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The Question of Motion

A Point to think to advance Science and

understand Life, Nature and Cosmos
By John Paily Grace New Age Research

Science has its foundation in its quest to conceptualize and predict motion.
It has its quest to know FORCE that governs the motion of objects in space
eternally. Newton conceptualized motion from attraction between two bodies
that are in non-equilibrium state. Newtonian World View was formed when
his vision was extended to point particles. However, Newton failed to
comprehend the cause for attraction and when he was asked this question
he escaped saying, I frame No hypothesis.

The Uncertainty Theory, the spilt in Science and its failure

to comprehend the Reality of Nature and Cosmos in
simplicity can be traced to this one single fact. In short, it
exists in its inability to understand the Principle and
Design that work behind motion and how motion
A turning point in science came when electric field and a second force
[electromagnetic force] was discovered. This challenged Newtonian World
View. Einsteins work saved the situation by bringing a shift in our perception
of basal motion from straight line to curved one. However, before Einstein
could rest on his laurels, Uncertainty Theory came up destroying the basic
concept of point particle, predictability of motion and our perception of
Nature. Scientist at this point changed the language to predict motion than
trying to comprehend Motion.
In short, in their quest to predict and conquer, physicists have left behind too
many critical fundamental questions. The most fundamental one is
Wave -Particle Duality and Uncertainty that relates to motion. Today
scientists visualize point particles as minute strings that vibrate and form
loops. However, they have failed to comprehend these developments into
sensible reality and present it such a way that common man can

The question now breaks down to what causes the strings

to dance, how it dances, how it loops and what drives
them to form the atoms, and complex system we see in
Nature .

The importance of answering these questions

Today the world is endangered by partial knowledge and Power that Modern
Temples of Knowledge has given into the hands of evil kings. Earth and the
whole biosphere are collapsing under human ego, self and excessive
material centeredness. The evil minds in the old Temples of Knowledge
[Religions] are also coming alive to fish in troubled waters to advance their
institutions. Earth is stressed by human material greed and she is struggling
to sustain herself. The worst reality is that in the name of God and religion

we are heading towards a possibly a world war that can destroy Earth and
Unless we answer these questions, know God, we will never see
Light and Life. The peace on Earth and its entry into Golden Age relates to
knowing answer to these fundamental questions in simplicity so that
common can understand it, not few scientist and mathematicians.

Few words about me

I believe that only Truth and Light or knowledge of Life and Nature known
in simplicity and in comprehensible manner to common person can bring Life
and Peace to Earth. I live with a Conscious Call to awaken humanity. I work
relentlessly towards this call in spite of severe drawbacks and obstacles
I am not a physicist. I am a biologist/biotechnologist. After seven year of day
and nights work, on the eve of my submission of my Doctoral Thesis, I was
forced to choose between, consciousness and a Doctoral Degree that leads
to a Position and a career as an academic researcher. I chose to stay with my
consciousness and quit the four walls of research world to be a farmer
dwelling in Nature. Here in the greatest laboratory called Nature and under
the Superior guide called Mother, I pursed my quest to know Truth of Life and
cosmos. This was possibly a turning point in my life as a researcher. It led me
to know Life and Nature in simplicity from a simple Principle and Design
that repeats form particle to atom and the Whole cosmic level.
Physicists dominate the temple of knowledge that governs us today. My
struggle for years to discuss the ideas and knowledge that Nature revealed
to me with the high priest of these temples was fruitless. They exist bound to
Platos chairs at the mouth of the cave [Allegory]. Today I am using common
persons media; common persons language and simple figures that common
people can understand to express Truth of Nature and cosmos

The figures that can change or thinking and lead us

to Truth
The following figures represents the secret of wave a particle duality and the
Principle and Design which revealed to me on which Nature and cosmos

functions. This very much includes all conceptual developments in science

and unites it with spiritual secret written in Great scriptures of east and west.

The key point here is reinterpretation of the famous

experiment that led to discovery of electromagnetic force.

The first Figure shows the experiments that introduced Electromagnetic

Force into science. The experiment denied the notion of unlike charges
attract, like charges repel, and led to perception of a new force in addition to
gravity. We can account for the above experimental results, provided we
perceive force and energy as Quantum and Spiral one, with right or left spin
[See second Fig]. This can turn the perception of Nature by scientist upside
down and lead us to simple comprehension of particle, atom, complex
systems like life and the whole cosmos.

