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I am beginning to read what words Plato left for us about Atlantis. He was the first one that we know of to write of it, you know. People may call it legend, but maybe people are wrong in that, or just misinformed. That is the way of the Dark Force, of course, to misinform. There is often evidence of truth woven in; they know we will respond to that, that it connects with us, for we have this ancient inner memory, whether we know of it, or not. Yet, with what truth they don’t quite expunge from the record--and they are very good record erasers, indeed--with what truth remains they mix in a hefty dose of misinformation. Thus, we retain some of history, but they call it legend, or myth. Well, so be it. The weight is upon us to wake up, after all. They have no requirement to help us do it, for goodness’ sake. Why, that would be to work against themselves, against what they feel is in their own best interests. So, it’s simply up to us to do the waking up, to get out of our little reality boxes, so neatly constructed for us, and to explore. I like doing that. You must too, or you would not be with me, here. So let’s explore together, then. Don’t leave all the good stuff just for me. Drop down in heart, and let’s take this trek, together. Where are we headed? I never know, you know. I just set off, trusting that the way ahead will be lighted as we go. Often, we must take one step before the next one will be lighted for us. There’s a wisdom in that; do you see it? Anyway, how about exploring Truth? That’s a very brave and daring escapade, for the Truth, the real Truth, cannot be told, of course. All we can have are good approximations of it...and that’s if we’re blessed, and sufficiently humble. The super arrogant need not enter, here. They will be tripped up, and on their own arrogance, as well. Nothing else need be added. In reading Plato’s words, I had to stop when he discussed the goddess, Athena. Believe it or not, I had not made the connection, Pallas Athena, goddess of Truth, and Athens. Silly, I know, but I hadn’t connected the two. Then, being someone who practically worships Truth, ultimate, transcendent, capital-T Truth, Pallas Athena becomes someone or something very important to me; close to the bone, so to speak. Vital. And here I must shed some hero worship. I pause, recognizing how I had previously placed the goddess so high above my head, metaphorically speaking, that I had not thought the self

worthy of interacting with the deity, the goddess. Any such behavior, such thinking, is stuff and nonsense, of course. Reality is not structured like that, unless we choose to structure it so, in our own personal world, and for a time. It will always collapse, eventually, though, if it is not founded on the Truth. Stuff just works that way. So, what is needed, at least as I currently see it, is the right combination of both arrogance and humility. The arrogance is required to see oneself as worthy of communing with the holy one, the goddess, and the humility is necessary to bring back any Truth from the escapade. Absent a good dose of humility, we cannot trust what we bring back from our adventuring. At least, that’s been my experience of things. Now, these things my poor words purport to discuss, here, are so much higher than mere words can tell, and so I must yet again recommend that one do the listening from within the heart. From there we can see and connect with the bigger picture--or at least begin to get the sense that there IS a bigger picture. That’s a good start, a good space to occupy. My God - to think, that in ‘Days of old’ our forebears conversed and communed, directly, with such beings of Light; with beings of such great Light that they were called gods and goddesses. Amazing! Well, we’ve got that in our DNA, still; that makes it accessible to us. Yeah, we don’t yet know the 100th of what the DNA is all about, of its uses, but one thing is pretty certain: it preserves the memory, the record of what’s gone before. Right there, right within every cell; so accessible. Thus, my recommendation is, as you go and read these things, these ancient journals and ‘Myths’ of what’s gone on, before, that you stay close in heart. I know I keep saying this, but how else am I to get it through to you, to others, that heart is the place to be? There really is another kingdom, another consciousness available to us all, you know...or you may not know. I’m telling you, though, that it’s true. The Kingdom really is within. It really is a legitimate kingdom, and you are the queen, the king of it. We’ve all set down our crown, our scepter of authority, and left our interior throne (which is short for “Three in one”) so long ago that it’s just a faint trace of memory, now. It doesn’t even seem possible, much less real, somehow. Oh well, that’s my job, perhaps; to sing the song of the Inner Kingdom; to invite people to go back, to go within, to rediscover the throne, and to set out to once again take up the scepter and crown, to rule in their own domain, to take dominion. On the outer dimension it looks like this: you take responsibility for your life. Those are the first, and necessary steps. We stop blaming our loved ones, others, the world for whatever seems wrong with our life. As long as we’re focused out there, like that, we will never reign, will never take up the throne. We’ve all abdicated, you see, allowing and enabling others to come in to our kingdom and to

take it over, by bits and pieces. A little here, a bit more there, we’ve given over our power and authority to the outside world, to externals, to people and things. We’ve even forgotten that happiness is a choice. No one can take it away from you, unless you first give them the authority, the power to do that. It is your right...but you can give it away. Life works like that. You get to rule, and if that’s the choice you make, then life respects it. Do you see how that works? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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