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IMPORTANT GUIDE LINES FOR WRITING THE REPORT 1. There should no deviation in the cover page of the report from the format prescribed. 2. The cover page must be hard bound in BLACK with GOLDEN embossing(or what ever

you prefer personally) of the literature as stated above.
3. The size of the report would depend on the project undertaken. However it must be 75 -100 (approx) typed pages (Double space) on A4 size paper. 4. All the students are required to use the uniform font and format. 5. Font size of Main Heading should be 14, All Caps, Bold, No Underline, Times New Roman. 6. Font size of Sub Heading should be 13, Caps and lower case Bold, Times New Roman. 7. Font size of Second Sub Heading should be 12, Caps and lower case, Bold, Times New Roman. 8. Font size of paragraph should be 12, Times New Roman. 9. Margins Left = 1.5 inch, Right = 1 inch; Top 1.5 inch Bottom 1 inch 10. Spacing within a sentence    Between words: 1 space After a colon: (:) 2 spaces

 After a semi colon: (;) 2 spaces After a comma: (,) 1 space  After a full stop: (.) 2 spaces 11. Please insert Page numbers, right hand bottom corner. 12. After each Headline there should be 2 line spaces. 13. Each figure, graph, table, exhibit should be properly numbered like “ Fig 1”, Table 8”, “ exhibit 6”. 14. There should be “Chapter 1, 2 ... “as chapter separators, just before each chapter , ( Font 32, Times New Roman, centre of the A4 size paper.

CONTENTS OF THE REPORT PRELIMINARY SECTION             Cover page- a hard cover and its format is given at the beginning of this section. Copy of the cover page should be placed next to cover page. Statement by the candidate. Certificate by Faculty guide Certificate of Industry Guide Acknowledgement Table of contentcs List of tables List of diagrams (if any) List of graphs (if any) Synopsis of the report Objective of the Report

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION THEORETICAL PRESENTATION OF THE TOPIC Significance of the present study. Background of the present study. Review of previous research studies in the relevant area of your research. Scope and objectives of the present study. Area and period of study. CHAPTER II ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE OF THE COMPANY 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Background The Promoters The Company and its Product line Features of the Product Organization Structure Competitors Govt Policies/ Business Environment

8. Balance sheet etc. Audited 9. SWOT Analysis 10. Achievements/ Awards 11. Future Prospects CHAPTER III PRESENTATION OF DATA AND ANALYSIS Presentation of data (primary and secondary data) and analysis may be divided into one or more chapters depending upon your requirements and convenience. The student should give appropriate title for each and every chapter. Sources must be quoted for both the literature and the secondary data presented in these chapters as footnotes in the respective page itself. The data collected by the student are to be classified, tabulated, critically analyzed and reported in this section. Quantitative techniques shall be tabular form/graphical form/diagrams/other statistical tools like average, measures of dispersion, correlation co-efficient, etc…      Sources of data Sample size, if any Methods of data collection Instrument used Tools and techniques of analysis

CHAPTER IV FINDINGS, CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONS This is important chapter; major findings of the study based on data analysis must be presented in a summarized form in this chapter. There must be correlation between objectives and findings. Based on the findings, you have to draw conclusions and make suggestions and present them in this chapter. WHAT GOES INTO AN ANNEXURE A. Supplementary & Secondary Reference B.  Questionnaires & Letters  Original data (Excel sheets etc.)  Long Tables

   

Schedules or forms used in collecting data Information from Internet/ Published sources Information from Industry /Firms CV of student

HOW TO WRITE BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: i. Author(s) e.g. If Author name is Stephen Robbins, then it will be written as Robbins Stephen. ii. Title, Place of Publication, Publisher, Date (year) of publication, Number of pages referred from “-------to-----“ Magazine & Journals/ Newspaper i. Author(s), Title of-----------, Volume Number, Serial Number, Date of issue, Page number Internet: i. Name of the site, Article Name, Name of the Author, date of the site visited

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