We can understand cosmos and everything in it from a single

force Electromagnetic Force. The gravity, weak and strong
nuclear force are different manifestations of this electromagnetic
The key to it is the comprehension of Strings, Particle and
its Quantum Dance. [See Third Figure below]

Note Spiral vision of motion is already around, though mainstream physicists have failed to

The figure brings Principle and Design on which particle exists eternally
dancing, creating a spin and curved displacement in space. It accounts for
Particle and Wave duality. The design is based on a non-equilibrium
ratio of 4:3 and the Principle is to seek equilibrium. It unites the
concept of Gravity and Charge. The Quantum Nature of energy transfer
denies the equilibrium leading Quantum Dance where flow direction
changes. This quantum dance is three step process see the next figure.

Important point - This ratio design and three-step Quantum

Dance is universal to particle, atoms and complex system formed
by atoms. Note we are seeing here electromagnetic particle or
energy particle in motion. The energy that particles can carry can
differ. The spiral motion of these particles can account for gravity.
We must visualize here a drill at work. A drill cannot move one bit,
unless the opposite is pulled towards it.
This means we have to visualize a Parallel World and non-equilibrium that
Newton visualized. The matter and material world that newton dealt with
came from collision of light particle from parallel world. Recall Einsteins
equation E=mc2. We can go ahead to discover the atoms of periodic table
from collisions of pairs of light particles in space- one pair giving rise
Hydrogen atom, 2 pairs giving to helium atom, three pairs leading to Lithium
and so on. The flowing figure explains now how we can visualize a perpetual
cosmic universe from our thinking, which complies with Principle and

Here, life is attributed to inert atoms that are formed towards the center. These atoms can show
creativity and play an important role in cosmic existence. It can transform gravity force into antigravity force in its inner space and thus resist gravity. In short, Life transforms gravity force into
anti-gravity force in its inner space and has potentials show creativity and works against gravity
and time directed to singularity. Life and cosmic system works to balance the system within
some limits. The symmetry life and Nature present is misleading and it is mainlined through
constant flow and expenditure of energy.

We can now reinvent Big Bang, understand Ekpyrotic

Universe Scenario from biological point, and trace it back
to Two Primal Souls or Atoms and two God particles that
dance as one.
Life we know has parallel world, male and female. Life is not beyond time,
but is capable of conquering time and death. Life begins in Big Bang
Explosion of information, when the spirit or information from the Father
enters the black hole of feminine to evolve the information. This act
conquers time and it is followed by explosion of information that initializes
the system. The process is Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario

Note one might wonder how a single particle can carry that much amount
energy and information as to resist the collapse of the cosmic system. The
answer exists in Max Plancks Ultra Violet Catastrophe, which suggest the
smaller the particle higher is its energy content. The possible process is
explored in Reference link -1.

In conclusion
This means the Earth and Cosmos can be visualized as a Living Being as the
ancient east understood it. Universal Creation needs to be understood from
biological point deducing it down to Two Primal Souls or God Souls
[Atoms] and Two God Particles that are one. It needs to be understood as
information unfolding to initialize the system. There is a Field and Force for
Cosmos that works from within and supports it. The ancient East understood
it as Universal Conscious and Intelligent field.
In my article on global warming [See the reference link number -4] I have
discussed, how Earth that inhabits life takes a possible off centered center
position and works to sustain it. It seems to work as heart of a living being
that sustain life. I have gone ahead to discuss the Parallel Design of Earth
and how it is designed to control energy to matter ratio and thus the
heat of the environment and sustain the Biosphere. Here, I have pointed
how Adult humans and his self and material centered minds are influencing
Earths functioning digging his own grave by accelerating the flow of heat to
a self-destructive point.

Adult human minds who form the part of the whole are
Ego, self and material centered. We seek self at all cost.
It thus works to build its Kingdom at the cost of the whole
of which it is only part.
We are seeing the aftermath of our ego and self-centered minds and its quest
to seek self. This also reflects in religious institutions, which have come alive
since the breakdown of the foundation of science and have become a great

