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Once every few years, each of us make a duplicate key, whether out of necessity or advisability of having
another. What is key duplicates, when it is necessary to duplicate keys, can make a duplicate car keys,
how replication takes place, whether professional locksmith is the only person who can make a
duplicate key and mostly, what should be observed when making key replication in a locksmith or for
anyone else? This article will answer these and other questions, that arise from time to time, and
related topics locksmith, key duplication and the relationship between them.
Before we can answer the questions mentioned Locksmith Philadelphia above, we must, first and
foremost, to define the words that make up the concept of "duplication of keys." In addition, briefly
define the term "locksmith", which deals with the main professional in this field.

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Locksmith - Locksmith concept was investigated and it was explained to the articles on this site dozens
of times. Mention briefly that the locksmith is a professional whose profession is installing locks,
dismantling or repairing. As stated, the locksmith deals in other areas, such as breaking doors and
duplication of keys.

Replication - Even-Shoshan dictionary, the word duplication three different settings, but where it is
relevant, "printing multiple copies, over oilcloth or over the special plates, the machine made it." If you
went into a bit of philosophy in the context of key duplicates, we note that Plato extends the definition
of cloning, saying that cloning is a kind of imitation, in which the original and the copy (having been
published / printed) are alike in all, so much so, that when performed replicating successful, can not be
differentiate between the copy source. In addition, says Plato, that the purpose of replicating good is to
allow a person to use more than one copy of the item it needs, and in our case, the key.

Key - the key concept more familiar and definition is: a tool or object is intended for opening and locking
mechanism can open it just by holding the key. Accompanying key lock is designed for security, and
allows its holder to unlock and lock the door at will. Key's common shape is an elongated metal rod,
which includes grooves or depressions of different sizes and heights or snake-shaped slot. There is an
area at the top of a curved rod, clean and comfortable, designed to hold. There are several types of
keys: Steel or MultiLock keys, cylinder keys, reset key, vehicle keys, safe keys, mail and drawers and
When performing duplication of keys?
Duplication of keys is done when you need exactly the same as another key. For example, when you
want to move another key family member, leave a key with a neighbor or with fear original developer
Where can I make a duplicate key?
It is recommended to perform key duplication with locksmith. Common occupation of locksmith is
breaking doors and installing locks, but few know that the locksmith also specializes in replicating
indices. This is not a minor specialization at all, because the opposite is true. Key duplication does not
take place in a locksmith may produce partial results are not always professional. In general, there are
stores that do not employ professional locksmith but still deal with duplicate keys.
What things should be noted while duplicating keys?

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A locksmith can duplicate all kinds of keys, and yet, it is important to recognize the different types of
keys, and noted during the reference locksmith, what type it is key to find out that there is in possession
of an appropriate cloning machine. When the vehicle key duplication, recommended to come with the
vehicle code. With this code, entered the vehicle computer, the previous code will be canceled and will
avoid the possibility of using the old key might be stolen. There is now a special magnetic card, which
only can be used to make a duplicate of certain keys. This card increases the security level of the key and
Finally, because only locksmith able to copy accurately the key, under the provisions of the security of
key manufacturers of various shops which face not employ a locksmith could lead to an unpleasant
experience and sometimes even put you in an uncomfortable position. Expand and stated that only
duplication of keys with a professional locksmith can assure you the full responsibility and more
importantly, the confidence that the job will be done in the most reliable.
Types of keys that can be reproduced by a locksmith
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There are several common types of groups you can duplicate keys with Locksmith:
1. Duplicate keys by a locksmith for ordinary Cylinder Lock - this group belong to the classical keys,
which include teeth on one side of the key and head round or hexagonal. These keys are usually made of
silver or painted metal and plastic are connected to the top of their edge. Keys for Cylinder Lock keys are
considered the most common, and every locksmith can duplicate them for you at a lower rate.

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2. Duplicate keys by a locksmith for steel doors, such as multi-key, blocking and Steel - keys belong to
this group better, usually consisting of a series of depressions etched both sides of the key. Because
steel doors are considered protected and more expensive, to be designed more for their keys, and their
heads will be covered in most cases hard plastic dome and colorful. Locks of this type can be replicated
in any suitable machine locksmith possession and ownership of dozens of shekels (depending on the
specific type of key).

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3. Duplicate keys engraved by locksmith - This group crosses etched keys streak of them all lengths (the
technical term is the key to a snake). Such keys will typically develop a more sophisticated locks and
various vehicles, and their heads will be covered for most convenient plastic cover. Such keys can be

reproduced only for locksmith, and cost several tens of shekels to hundreds of dollars. Parenthetically,
we note the work of a locksmith tariff is determined according to the cost of materials and labor time,
and it changes course developer key, so there is no uniformity in the prices of replication.
Various techniques of reproduction or copying of keys that by locksmith
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There are different machines which have a professional locksmith duplicate keys - but there are
unqualified persons (thieves and burglars) replication or copying of keys in several ways: embedding or
embedding copper ingots of clay and thus produce an additional copy of the key. In addition to the
known techniques, many techniques are available which will be used locksmith amateur or nonprofessional locksmith, for example - Popsicle stick method. Popsicle-stick method, take the key, put him
a piece of paper, with a dark pencil to paper to pass through holes are discovered. When you receive
Chart holes, you can put the paper on a popsicle stick (resembling in size the dimensions of many keys),
and punch him in the holes according to the chart. This way you can "replicate" ease developer fees, and
this method is also practiced by some intruders.
Advanced Solutions duplication of keys by locksmith
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People who want to avoid at all costs burglaries and illegal duplication of keys, they can turn to
locksmith and have them install an advanced cylinder lock their homes and protected against hacking,
duplication of keys and copied keys. It will be possible to duplicate keys with other keys duplication
control card. You can also install a biometric lock, the opening of mail involves identifying the
fingerprint. Locks biometrics are becoming more common in recent years, because they provide a
hermetic solution, and since its price is declining.