The Secret Teachings of Christ


The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven Revealed

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Most people like a good ‘mystery’. We are intrigued, something inside us wants to know, what is behind that door, how does that work, why are we here? For answers many around the world still follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and rely on their religion and cultural folklore, their ‘mythos’; others have turned to science for answers. Yet in each ‘camp’ something is missing. What is missing from both viewpoints is that each ‘story’ is incomplete without the other. They need each other. They must become One. How this can be done and what will be the result is only part of the ‘mysteries’ that await our eyes, for the revelations to follow are all based on the Secret Teachings of Christ.

Here is a mystery. I am holding it in my outstretched hand. Yet my hand appears to be empty. Like the Buddhist Koan, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”, this mystery seems to be nonsensical, irrational, and ridiculous. Yet again, what if it could be proven ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that I hold a strange ‘mystery’ in my empty hand? Just a couple of years ago any scientist would have said what most would have guessed, that I had air molecules in my hand, but now the scientists know I hold a mystery as well, a mystery whose implications are so startling and far reaching it will change the way we see the world, completely and forever, and is comparable to the discovery of the New World in 1492.

In my hand are actually two mysteries: One, scientists now calls ‘dark matter’; the other they call ‘dark energy’. They call it dark because they can’t detect it experimentally, which in every other case would preclude the two from even the possibility of scientific plausibility. However, recent discoveries about the nature of the Universe derived from supernova research and newly refined measurements of the cosmic background radiation that supposedly resulted from the Big Bang have created a near fatal conundrum which has struck fear and loathing into the hearts of scientists everywhere and unless dark matter and dark energy exists in the quantities called for by their calculations, then their entire theoretical structure is in danger of collapse, i.e. wrong. They have got to find this dark stuff or else it’s “curtains”. The scientific establishment which includes Theorists, Researchers, and ‘Academia’ (of the Teaching Class) is stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand is the immoveable object of Occam's razor/scientific rigor which denounces anything spiritual, i.e., ‘metaphysical’. On the other hand is the irresistible force of these newly discovered elements of our universe which ARE by definition – ‘Metaphysical’. Undetectability. Immeasurable. Not experimentally repeatable. Must be Metaphysics! Yet undetectable Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the extra dimensions of Superstring/M Theory are the only ‘possible’ ‘things’ (albeit metaphysical things) holding Physicists' theoretical world together! For a ‘mystic’ like me, it’s ‘delicious’. I hope and pray that someday they will wake up and realize that what really is missing in their theories is what ‘mystics’ have known all along. It’s simple really. The first answer to Occam’s razor is, ‘You can’t get something from nothing’.

There is ‘something’ out there (and in here). We call it God. Where that ‘something’ comes from is currently beyond the reach of our science. Yet now literally ‘everything’ depends on it. Attention Physicists: Do you want to see what’s missing? Open your eyes. Or as they say in the movie, ‘The Matrix’, (Fishburne to Reeves) "open your mind".

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What does theoretical physics have to do with the Secret Teachings of Christ? Answer: Again, everything. If it can be shown the metaphysical knowledge of a

real, actual, effaceable spiritual reality of ‘X’ number of dimensions expressed in the direct and the esoteric teachings of Christ corresponds significantly to the ‘extra natural’, currently unexplainable recent discoveries (and those soon to come) of physics then the scientific skepticism of academia and the fundamentalist blinders of most religions will begin to fall away from their eyes opening the doors of perception within their minds, hopefully allowing many more to be aware of the need, and be caught up in the excitement and passion of those of us who work and await the dawning of a new age in which the healing fusion and reunion of science and religion reveals to all the world the One Truth, the AR, the Toa, the ‘Quality’ of Persig in ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ by and through which life has meaning and a purpose greater that the sum of its parts. This is why this to me is the most important task facing humanity. We must learn the Truth about what it means to be a human being, a Truth that grants to all living beings their own measure of dignity and a rightful place in our multidimensional universe, free to pursue that which represents for each on the spiral of being, what I call, ‘authentic life’, for each has it’s own purpose, and to fulfill that purpose is to live authentically and by default provides meaning to one’s existence, albeit for man there is a higher purpose of greater meaning to which he may aspire.

The story of Christ begins in the Bible as he was born to a Hebrew mother and raised in the culture of Israel at that time. We know he intensely studied the Pentateuch, the ‘five books of Moses’, and the prophetic books as well. From the four accounts of his life in the New Testament we know he was thirty years old when he began his ministry, yet we know little of his life till then., except that we are told that as an infant he was taken to Egypt to escape Herod’s death decree for all first born males of that time. We do not know how long he was in Egypt or what he might have learned there, but at the age of twelve it is recorded that he was back in Israel and ‘taught’ as one ‘learned’ in the temple. We do not really know if he stayed in Israel for the next eighteen years, however some apocryphal accounts say he traveled to India. No one knows but the possibility is intriguing in that some of what he taught corresponds to some of the teachings of the Buddha. Whatever the number, locations, and extent of the influences on him his message as a whole is largely original. Particularly unprecedented is the substantial ‘revelations’ he gave us on the nature of spiritual reality and our relationship to it. Derivative in part or not, as a whole this was new and controversial, in the context of Judaism, at least, and threatening to the very power of Rome as well, as his crucifixion and the later persecution of Christians attests. The power and mystery of this man and his message exists to this day, two thousand years later, as (a billion) people still seek His Truth for guidance and hope.

What is that Truth they seek? Can it still be relevant? Do the two thousand year old words of a murdered Rabbi matter today? What I intend to reveal in this work is that they matter most of all. But that’s not all. There’s more to it than most people know, and a lot of what they think they know is wrong! See, the Teachings of Christ are the proverbial ‘mystery wrapped in an enigma’. I am about to change that. At least change it, in part, for you the reader, listener, or viewer, as the media case may be, if you care enough about it, enough to then study the source material in the light of these ‘revelations’. Then, perhaps, you too will know the meaning of the Secret Teachings of Christ.

