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Groups Objectives

We had choose such unique company for our assignment. We choose Singer Company as it
the best seller of electronic and electrical product.
Not everyone known Singer even though this company already established since 1851. Singer
is actually such a big name in the world, so we decide to choose its as our company research in
our major assignment.
The objectives that we try to achieves or study from this major assignment are better
understanding toward business fundamental, we want to learn and know further on the way
Singer managing and marketing their business, beside we also want to know what the influence
of economy of Singer and how Singer handle their business ethic and social responsibility.




Company Background
History of Singer:

The Singer Company, once the world's leading producer of sewing machines, was the
successor to I.M. Singer & Company, established in 1851. Isaac M. Singer had patented
improvements resulting in the first commercially viable sewing machine. Edward Clark, who
joined the firm in 1854, provided the planning skills and business acumen that ensured the
firm's success. Clark ended the so-called Sewing Machine War between Singer, Elias Howe,
and other patent holders by organizing the first U.S. patent pool, which remained in effect until
1877. The company introduced its first treadle-operated machine in 1856, and Clark introduced
installment selling the same year.
The firm was incorporated in New York as the Singer Manufacturing Company in June 1863,
Clark being determined to prevent the partnership from becoming entangled in disputes among
Singer and his heirs. Singer took his shares and moved to Europe, where he pursued the good
life on a grand scale. The company constructed a factory in Elizabethport, N.J., in 1871-1872
that was then the largest in the world devoted to the manufacture of a single product. Singer
was reincorporated in New Jersey on February 20, 1873.
Singer quickly developed a worldwide sales organization. It built its first foreign factory at
Glasgow in 1867. This was replaced by a much larger plant at nearby Clydebank in 1882-1884.
A second factory at Podolsk, Russia, followed in 1905. In the same year, Singer absorbed its
leading American rival, the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company. The Russian factory was
nationalized after the 1917 Revolution. When high tariff barriers were erected during the early
years of the Depression, Singer was obliged to create two additional European subsidiaries, La
Compagnia Singer per Macchine da Cucire, which built a plant at Monza, Italy, in 1934, and La
Compagnie Singer Socit Anonyme, which built another at Bonnieres, France, in 1935.
Singer prospered during its first hundred years, but in the seven years following its 1951
centennial, the U.S. domestic sewing machine market collapsed. The amount of home sewing
dome by American women declined sharply, and increasing Japanese imports caused Singer's

market share to drop from 66% to 33%. The company made attempts to diversifiy into
electronics and aerospace. It was renamed The Singer Company on May 16, 1963, and over
the next decade became an important defense contractor. The sewing machine business
continued to shrink, as more women sought careers outside the home, and in mid-1986 it was
spun off to a separate subsidiary, SSMC Inc. After the 1987 stock market crash, the company
was captured by Paul A. Bilzerian, a corporate raider, who quickly sold off eight of the twelve
Singer divisions, including all rights to the Singer name. SSMC Inc. was sold to Semi-Tech
Microelectronics (Far East) Limited on April 6, 1990. The much-shrunken Singer Company was
renamed Bicoastal Corporation on October 16, 1989.
SINGER Malaysia has been operating in Malaysia as a branch of SINGER Sewing Machine
Company (SSMC) USA since 1906 until the incorporation of a Malaysian entity in 1983.
Berjaya Corporation Berhad's participation in SINGER Malaysia commenced in March 1985 with
a 48% shareholding. In 1989, Berjaya made a takeover bid for SSMC Inc on the New York
Stock Exchange. The bid subsequently resulted in Berjaya acquiring 100% equity in SINGER
Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
On 14 June 2010, SINGER (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has become 100% owned subsidiary of Berjaya
Retail Berhad.
Throughout generations, SINGER brand name is always synonymous with sewing and its
creative innovation of sewing machine makes it adaptable for every level of sewing, from home
dcor and clothing construction to embroidery and quilting purposes.
SINGER Malaysia distributes a wide range of sewing machines for individual sewing, hobbyist
enthusiast and industrial use. Besides, SINGER Malaysia diversifies itself to sell a variety of
consumer durables, especially brown and white goods (television, refrigerator, washing
machine, etc.), furniture, motorcycles, water filtrations, home improvement products, and laptop
to Malaysian consumers.
SINGER Malaysia has established itself as a pioneer in offering flexible Easy Payment Scheme
giving customers the option of paying by monthly installments that ranges from 3 to 48 months.
In this respect, SINGER Malaysia is proud to have helped millions of Malaysians raised their
standard of living over the past 100 years.

