Generation 1 Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5

Jonathan Malcolm-Debra Moore MALCOM Andrew Rose-Josephine George Washington Rose-Mary Moore ROSE Malcolm ROSE John Gallagher-Ellen Hines Duffy GALLAGHER John Cottam-Lille Rose COTTAM Cottam-Ellen Bridget Gallagher COTTAM McDonald COTTAM William James Cottam-Margaret John Brown-Sarah Mundy BROWN James Spackman Ward-Harriet Brown WARD William Spackman-Sarah Ward SPACKMAN Jacob Thomas-Elizabeth Miller THOMAS

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Robert Keith Shaw Riley Shaw-Josephine Cottam SHAW John Edmund Riley Shaw-Sarah Jane WardII-Martha Ann Thomas SHAW Bowen SHAW Elijah Shaw SHAW Elijah Shaw-Lydia Mary Lou Abbott SHAW Abbott-RuthJohn Austin Abbott-Chrissie Eveline Whitney ABBOTT Allen ABBOTT Austin Neal Venetta Naylor ABBOTT Myron Abbott-Laura Josephine Joseph Abbott-Abigail Smith ABBOTT Stephen Orvel Morgan Allen-Jane Wilson ALLEN George Burton Whitney-Lovina Syphus WHITNEY George Sanders Whitney-Mary Barnard WHITNEY Luke Syphus-Christina Long SYPHUS Frank Sefton Naylor Sr-Rhoda Lois Laird NAYLOR George Naylor-Mary Sefton NAYLOR William Naylor-Annie Wright NAYLOR Henry Wright-Ruth Nephewson WRIGHT Edward Laird-Valeria Ann Flint LAIRD James Laird-Marie Rennie LAIRD William Flint-Mary Jane Goodridge FLINT

Line Generation 1 a a a a b b b b c c c c d Mary Lou Abbott Mother's line Mary Lou Abbott Father's line Robert Keith Shaw Mother's line

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4 Elijah Shaw II-Martha Ann Thomas 4a

Generation 5

Robert Keith Shaw- John Riley ShawEdmund Riley ShawMary Lou Abbott 1a Josephine Cottam 2a Sarah Jane Ward 3a Robert Keith Shaw Father's line

Elijah Shaw-Lydia Bowen 5a Jacob ThomasElizabeth Miller 7a James Spackman William SpackmanWard-Harriet Brown 6a Sarah Ward 8a John Brown-Sarah Mundy 9a James CottamMargaret McDonald 12b John Gallagher-Ellen Hines Duffy 14b

Josephine Cottam

John Cottam-Lille Rose 10b

William Cottam-Ellen Bridget Gallagher 11b

Andrew RoseGeorge Washington Josephine Malcolm 13b Rose-Mary Moore 15b Jonathan MalcolmDebra Moore 16b Austin Neal Abbott- John Austin AbbottStephen Joseph Ruth Venetta Naylor Chrissie Eveline Whitney Myron Abbott-Laura Abbott-Abigail Smith 17c 18c Josephine Allen 19c 20c Orvel Morgan AllenJane Wilson 22c George Sanders George Burton Whitney- Whitney-Mary Barnard Lovina Syphus 21c 23c Luke Syphus-Christina Long 24c Frank Sefton Naylor Sr- William Naylor-Annie Ruth Venetta Naylor Rhoda Lois Laird 25d Wright 26d George Naylor-Mary Sefton 27d

d d d Edward Laird-Valeria Ann Flint 28d

Henry Wright-Ruth Nephewson 29d James Laird-Marie Rennie 30d William Flint-Mary Jane Goodridge 31d

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