and Ryan shortly follows, and locks the door. The three get into the car, and Rachel drives off. The person continues to watch Rachel’s car until it turns a corner. INT. CLUB TEAL- NIGHT A very stylish, hip club. At the bar, a bartender hands Desariee a drink. CAMERA follows her as she makes her way through the crowd and to a table, where Jessie, Rachel, and Monika are sitting. She sits down. DESARIEE So, who’s taking my shift over when I go to Seattle this week?




JESSIE I’m taking two of them, and Laurie is taking the rest. DESARIEE I feel sorry for you, Jess. That uppity bitch gets on my nerves. MONIKA So, Jessie, you going to Chase’s birthday party Tuesday night? JESSIE Nope, gotta work. MONIKA You always have to work. JESSIE Hey, don’t blame me, I usually have Tuesdays off. Blame her. Jessie points at Desariee, who in return, gives her a playful dirty look. Rachel looks over at the doorway. looks appalled. RACHEL Oh, shit. Jessie and Monika look over. In walks Travis McCutcheon. Jessie is instantly aggravated. INT. WHITEOAKS MALL- FOOD COURT- NIGHT Katy Perry’s "Hot ’n Cold" plays as Ryan, Heather, Les, and Hailey all sit at a table, eating chinese food. RYAN So, what did your mom say? HEATHER She won’t leave the keys. RYAN Why? HEATHER She thinks I’ll go joyriding or something. My mom doesn’t like me very much. She




RYAN Well, Alex worships the ground Les walks on. LES She does not. She actually worships her job. RYAN So, Jessie and Rachel will be out all night. Probably getting hammered. LES It’s okay. Mom’s gonna pick us up. She’s just waiting for me to call her. Hailey spots a sign at the Old Navy. HAILEY Heather, will you come with me real quick? There’s a sale over there. All right. HEATHER I’ll be right back, Ry.

Heather and Hailey start to walk away. LES I thought you were gonna ask Heather out. Ryan quickly counteracts Les’ attack. RYAN I thought you were meeting a guy. Les nods, defeated. INT. CLUB TEAL- NIGHT At Jessie’s table, Travis is next to her, pleading. Rachel looks annoyed, Desariee is on the dance floor, and Monika is giving Travis a spiteful, condescending look. TRAVIS Jess, you know how badly I miss you.




JESSIE Really? You miss me? Because last I remember, you said you couldn’t stand me. You said that I needed to just "get over it." You don’t just get over causing your mother’s death, Travis! TRAVIS Your mom was a whore. You didn’t cause anything. If anything, it was your little nutbag brother. Rachel glares at Travis. RACHEL Hey! Don’t talk about my boy. I will personally drop-kick your ass on that one, Travis! TRAVIS Oh, stay out of this, you stupid psycho! JESSIE Excuse me? You don’t talk to her like that and still expect me to take you back. And if Ryan’s name comes out of your mouth again, Rachel won’t have to kick your ass. I’ll do it for her. TRAVIS Whatever. He starts to walk away. disgust on her face. Monika has a strong expression of

MONIKA Yeah, you’d better leave, you selfrighteous prick! Monika looks over at Jessie. MONIKA What a worthless choad. Jessie nods heavily. JESSIE Yeah.

41. INT. WHITEOAKS MALL- FOOD COURT- NIGHT Heather and Hailey come out of the Old Navy with a bagful of clothes. They walk back toward the table where Les and Ryan are still eating. HAILEY Listen to me, tomorrow, I’m gonna give you a makeover that will have Ryan drooling. HEATHER Hailey, I really don’t know about all this. HAILEY Ssh. We’ll talk about it later at home. You’ll agree, I promise. The two sit back down. Ryan looks at Heather.

RYAN What in the hell are you doing with those clothes? HEATHER (looking at Hailey) See? (to Ryan) I figured I’d change up my style a little bit. Ryan looks confused. plan. He is completely oblivious to Hailey’s

RYAN Is this about the gym class thing? HEATHER No, I just figured I’d wear something other than torn jeans and t-shirts every once in a while. RYAN Don’t conform on me now, Heather. We hear a loud VOICE. BRET (o.s., distant but loud) Yeah, whatever, you little chicken shit! Who cares? Ryan puts his head down. He isn’t ready for this. (CONTINUED)

CONTINUED: RYAN Richter’s here, isn’t he? Hailey nods. Ryan exhales.


