Recognizing October 12th as Indigenous People’s Day
WHEREAS, October 12, 1492 marks as one of most impactful dates to all indigenous people of the Americas.
WHEREAS, this date marks the beginning of the colonization of indigenous people that forever changed indigenous identity,
cultures and achievements.
WHEREAS, Numerous cities and state governments within the United States now recognize Columbus Day as Indigenous
People’s Day in efforts to create a path of healing.
WHEREAS, the 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a clear message that world
governments are developing a need to focus on indigenous identity.
WHEREAS, the indigenous people of the YanaGuana also recognize the need for education of their heritage and culture as
indigenous people and through education begin to instill much needed pride to a community devastated through
years of colonization.
WHEREAS, Indigenous people, by their closeness to Mother Earth, have contributed in creating many of the mainstay
agriculture foods principally corn, beans, squash, chocolate, avocado, peanuts, and so many more. The
contributions of Indigenous people are not solely in agriculture but in all aspects of today’s society. Indigenous
people maintained the natural resources that fuel the economy of America and are deserving of an honorable
mention such as Indigenous People’s Day.
THERFORE, we support October 12, 2015 as Indigenous People’s Day.
WITNESS OUR SIGNATURES and SEAL OF OFFICE this 6th day of October 2015.

Nelson W. Wolff
County Judge
Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez
County Commissioner, Precinct 1
Kevin A. Wolff
County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Paul Elizondo
County Commissioner, Precinct 2
Tommy Calvert
County Commissioner, Precinct 4