With an extensive network of 500 SINGER and Franchise branches located nationwide and
over 3,000 sales representatives providing personalized services, SINGER Malaysia is
committed to continuously reinventing itself and be 'A Friend for Life' to all Malaysian
The company that we had interview is S B SERVICES which is the branch of Singer at Masjid
Tanah, Melaka. S B SERVICES was opened 3 years ago (2009) at Family Store Masjid Tanah
as small shop lot. The owners S B SERVICES is Daud Othman. He was born at Perak and now
he stay at Paya Rumput, Melaka. When Daud Othman get top sales of the year, the Singer
Company give the opportunity to build up the new branch at Taman Masjid Tanah, Melaka. The
new branch was established on April 2012 with have four staff but the shop lot at Family Store
still operation as usual under his wife observation.

Singers Mission Statement

We are commited to brings all demand product enter market leader especially in Malaysia,
Singapore & Brunei. We will make more easier for small enterprise company to choose more
goods .We deliver product & services of uncompromising quality and integrity consistent with all
branded item .We are committed to listening and responding to the needs of our customer,
associates and business patners, and honoring their individual values. We are dedicated to
personal and professional enrichment through an environment of open communication,
teamwork, trust & respect. We remain committed to an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the
growth of our company and increases.

Singers Vission Statement

Bringing the best to everyone we meet. By The best", we mean the best products, the best
people and the best ideas. We recognize and seize opportunities for growth that builds upon our
strengths and competencies."To become the most successful and respected trader company in
the Malaysia "To be the leading marketer of all products in the world into Malaysia & Asian
Market. Be recognized by our customers as their best supplier.

The Early Years (1850 - 1899)

Isaac Merritt Singer, with US$40 in borrowed capital, develops the world's first practical lock
stitch sewing machine at a machine shop in Boston.

Isaac Singer and a New York lawyer, Edward B. Clark, form I.M. SINGER & Company.

Factory moves to New York City. The first machines sell for US$100.

A SINGER sewing machine takes first prize at the World's Fair in Paris.

Edward Clark originates the hire-purchase plan, the prototype for installment selling. A new
lightweight machine - the "Turtleback" - is introduced.

First SINGER showroom and headquarters is located in New York City.
The SINGER Manufacturing Company, holding 22 patents, is incorporated. Some 20,000 home
sewing machines are sold annually.

The SINGER Manufacturing Company opened sales and distribution centers in England.
Red "S" girl trademark made her debut-destined to become one of the best known emblems in
the world.
SINGER introduced the first practical electric sewing machine.

The Period of Great Innovation

New SINGER building at 149 Broadway, New York was completed. At 47 stories high, 612 feet
tall, it was the first skyscraper and the tallest building in the world. It was headquarters for the
Executive Office for 54 years.
An all-time record of 3 million sewing machines was sold.
SINGER introduced the "Portable Electric" an electric-motor powered model 99K.

First SINGER Sewing Center, offering sewing courses, was introduced in New York City.
SINGER purchased the Standard Sewing Machine Company. First vacuum cleaner introduced.

SINGER introduced its "Featherweight" at the Chicago's World Fair. Factories opened in Monsa,
Italy and Bounieres, France.
Company completed 100th year of business operation. Annual sales reached US$307.8 million;
shareholders numbered 4,500.

SINGER introduced the "Slant-O-Matic" its first zigzag machine.
Consolidated sales reached billion-dollar mark for the first time.
Sales first topped US$2 billion.

SINGER introduced the Athena 2000 sewing machine, the world's first electronic home sewing
machine. A wide variety of stitches, ranging from basic straight stitch to complicated practical
and decorative stitches, could be achieved effortlessly at the touch of a button. The "brain" of
the system was a chip that contained more than 8,000 transistors and was less than 1/4 square

SINGER introduced the Touchtronic 2001, the world's first sewing machine incorporating a
touch sensitive membrane panel. SINGER's corporate headquarters moved to Connecticut.
SINGER introduced an entire new line of state-of-the-art sewing machines with models
designed to meet individual needs and budgets. These machines were built with "Duratec" a
unique material which is stronger and lighter than aluminum yet provides double insulation.
These easy to use sewing machines ranged from basic to the most sophisticated sewing
machines and included a top-of-the-line electronic sewing machine which had the capacity to
produce an unlimited number of stitch patterns, monograms, embroidery, and even can sew
SINGER introduced the 9900 Unlimited which contained the largest microprocessor ever
incorporated in sewing machines. The model 9900 had many easy-to-use, time-saving features
including a LED message center offering practical advice to the sewer.

