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“The Greenhorn”

Instructions for playing the game
1.Team Formation
2.6 students per team
3.Instructor has a right to change teams if
deemed necessary.
4.Once a task is distributed, students are given
up to 3-4 days period to begin working and
then 5 hrs to work together outside of class to
complete it. The task will include a
presentation or final activity which will be
completed during class time whenever
5. For the task, the teams elect a project
manager. At the end of the task there is a
declared winner based on the specific rules for
the activity.
6.In the subsequent class period following the
completion of a task, all teams participate in a
boardroom discussion where students are
given the opportunity to voice the problems
they encountered and reflect upon what they
have learned.

Write a brief note on your customer analysis 5. Give the financial appraisal of the activity.How can you use this information when determining the price for your product? . by making variations in the price of your product. The activity will be conducted in two phases: Phase 1: “Sell Lemonade” 1.Calculate the price elasticity of demand for your product. 8. Report is to be submitted after the completion of activity keeping in view the above questions. 6. .Do you think engaging in price discrimination is a good pricing strategy given the market conditions you face? Why or why not? .What is the price elasticity of demand for the soft drink industry? How do you think this relates to the price elasticity of demand for your product? Discuss how? . 7.How did you applied the principles of management to manage the following: Finance Sales Customer Team Business Communication .What method did you adopt to estimate the demand of your product? Fundamentals of Management . Teams are required to submit the receipts and invoice of purchase and sales just after the activity to the instructor.00 pm 2. .Experiential Learning The Greenhorn Activity Objective: To understand the practical application of classroom lectures.Describe the factors affecting demand of your product? Business Research Methods . Time for the activity : 8:00 am to 1. Target Market: The IIS University Campus 3.What factors are important while determining the location of your business? . Project manager needs to take initiative and strategize the executive plan. Budget per team: ` 500 per team 4. Issues to be addressed during the activity: Managerial Economics .What role does the market research play in successful marketing and selling of product? What research process did you applied before selling your product to the target segment? .

5 per item (which has been procured from home eg utensils and from university like table) is to be charged to the cost of the product. No Music should be played on the campus for the activity. Students should take care of the cleanliness of the campus and are strictly required to make use of university dustbins. 500. Details of cost in duplicate( one copy to be retained by the team) b. posters etc on the walls of the campus. The team should return the tables after the activity is over to the concerned person. 2. 5. 6. The students should wear their uniforms along with the ID Cards. Notional Rent charges of Rs. The Budget of the entire project should not exceed Rs. 9.Phase 2: Board Room Discussion “The Greenhorn” Dos and Don’ts 1. . 4. 7. Details of Sales in duplicate ( one copy to be retained by the team) c. Revenue earned in cash. 8. The activity should not disturb the normal working of the university. After the activity is over teams are required to submit the following in an envelop to the faculty coordinator a. Else the team will be disqualified. 3. The students are strictly prohibited from pasting any material like charts.

Students not participating in the activity will not be evaluated for the assignment.10. .