threat to humanity and its survival on Earth. It also reflects in modern

temples of knowledge [The Universities and Research institutes]. These
knowledge centers have splintered into various branches. The High Priests
[Physicists] of these temples fail to come out from their Laboratories into
Nature and review the fundamentals on which they stand and explore. In the
absence of Whole Truth, the partial knowledge and power to exploit the
material world that these temples have given into the hands of evil kings and
rulers, today is becoming a great threat to humanity and its survival on
planet Earth. The survival of Earth and humanity now relates to we humans
awakening to Truth of Nature and Cosmos or God. Max Planck said
Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of Nature . And that is because, in
the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to
solve. Max Planck
Max Planck is suggesting in these words the limitation of human mind and
five extensions to know the Truth of Cosmos. The ancient seers or thinkers of
east knew this. They knew that Mind and its five extensions are simply
evolved tools developed to assist Life to gain information about the external
world and that Truth of life itself cannot be understood using this tool. In fact,
they visualized a self-centered mind as hindrance to the functioning of Life.
Thus, ancient seers seeking Truth silenced the minds and entered an inner
realm that actually processes the information and controls life. They called
this conscious and intelligent field. Minds that entered this field realized that
they emerge from a Big Bang in Ekpyrotic Way through interaction of two
worlds- Father and Mother. Thus they taught that Father and Mother as
perceivable Gods. Their struggle to know Truth beyond this level led them to
uncertainty of two paths, Father and Mother world that bifurcated further
leading to complexity. Those who persisted understood the inseparable
relationship with all life and souls. They could trace their origin to one pair of
Parental Souls and they called it Primal God and Goddess souls. Thus, the
duality remained as the end of all human quests.
The basic law that governs the realm of energy and matter, [second law of
thermodynamics] tells that time direction and loss of energy is inevitable.
This means all matter should wind and fall into black hole and singularity.
Any picture of cosmos one develops makes sense only when we comprehend

this fall and origin from black hole and singularity. Thus, when science
extrapolates its theories it leads to dead ends. From energy point, it sees
Runaway Universe, from the point of matter it sees all the matter falling
into black hole, with no cause for its return.
Truth of Creation of COSMOS and it Existence in time, makes more
sense when we explore it from a living point as the east taught the world.
Life we know originates from a little perturbation when the spirit or
information from the Father leaves it body and enters the black hole of
feminine to evolve the information and conquer time and death. It creates a
new body out of this exercise to perpetuate. Here information from parallel
world unites to conquer time and death.
The question is how to extend this to comprehend Cosmic Creation. The first
law of energy and matter [First law of thermodynamics] gives a framework to
explore this. It states that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed
it can only be transformed. The ancient spiritual knowledge put the
same thinking when it said sprit/soul cannot be destroyed, it can
evolve to higher or lower level in respect to God souls. This calls for
taking some leaves from ancient spiritual knowledge and merge it with
modern science.
Vedas of east very clearly tells us Universe is thought projection of Mind of
God. It is worthwhile to recall what the Great scientist Max Planck said
As a man who devoted his whole Life to the most clear headed
science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my
research about atom this much; There is no matter as such. All
matter originates and exists only by virtue of force, which brings
the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this minute solar
system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the
existence of a Conscious and Intelligent mind. This mind is matrix of
all matter Max Planck
Gods Mind is pictured in spiritual scriptures as non-self-centered,
Life Giving and Sustaining Force. It is understood as the Force that
moves the whole cosmos and sustains it eternally. Vedas goes on to say that,
human minds similarly create its own universes through such thought
projections. Our mind is relative to Gods Mind and is called to align our
force with its Force. A time direction to deterioration and death emerges

when our minds, which are part of the whole, become Ego, Self and material
centered and work against God Force. Minds that are self-centered fails to
uphold Truth and Justice. In short, time and death comes when human heart
and mind acts against, the Heart and Mind of God. God Force is then forced
to pay a Price to sustain the balance. This deterioration needs to be
understood as deterioration of Knowledge or Light and emergence of
Vedas we must note speaks that Universal Time Cycle is a time cycle
where Truth and Justice deteriorates. One look at the world tells us there is
no Truth and Justice in the world we live in today and the world is fast dipping
down the lane of darkness into self-destruction, by human minds that are
ego, self and material centered and occupy the top realms of religious and
political institutions.
Bible speaks the same, when it says we are created in Gods image and we
were given the dominion of Kingdom of God, but were forbidden to eat from
the Tree at the center. The tree at the center denotes the gravitational or
death point to which all the material forces of the world points. The fact that
God gave the dominion to humanity invariably means that we had all the
knowledge required to govern Earth and cosmos. The only restriction he
placed is not to become ego, self-centered and become slave to material
force. The knowledge that Creator gave us seems to have been lost as we
became self and material centered.
Note - The creation spoken in Bible speaks of Biological science, where a
pairs of information duplicates creating mirror images to sustain in time.
Bible goes on stay that humanity takes the forbidden path. This aspect is
deftly written shifting the blame on to humans [Adam and Eve]. In reality, the
fall begins with fallen angels, who are cast from above to lowest levels,
because of their Ego, self-centered attitude. They entice human minds and
create their kingdoms. This tells us that the deterioration comes as religions
form on Earth splitting humanity in the Name of God. In short, deterioration
of knowledge and Light or Truth and the journey to death has its origin in
people in spiritual institutions.