HEATHER Let’s get out of here. EXT. WHITEOAKS MALL- BACK LOT- NIGHT Ryan and Les walk out of the door, followed by the girls. They start to walk around to the front, when Bret comes out of the door. BRET Hey, fags. Ryan stops for a moment, but then keeps on walking. BRET Oh, I’m sorry, I meant "fag, lesbo, douchebag, and psychopath." Ryan stops again. He turns around.

HEATHER Ignore him, Ryan. RYAN No. Ryan starts walking toward him very fast. BRET What are you gonna do, psycho? Kill me like you’ll kill your wife, or... husband, I mean? Ryan stops, less than a foot away from Bret. RYAN You are really workin’ my last nerve, Richter. Bret goes to hit him. Ryan catches his arm, trips him, and starts kicks him once in the side. Ryan turns around and begins walking away. Just as they are about to turn the corner, they hear footsteps. Bret is being helped up, by four big jocks. Ryan, Les, Heather and Hailey turn around, to see the five looking at them, ready to attack.




LES Oh, great. FRONT LOT. "Supermassive Black Hole," by Muse, begins to play as Ryan and company RUN down a set of stairs, trying to elude Bret and his minions. Bret and his friends are running after them. INT. CLUB TEAL- NIGHT Desariee and Rachel are dancing to "Supermassive Black Hole," Jessie and Monika are still at the table, getting hammered on mixed drinks. JESSIE (somewhat tipsy) I can’t believe he had to pull out the family card. MONIKA (still somewhat sober) Jessie, he is an idiot, and is not worth your time. If you take him back, I’ll lose a little bit of my respect for you. JESSIE I’m not gonna take him back, Monika. MONIKA I hope not. So, would you like me to take Desariee’s shift with you tomorrow, instead of Laurie? JESSIE You know, I would really like that. Desariee walks up to them and grabs her purse. DESARIEE It’s 10:30, I gotta go. I have to leave for Seattle at 6:00 in the morning. Jessie stands up to hug her. Desariee throws her purse onto her shoulder and hugs Jessie.


EXT. WHITEOAKS MALL- NIGHT Ryan, Heather, Hailey, and Les are hiding at a fire exit. They are watching as Bret and his pals, having given up on catching Ryan, are driving away. As soon as they are gone, the four come back up from the stairs, and Les pulls out his cell phone and makes a call. ALEX (v.o.) Hello? Hey, Mom. LES We’re ready.

ALEX All right, I’ll be there in a minute. EXT. CLUB TEAL- GARAGE- NIGHT Across the street from the club, there is a four-level parking garage. Desariee walks out of the club. Travis is standing outside. DESARIEE What are you still doing here? TRAVIS Asking for your help. DESARIEE Help with what? TRAVIS Can you tell Jessie that I’m sorry? Desariee begins to walk across the street. DESARIEE No. After what you said about her brother, and even mentioning her mother? You need your ass drop-kicked.


INT. PARKING GARAGE- THIRD LEVEL- NIGHT Desariee walks toward her car, Travis following like a lost puppy. Desariee looks annoyed, Travis looks desperate. DESARIEE Besides, if you really cared about her, you’d leave her alone. TRAVIS I love her, I want to be with her. Desariee turns around and looks him up and down. No. DESARIEE You just want your dick wet.

She turns back around and continues walking to her car. Travis checks out her backside as she unlocks her car door. TRAVIS Desariee. From behind him, we see Travis drop his pants. Desariee turns around, appalled at first, and then looks down with a stunned look. INT. CLUB TEAL- NIGHT "Shake It," by Metro Station, plays as Rachel continues to dance. She moves over to Jessie, and snaps her fingers in Jessie’s face. Jessie looks up. RACHEL C’mon. Get out of this depression. Dance a little! JESSIE No, I don’t wanna--RACHEL Oh, no you don’t. I brought you out here to have a good time. She pulls Jessie to the floor. dancing. Jessie reluctantly starts