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First, a word about secrets. The mystery of ancient Egyptian culture was essentially a secret, unknowable until Champollion deciphered the Rosetta stone. It is my intent that this work shall serve as a ‘Rosetta stone’, where underneath the words you may have read and thought you understood your whole life I will offer a deeper fuller understanding no less controversial to modern Christians than His Teachings were to Judaism. In many cases this full Truth turns out to be diametrically opposed to traditional, ‘popular’ interpretation. I hereby give warning (and hope) that what follows may be unsettling, and hopefully will uproot the half Truths (same as lies) that have pacified the pagan animal heart that still lives within us, instead of bringing about the ‘metamorphosis’ that Christ intended. That transformation, from animal to spirit, has yet to take place…

If you open a Bible to the start of ‘The New Testament’ you will find four ‘books’ recounting the life of one Jesus of Nazareth. Although denied by Jews then and since, His birth and life represents the fulfillment of ancient promises Yahweh had made to his ancestors long before Moses and the Ten Commandments. By His covenant with Abraham in approximately 2200 BCE God set in motion His divine plan for the spiritual evolution of Man. From that time forward He sent His word to us through the Prophets of a promised Messiah, a Priest-King and more; God’s own Son was to come unto the descendants of Abraham. His ‘chosen people’ the Jews, who suffered defeat and enslavement over and over again under first the Egyptians, the Hittites, the Assyrians, then the Persians, and finally the Romans, began to see the Messiah more as a coming military general to lead them to victory than as the spiritual leader God intended. Thus were the humble pacifist Teachings of Jesus rejected by his own people. Similarly yet ‘unconsciously’ most Christians have rejected his Teachings as well! This rejection of the very heart of His philosophy of life by the unaware, the

uneducated, the unconcerned, the misguided, the excuse makers, the skeptics, and the secret pagans among those who call themselves Christians is the ‘lock’ upon the gate of heaven, preventing these apologists, naysayers, buffoons, and hypocrites from entering and seeing the Truth. The ‘unknown’ secret Teachings of Christ are the ‘key’ to that lock. I am offering you that key. Will you take it?

The Stone that the Builder Rejected…

During the Middle Ages there developed in Europe and the Middle-East/WestAsian community numbers of individuals exposed to some body of esoteric knowledge now lost (?) which led them to become what were known as Alchemists: mystics, philosophers, and scientists who practiced the magical art of Alchemy.

One of the main motivations of the Alchemist was to produce the ‘Philosophers Stone’ which it was believed was able to turn lead to gold. Although it would appear today highly improbable that such a process was possible or ever perfected if possible, as some Alchemists claimed to have done so, yet along side and coeval with their chemical experiments there existed a – perhaps or perhaps not – whole other dimension to their work. This “other dimension’ or focus of many if not all Alchemists is documented and analyzed in the critically important yet generally unknown or ignored work of Carl Gustav Jung, the eminent psychoanalyst, psychologist, and pre-eminent medieval and mythological scholar of the 20th Century. Part of this work, published in , “The Collected Works( of Jung)” [Volume 12, Part II] as, “Dream Symbolism in Relation to Alchemy”, gives an unparalleled glimpse into the mysteries of the Alchemist mind. Jung’s vast knowledge of mythological, magical, and religious motifs and symbolism enabled him to ‘crack the code’ of the many esoteric treatises on Alchemy that survive from those mist shrouded days of old. His research and post-mortem psycho-analyzing reveals a hidden dual-meaning, and ulterior higher purpose within Alchemy. At least some Alchemists also sought to change the profane base-metal of their soul to purified spiritual ‘Gold’, and to them the Alchemical art was as much or more about that endeavor as it was about real gold. Thusly the afore mentioned ‘Philosophers Stone’ indeed is revealed by a deeper reading of their Alchemical symbolism as a metaphor for that divine catalyst that sets men’s hearts’ a fire for the Truth and Righteousness, burning

away the base animal nature and transforming the ‘new born’ soul, within and without, into that which pleases God.

Where did this secret body of Alchemical knowledge originate? Probably no one alive today knows. We do know that ‘secret societies’ claiming to possess secret knowledge of some sort or another have existed since early in recorded antiquity, long before Christ. In ancient Greece the Pythagoreans held secret knowledge they deemed so important they would kill any initiate whom divulged any part of it. Probably no one today knows what their secrets were or why they were so important. Similarly few may know 'the secrets' I shall soon reveal, though they are hidden in plain sight...

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Returning now to the Secret Teachings of Christ, it is my contention that either no one alive today (myself excluded) knows of which I speak or for what ever reason declines to talk about it. Like the lost ‘Philosophers Stone’ of the Alchemists, “The stone that the builder rejected”, the oft quoted metaphor used by Christ to describe the philosophic core/cornerstone upon which he sought to create, ‘the Way’, that ‘stone’ too, is now also lost, lost to the masses of so called ‘Christians’ and Pagans alike. The deeper and more difficult meaning within a given part of His message is largely overlooked or misunderstood, even by those learned scholars who dissect every Greek or Hebrew syllable looking for meaning. They “cannot see the forest for the trees”. What follows is my interpretation, which I believe is as complete and correct as is possible.

The Stone…

Walk with me upon a path long forgotten and we will find it leads to a vantage point from which you can see, “the forest”, a sight so beautiful and so full of mystery it will fill your heart with wonder and joy that shall not fade.

This path is rather steep and strenuous. To reach our destination we must climb a series of metaphorical steps, each set of which represents a key idea, an axiom or pre-supposition you must prove to your own satisfaction before you can go on. Each of these meta-stairways culminates in a promontory postulate proof from which better and better views of the Truth are obtained. We must be careful. These stairways were carved long ago; many of the steps are missing and we will on occasion be forced to ‘feel’ our way for the right foothold and the right direction where trails mingle together or seem to melt away in the brush. However, do not despair, I know the way…

We begin in a valley below the hills of our destination. Through this valley flows two rivers that become one, it is said, yet few have found its confluence or know its name, hidden by the ‘Black Forest’, from all but the most daring. Here we come upon the West River, as old as time, clear, still, and deep. Its name is Truth. Further along we face the East River, constantly in the act of becoming, new, shallow, swift, and churning, it carves its way as it goes. It is called many names; I know it as ‘Right and Good’. For now you must believe me when I tell you that ‘East does meet West’ and becomes the river AR. If we make it to the end, then you can see for yourself. One more thing to remember as we reach the base of the mountain is that all these waters originate “high above’, in the pure air where it seems you could, "reach out your hand, and touch the face of God”. As such it is holy water and contains within it the power from which it sprang. The power to heal, to make peace and bring joy; yet such power may only be yielded and unleashed by those who believe in its power and who are pure in heart. Likewise they who would make the climb to this summit, to seek the Truth, to see the AR, to see God, must ‘prepare’ for the journey. They must cast off doubt, ‘suspend disbelief’, to create an opening in their minds and hearts through which new and difficult ideas may enter. So, drink heartedly from stream and spring as we climb, and let each drink refresh that ‘openness’.

