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Vlogged on YouTube here Okay, constellations, 4 winds, astrology, and 4 faces of God, continued. See the previous entry if you want to. So, the divine perspective on things is the reverse, almost the mirror image of our earthly view. That actually makes a certain amount of sense, even if it is way challenging to take in. For those who haven’t already mastered any astrology or the like, it won’t be a problem. You don’t have anything to unlearn. Just try, later, to go learn the mundane variety, though; you’ll be in for it, then.
So, the astrology lesson continued in the Haich book, Initiation.

The High Priest, Phahotep, actually indicated that it was due to the constellations, and to their energy--which he said was fairly and accurately represented by the zodiacal signs, Leo, Gemini, Libra, etc--which created both the earth and all that’s on it. Now, I’ll pause here for station identification and say that 1) Initiation is a most powerful book, whose lessons definitely qualify as Wisdom, capital W, and 2) that, no matter the mechanism, this doesn’t kick God out of having created everything. Please, be in heart. Do what you can to set beliefs and opinions aside, at least for the moment. They’ll still be there, if you want them back, later. Just try to listen openly, though, because this lesson packs a powerful punch, and I want you to get it. Okay, pause over. Now, the teaching is that the energy of each sign is well and truly in each item and element of manifestation; all are saturated, all share a form of identity. Thus, constellations, and the signs that represent them, are much more than symbolic. They truly share the energy of those things that they ‘rule.’ Okay, that part of the lesson was also pretty hard to swallow. How could this be? Come with me, here. To get the depth of this, you must accept, at least for the moment, that the book, Initiation, is a most powerful book that truly shares with us the ancient wisdom. I suggest to you that it does just that. Thus, even if you want to disagree, or question that, don’t do so right now. Just come along with me. Get back in the heart, which is where you can go on this journey. Let the head do its thing without you, for now. Just remind it you can go back and deal with that stuff, and pick up all its old ideas again, later, if you want to...and tell it to hush, for the moment. So come along. This is real Wisdom we’re exploring. So, the energy of each sign is deeply embedded, right down to identity level, in all material creation. In other words, God or Source flowed Her energy down into the material creation, using the constellations around us like step-down transformers. Thus, Her/His energy, as it found us, as it created all things material, here on Earth, firmly

imprinted them with the Light, energy, and vibration of the starry constellations. Just be with that for a few moments. It’s really deep, but it’s even way deeper in the book. Did I say it is free, for the download, on Scribd.com? Go get it. Okay, now, this makes the signs and the constellations more hugely important than even the serious astrologer may have ever contemplated. Let that in. Let it settle in, a bit. Are you ready? Okay, let’s take it the next step. If that’s so, then how could that be, that God would put so much focus and ultimate emphasis on this tiny spot in the Cosmos, this Earth? I’m not one who thinks Man is the only divine creation, the only life form, around, so the Cosmos is well peopled and insected with beings. So why this emphasis on the Earth? It is a focus on earth, of course, because the constellations are not real things, by any means, and only look as they do from an Earthly perspective. To move anywhere else is to get an entirely different view of the stars. Heck, some of the stars in the same constellations are maybe billions of light-years apart. They’re not together, by any means, except from the perspective of the telescope on Earth. So, take that in. Those constellations not only don’t make sense from other planetary perspectives; they don’t even exist from elsewhere! Period. They are very place and time specific. Got that? And whether Man is Divinity’s ultimate creation or not, he is surely not the only living creation, so there’s that to contend with. In other words, why make the Earth and her people so central to the Cosmos, the Field, to Divinity? What’s with that. How can that be? Now, don’t go all religious on me. That’s fine, for your personal thing, and it’s even great for that, but I’ve no use for it, here. I don’t mean a religious God when I say God, or Divinity. I mean something more like Prime Creator, Primal Source...something like that. Not some guy in the sky with a beard, surely, okay? So let’s leave religion out of it. You can use that for more emphasis for your own understanding, later. To me, that alters stuff. Okay, so here’s this great Wisdom book, placing this massively huge, as in total divine focus on this planet, these local constellations. Back to what’s with that. I can tell you, it made me question the validity of the whole Initiation book. I mean, how could that be? Was God not the God of all creation? Why this emphasis on this planet? So, the book set aside for some weeks, I kept checking back, deep inside, to see if there was movement on it, yet. I had been so deeply moved by what I had read in it, up to that point, that I really wanted to continue it. But to do that, I had to get through the astrology part, and that was a major hump for me, just now. So, no go. So there it sat. Each time I went back to it, no go. No comprendo. Like alphabet soup, my brain just refused to contend with it. So I waited. Then came today. Finally, finally, I picked it up, once again, and it started to make sense. Oh, my God! Did it ever make sense! In whole new ways I could never have comprehended before, it made sense.

This journal is going on too long, though, so I’ll offer the last big part in the next one. Apologies for that, but a pause is maybe good, anyway. The subject is meaty.

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