INTERCUT WITH DESARIEE AND TRAVIS IN THE GARAGE. We see from a POV, rather distant from them as Travis has Desariee propped up against a car, humping her. (CONTINUED)



In the club, Jessie and Rachel are really moving. In the garage, Travis moans loudly, and then stops. He gets off of Desariee, takes a breather, and then begins walking away. Desariee looks much more appalled than Rachel did earlier. DESARIEE Where are you going? TRAVIS Back to the club. DESARIEE What? You’re just gonna shoot and leave me here? TRAVIS I know you too well, Desi. You can’t resist a big piece of meat. DESARIEE Fuck you. TRAVIS Just did, slut. STALKER POV Travis starts walking off. CLOSEUP on Desariee. She feels used, and it is obvious. She shows a strong display of revoltion. starts to follow after him. EXT. CLUB TEAL- GARAGE- NIGHT Desariee exits the garage, and Travis is nowhere to be seen. After a moment, she turns around and goes back inside. INT. PARKING GARAGE- THIRD LEVEL- NIGHT Desariee walks up to her car, and tries to open the door. It is locked. She shrugs and pulls out her keys. She unlocks the door and gets into the car. On the dash, she notices a rose, just laying there. She looks at it a moment, and a hand grabs Desariee’s throat. INTERCUT WITH 1/2-SECOND FLASHES OF JESS AND RACHEL DANCING. She




Desariee chokes a moment, but grabs her assailant’s hand, and with effort pulls it to her mouth, where she bites down HARD, not quite drawing blood. FLASH. The hand jerks back, giving Desariee just enough time to open the door and try to make a run for it. FLASH. But just as she gets out of the car, the hand grabs her ankle, pulling her back. FLASH. The door SLAMS on her shin, both smashing the bone and breaking the skin. FLASH. She begins trying to crawl away from the car, SCREAMING. Help! FLASH We see a knife come up and JAM into clothed flesh OVER and OVER, totalling about three times. CLOSE on Desariee’s face as she takes her dying breaths. From Desariee’s point of view, we see her killer toward the car, but not much more than a silhouette, tall, slim, with short hair... very fitting description of Doug Chamberlain. He opens the door. INT. CLUB TEAL- NIGHT A song ends, and Rachel and Jessie sit down next to Monika, who has found herself some hunky male company. JESSIE Okay, Rachel. I danced. Three songs in a row. Satisfied? RACHEL Yeah, I guess so. I’m actually beat... and drunk. JESSIE Yeah. I can smell it. ready? Monika doesn’t even respond. male friend. Monnie, you DESARIEE Somebody help!

She is too busy talking to her

JESSIE Monnie... (still nothing) Monika! She turns around, sharply.


CONTINUED: MONIKA What? JESSIE Are you ready to go? MONIKA Um...


She looks at her friend, not wanting to disappoint, but she also sees Jessie’s desire for her to leave with them. She sighs. MONIKA (reluctant) Yes. Chad, can I give you my number? CHAD (sincere) Sure. I’ll call you. Monika smiles and pulls out a pen. MONIKA (softly) Yes! Well, I’ll talk to you soon then, okay? Chad nods and smiles, genuinely attracted to Monika. three girls get up and start walking away. EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- NIGHT A silver CLS550 pulls up to the house, with Alex Walker at the wheel, Les in the passenger seat, and Ryan getting out of the back. ALEX Okay, I’ll see you later, Ryan. Tell Jess not to forget about tomorrow, okay? Ryan smiles at Alex. RYAN Okay, I will. See you tomorrow, dude. LES Ok. Don’t make too big of a scene with the whole Heather thing, please? (CONTINUED) The



RYAN Me? Not make a scene? Alex, he should know better than that by now, right? Alex laughs, amused. ALEX Seriously, kid, don’t get into any trouble, okay? Ryan rolls his eyes, with a smile. RYAN Okay, I won’t. All right. night, Ry. ALEX Good kid. Well, good

RYAN ’Night, you guys. Alex pulls away, Ryan goes to the door, unlocks it, and goes inside. INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- LIVING ROOM- NIGHT Ryan walks in and toward the couch, but before he can sit down, Kaiser comes in and jumps Ryan, knocking him to the couch and licking his face, like any loving dog seeing his owner return after being gone all day. RYAN Dog, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you. EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- NIGHT Rachel’s car pulls up, and Jessie gets out of the passenger side. RACHEL Okay, call me tomorrow, and I’ll take you to pick up your car. Okay. home? JESSIE You sure you can make it You can stay here, you know.


