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Royal University of


Faculty of Agro Industry

English for Agriculture

Group member 9, Year II Semester 2

Sun Heng Vimean

Sun Heng Phalin

South Samoeun

Seng Tong Ly
Sab Mich Titya

2014 - 2015

Fruits and Vegetables

Avocado (n) a tropical fruit with
thick green or purple skin and oily green
flesh that can be eaten and which has a
large round seed at the Centre.

Blueberries (n) the dark blue

fruit of a bush that is grown in North
America, similar to a bilberry.

Cantaloupe (n) a type of

melon (= large fruit with a thick skin) that
is round and has yellow or green skin and
sweet orange flesh.

Cherries (n) a small, round, soft

red or black fruit with a single hard seed in
the middle, or the tree on which the fruit

Raspberries (n) a small

soft red fruit, or the bush on which it

Apricot (n)

a small round

soft fruit with a pale orange furry skin.

Figs (n) a sweet, soft, purple or

green fruit with many seeds, or a tree
on which these grow.

Peach (n) a round fruit with

sweet yellow flesh that has a lot of
juice, a slightly furry red and yellow
skin and a large seed in its centre.

Plum (n) a small round fruit with

a thin smooth red, purple or yellow skin,
sweet soft flesh, and a single large hard

Olives (n)

a small bitter green

or black fruit that is eaten or used to

produce oil, or an evergreen (= never
losing its leaves) Mediterranean tree on
which this fruit grows.

Beets (n) a plant with a thick

root, which is often fed to animals or
used to make sugar.

Broccoli (n) a vegetable

with a thick green stem and a tree-like
dark green top.

Lettuce (n) a plant with

large green leaves, eaten raw in

Spinach (n) a vegetable

which has wide dark green leaves
which are eaten cooked or uncooked.

Celery (n) a vegetable with

long thin whitish or pale green stems
which can be eaten raw or cooked.

Kidney beans (n) a small

dark-red bean that can be eaten and
which has a curved shape like a

Artichoke (n)
a globe

artichoke or Jerusalem artichoke.

Zucchini (n) US FOR


Turnip (n) a rounded white

root which is eaten cooked as a
vegetable, or the plant which produces

Bean sprouts (n) a

bean that has just started to grow and
is eaten as a vegetable.

Kiwi (n) an oval fruit with brown

skin covered in hairs and bright green

Pear (n) a sweet fruit with a

lot of juice and a green skin which has
a round base and is slightly pointed
towards the stem.

Radish (n) a small vegetable,

usually red or white and round or
shaped like a finger, which grows
underground and is usually eaten
raw in salads.

Bell pepper (n) a

pepper (VEGETABLE). vegetable
that is usually green, red or yellow,
has a rounded shape and is hollow
with seeds in the middle.

Eggplant (n) an oval purple

vegetable which is white inside and
which is usually eaten cooked.

Agriculture Paragraph

Increasing food security

Rice is the most important human food, eaten by more than half of the worlds population every
day. In Asia, where 90% of rice is consumed, ensuring there is enough affordable rice for everyone,
or rice security, is equivalent to food security. In Africa and Latin America, rice is becoming a more
important staple too. Much of IRRIs work is around helping increase rice production to ensure
food security - particularly for those people most at risk of not getting enough food.
Food security is also recognized
as being more than just providing
people with enough calories to
live on, but ensuring people have
enough nutrients for optimal
health too. IRRI is working on
developing healthier rice varieties
to help those who mostly depend
on rice can get more nutrients into
their diet to reduce malnutrition.
Over a 25-year period, Filipino
farmers have gained an additional
US$52 (Php 2,300) per hectare
from using improved rice
varieties derived from the breeding work of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).
The study covered three major rice-producing countries in Southeast Asia the Philippines,
Indonesia, and Vietnam. IRRI works with all three countries' agricultural research and extension
systems to advance its improved rice and distribute it as new varieties to local farmers.
The Philippines, a rice-eating country, has mostly small rice farms, averaging 1.7 hectares, and rice
is grown across different kinds of environments.