The Eighth Reveals the Ninth’

The first leg or stage (or hurdle) of our journey begins at the base of the mountain where well-made, broad steps lead up and around the east flank at a

low grade. This part at least does not seem too difficult. However, it’s often true that what is easy is not the best route, ultimately. From the looks of the people coming and going on this heavily traveled road most did not find anything very spectacular, and, overhearing their conversations, they said that although this trail appears to lead upward it really just circles back to where it started. From this you might deduce they probably missed something, something important, along the way. That’s not hard to do in an unfamiliar place. Any number of circumstances, alone or in combination can have the effect of severely narrowing the focus of our attention and/or comprehension. It can happen to anyone. Face to face with a narrow ledge above a bottomless precipice you may not be able to appreciate the view or notice the partially hidden passageway above you, accessible only by a few barely perceptible footholds. Even if discovered, that upper passage may seem too difficult and dangerous to reach, or you may decide, “It probably doesn’t lead anywhere”. As most of us travel either with family, friends or a community group (culture) you may end up being forced to acquiesce to the consensus, abilities, or demands of your companions and not attempt it. Even if I was there with you and your group and told you, “That’s the way”, some or all of you may not believe me. It may simply be that you/they don’t know me; or it could be that I might look ‘suspicious’ – my clothes or the way I wear my hair may be different than yours; I may have a foreign accent or language; my skin color may be different than that of ‘your people’… Remember always, if you would make it to the “innermost secret place of the most high”, you must suspend disbelief. As Christ said, “Verily I say unto you, whosoever does not receive the Kingdom of Heaven as a little child shall in no wise enter therein” – Luke 18:17. A hard task indeed, but no one said it was going to be easy. If, and only if, you can open your self to the possible, and accept that “With God all things are possible”, will it become possible to find the way. This is the first secret, “the faith (the size) of a mustard seed”, which unlocks the ‘doors of perception’ allowing you to receive that which is revealed. (Not all is revealed as of yet, but the time draws nearer). Without this first all important step there is no need to go any further. And don’t say you cannot make it; this ‘leap of faith’ is but a small bit more than what happens when we become engrossed in a book or film to the point where we forget where we are and become ‘part’ of the ‘story’. We all, some more, some less, have this ability to enter into other worlds. To complete this spiritual journey you must make use of this talent. Allow yourself to ‘suspend disbelief’ and open the doors of your heart and mind to the possible. In so doing we are ready to proceed with caution.

This first step or secret of the Way of Christ is to believe. It sounds simple enough, yet for those who now put their Trust in science and facts it may be untenable. I can relate to their conundrum because I too had to make this first step, for even though I was raised in a religious home and felt deep religious convictions throughout my life, even though I have had undeniable religious experiences, I too went through a period of doubt, even despair of the Truth of God and religion. But rather than turn my back on spiritual reality as ‘scientists’ normally do, I chose to attempt to ‘prove’ God is. I started here; at this first step

and ‘chose to believe’ there is a God for whom all things are possible. I then ‘set up’ a ‘thought-experiment’ (in the tradition of Einstein) as follows: If God is real and the Bible is true then God must be omniscient and knew, way back then when the Prophets prophesied, what would take place in our time, particularly if this time is the “time of the end”, or “the last days” of which they so often spoke. Could God’s messengers three thousand years ago have received and proclaimed (and later recorded for posterity) astonishingly accurate and detailed information concerning the most significant discovery of our time, nuclear weapons? Believe it or not, after many months of intense study of the entire Bible during the early 1980’s I discovered just that, direct and indirect detailed references (in necessarily allegorical language at times since they were trying to describe technology that did not then exist) to the destructive power of a nuclear event and to the aftermath of nuclear war, including ‘nuclear winter’. To my amazement such references occur in almost every book in the Bible, usually in association with a reference to, “the last days”, or, “the day of recompense”, “the day of the Lord”. The potentially cataclysmic events to which they refer may or may not be ‘slated’ to occur in our lifetimes and are not 'written in stone' – our actions, up to a certain point in time, determine the outcome. Yet certain key prophecies strongly point to the present. For more on this critical situation please read the section of essays on this subject. I have mentioned it here because for me this is proof of the Truth, and the Efficacy, of the Word of God. I’m not saying the Bible is infallible. I’m saying that despite what historical errors it may contain, the core Truths of God, Christ, and His Message, as well as the prophecies mentioned above, are true, are real, and are urgently pertinent and pressing. Do you truly believe in the power of God? The resurrection of Christ? And the Truths he uttered? “To enter into the Kingdom of Heaven you must believe as a child” – Christ. That doesn’t mean you have to have the intellect of a child. It means that, like a child; you must have opened your heart and mind to the possible, to trust and believe. This is the first secret, the first step, and the first stumbling block. At this point in our journey the trees of the forest tower about us, all around us, and seem dark and oppressive at first, like they were watching us and judging us, trying to coerce us into taking the wrong trail, because that was the way taken by their ancestors before they got stuck in the mire and took root. If careless the thorny bramble underbrush will try to ensnare us, tearing at our skin, so that we can’t go where they can’t go. Oh yes, let’s not forget the carnivores, the predators that lurk in wait to pounce should you falter or fall.

With all these forces arrayed against us, you might fear that we can’t succeed, feeling alone and helpless and lost. It is precisely here we face our greatest danger and most formidable obstacle to overcome. As night falls we reach the terminus of this first leg of our quest – one ledge separated by a bottomless chasm from another ledge and the path we seek. The distance between the two seems…immeasurable…unconquerable, as the remnants of unfinished bridges attests. Yet many have made this leap before. They knew the secret.

