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Classmate is an Indian brand of student stationery products.

ITC Limited launched its Classmate

brand in 2003 with the notebooks category. Subsequently, Classmate added new products to its
portfolio which consists of pens, pencils, mechanical pencils and geometry boxes. [1] Classmate
has 900 distributors who make the products available in over 70,000 outlets in India.

Classmate, brought in earnings of 40 crore in 2005-06. This increased to more than Rs. 650

Crores in 2011-12.[3]

1 Products

1.1 Notebooks

1.2 Pens

1.3 Papercraft

1.4 Pencils

1.5 Mechanical Pencils

1.6 Maths Instruments

2 Initiatives

2.1 Classmate Ideas for India challenge

2.2 Brand Ambassadors: Rajveer Singh, Saif Ali Khan

2.3 Discussions

2.4 Corporate Social Responsibility

2.5 Classmate Young Authors Contest

2.6 WWF-India and ITC Ltd. Promoting Responsible Forestry

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Classmate manufactures Notes, pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, dairies and geometry boxes.

Classmate notebook brand has a product range of more than 300 variants, and is custom made
to take care of varying needs in notebooks, long books, practical books, drawing books and

reminder pads segments.[2] ITC focused on the design elements of notebooks: each Classmate
notebook has a theme on the cover and related information inside.[4]

ITC Nitish Kumar forayed into the pen industry with the launch of Classmate pens across
markets offering the consumer stylish and attractive designs.[2]

ITC limited having diary brand Papercraft with different models like yearless diaries.

Classmate HB Jet Black Pencils mark the entry of Classmate into the pencils category.[2]

Mechanical Pencils[edit]
Classmate mechanical pencils are intended for sharp, precise writing and drawing, especially
used for precise drawings in subjects like maths,drawing and engineering.

Maths Instruments[edit]
Classmate Invento and Classmate Victor are part of the range of geometry boxes.[5] Invento is
positioned as a more premium product carrying interesting trivia and other useful information
about the subject, while Victor provides tinted plastic instruments that makes it easier for

Classmate Ideas for India challenge[edit]
Classmate has launched a program called Classmate Ideas for India challenge. The program
would was a part of the company's centenary initiative. [6] The nationwide program would invite
ideas of the youth who have the potential to transform India. Classmate Ideas for India challenge
plans to reach out to 2.5 million students across 30 cities, 500 schools and 200 colleges across
the country.[7] The CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, WWF India, the
Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Janaagraha and the Akshaya Patra Foundation among others are
the program partners for the event.[8] The program would encourage the finalists with an
internship with relevant program partners, besides cash prizes and other rewards. Additionally,
the top five winners would be sent to a one week international study tour.[9][10]

Brand Ambassadors: Rajveer Singh, Saif Ali Khan[edit]

Classmate, ITC's education and stationery products brand, has signed Rajveer Singh and Saif Ali
Khan as brand ambassadors for its range of products.[11]

ITC Classmate hosted a discussion on the subject titled Principal, Parents and Children: Building
a Relationship of Mutuality.[12] The panelists agreed on the need for greater student involvement,
in the choice of what they are taught, as well as the method of imparting education.

Corporate Social Responsibility[edit]

Every Classmate notebook carries ITC's Corporate Social Responsibility message on its back.
For every four Classmate Notebooks purchased, ITC contributes 1 to its social development
initiative that supports, among other projects, primary education. [3]

Classmate Young Authors Contest[edit]

The Classmate Young Author Contest 2004 (CYAC 2004) was initiated by ITC Limited to provide
a platform for budding writers among students to showcase their talent and an opportunity to
develop it through interaction with some of the country's leading literary icons. [13]

WWF-India and ITC Ltd. Promoting Responsible Forestry[edit]

This first took off in the year 2009. ITC Classmate becomes the first Indian company to join the
Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN).[14] Paperkraft Premium Business Paper which is a
product of ITC Limited and is the country's greenest paper mill. ITC contributes towards
environment: through 'Ozone treatment & ECF technology' to eliminate toxicity in their industrial
effluents released by them into the ecosystem and in a large scale through afforestation and
water conservation by planting 8 trees for every tree used and has greened over 1 lakh hectares
as on today, since 2008.[15]


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