SINGER launched the world's most advanced consumer sewing machine: the Quantum
SINGER Sewing Machine Company's consumer products division relocated to Tennessee.

A New Era (2000 till today)

SINGER again launches the world's most advanced home sewing machine: the Quantum
XL5000, along with its user-friendly software, the Professional Sew Ware 2.0.

On August 12, 2001, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Isaac Singer's patent on the first
practical sewing machine, which marked the official beginning of SINGER as a company.
But while our 150th anniversary celebration gives us a chance to reflect on our rich heritage, we
are looking forward, envisioning how our next century and a half will be as exciting, successful
and rewarding as the last.
At SINGER, we're constantly evolving and reinventing ourselves to become a customer-centric
retailer of the new millennium

SINGER introduced SINGER Technologies


Companys Competitors

Some of the SINGERs competitors in Malaysia:

1. Courts
2. Seng Heng



Harvey Norman

Types of Consumer Buying Decision and Consumer Involvement:

S B SERVICES, that our had been interview has chosen extensive as types of consumer buying
decision and consumer involvement. That mean consumer who unfamiliar need more time to
thinks to make buying decision because the products are expensive and require much effort to
evaluate options. For example, if the consumers want to buy sewing machine need to think first
because the price is reasonable and the product have a higher quality. So the consumer need
time to evaluate options to purchase the products.


Marketing Management Philosophies:

S B SERVICES was chosen the societal marketing for the marketing management philosophies.
This company believe that organization exist not only to satisfy customer wants and needs and
to meet organizational objectives but also to preserve or enhance individuals and society wellbeing. For example, S B SERVICES provide the free delivery from the outlet to the customer
home in line with this orientation.



Companys Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

As the organization not only focus on profit, S B SERVICES also focusing on companys
corporate social responsibilities (CSR). For example the company that we was interview, S B
SERVICES did the activities such as:

Donate to AJK SURAU TAMAN RIA, MASJID TANAH for their need to do the activities

Donate the food and drink every Friday night for recite YASSIN at Surau Taman Ria,
Masjid Tanah.

Give charity to build up new building for Sekolah Agama Ampangan Masjid Tanah




Companys Product

S B SERVICES was provide the electrical products to the customers to increase their lifestyle.
This company also sells the new type of product. For example nowadays sewing machine using
the electric and light compare to old type of sewing machine. As we know S B SERVICES is a
branch of SINGER. Basicly SINGER only focus on sewing machine but now they adding other
service such as television, refrigerator, washing machine, furniture, motorcycles, water
filtrations, home improvement products, and laptop.



Types of Consumer Product

Our chosen company has choose convenience types of consumer products. Inexpensive items
which are frequently and immediately purchase and which consumers do not make much
comparison or much effort to buy a Singer products.


Product Items, Product Line And Product Mix

Width of the Product Mix


Sewing Machine


Washing machine

1 door

With stand

32 inch


2 door

No stand

42 inch

3 door


49 inch




Types of Segmentation

Dept of
the product



Benefit sought segmentation

S B SERVICES used this type of segmentation (benefit sought segmentation) to customers who
seek from the product they buy. They aspect some benefit from the product. For example, the
customers buy the sewing machine for daily used. They can sew by themselves without go to
the tailor.

Usage-rate segmentation

The company also used this segmentation (usage-rate segmentation) to customers. This
segmentation divided the market by the amount of product bought, whether the consumers are
first-time users, light, heavy or irregular users. For example, this company give a discount to the
customer for the first-time user, free gift to the light and medium users and bonus point or
reward to heavy customer.


Strategies for Selecting Targeting Markets

This company used the multi segment targeting. This company not only focus on one product, it
also provide other then sewing machine such as television, refrigerator, washing machine,
furniture, motorcycles, water filtrations, home improvement products, and laptop.




S B SERVICES have positive positioning in market segmentation because the

consumers had positive impression on the selling product that company offer have high
quality and reasonable price.


Positioning Bases


S B SERVICES focus on price and quality for customers. For example some firm emphasize
high pricing of their products but Singer produce high quality product at reasonable price.
Besides that, this company also focuses on product user. This positioning base focuses on the
family needs. For example, sewing machine, washing machine, refrigerator can be used for
general age.




Type of Marketing Channel

S B SERVICES is an agent of Singer which brings manufactures and wholesalers together for
negotiations but S B SERVICES do not own the products. The Singer passes the product
directly to the S B SERVICES and sells the product to the customers.
For example, when customers want purchased the product that not available in the outlet, the S
B SERVICES will make the order from other branch such as television, refrigerator, washing
machine, furniture, motorcycles, water filtrations, home improvement products, and laptop.