The second secret on the Way of Christ is how the cross the chasm. There may be other ways, but I know of but one. The second secret (or obstacle to overcome) is ‘the leap of faith’. In essence this is simply that once you believe in the possible by suspending disbelief, move out on to the ledge and jump across, believing you will make it. Armed with the first secret, the open-hearted trust of a child for a parent, you must choose to believe the seemingly impossible is possible. By the act of faith, the will to believe, we break down the dimensional barriers between us and the noumenal, between our normal everyday perception of reality and the extra natural; hidden by the bolted doors of our minds. Whether those doors can be opened is not in question, as far as I am concerned. Read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda if Lazarus is not proof enough for you. Don’t worry if you find this hard to accept. The rational mind fights for its dominion and tells you not to believe, but you can fight back and ‘will’ your thoughts to receive these truths. I too was a ‘doubting Thomas’ until my discovery of the Truth of Bible Prophecy discussed earlier in this work. The accuracy and detail of those prophecies about nuclear war forever removed my doubt about the existence of a spiritual reality. It’s in there. You just have to look for it.

The leap of faith is necessary to cross the chasm between doubt and belief and reach the ‘other side’ where our trail continues. Without this leap you cannot go further because the Secret Teachings of Christ will only be received by the heart of the one who fully and truly believes that a spiritual reality we know as God does exist and vital information can and at times is received from that/those extra-dimensional beings. That’s all I can tell you for now. It’s time to go. Jump!

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“Do Not Throw Pearls before Swine”

I see some of you made it. Good. You others over there, keep trying! You can catch up later! If you made it across you’re ready for the next challenge. I better warn you, this is the longest part of the climb and will test your

endurance. Through here you will learn the reasons for the secrecy as well as the most fundamental Truths that remain unknown. This is the Proving Ground. There is only one way to reach the next overlook, from which the Truth of all that came before will become as clear as the purest water drank from a sacred chalice, which refreshes but does not quench; for there is still far to go. You must take these ‘secrets’ and make them your own. You must prove them. Their Truth must become your Truth. The Truth. There is only one way to do this. You must fathom the depths and search out the heights of ‘the Word’, the revelations, visions, prophecies, commandments, instructions, messages, meditations, songs and prayers which man has received throughout recorded history from beyond the veil. Some of which was meant only for the eyes and ears of a select few, was to be kept secret per direct unequivocal instruction from above until the time for the dispensation of Truth arrived. I believe that time is upon us.

The first question that comes to mind is why the secrecy? Why have we been kept waiting so long for confirmation of our faith? Why couldn’t we all receive a revelation of God and his Truth to remove our doubt? With patience and persistence you will begin to see the answer further up the trail. For now just focus your attention on what I’m about to tell you. If you will carefully and faithfully follow my suggestions to completion then the pieces of this puzzle will all begin to fall into place.

First I want you to pick up a Bible like you had never seen one before, like you were an archaeologist who had just dug it’s airtight and watertight time capsule out of an ancient 'tell' (debris mound) of an unknown civilization. To be an archaeologist one must possess an extraordinary interest in history, not just to know what was, but because what was informs us about whom we are and why we are the way we are now. Likewise, in a very real way for you to understand, to truly understand the Secret Teachings of Christ you must have that burning desire to know the Truth. You must be willing to dig through the dirt for however long it takes to reach the ‘treasure’ like that archaeologist opening that ancient book for the first time you must burn with the desire to know what is in it. An archaeologist who found such an ancient text would study it incessantly, reading it and analyzing it from cover to cover, again and again, attempting to decipher the meaning of each word, each phrase, and the overall meaning or purpose. They would search for and identify its historical context and verifiable historical references. Considerable time and effort would be spent on identifying and categorizing the various themes and ideas within each ‘Book’ and the correlations and continuity of ideas between each part. Esoteric references and sections of script that would seem to have more than one meaning would be noted. Similarly, though I will tell you things that are in the Bible, because they have been ignored, overlooked, misunderstood, or out and out rejected by mainstream Christianity, it will be as if you are seeing the Bible for the first time;

you will need to immerse yourself in the subject matter, study it as a whole and prove it to yourself. Only then will the sacred heart of God be revealed to you, the true intent of God for Man. For the Bible is still our best record of the Will of God and His revelations to men, despite its historical inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Just remember, it is one, a whole, and can only fully be understood as such. Rest now and think of what I’ve said. Tomorrow we begin in earnest this part of our journey. The best is yet to come if you have the heart and the legs to reach it

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First light, we rise and begin our day’s climb with the lessons of archaeology – what the historical record does and/or does not tell us about ‘Bible history’. As of the time this was written there had been no indisputable historical evidence discovered to document the actual existence of Abraham, Moses and the Exodus, David, Solomon, and the first temple, and Jesus. There are official government references to the Hebrews and the state of Israel from as far back as around 1K/BCE in Egypt, Assyria, and other sources. As to the chronology recorded in I & II Kings and other Old Testament sources, evidence is scant but where an association can be established there is usually some kernel of Truth to the Bible reference, yet often some aspect of the Biblical narrative or chronology is shown to be inaccurate. Most of the Old Testament was passed down by oral tradition for hundreds of years before it was written down. Most likely inadvertent memory errors or embellishments were introduced at that time. Biblical texts discovered in 1947 among the Dead Sea Scrolls provides strong evidence that, once written, the scribes continued to faithfully reproduce the original without further adulteration. Among Biblical Scholars the ascribed authorship of most of the individual texts within the Old Testament is either finally discounted or in contention. All this being said, it is far less important whether we are in possession of a history book or a historical novel. The history is ancillary but not our predominate interest here.

What we seek is the message within the narrative, and I believe there is every reason to believe that message is ‘intact’. Why? Because it is from God, and those that wrote it and those that subsequently copied it knew it was from God and either revered it and sought to keep it Holy and perfect or feared their own damnation should they ‘wrong’ it (God) in any way. And because I believe it to be God’s Will that His true intent and purpose for us to be made known. Albeit, some part of that message has been a, ‘message in a bottle’, that we only now have the knowledge (the ‘keys’ to the secrets within) to open…the secrets…ah yes, you want to know the secrets. Remember, ‘patience and persistence’; the

secrets are integral to the message. You cannot understand the secrets without the message and you cannot understand the message without the secrets. So do not forget to always look for the whole, the sum of its parts, the message, to ‘see’ the secrets and know God’s meaning (not man’s).