CONTINUED: RACHEL I’ll be all right. You go get some sleep. You have Walker hounding you, remember? JESSIE Oh, shit. I forgot about that. All right. I’ll call you tomorrow. K. RACHEL Bye, Jess. JESSIE Bye.


Jessie walks up to the door, and Rachel waits for her to get inside. Jessie gets in, and Rachel drives away. INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- LIVING ROOM- NIGHT Jessie walks into the kitchen, and gets a popsicle out of the freezer. She goes back into the living room. Ryan is nowhere to be seen, so Jessie goes upstairs to make sure he is home. She goes to his doorway, pushes the door open, and he is laying there, asleep. Kaiser is on the floor next to the bed, asleep. Jessie smiles, and turns around. She goes back down the stairs, and sits down on the couch. After a moment, she picks up a photograph of her mother. She stares at it a minute, a shamed look on her face. JESSIE I’m sorry, Mom. I should’ve stopped you. I’m sorry. INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- RYAN’S BEDROOM- NIGHT Ryan is sleeping soundly. But his door is slowly creaking open. He shows signs of hearing it, but is still in fairly deep sleep. As the door continues... we see Doug Chamberlain, standing in the doorway! He looks down at his son. DOUG Ryan. Ryan slowly starts to awaken. He looks up and sees his father. He looks alarmed for a split-second, but being the master he is of hiding emotions, he immediately drops the look.


CONTINUED: RYAN (half-asleep, dazed) What are you doing here? DOUG I just came to see my son. Ryan sits up and looks up at Doug. RYAN You can’t be here. If Jessie sees you, she’ll call the cops. Doug smiles. DOUG Oh, Jessie won’t be calling anyone. RYAN (somewhat alarmed) What? DOUG Give me a hug, son. RYAN What? DOUG What, you can’t give your ol’ man a hug after not seeing him in two years? Geez. RYAN (still half-asleep) Okay.


Ryan reaches his arms out, but still looks weary about it. Doug embraces his son. But in one hand, we see a razor- sharp knife! While hugging Ryan, Doug slowly pulls the knife back. Ryan is smiling, somewhat relaxed in his father’s arms. Doug continues pulling the knife back before JAMMING it into Ryan’s back! Ryan SCREAMS in pain and shock. INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- LIVING ROOM- NIGHT Jessie, dozed-off on the couch, hears this nerve-shaking scream and darts up the stairs and into Ryan’s bedroom. Ryan is sleeping soundly, still tossing and turning, Kaiser awakens, hearing Jessie’s panting, and looks up at her, alert. Jessie is both relieved, and aggravated.




JESSIE (to herself) God damn it! She backs up onto the wall, and slowly slides down, holding her head down in her hands. JESSIE Get a grip, Jess. EXT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- DAY It is a bright, peaceful day outside. walking past the house. Schoolkids are

INT. CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE- JESSIE’S BEDROOM- DAY Jessie is asleep, soundly on her bed. We see her bottle of whiskey sitting on her bedside table. Her phone rings. She slowly awakens and reaches for her phone. When she gets it, it reads "Rachel." She answers. JESSIE Hello? RACHEL (v.o., rather dull) Hey. Did I wake you? JESSIE Yeah. RACHEL Well, I have some news. And you’re not gonna like it, but I’d rather you hear it from me than see it on the news. JESSIE What, Rachel? What’re you talking about? RACHEL Well, first of all... I’m telling you the smaller part. And you have to promise me you won’t hold a grudge. Okay. JESSIE No grudge.




RACHEL Desi slept with Travis last night. JESSIE What? I mean, that’s bogus, but how is that newswort--RACHEL There’s more. She’s dead, Jessie. JESSIE (disbelief) What? RACHEL They found her car in an alleyway in Hammond, late last night. She was stabbed three times, and her leg was crushed. JESSIE Oh, my God. Well, do they know who did it? RACHEL They think so. Travis. JESSIE What? No. Travis is fifty other things, but he’s not a killRACHEL They found blood. And semen. All in the same spot where Desariee was parked last night. Nobody saw Travis after he left the club last night. Jessie looks heartbroken. But, as usual, no tears.

