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Fragments Of Light
Floating around a thousand of dust
An ocean of time and space
Drift through all of life in grave
A sign round in our hands reads to earth or burst
As we are spinning in the darkness of blackest night
Time is shifting sands have left us behind
As if exploding through an endless rift
An ocean of time and space
Drift through all of life in grave
Through vast expanses of dark and light
Over the horizon shines the lunar's many lines
In all their mighty glory, above the eternal shade,
As the oceanic breeze begins to fade
Into the darkness skies
We are alone in a vast ocean
Of constellations

2. To Wander And Beyond

Searching for the shadow in an endless field
The sun is shining but we can't see it. Can't see the sky
Falling to the ground, with the light of the sunguiding us
To a trail thick with thorns, in a forest dark and bleak
Mysteries of night,watching from the skies,
As the light in blind scenery,
And the darkness in single strides
As the twilight realms, shadowed clouds of silence,
We find a crimson sword, forged in an ancient vale
where fell a forest hail. We traveled to the hither lands
Beyond the foaming ocean, the wind blown the shadow
Over moor and mountain, forest and land, soaring over
Into the never-ending grasses,
That move like a thousand hands waving
Vast expanses of nothingness,
A solitary figure against the endless sky,
We came in colours of every shade

3. Shades Of Grey

4. Into The Mist

The journey begins from the hollows
Through the forest trails
Creating way on the mossed ground,
A breeze howling through the air,
And voices carried out throughout the forest,
They forge on a head blazing their way like ancestors before
Into the unknown and dense forest they roam
The scars remain
Feeling the swells of the ocean echo
The growing darkness
Roaming the woods
In the labyrinth of a shattered mind
With the full of mist
They embraced the portal dream
Parallel dimensions
Lurking silently in the mist and haze
Forgotten by the world
Isolated from life
Wandering all alone

5. Among The Giants

The roots of the mountain, dwell deep in dark earth
Forlorn against bright stars, wild beasts clamber
Around in the darkness, feasting on fear
The howling winds, marching the journey towards the mountain
The soughing winds, shrouding the giant with the darkness
Weighty is the sight...
The spirit flame shall alight...
The sun is rising
Shall wear the mountain down
The might time fall, can break its colossal back

The nefarious witch of death mountain. Wrapped in the evening cold

The sky slowly bled, welcoming the foreboding night

6. Realms Of The Elder

Walk down paths beneath the mountains
Listen to the wind blow through outstretched forests,
Carrying ade old stories told by ancient voices
As they rise above, Reaching their arms to the sky
Like the spines of serpents
Among the ivory of darkness creature
Frozen now, in blankest at our feet
Doomed to eternal suffering.
The ground, disturbed by the human
Carrying ade old stories told by ancient voices
As they rise above, Reaching their arms to the sky
Like the spines of serpents
wrought from the netherworld
Long lost stories fly on ancient wings
Forgotten forever
By the eyes and tongues of humans
Lost beneath the sands of time

7. Land Of The Lurking Twilight

In the land of the sky when nighttime rises,
The trees become shades of grey, white and black,
The water is tinged with a reddish glow,
The mountains and skies formations change
With the wind
The sun sinking beneath
The waves strands of wonder, through the night
Descending as the stars, for a past that never was
And silence falls eternal darkening day
Turned it into the night
We seeing the light fade, and the darkness rising
We feel the shadows creep along the horizon
Darkness sorrounding us,
The light darkens rippling across the sky.
Shadows creep along the horizon,
Hurtling spears to pierce the night

As night crept back into the world,

We farewelled the twilight land
As beneath the waters swirled,
The dusk will bring fourth...
A rebirth
Lurking the twilight mountains, far over the deep blue ocean
A dark tale and a song of nautical,
To the land of ancient night

Derick Prawira Drums

Danang Guitars, Bass
Valendino Mithos Guitars
Rizky Vocals

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