Okay I would say we’ve come to the meat of the dish but I am a vegetarian. Now is the time to explain the secrecy. Take note of the verses cited here on out. If you want to reach the top, to see and understand it all you will need these ‘keys’ to unlock other secrets later on. They’re all interrelated – one secret becomes the key to unlock the next which refers back to an earlier one which combined with the one just opened unlocks one later on, and so on…

Christ didn’t start the keeping of secrets. From the very beginning God ordained that certain things, Truths, were to be kept from our knowledge. Some secrets applied to all of us or to all until an appointed time. Some were to be kept from all but the select few. Some were kept from all until the appointed time, when the select few would be made to know the meaning of secrets they knew but did not understand. Starting with the knowledge of Good and Evil, represented by that fruit-bearing tree in the Garden of Eden, we have any number of precedents in the Bible of secrets revealed over time. Why did God keep things from us? To protect, to shield, to keep from overwhelming us with things we could not understand. Within man's animal heart God created a space where He placed the divine spark, a seed of His spirit, in the hope that it would grow and transform our base metal to gold, our animal nature into spiritual nature. Unfortunately most have either rejected that nature outright or failed to nurture it. Most of us can not free it from the weight of our sins, original or otherwise, to germinate and grow. For those that do ‘flower’ or transform to spiritual nature the world looks and sounds different – you can see things that you could not see before and hear things you missed before. In the transformation of which I speak, you ‘receive’ a totally new view of the way things should be, which is actually opposed, diametrically opposite of the way most people want to believe things should be. This radically new perspective is the direct result of a full complete understanding of the secrets of Christ’s teachings. As a student of the often dark history of Christianity and as an eyewitness insider of the ‘progress’ of Christian practices today I know that Christ’s suffering did not end on the cross. The evils and atrocities that have been and still are carried out in His name, by those with so-called Christian values, under the flag of a so-called ‘Christian’ nation, have afflicted Him far worse than Roman whips, or nails, could ever do. We have broken his heart.

Now remember the secrets in Christ’s Teachings are there not because He doesn’t want everyone to know the Truth, "and the Truth will set us free". The opposite is true. But it’s also true that God full well knew that Satan’s hold on

the vast majority would not be broken and just to preserve the Truth for the few until the time of the end was it made so.

Thusly was a certain degree of esoteric information hidden from the eyes of those that would seek to destroy it, spread throughout the Bible, like a puzzle. The secrets, the answers lie “here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept…”, that those, “whose line falls upon pleasant places”, may come to know things, “…which have been kept secret since the beginning”. So ultimately as in everything concerning God, the reasons some things have been kept secret and other things have been revealed, and when, are unfathomably complex; some things we cannot know till "the seventh trumpet" sounds.

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‘Highest Aspirations’

It is a common belief of most religions that the will of the highest God seeks the highest Good for man, except for those who fail or refuse (rebel) to abide by that God’s standards. They will be punished in some fashion. We as Christians believe God wants nothing but good things for all. We also believe He’s allpowerful – “with God all things are possible”. Yet if that is so, then why doesn’t He make the world a paradise of Goodness and plenty with no evil? If He truly cares about us why does he let ‘bad things happen to good people’? The Bible says it’s because of sin, ‘original sin’ and subsequent sins. The origin parable in Genesis says the Earth was a paradise from which man was banished for disobedience yet even here at the very beginning of the Bible there is something very strange about this story. It says that they were kicked out for eating a forbidden fruit. This fruit gave them the ability to discern the difference between Good and Evil! Why wouldn’t God want us to know the difference? If the knowledge of Good and Evil existed in the Garden of Eden I don’t believe God intended man to never have such knowledge. We know that God wants us to be good, to choose to do good, and we know that even in the Garden God has given us freewill to choose Good or Evil – Adam and Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit. To me it just doesn’t make sense unless we interpret the story as follows: The story is a parable. It’s a story about Truth, not a ‘true story’. If God inspired

the writer (as I believe) then why not inspire him to write ‘the true story’? My answer is that he did inspire the writer to tell the Truth in a way that people of that time could relate to and comprehend; using imagery and symbols they could recognize and accept. Just as Christ did. Today it is our responsibility to find the Truth in the parables, not to fanatically hold them to be literal Truth, nor to dismiss them as meaningless folktales. In that light I shall attempt a modern retelling, albeit like the interpretation of dreams my account must be subjective and open for debate.

'Genesis Revisited'

“In the beginning…”, that which we call God is said to have ‘created’ the universe and placed man within the Garden of Eden in six days/on the seventh He ‘rested’. Millions of people around the world take this literally. They were brought up to believe in the Bible as the ‘infallible’ word of God. Those of you with me here at this long difficult part of our climb to the Truth may also feel the need for ‘solid ground’ to stand on, a sure safe place to stand, maybe even a button to push in an elevator that will take you straight to the top where all will be revealed in one quick and easy to follow documentary. Free popcorn and you won’t even have to take notes! I’m sorry but there is no shortcut. Another secret I will share with you now; ‘salvation is free but you must earn the Truth’. No money can buy it. No tools can create it. No weapons can destroy it. With nothing but the gifts God gave you, you must seize it, wrestle with it, overcome it and make it your own. We can learn about it through the study of history; we can learn the pitfalls to avoid from the mistakes of others; we can consider the council of the wise, yet none of it will make you wise – only the leap of faith and it’s long difficult climb to the summit will you be able to ‘see it all’, and only then will you be wise. (See my essays on Sophism).

I’ve got another secret for you: God does not get tired, or sleepy. That should be a clue for the literalists, but they won’t get it. “On the seventh day God rested”. Didn’t happen. I assure you, God is ‘on duty’ 24/7/365. The tendencies of humans to anthropomorphized and anthropocentricize the characteristics of God and the spiritual realms have got to go. Although it does say that man was made in God’s image it was referring to a spiritual image or aspect. Why? Because God does not need legs. I’ll tell you flat out – if you think God has legs,