RACHEL I’m gonna come pick you up. Can you be ready in fifteen minutes? Yeah. JESSIE I’ll be ready.

She hangs up the phone, and looks down in disbelief. DISSOLVE TO:

54. EXT. HAMILTON HIGH- DAY Ryan walks toward the school, backpack on his back. Classmates in the background are pointing at him... we can hear whispers. GIRL #1 There’s the psycho-boy. BOY #1 Bret’s gonna cave his head in. Ryan continues walking, ignoring the whispers. GIRL #2 Just like his psycho father. He finally reaches Hailey, who is sitting on a bench. HAILEY Hey, Ryan. RYAN Hey, kiddo. Where’s your sister? HAILEY Inside, eating breakfast. Ryan shrugs. RYAN I’m not really a breakfast eater. HAILEY Yeah, me either. RYAN Oh, today is gonna be lovely. HAILEY Ignore the prick. Ryan offers her a polite, but halfhearted smile. Alex’s Mercedes pulls up. Les gets out of the car. ALEX Now, I’m gonna have Jessie take you home later, so can you just go to Ryan’s for a little bit? LES Sure, Mom. Alex sees Ryan and waves. (CONTINUED)



ALEX Hi, kid! Ryan waves back. RYAN Hey, Alex. Les walks toward Ryan and Hailey, as Alex drives away. LES You look tired. Rough night?

RYAN Is it ever not a rough night? EXT. CLUB TEAL- ROAD- DAY Rachel’s car drives past the club. Jessie is in the passenger seat. They drive past an alleyway, where Desariee’s car sits, surrounded by caution tape and police officers. Jessie looks out the window, gloomily. EXT. ROGERS AUTO REPAIR- DAY Rachel’s car pulls in and Jessie gets out of the car. walks up to the building. INT. HAMILTON HIGH- DAY The out her and school BELL sounds. Among other teens, Heather comes of a classroom and goes down the hallway. She gets in locker and puts her books away. She looks down the hall spots Ryan, putting his books away. She walks upto him. HEATHER Hey, there! Ryan just looks at her, dull expression. RYAN (flatly) Hi, Heather. She


HEATHER (sarcastic) You seem happy to see me.




RYAN What? Oh, no. Sorry, I’m just tired. Jessie kept me up all night. Nightmares. HEATHER Oh. Why does she have those nightmares so often, anyway? RYAN Ooh. Sore subject. Forgot you’ve only been here a couple months. (pause) Okay, you know my mom died a couple years ago. HEATHER Yeah... RYAN Well, you haven’t heard the whole--Suddenly, Bret Richter interrupts. BRET The whole story? You haven’t told your little girlyfriend what your daddy did? Ryan turns around and glares at Bret. RYAN Richter, I swear... you’d better back off. Now. BRET Why? You gonna kill me like your dad killed your mommy? Heather’s eyes widen. RYAN I... am nothing... like my father. BRET Really? Then why are you on Haldol? That’s not a painkiller. This catches Ryan off guard, and his expression shows it.




RYAN How did you... One of Bret’s minions behind him holds up a prescription bottle and shakes it back and forth in his hand, taunting Ryan, who glares at him coldly. The crowd starts to stare at Ryan and Bret. BRET You should be careful not to drop stuff like this. Anybody could pick it up. Ryan doesn’t even look at Heather, but she knows he is talking to her. RYAN Get Brandywine. Now.

Heather runs down the hallway. RYAN You seem to know what those are for. So I’d suggest you give ’em back. Right now. Bret smirks evilly. BRET Nah, I’d rather see your true colors. I wanna see you snap. Ryan chuckles. RYAN No, hahaha... you don’t. Heather returns with VERONICA BRANDYWINE, 43, and very attractive for her age. BRANDYWINE What’s going on here? Bret isn’t even looking at her, and speaks in a sort of sing-song voice. BRET Chamberlain here doesn’t have his pills. He’s about to snap. BRANDYWINE Do you have his pills?




