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The worst graduation ever

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“the day of my life.” She never

thought a graduation could be
so awful. “My eight grade
graduation was the worst
graduation ever” she admitted
more than once.
Two month old kittens waiting
Invisible children Continued for you to adopt them. One month old female kittens Muffy and Lea two lovely dogs
from page 1 looking for a loving and caring looking for a home like yours.
Three cute little kittens wait- home like yours.
they're seen they will be kill. ing for you to adopt them they Two lovely puppies for free !!
Two loving female kittens for
This is a quick introduction are the last three hurry before This are the perfect pets for
free you will never find any
to “Invisible Children” find out they’re gone. If you are inter- you to have at home call now
loving kittens like this two. If
more and how you can help ested call (323) 829-5768 before someone else does.
you are interesting on adopting
this kids on line at invisible (323) 993-2935
this kittens please call the num-
children. COM
ber (323) 554-2325 ~~~~~~~~~~
you will
never fell
3 6 lonely at
home. Puffy
is a five
month old
puppy who is practically
Looking for a home. If you are
interested on adopting poor
2 Puffy call (232) 658-9837
Thanks to all the efforts the
Good charlotte the band was band has made we now can
started around 1996. In a place listen to their fascinating songs.
7 called Annapolis.
The band was first come to- The unexpected departure
gether with Joel and Benji of Aaron didn’t tear the band
1 Madden. Two guys’ whose life apart. Later on the band found
was a mess. Their father had a temporary drummer Dusty
left them and their mother Brill. Dusty Brill’s work pretty
struggled to support her family. much kept the band from tear-
Joel and Benji started in- ing apart.
volving with music in a way
they could help their mother.
Both of them gather with child-
5 hood friends and made a band
which they called Good Char-
1. groups of people based on 6. people indigenous to the One of Joel’s and Benji’s Edit by :
money Americas friend was Aaron. Aaron was a Garza, A.
2. appearance 7. persons mixed Spanish, Afri- member of the band since 1996 Sandra
3. displeasure, doing things can, and Indian until 2001. In 2001 Aaron de- Technology
unwillingly 8. taking over the government. cide to leave the band for Per.3
4. Spanish born Spaniard “Wakefield” the band his
5. American born Spaniard brother belong to.

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