or arms, or gets tired, you are not worshipping the true God. Not just that, if you think the Ten Commandments are God’s Laws for us to live by, then you are not worshipping the true God represented most recently by Christ. But that’s jumping ahead. We need a little more background about Genesis and the Old Testament before returning to Christ. In a number of places in the Old and New Testament the statement is made that, “A day to the Lord is as a thousand years”, (to us). Why a thousand? Why not a billion to an eternal God? Because at the time men could not conceive of a billion years. Remember, in order for men of that time to ‘make it there own’, the Truth, the core essence of the Truth at least, had to be ‘presented’ (see ‘precepts’) in a way they could comprehend and relate to. That ‘customization’ of the language and imagery employed to convey the main ideas of the Truth to the minds of the people of that time has unfortunately led like-minded fundamentalists to iconify that imagery and lithify that language, despite the Bibles and Christ’s many references to the evolutionary nature of God’s revelations – doled out little by little, only in bite sizes we were ‘ready’ to digest. This is precisely why there is an ‘Old’ Testament and a 'new' Covenant with God through Christ. The New is radically improved (in God’s eyes), as Christ elucidated in his quintessential discourse of God’s new ‘Ten Commandments’ during the Sermon on the Mount, in which he repeated the axiom over and over again, “you have heard…(Old covenant law cited) but I say unto you… (New covenant law given).” This is a most important secret revealed so far: God’s laws for man have changed over time. Christ himself revealed this Truth explicitly, in the Sermon on the Mount and elsewhere. Once Christ was asked about an old covenant law allowing for divorce, his answer was, “But for the hardness of your hearts was this (law) given… What God has joined together let no man put asunder.” Similarly in general God gave laws to Moses that the hearts and minds of the people of that time could aspire to. Christ came 1300 years later with a new set of aspirations, a higher Truth for men of that time. These ‘customized’ relative Truths were given to help man grow spiritually into a being capable of receiving God’s ultimate, whole, absolute Truth, the ‘Absolute Relativity’. Here, nearly two thousand years later we still await confirmation and conclusion, perhaps the final dispensation as prophesized. Perhaps we ourselves are to blame for this delay? Most of humanity has remained derelict during this ‘drought’, even devolved, spiritually speaking. Full well did Christ know this would be the case, when He said, ‘narrow is the way and few to cross it’. So here we see Genesis in a new light, a revalued ‘translation’ of its imagery and parables – through the eyes of Christ if you will. Born among the Hebrews, God’s chosen people, Christ took the seed of Truth God planted there and watered it with His own blood, that it would grow and bloom and mature into a eternal lifebearing tree of Truth, the ripest fruit of which, is Love. Yet for two thousand years the power and joy of that Love has remained secret, hidden from the eyes of most by the evil within their own hearts. Why did John the Baptist and then Jesus of Nazareth cry in the wilderness and in the cities of Judea for the people to ‘repent!’? Because then as now, they did not even know that what they did and what they believed was good and right was, “evil in the sight of the Lord”. The “traditions of men”, then and now, their ‘family values’ are derived not from the ‘other-centered Love of Christ’ teachings but from the self-centered (mostly

subconscious) reflexive, reactionary, million-years-in-the-making animal instincts and thought/behavioral patterns and complexes that are so integral to consciousness and our sense of identity we don’t even know they exist or how much they affect us, much less that there is anything wrong here. In a sense we are all ‘possessed’ of an ancient daemon that must be exorcised before Christ’s Love can enter in. We must recognize it’s in us, that it is evil, our ‘original sin’ and allow God to cast it out by our ‘repentance’. If like most people you feel just fine the way you are now, thank you, believing you know what’s what, and who am I telling you what to believe; then these words can not help you. I am merely relaying them from the source. This ‘repentance’ is for the few. You must have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” it. I am trying to open your eyes. Look up! See there, ahead at the summit. Can you see that tree? As we get closer you should recognize it. I can’t tell you what it is. You must see for yourself. Let’s keep moving. There’s still quite a ways to go.

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Prophets and Seers

It’s a little known fact that almost every book in the Bible contains prophecies or references to prophecies. Fully one third of the Bible is prophecy. These prophecies are ‘revelations’ from God, formerly secret (unknown) knowledge about either the then present, or, near or distant future events. In accepting the previous statement certain questions naturally arise. Why tell the future to men long dead? Why not tell us, the people the coming events will affect? Why did all the prophets disappear after Christ came? Why are the vast majority of Bible prophecies about “the last days”, “the time of the end”? And most importantly after the second anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attack on America, particularly the families and friends of those who died that day have questioned why? If God knew it would happen, why didn’t he warn us, or even intervene and stop the terrorists? “Why does (God let) bad things happen to good people”? (a book title some years back). All these questions will be addressed, if not answered, in what follows, as I show you the secrets of Bible prophecy.

Christ made (or referred to) numerous prophesies about “the latter days”. Most of His prophetic statements could be ‘cut and pasted’ from any number of Old Testament prophecies. He often pointed out a particular messianic prophecy from the Old Testament and demonstrated how it had been or was being fulfilled by some aspect of His origin, life, or ministry. Likewise, on the subject of the last days, He referred to certain Old Testament prophecies as being key to knowing the actual time frame (age, period, and era) to which the prophecies of “the end of the world” related. He said no one but God knew the day and hour but, “When you see the sign spoken by Daniel, then know the time is near”. What sign? In the English of the King James Version it is called, “the abomination of desolation”. What does that mean and to what does that refer, what event or thing in the future, very near to “the end of the world”, could that enigmatic phrase indicate? According to Christ himself this is the most crucial eschatological reference in the Bible.

The importance that God places on man’s awareness of certain end-time events or ‘developments’ cannot be over-estimated, as documented by the hundreds of eschatological references and prophecies spread throughout the entire Bible. Accordingly, it is not possible to over-emphasize how important it is for us, at this time in history, to be able to truly and accurately identify that to which the phrase, “abomination of desolation” refers.

We are now at the most difficult and critical part of our climb, requiring skills you must master that cannot be taught…you must…become wise. Here there is no turning back. We are at a vertical face that extends upward beyond our sight. There are many handholds and footholds to choose from as we begin our ascent. Some are natural (made by God). Some are…not. Those not made by God will not reach the top. Each man is alone in his climb, ultimately. Only by strength, endurance and right choices will you succeed. Do you have what it takes? Here is all I can give you: Separate the wheat from the chaff, and see the whole, it is one. Choose wisely. The cliff is your challenge at this point. It represents the work you must do to understand God’s intent and message. To truly “get it”, you must truly “know it”. There is no shortcut. To reach the summit, to see the whole, you must overcome this wall. The wall is our ignorance. Until we climb, chapter by chapter, book by book, through the entire Bible, “here a little, there a little, precept upon precept…”, at each step holding in your mind what it is you are seeking, the answer to the question, “What is the “Abomination of Desolation”?”, only then will the way upward become clear. If you do this task you will learn as I did how much they don’t teach you in Sunday school or preach on Sunday morning (most churches). As you move from book to book, first look for and highlight (or even ‘catalog’ as I did) all references to either “the last days”, “the time of the end”, “the latter days”, “the day of recompense”, or “the day of Lord”. At the same time carefully study and constantly refer back to the description of end-time characteristics and events given by Christ in Mark 13 and

