Life Fairy of the Glade

(From the Gypsy Tales)

The trees towered around whispering their secrets as the glade’s grass swayed in the wind with nature’s activity playing a soft duet of birds singing and deer staying down wind. She is here; the Lady that controls this glade and all the woods that spring outward. She moves in and out of the light unafraid as those that seek her; a vision so blurred. Her guild once lived amongst all of earth but that was before the heavens closed and the struggle of life; a rebirth where some were forgotten or disposed. She is caught here on earth to survive with no mate for divided they were; reaching out to each other as they were torn when the gate of time displaced: their souls cast out. There was a battle between those cast aside to decide which could live safe among humans or of those clever enough to hide and appear or not appear to an eye of a human. This Fairy’s guild so cherished now by those that lost that they not even dare whisper or wonder when they might meet again, such the cost; for her kiss heals and her bite a deathly thunder. She stands only as high as the shortest grass With a face that resembles a vision, Eyes that twinkle and sparkle like glass, And her smile so sweet you cannot envision. Her angelic body wears a fabric that shimmers, her hands when she touches, so soft and if she stays to long your heart simmers as her voice sings and you rise aloft.

Music so soothing surrounds you as she sings her many songs that soothe your heart with a soft wind that comforts from her wings as she moves in the light and then departs. Cries of sorrow, she sometimes speaks of why the world does not live in peace where all show the love they seek and the fear of nonconformity would cease. If you are blessed with her kiss; a soul sigh, You will be healed of your fears, body, and mental pains; away they will fly for she offers life in place of tears. However, if you decide to be her foe; to hurt those she loves and protects, no barrier will stop her bite’s blow that repels life: a deadly respect. As you hear this, you wonder how I know of this being who suffers and survives forever, waiting the time her love will flow through her mates eyes together: they arrive. Well, I am called the “Gypsy Lady”, though that is not what I am but what I appear. And yes, once I was in battle with this Fairy Lady, dragons, and other creatures that arise your fears. So, this tale is over and I must leave this beautiful glade for I am merely a messenger in this time; where a treaty’s word must be paid as wrong will righted in this rift of time. The time and place will come when another tale I shall speak of; those that won the right to walk and live along mankind’s trail: “Annunaki”, I whisper; for I am in their sight.

Randy Rowe Copyright: 2010

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