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54750 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

179 / Friday, September 16, 2005 / Notices

Frequency: On occasion; Affected be collected; and (4) the use of 5,700; Total Annual Responses: 5,700;
Public: Not-for-profit institutions, automated collection techniques or Total Annual Hours: 1,425.
business or other for profit; Number of other forms of information technology to 3. Type of Information Collection
Respondents: 51,629; Total Annual minimize the information collection Request: New collection; Title of
Responses: 174,461,278; Total Annual burden.
1. Type of Information Collection Information Collection: The Consumer
Hours: 1,997,581.
To obtain copies of the supporting Request: Extension of a currently Assessment of Health Behaviors Survey;
statement and any related forms for approved collection; Title of Form No.: CMS–10160 (OMB # 0938–
these paperwork collections referenced Information Collection: Request for NEW); Use: New focus on personalizing
above, access CMS Web site address at Certification in the Medicare and/or messages by relating health care choices Medicaid Program to Provide Outpatient with individual beliefs may help guide
pra/, or E-mail your request, including Physical Therapy (OPT) and/or Speech these educational efforts. The intent of
your address, phone number, OMB Pathology Services, OPT Speech this survey is to understand the role
number, and CMS document identifier, Pathology Survey Report and personal responsibility plays when
to, or call the Supporting Regulations in 42 CFR people with Medicare make health care
Reports Clearance Office on (410) 786– 485.701–485.729.; Form No.: CMS– decisions; Affected Public: Individuals
1326. 1856, CMS–1893 (OMB # 0938–0065); or households; Number of Respondents:
To be assured consideration, Use: The Medicare Program requires 1580; Total Annual Responses: 1580;
comments and recommendations for the OPT providers to meet certain health Total Annual Hours: 395.
proposed information collections must and safety requirements. The request for
be received by the OMB Desk Officer at certification form is used by State 4. Type of Information Collection
the address below, no later than 5 p.m. agency surveyors to determine if Request: New collection; Title of
on October 17, 2005. OMB Human minimum Medicare eligibility Information Collection: Physician
Resources and Housing Branch, requirements are met. The survey report Assessment of Hospital Quality Reports;
Attention: Christopher Martin, New form records the result of the on-site Form No.: CMS–10154 (OMB # 0938–
Executive Office Building, Room 10235, survey; Frequency: On occasion and NEW); Use: This assessment will
Washington, DC 20503. Other—every 6 years; Affected Public: monitor the attitudes and behaviors of
Dated: September 1, 2005. Business or other for-profit; Number of physicians as they relate to the concerns
Michelle Shortt, Respondents: 2,968; Total Annual of their patients who have been exposed
Responses: 495; Total Annual Hours: to hospital quality-of-care reports at
Director, Regulations Development Group,
Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory 866. CMS’s Web Site; Affected Public:
Affairs. 2. Type of Information Collection Individuals or households; Number of
Request: Revision of a currently Respondents: 1730; Total Annual
[FR Doc. 05–18052 Filed 9–15–05; 8:45 am]
approved collection; Title of Responses: 1730; Total Annual Hours:
Information Collection: National 346.
Medicare Education Program (NMEP);
Form No.: CMS–R–254 (OMB # 0938– To obtain copies of the supporting
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND statement and any related forms for
HUMAN SERVICES 0738); Use: The NMEP was developed to
inform people with Medicare, their these paperwork collections referenced
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid family members, and other interested above, access CMS Web site address at
Services parties about their Medicare options.
The Medicare Modernization Act of pra/, or e-mail your request, including
[Document Identifier: CMS–1856/1893, 2003 expanded the program to include your address, phone number, OMB
CMS–R–254, CMS–10160, CMS–10154]
among other things, a new Prescription number, and CMS document identifier,
Agency Information Collection Drug Benefit; therefore, this package has to, or call the
Activities: Submission for OMB been revised to include this Reports Clearance Office on (410) 786–
Review; Comment Request information. The NMEP employs 1326.
numerous communication channels to
AGENCY: Centers for Medicare & To be assured consideration,
educate people with Medicare and help
Medicaid Services, HHS. them make more informed decisions comments and recommendations for the
In compliance with the requirement concerning the Medicare program proposed information collections must
of section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the benefits; health plan choices; be received by the OMB Desk Officer at
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the supplemental health insurance; rights, the address below, no later than 5 p.m.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid responsibilities, and protections; and on October 17, 2005.
Services (CMS), Department of Health preventive health services. As part of OMB Human Resources and Housing
and Human Services, is publishing the the NMEP, CMS must provide Branch, Attention: Christopher
following summary of proposed information to this population about the Martin, New Executive Office
collections for public comment. Medicare program and their Health Plan Building, Room 10235, Washington,
Interested persons are invited to send options, as well as information about
comments regarding this burden DC 20503.
the new prescription drug coverage to
estimate or any other aspect of this help them choose the option that is right Dated: September 8, 2005.
collection of information, including any for them. This survey seeks to assess the Michelle Short,
of the following subjects: (1) The awareness, knowledge, understanding Director, Regulations Development Group,
necessity and utility of the proposed and experiences of people with Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory
information collection for the proper Medicare regarding the Medicare Affairs.
performance of the Agency’s function; program overall and these new [FR Doc. 05–18508 Filed 9–15–05; 8:45 am]
(2) the accuracy of the estimated initiatives; Frequency: On occasion;
burden; (3) ways to enhance the quality, Affected Public: Individuals or
utility, and clarity of the information to Households; Number of Respondents:

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