Matthew 24; then highlight, catalog or annotate all prophecies or eschatological references in each book that may possibly describe the same or similar events, phenomena, and/or characteristics. I believe that, like me, you will be amazed at the number of times God’s messengers wrote about such events or phenomena. Most of these references offer some different aspect to be added to the puzzle, until, taken together as a whole, an undeniable picture emerges of a common theme, a ‘thread’ of related images and detailed descriptions of global devastation such as the world has not known in human history, wrought by “devices”, “prepared” by God to snare the wicked and unrepentant in their own trap. By these various accounts throughout the Bible it is clear they describe devices of destructive force, unimaginable and unknown to the world…until about fifty eight years ago. I emphatically state that nothing in existence, before or since, possessed the destructive power to do what they describe. What I am saying is that the common theme of end-time prophecies throughout the entire Bible is the real and potential destructive power of the use of nuclear weapons and their consequences, i.e. nuclear winter, radiation sickness, etc. It’s all in there. My personal ‘concordance’ is available for those who do not fear what they may find. Yet here I must point you back to Genesis, to where prophecy begins in the Bible, to God’s covenant with Abraham. Read it carefully for therein lies a promise of hope. Abraham (his descendants) is promised by God, “a blessing or a curse”. It is totally up to our actions as to which we will receive. Personally, I fear the river of innocent blood spilt just in the last century may have ‘drowned’ our chances and I watched the passing of the second millennium with great anxiety, then relief. However, my relief was short-lived, as the evil in the hearts and actions of men has naught but increased since 2000 came and went. Still, the trap is set, ready to go off if evil wins out. “By their own devices are they snared”? That is what may happen. It is not yet written in stone, I believe. Pray I am correct. The question I place before you is why did God reveal this to these ancient men? Because it’s proof. It is proof of the validity and efficacy of God’s Truth.

If you see this Truth about our modern world, revealed to men three thousand years ago in such precise detail, is unequivocal, undeniable, then that is strong testimony, evidence of the Truth of the rest of the message, revealed by Christ. That I believe is why it was so important that it is referred to in almost every book in the Bible. To warn us, of course, but also to prove our faith, that we may know the message is the Truth. “…and the Truth shall set you free”.

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Paradox and Metaphor

There are different kinds of secrets in life. Secrets of love can be sweet, as in a teenage crush, bittersweet, as in a love not returned, or tragic, as in a wasted life. Some secrets can be dangerous if uncovered. Secrets of State and illicit affairs fit this category. Some secrets are to protect ‘treasure’ of some kind. Similarly the Bible contains different kinds of secrets. The kinds I’ve mainly spoken of so far are those that are secrets of ignorance. The secrets of ignorance are not meant to be secret. It’s that they ‘don’t fit in’ with what our instincts wrongly tell us to believe so they are overlooked, ignored, discounted, or ‘reinterpreted’. These secrets, this part of the message is ‘hidden in the open’ by our own minds. There are also real secrets, things, aspects, elements of the Truth that has been deliberately concealed from our knowledge, some for an allotted time or until a specific event occurred before being revealed, others will not be revealed at all until Judgment Day. However, there are also secrets that are ‘esoteric’, Truths that are difficult to comprehend, ‘too large, too complicated’, even ‘too irrational’ for most minds to grasp, or, that have been deliberately ‘obscured’ by language that can only be ‘deciphered by those who hold the keys’. These latter two types are those on which we shall now focus. We have overcome the granite base of this cliff, have climbed past the shale and limestone layers, and have reached the lower extremity of the sandstone capstone, yet still we cannot see the top. When the vertical wall begins to slope again towards our summit and that lone strange tree at the peak again becomes visible we will examine the real secrets revealed so far. We will then be prepared to approach the summit.

We have two kinds of esoteric secrets: those that are difficult and those that are obscured, with some ‘overlap’ at times. Both kinds are meant to be knowable to some. For both kinds our ability to understand the message they convey is in part proportional to our understanding of the problems of language. Tall hills if not mountains of books have been and are being written by philosophers addressing this issue. In fact, modern philosophers are obsessed with the problems of semantics and pragmatics – the use of language to convey meaning. Of the many language problems we face when trying to learn the meaning of God’s Word, paradox and metaphor represent the greatest challenge. At this point it is not our muscles and our brains that will keep us climbing past the limits of human endurance, so to speak, it is our hearts, out desire, our will, our spirit. It is only our heart that keeps us going, that chooses the right handhold at

times like this. Our ‘intuition’, if you will, is empowered by our heart. Our ‘character’ at such times is revealed; what is there in our hearts comes out, for better or worse. “Purity of heart is to will one thing only” (- Kierkegaard). This is what we must do, must ‘be’, to reach the top, to find the right handhold, the right ‘interpretation’, to unravel the mysteries and enigmas. That is how we must approach Biblical paradox and metaphor. No book on semantics will help unless your heart can see through to the center, unless your heart resonates at the same frequency as does Gods. Then you will hear the message.

Reading the text, one should be struck by the number of times Christ used paradoxical statements, parables and metaphors to describe the Truth about spiritual reality and how we relate to it. As he explicitly stated on one occasion this language was sometimes used so that those who were there listening with malicious intent would not be able to comprehend what was said. His Truth behind the parables, metaphors and paradoxes was meant for those whose hearts were right only. That’s why he said, “Don’t throw pearls before swine”. Other times unusual esoteric language was employed by Christ to ‘pass on’ key information that could not be properly understood until an appointed time or event had come to pass, as in the nuclear-related prophecies. I would refer you again to my ‘personal concordance’(coming soon). Examine the verses under each topic with an open mind. Try to see how they relate to each other. Make the connections of ideas to actions, past and future. Most importantly, Look through God’s eyes. Imagine seeing the world the way God sees it. We know that God has traditional been conceived as omnipresent, everywhere and ever present throughout the infinity of space, past, present, and future, all at the same time. Thanks to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity we have strong evidence to support that belief because that is exactly the characteristics of a being ‘traveling’ at the speed of light. His famous theorem, ‘E=MC²’, revealed that everything in existence is composed of ‘energy’, and we ourselves, as beings composed of energy are proof that ‘energy’ can and does possess ‘consciousness’. We know from the famous ‘double-slit’ experiment, that even light itself is a mysterious paradoxical phenomena, existing as both a particle and a wave at the same time. The whole world of theoretical physics is currently hanging by the thinnest of threads above a metaphysical (spiritual) abyss (as they think of it). Their own discoveries in the last few years has ‘backed them into a corner’ from which they can only escape (continue to support current theory) by proposing currently undetectable phenomena to explain away the paradoxes of their observations and the infinite results of their calculations. So far they are counting on finding huge values of undetectable ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ as well as an additional seven more undetectable dimensions to our universe! Now last time I checked any supposed phenomena that was ‘undetectable’ by scientific experiment was considered “metaphysical” (i.e. nonexistent) by scientists. For instance, any and all ‘spiritual’ phenomena are considered 'metaphysical' because they cannot measure it or repeat it experimentally. Yet for myself there are strong correlations between documented observed spiritual phenomena (accepting the credibility of the