BRET What are you gonna do?

Suspend me?

BRANDYWINE Oh, no, Bret. That’s too easy. I’d rather stick you in detention for 15 days. BRET Throw the pills. His pal behind him tosses the bottle to the floor. Brandywine points at Bret and his friend. BRANDYWINE My office, now. The two troublemakers start to follow Brandywine down the hall. Bret glares at Ryan. RYAN I’m gonna get you where it hurts, Chamberlain. Ryan and Heather glare at him. BRANDYWINE (not even facing Bret) You won’t be getting anyone. come see me after class. Heather looks at Ryan. HEATHER C’mon, let’s go to lunch. The two begin to walk away. EXT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- DAY Jessie pulls up at a parking spot, gets out of her car and locks it up. She walks toward the doorway. INT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- LIBRARY- DAY Alex Walker is flipping through papers near a photocopier when Jessie walks in. She hears the door, and nods to Jessie. Jessie walks toward her.



CONTINUED: ALEX Hey, you ready to do this, or you need a few minutes to look some stuff over? JESSIE I’m as ready as I’m gonna be. ALEX Oh, yeah. (pause) Sorry. I heard... this morning. You all right? JESSIE Yeah. But it seems like death follows me. ALEX It’s not you, Jess. It’s this whacked-out world we live in. Well, I’ll go grab you an answer sheet. Just have a seat, anywhere. JESSIE I’m surprised we’re doing this in here and not your office. ALEX Figured you didn’t want to be in a big room all alone.


Alex walks away. Jessie looks around a moment, and then sits at a table. She looks at her wallet. Inside, there is a picture of herself, Abbie, Doug, and Ryan. They all look happy. She closes her eyes a moment, and then flips the photo, revealing one of herself and Desariee, grinning into the camera. She looks as if she is going to cry, but, as usual, no tears come out. ALEX (v.o.) Hey, here’s your test and answer sheet. Hello? Jess? Jessie flinches and looks up at her. Oh! JESSIE Yeah, thanks.

She gets her booklet and answer sheet in order, and starts taking her test. Alex just looks at her, with sorrow, and a hint of responsibility.


INT. HAMILTON HIGH- BRANDYWINE’S OFFICE- DAY Veronica Brandywine sits at her desk, going through paperwork. A KNOCK at the door. BRANDYWINE Come in! The door opens, revealing Ryan. RYAN You wanted to see me. BRANDYWINE Yeah, but I didn’t expect you until after 3. RYAN Study Hall. Oh. Okay. BRANDYWINE Sit down.

Ryan sits in a comfortable-looking chair. BRANDYWINE I did stick Richter with 3 weeks detention. RYAN So what am I getting stuck with? I’m sure he made up some--BRANDYWINE Your friend Heather dispelled everything Bret said. I just wanted to have a little personal chat with you. RYAN Um... okay. INT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- LIBRARY- DAY Jessie is still doing her test, her answer sheet is over halfway done. Alex is sitting down at a computer, working.


EXT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- DAY A fancy black car pulls up in the parking lot, and a woman with a flattop gets out of the car. It is Detective Eleanor Mapp. She walks up to the building. INT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- LIBRARY- DAY Alex sits at the computer, and Mapp walks into the Library. She catches Jessie’s eye. Jessie doesn’t appear to know who she is, but Mapp definitely looks familiar to her. MAPP Dr. Walker? Alex turns around and looks at Mapp, who approaches her. MAPP Detective Ellie Mapp. Alex nods. ALEX Yeah, I know who you are. you doing here? MAPP Privately. Jessie watches as Mapp and Alex walk outside of the library. She can see their silhouettes, still at the door. ALEX So what’s going on, Detective? MAPP Doug Chamberlain. Alex ponders a moment, then looks back in Jessie’s direction. INT. HAMILTON HIGH- BRANDYWINE’S OFFICE- DAY Ryan is still in the chair, and Brandywine is still talking with him. BRANDYWINE I know how hard the last couple years have been on you, and your sister. And I know what people say (MORE) (CONTINUED) What are



BRANDYWINE (cont’d) about you guys. Don’t listen to them. You’re so much better than your parents. RYAN I know I’m not my father. thanks for your candor. But

BRANDYWINE Don’t mention it. And be careful with those pills. You know you’re not supposed to have them on you. RYAN I kno--BRANDYWINE I’m not saying anything. Just don’t get caught with them again. Okay. RYAN You got it.

