TELL ME A STORY FOREWORD “The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a merchant man seeking goodly pearls: who, when

he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.” (Matt. 13:45, 46) Seekers after truth may acquire much that is good and desirable, and not find the greatest truth of all, the truth that will save them. Yet if they seek persistently and with right intent, if they are really in quest of pearls and not of imitations, they shall find. Men who by search and by research discovers the truth of the kingdom of heaven may have to abandon many of their cherished traditions and even their theories of imperfect philosophy and “science falsely so called” (I Tim. 6:20) if they would possess themselves of the pearl of great price. No man can become a citizen of the kingdom by partial surrender of his earlier allegiances; he must renounce everything foreign to the kingdom or he can never be numbered therein. If he willingly sacrifices all that he has, he shall find that he has enough. The cost of the pearl is not a fixed amount, alike for all; it is all one has. Even the poorest may come into enduring possession; his all a sufficient purchase price. (“Jesus the Christ” by James E. Talmage, pages 278-279) This book and website is in response to the implicit request: TELL ME A STORY. It is a compilation of the stories of our ancestors - each married couple of five generations that gave their all for their one pearl of great price. I. Tell me a story about the married couple in the first generation; Robert Keith Shaw-Mary Lou Abbott SHAW II. Tell me a story about each of the two married couples in the second generation John Riley Shaw-Josephine Cottam SHAW Austin Neal Abbott-Ruth Venetta Naylor ABBOTT III. Tell me a story about each of the four married couples in the third generation; Edmund Riley Shaw-Sarah Jane Ward SHAW

John Cottam-Lille Rose COTTAM John Austin Abbott-Chrissie Eveline Whitney ABBOTT Frank Sefton Naylor Sr-Rhoda Lois Laird NAYLOR IV. Tell me a story about each of the eight married couples in the fourth generation; Elijah Shaw II-Martha Ann Thomas SHAW James Spackman Ward-Harriet Brown WARD William Cottam-Ellen Bridget Gallagher COTTAM Andrew Rose-Josephine Malcolm ROSE Myron Abbott-Laura Josephine Allen ABBOTT George Burton Whitney-Lovina Syphus WHITNEY William Naylor-Annie Wright NAYLOR Edward Laird-Valeria Ann Flint LAIRD V. Tell me a story about each of the sixteen married couples in the fifth generation and how they were converted and gave their all “when (they) had found one pearl of great price.” Tell me a story about those that left their native countries and what their personal conditions were and the routes they took to join the main body of the Saints in America. Elijah Shaw-Lydia Bowen SHAW Jacob Thomas-Elizabeth Miller THOMAS William Spackman-Sarah Ward SPACKMAN John Brown-Sarah Mundy BROWN James Cottam-Margaret McDonald COTTAM John Gallagher-Ellen Hines Duffy GALLAGHER George Washington Rose-Mary Moore ROSE Jonathan Malcolm-Debra Moore MALCOM Stephen Joseph Abbott-Abigail Smith ABBOTT Orvel Morgan Allen-Jane Wilson ALLEN George Sanders Whitney-Mary Barnard WHITNEY Luke Syphus-Christina Long SYPHUS George Naylor-Mary Sefton NAYLOR Henry Wright-Ruth Nephewson WRIGHT James Laird-Marie Rennie LAIRD William Flint-Mary Jane Goodridge FLINT

The Saints be honored and praised for their faith, courage and strength needed to overcome great obstacles. These hardy pioneers had found their one pearl of great price. Robert K Shaw 12.24.2009


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