(Php 2300)

International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) .


Paragraph Writing
About My Last Holiday
Last weeks, I and my
friends spent our holiday
at Kompong Som. This is
one of beautiful beaches in
Kompong Som. It took
three hours to take there.
We concentrated in bus
station. At 5 A.M we
started our trip by bus.
Although I feel tired after
three long hours but sea
air made me re-excited.
We arrange our bags and
after that we quickly
swum in blue sea. The weather was very nice. The golden light spread in white
sand. Tiny waves crashing onto the beach. It is suitable for swimming. After
swimming, we started to build sandcastles, listened the sound of the waves, felt
the salted taste of sea and enjoyed some special foods. In the afternoon, we rode
around on the road from back of the beach to font of the beach by doublebicycles. That was a wonderful sight. One sight is sea, the others is mountain. It
really made me forget everything to relax. And then, we decided climb to some
mountains. Sightseeing is as beautiful as the other places. So we took many
photograph. We can saw mountain, houses and wide sea. When we climb down
the mountain, we bought some souvenir for our friends. A day go by so fast. I
wanted to stay there longer but we had to come back to work the day after. The
trip was short but it had a strong impression on me and I had many memories
with my friends. We came back Phnom Penh city and felt comfortable after a
good holiday.

By: Sab Mich Titya

My Last Holiday

Last holiday, I went to Kam Pot province with my family and my friends. At
11:30, we had lunch in Kam Pot province. And then we went to Kep province
when we arrived Kep province, we walked on the beach, and we rested on the
beach chalet and the afternoon we came back home.


My last holiday
Last week, I had a holiday
for three day at King birthday I
went to my hometown, and I
also had an excursion with my
family at Kampong Som there is
very special, there are beaches
beautiful and there are tourists
many people, not just guests,
national or international when I
got there, and I really feel that
happy with my family because there was nice, has a lounge, many along the
coast, it made me feel refreshed when I went there and there was selling of
seafood, such as crab, squid, shrimp, prevention, credits, the angle subscriptions
and etc. After excursion there and then I went to play at the resort Kbal Chhay
continue because there have scenic beauty has a waterfall that looks charming
very much, and there are many trees that looks are beautiful natural break
prong at all, and I hope that, and there was a time like this again.



My last Holiday
Last week, I visited my hometown in the province of Sihanoukville, and I have a
trip with my friends, then I feel very happy when traveling with them at the
resort Kbal Chhay And when I travel, I saw the scenery beautiful in the way,
Shizuishan, I see many trees as they have I in the place that looks to be that
interested very much because it has a nice break prong have mlobchheu cold for



charming and courtyard

resort has the order well
have sanitation and sale of
food, all kinds of national
and international guests,
And we also continue to
play Ream National Park,
because it has the sea and
the beach looks makes me
feel fresh. many going in it
to make me to want to go
again and again.


My Last Holiday
I cant believe that this weekend is my last holiday, someone said is too
short, but it made me and bring me with joyful and happy. 5 people get up at 5
oclock in the morning and prepared every things for this holiday till 8 oclock
and left Phnom Penh to Kampong Som. were arrived there while lunch time and
we ate lunch on the beautiful sand with fresh seafood, than we took a nap for 1
or 2 hour . maybe at 4 oclock were changed clothes , took a shower , than play
on the beach with the beautiful weather ( not too much hot and too much cold ) ,
bird sound , the air that wave
the tree . Were play till 7
oclock, we came to have
dinner with seafood, after that
we played firework ,relay on
the beach looking the sky till
the mid-night than we back
hotel. The second day we





breakfast , after that to visited

around city and went back to have lunch at old place , maybe 2 oclock its time
to said bye. Even is just a short holiday but it can make me feel happy and relax.

By: Seng Tong Ly