The reverse journey of cosmos back to life, now calls for

intervention of Gods Heart and Gods Mind. I perceived by Grace
this intervention of God and the Hope for Humanity to enter back to
the Golden Age in the Calvary Sacrifice of Christ.
The Spirit [Brahman, Holy Spirit, al-Ruh
and al-Quds, Life force, Chi] that God
released in Calvary is acting as
human souls giving it New Life. The His
Second Coming is illumination of human
minds such that they come alive beyond
the bondage of organized religions to
know Truth and Light.
In short, Cosmic Kundalini is rising
through Christ and His sacrifice to
bring the world back to the Light or
Golden Age. This is entry into
kingdom of God a Cosmic Quantum
Collapse and Reorganization.

The fallowing Reference links explore this

Please Note - My writing is no way a support for organized religion called
Christianity. There is huge gap between what these Clergies speaks and what
they practice. The world is reflection of subconscious of the majority who
occupies these institutions. Religions have a say on the mindset of humanity.
Christianity is the dominant religion that governs west. The modern world
that is totally material centered and filled the world with weapons of mass

destruction has its origin in west. Anyone who looks back on the history of
Christianity notes that Spirit of Christ thrived in its Trueness only in the first 1
to 3 hundred years immediately after Calvary Sacrifice. Fallowing it, this
religion became the heaven for all evil minds of the world. They bound the
free flowing Spirit of Christ back into four walls and emerged as gatekeepers
of Kingdom of God, collecting taxes and taking bribes to ensure a passage to
Kingdom of God.
Modern day science emerged as anti-to Christianity at a time when
Christianity was ruling the west with iron hands and amassing wealth in the
Name of God. However, the Spirit of Christ and Divine Plan thrived [Read the
Reference article-1 to know how the Divine Plan has thrived]. Today the Spirit
of Christ is emerging as predicted in Bible. Many people are awakening
spontaneously. The 1950s saw the beginning of New Age Movement in
Christianity. The power of Christ moving in this awakened groups created
miracles as in the time of Christ and the first few hundred years. The
organized Church resisted this awakening for quite some time. They even
tried to suppress few clergies who awakened to the Spirit of Christ. They had
to accept them when they began gain great fallowing. The culture of retreat
and creation of retreat centers has become a new method to keep the flock
Today I see the evil minds in these institutions using these retreat centers
and illuminated clergies to protect their intuitional interest, than spreading
fire and awakening people and liberating them to root them in their
consciousness and walk the path of Truth and Justice. However, the evil
minds are not going to succeed.
To me Christs message and His acts are simple. Christ connected to the
consciousness, listened to the whispers of God within, and acted accordingly.
The manifestation of Christ and His sacrifice and a Divine Plan became a
necessity, because the Kingdom of God had deteriorated to a critical state.
Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. What I see in our society is that most
religions struggle to protect their interest, by binding people to temples and
churches than helping people connect to the consciousness and make them
walk the path of Truth and Justice to bring peace and order.

The two Pronged Destructions of the world I see

1] We the people of the world are in the blind grip of one or the other religion
and religious leaders. Thus, I tend to see religions at the root of all evils of
the society. A Third world War and possible annihilation of much humanity
with the weapons of mass destruction is a reality because of our slavery to
religion and religious leaders.
2] Exponential increase in heat of the environment is leading exponentially
violent flow leading to sudden increase in energy [Unwinding force] in some
parts leading to huge fire and wind bound destruction. It also leading to
sudden fall of energy [winding force] leading to flash floods/snows. The
sudden winding is leading to increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
We are heading towards, Biblical floods, Mega earthquakes and volcanic
eruption that would break the Ego of humanity and his mind.
These two destructive tends I perceived more than two decades back is
already happening. Out of the two, I fear the religious fanatic the most.

The only way out is to Awaken to Truth and God beyond

religion. We need to Know God and His functioning as
Science beyond religions. I keep hopes on Spirit of God to
lead us. I strive with my conscious call to awaken
humanity rest is left to His will.