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54740 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

179 / Friday, September 16, 2005 / Notices

Genetic Purity of the Westslope Management, Missouri River Flood CO, Wait Period Ends: 11/07/2005,
Cutthroat Trout Population, Flathead Developments, U.S. Army COE Contact: Frank Landis 719–477–4203.
National Forest, Flathead River, Section 10 and 404 Permits, St. Louis Revision to FR Notice Published on
Flathead, Powell and Missoula County, MO, Wait Period Ends: 10/ 7/22/2005. Refiling of Final EIS Per
Counties, MT. 17/2005, Contact: Danny McClendon Agencies Request, the Wait Period
Summary: EPA expressed 314–331–8574. will End on 11/07/2005.
environmental concerns about potential EIS No. 20050374, Draft EIS, BLM, CA, EIS No. 20050292, Draft EIS, USA, HI,
impacts to aquatic ecosystem integrity, Ukiah Resource Management Plan, Makua Military Reservation (MMR)
particularly effects to non-target species, Implementation, Several Counties, Project, Proposed Military Training
and ecological impacts of restocking CA, Comment Period Ends: 12/15/ Activities, 25th Infantry Division
historically fishless lakes. EPA 2005, Contact: Eli Ilano 916–978– (Light) and U.S. Army, HI, Comment
emphasizes the need to follow strict 4427. Period Ends: 10/06/2005, Contact:
EIS No. 20050375, Draft Supplement, Gary Shirakata 808–438–0772.
pesticide application protocols with
FHW, TN, TN–397 (Mack Hatcher Revision to FR Notice Published on
appropriate management and mitigation
Parkway Extension) Construction 7/22/2005. Extending the Comment
measures, and establishment of a
from US–31 (TN–6, Columbia Period from 9/21/2005 to 10/06/2005.
comprehensive monitoring and adaptive
Avenue) South of Franklin to US–341 EIS No. 20050298, Draft EIS, AFS, UT,
management program to minimize
(TN–106, Hillsboro Road) North of West Bear Vegetation Management
ecological and public health risks
Franklin, Additional Information on Project, Timber Harvesting, Prescribed
during project implementation.
the Build Alternative (Alternative G), Burning, Roads Construction,
EIS No. 20050335, ERP No. FS–AFS– Williamson County and City of
J65419–MT, Gallatin National Forest, Township 1 North, Range 9 East, Salt
Franklin, TN , Comment Period Ends: Lake Principle Meridian, Evanston
Updated Information, Replaces the 10/31/2005, Contact: Walter Boyd
Effects Analysis for the Northern Ranger District, Wasatch-Cache
615–781–5774. National Forest, Summit County, UT,
Goshawk in the Main Boulder Fuels EIS No. 20050376, Final EIS, COE, TX,
Reduction Project (FEIS), Comment Period Ends: 09/30/2005,
Cedar Bayou Navigation Chanel Contact: Larry Johnson 307–789–
Implementation, Gallatin National (CBNC.) Improvement Project,
Forest, Big Timber Ranger District, 3194. Revision of FR Notice Published
Implementation, Near Baytown in on 7/22/2005. Extending the
Sweetgrass and Park Counties, MT. Harris and Chambers Counties, TX, Comment Period from 9/06/2005 to
Summary: EPA has no objections to Wait Period Ends: 10/17/2005, 9/30/2005.
the proposed action and supports the Contact: Dr. Terry Roberts 409–766– EIS No. 20050351, Draft EIS, SFW, CA,
proposed ecological effects monitoring. 3035. East Contra Costa County Habitat
Dated: September 13, 2005. EIS No. 20050377, Draft EIS, COE, NY,
Conservation Plan and Natural
Montuak Point Storm Damage
Robert W. Hargrove, Community Conservation Plan,
Reduction Project, Proposed
Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office Implementation, Incidental Take
Reinforcement of an Existing Stone
of Federal Activities. Permit, Cities of Brentwood, Clayton,
Revetment Wall, Suffolk County, NY,
[FR Doc. 05–18428 Filed 9–15–05; 8:45 am] Oakley and Pittsburg, Contra Costa
Comment Period Ends: 10/31/2005
BILLING CODE 6560–50–P County, CA, Comment Period Ends:
Contact: Dr. Christopher Ricciardi
12/01/2005, Contact: Sheila Larsen
EIS No. 20050378, Draft EIS, COE, NJ, 916–444–6600. Revision to FR Notice
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Liberty State Park Ecosystem Published on 9/2/2005. Comment
AGENCY Restoration Project, Hudson Raritan Period Extended from 10/17/2005 to
[ER–FRL–6667–4] Estuary Study, To Address the 12/01/2005.
Adverse Impacts Associated with Past Dated: September 13, 2005.
Environmental Impacts Statements; Filling Activities, Port Authority of Robert W. Hargrove,
Notice of Availability New York and New Jersey, Jersey Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office
Responsible Agency: Office of Federal City, Hudson County, NJ , Comment of Federal Activities.
Activities, General Information (202) Period Ends: 10/24/2005, Contact: [FR Doc. 05–18429 Filed 9–15–05; 8:45 am]
564–7167 or Robert Will 917–790–8635. Revision BILLING CODE 6560–50–P

compliance/nepa/. to FR Notice Published on 9/16/2005:

Due to an Administrative Error by the
Weekly receipt of Environmental Impact U.S. Army COE the above Draft EIS ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
Statements was not properly filed with the U.S. AGENCY
Filed 09/06/2005 Through 09/09/2005. EPA. COE has confirmed that
Pursuant to 40 CFR 1506.9. [OPPT–2002–0001; FRL–7738–5]
distribution of the Draft EIS was made
EIS No. 20050372, Final EIS, AFS, AZ, available to all Federal Agencies and National Pollution Prevention and
Pickett Lake and Padre Canyon interested parties for the 45-day Toxics Advisory Committee (NPPTAC);
Allotments Cattle Grazing review period that will end on 10/24/ Interim Ad Hoc Nanotechnology Work
Management, Authorization and 2005. Group; Notice of Public Meeting
Implementation, Coconino National
Forest, Mormon Lake Ranger District, Amended Notices AGENCY: Environmental Protection
Coconino County, AZ, Wait Period EIS No. 20050291, Final EIS, AFS, CO, Agency (EPA).
Ends: 10/17/2005, Contact: Katherine Gold Camp Road Plan, Develop a ACTION: Notice.
Sanchez Meador 928–526–0866. Feasible Plan to Manage the
EIS No. 20050373, Final EIS, COE, MO, Operation of Tunnel #3 and the 8.5 SUMMARY: Under the Federal Advisory
Howard Bend Floodplain Area Study, mile Road Segment, Pike National Committee Act (FACA), 5 U.S. App. 2
Improvements for Future Land, Forest, Pikes Peak Ranger District, (Public Law 92–463), EPA gives notice
Future Road, and Stormwater Colorado Springs, El Paso County, of an all day meeting of the National

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