Levels of Distribution Intensity

The level of distribution intensity of Singer is intensive distribution. Where Singers company
have their products available in every branch. For example in Malaysia, Singer have their
branch in every state of the country which is head office at Selangor, north region for Penang,
Sungai Petani, Alor Star, north west region for Kampar, Taiping, Tanjung Karang, north east
region for Kota Bharu, Pasir Puteh,Kuala Terengganu, south region for Johor Bahru, Kluang,
Segamat, Mideast region for Kuantan, Raub,Temerloh, Midwest region for Kajang, Seremban,
Malacca, Sabah region, Sarawak region, so that customers can get the product easier.




Types of Stores

S B SERVICES use some type of stores for retailing their product. The main type of retailing for
their products is shop lot at Masjid Tanah. S B SERVICES also had open their booth at Mydin
MITC Melaka.


Non Store Retailing

Singer find the other alternatives to promote their products which is provides online sale. For
example, follow the step below if want to purchase online product:
Step 1 =
Step 2 =
Step 3 =
Step 4 = Click to add chart if want to buy
Step 5 = Click check out
Step 6 =

Finally fill this form if to purchase online product:




Promotion Strategies

To promote the products, S B SERVICES have use several components of promotions such as
advertising, sales promotion and personal selling:
a) Advertising
Singer provides catalogue, magazines, flyers, pamphlets to S B SERVICES to tell the
community about the promotion they have.


b) Sales Promotion
Singer provides the banner of sales promotion to the branch S B SERVICES to tell the
community about the sales they have. The Fiesta Raya is the example of banner for Hari
Raya Aidilfitri sales promotion.

c) Personal Selling
S B SERVICES use personal selling as the sales person can be very persuasive, get
immediate feedback and the S B SERVICES can spend time explaining the products



Advertising Media types

Singer provides the advertising through the media types such as radio, television and internet
a) Radio
Singer use the radio to promote their products because radio can be transmitted
immediately to the listener.

b) Television
Singer also use television as their product marketers because television have many
user, almost every house have television. So that people can get right information about
Singer thru television.
c) Internet

Internet is the worldwide connection, so Singer also choose internet to promote their
product to the world. Internet is something that people use every single second, so with
internet, Singer can get well known.


Public Relations Major Tools

Singer using the internet in their public relations strategies. Singer use their Web Sites to
introduce new products, obtain consumer feedback, post new releases, communicate
information and many other marketing activities. This is the web sites of Singer


Sales Promotion Major Tools

Singer use the loyalty marketing programs as their company sales promotion. They will give the
reward to loyal consumers who made regular purchases of a product. For example:





Pricing Objectives

Singer has their own pricing objectives to attract their customer. Their pricing objectives set up
by head quarters of Singer Company. Before put a price of the product, the company has to

discuss about the price with the head quarters. After that, only Singer can put the price on
product. So that, the branch just follow the decision of pricing objectives. Profit-oriented
objectives and status-quo are the Singer pricing objectives.


Price Strategies

In pricing some products, Singer have their own strategies. They set the price identical to the
competitors price. Singer use the price skimming for the price strategies. Singers attract the
customer by giving them reasonable price.


Pricing Tactics

Singer use the loyalty marketing programs as their company sales promotion. They will give the
reward to loyal consumers who made regular purchases of a product.





Thank god that finally we finish our major assignment. We now already achieve groups
objectives which is understanding towards Singer business fundamental, we had learn and
know further on the way Singer managing and marketing their business. Beside, we already
know what the influence of economy of Singer and how their handle their business ethic and
social responsibility.



Even though there are too many obstacles since we started to make this assignment but we still
can through this calmly. This obstacle actually teach us how to be more cooperate in grouping
work to be more punctual. The first obstacles is there are a person like to give a good services
to us and also have person do not give good services.
Thank God, our group is given a good services by the company to achieve our target. Besides
that, when we try to interview other company, they rejected and do not want to be interview. In
addition, the difficult part that we must to wait the call from the Head Quarter Department. We
wait about 3 days and there is no call from that company. Then we try to other alternatives to
search other company until we find Singer Company at Masjid Tanah.


Learning Experience

What we get from this group assignment is we can see that are so many types characteristic of
peoples. Besides that, this major assignment guide us try to interaction with other people. When
the first time we met a person that we do not know, we will get shy and speechless.
So this work make us speechless and increase our confidence level. Besides that, this major
assignment makes us more patients to facing circumstances. This condition make us patient
and do not give up until we reach what we want.