BRANDYWINE Okay, you can go. The bell rings. BRANDYWINE Well, I guess you can go anyway. School’s out. Ryan gets up and walks to the door. He goes into the hallway, where Heather and Hailey are waiting. HEATHER What did she want? RYAN Just to give the reassuring pityparty everyone else gives me. HEATHER So she wanted to be nice. wrong with that, Ryan. Nothing

RYAN No, but I’m sick of either being treated like a freak or a fragile little glass ornament.


INT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- LIBRARY- DAY Alex strides back into the Library and approaches Jessie. ALEX We have to talk. JESSIE What’s wrong? ALEX Hopefully just a car crash. Jessie looks disturbed. She and Alex walk away. Right now.

INT. HAMILTON HIGH- STAGE- DAY The drama club is cleaning the stage. Les is among them. His phone rings. He takes it out of his pocket. reads "MOM." He answers. LES Hello? ALEX (v.o.) Hey, Les. Is Ryan around you? LES No, but I’ll be near him in a minHold on. favor. ALEX I need you to do me a It

LES Okay, what? ALEX Get Ryan to stay at our house tonight. Don’t let him go home, whatever you do. LES What’s going on, Mom? ALEX Just don’t let him go home. And don’t act like there’s anything wrong.




LES Mom, you know how he is, I can’t just convinc--ALEX Okay, but you cannot tell him this. His dad’s missing. And I do know how he is. The last thing he needs is to be searching the streets for his father and getting himself killed. LES Okay... So, whatever it takes? ALEX Within reason, yeah. Okay. LES Is Jess alright?

ALEX Yeah. She doesn’t know everything yet. I just had to call you before he went home. See if Mrs. Kepple will take you to the house. I’ll give her some money. All right. Okay. LES I’ll do that.

ALEX I’ve gotta talk to Jess. LES Bye. ALEX

All right. Bye, baby.

Les hangs up the phone, and looks irritated. LES Oh, shit. INT. PHOENIX UNIVERSITY- WALKER’S CLASSROOM-DAY Alex hangs up her phone. Mapp is sitting with Jessie.

JESSIE How did this happen? I thought they were transferring him to (MORE) (CONTINUED)



JESSIE (cont’d) maximum security. What, that rule doesn’t apply until he gets there, or what? MAPP Jessie, believe me. I’m just as mad about this as you are. JESSIE Oh, no. You’re not. (pause) Still so sure Travis killed Desariee? MAPP No. Not as sure as we were earlier. JESSIE This is beautiful. Me and my brother are gonna be shish-kebobs by the time the night’s over. MAPP No, you’re not. ALEX Okay, Ryan’s staying at my place tonight. You can too, if you want. JESSIE I’d rather not. I can stay with Rachel tonight. ALEX Does he know where Rachel lives? JESSIE No. She moved into a new apartment almost a year ago. ALEX You think there’s any way you can get out of working tonight? JESSIE No. It’s me and Monika, though. She’s a tough cookie. Once Rachel hears about this, she won’t leave my side.


CONTINUED: MAPP Okay, where do you work, Jessie? JESSIE Mark’s Record Store, downtown. MAPP (to Alex) And I have your address in case I need to get there. ALEX Okay. (to Jessie) It’s gonna be okay, Jess. JESSIE I hope so. INT. HAMILTON HIGH- DAY


Ryan, Heather and Hailey are outside, sitting on the bench. RYAN I can’t wait to get home and see my dog. He’ll flip when I get there. HAILEY He’s a sweet dog. person, though. Yeah... I’m a cat

RYAN I like cats.

Les comes outside and meets up with them. HEATHER What’s up, dude? LES Heya, Heather. Hey, Ryan, you wanna crash at my place tonight? RYAN Um, sure, maybe. I dunno. LES You guys want to come over tonight? Sure. HAILEY I’ll use your internet.

Les rolls h

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