witnesses) and the missing phenomena the physicists so desperately need to find. I assert that dark matter (DM), dark energy (DE), and the missing dimensions are in actual fact 'constituent elements' of the undetectable spiritual phenomena and dimensions ‘observed’ by reliable witnesses throughout history. We know from these recent scientific discoveries that some kind of unobservable and undetectable DM & DE have observable effects on our universe. We know that traditionally angels and other ‘noumenal’ beings and phenomena at times become ‘observable’. We know that from various accounts, when such phenomena does occur it possesses mass of some kind – Jacob ‘wrestled’ with an angel, as well as accounts of people ‘touching’ ‘spirits’, or being ‘held’ by some force, unable to move. People have been seeing, hearing, and touching spiritual entities and phenomena since man first recorded his history by oral tradition and then in writing. For science to totally ignore such evidence is criminal and tragic for modern culture. Fortunately they are now being forced to stare it in the face, however much they want to turn away and deny it. The unequivocal Truth is that the traditional paradoxes of religion have become the paradoxes of science. Now you should see why Christ described spiritual reality by paradox and metaphor, because it’s the Truth. Truth that is being scientifically proved as we speak, although they don’t know it yet. In this light and in the context of the above and the new understanding of the whole of reality I hope it has opened to you let’s examine and try to understand the paradoxical statements and metaphors of Christ.

First is the statement, “You must lose your life to save it”. The answer to this riddle revolves around the higher forms of love that are sadly unknown and unexperienced by most people. Love in all its forms is the life force of the universe. Love is not just a feeling. It is a force. Not a physical force, a spiritual force, an ephemeral form of energy not detectable by current scientific instrumentation. Sound familiar? I believe it is possible to conjecture that the missing dark energy may be, at least in part, the life force of the universe, which we experience as love. What is love? The answer is complex and yet it is simple. “He who would lose his life shall save it”. Scientists do not look for love because they think they cannot ‘touch’ it; (materialistic-empiricism) yet love is everywhere, in everything. These priests of the church of science take Occam’s Razor and try to cut reality into manageable slices, to make the complex simple. However the more they cut, the more they dissect, experiment, and measure, the more they are discovering that for some reason, “it doesn’t add up”, the pieces won’t fit back together on the grand scale of cosmology and ‘unified field’ physics. They’re still missing something…something called love, or God. God is love. The secrets of the universe the scientists are so earnestly seeking are the same secrets within the Teachings of Christ. They are multidimensional. The Truth exists in this plane of being and beyond, in ‘X’ number of other planes, other worlds, other realities, of which we can occasionally glimpse under the right conditions. Truth is thusly, to our perceptions, paradoxical and best understood by metaphor and parable. It is a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. It is ‘extra-natural’. That a man must be willing to ‘lose’ his life to save

it refers to multidimensional life and well-being... part of which takes place beyond time and space as we know them. Here we must 'look back' before we can go forward...

It is the vestiges of our evolution as Homo sapiens, our animal nature that tells us we must survive at any cost, must fight, even kill rather than be killed. To us it seems natural and right to want to protect yourself at any cost. Going on their ‘gut instinct’ most Americans initially approved of the Bush administrations’ aggression against Iraq believing Iraqis to be ‘our enemy’. Yet totally beyond the comprehension of these ‘good Americans’ and their misguided patriotism and standing in moral opposition to their ‘traditional family values’, Christ commanded us to live by a new, higher, extra-natural law beyond our natural instincts. He said, “Love your enemies”, not “Kill them and take their oil”. “He said, “Turn the other cheek”, not, ‘fight back’. He said, “If a man wants your coat give him your cloak also”. He said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. He said,

“The last shall be first, and first shall be last”.


"You must lose your life to save it"

Paradox and metaphor are used by Christ because the secrets of our universe and of His teachings (one and the same) require it. To our sense perceptions and limited perspective they are paradoxical. However to God, if I may say so, [We are still ‘embryos’ awaiting maturation – someday all will be revealed], all that we find complex is simple, and what to us is simple He knows to be complex. To God, it is not a paradox. Nevertheless, none of this implies a ‘new age’ nihilist amoral relativism nor an ‘old age’ Wicca/Pagan type of moral relativism. Christ unequivocally set forth an inerasable boundary between darkness and light, between good and evil, of a positive, higher order of being that leads to Truth and Love, and of a negative, reactionary, opposite order of being which we must overcome by a transformation of our instinctive animal nature into spirit nature. Fail to do so and face eternal consequences. Like the cliff we have now faced and overcome by determined effort we overcome our ‘original sin' nature by setting our hearts, our minds and our wills upon “one thing” only, because in both cases, there is no turning back. Now, the summit, and our quest…

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Secret Treasure

We are now standing before the locked gate just a short ways from the summit. I hold the key in my hand. But before I give it to you I must be sure you are ready. You must be tested this one final time. We have come far. The secrets I have shown you are not easy. One must train ones mind to ‘see’ outside of itself and at the same time to ‘hear’ that “still, small voice” within our hearts, to embrace ‘the other’ that ultimately is ourself. Despite the concerted effort of the darkness of this world to blind our minds to the Truth and keep us ‘occupied’ with the petty, mundane, puerile, poisons, and drudgery of modern life, one must ‘overcome’, must, “keep your eyes on the prize”, must hold to the awareness of Truth and Good, and “never surrender”. I have tried to show you how Christ taught the one Truth that encompasses all Truths, including that which science has discovered and that which science has yet to understand. I have called the one Truth, ‘Abs

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