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“Dear Abby” “Mental”

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Curley neva ther so i get to represent them to
lonley. When he is he get there voice heard
neva talks just does and
what he wants and spoken; Because they
sleeps. What shood I do are Mentally Retarded.
to make him and me They will need some one
glad. Love, to guide them in life,
ftÅtÇà{t therefore it is unfair to
give them the penalty.
Dear Samantha,

First of all I believe you

should try to get a job
in the local Saloon. To
take your mind off the
issue between you and
Curely. He might even
appreciate you more.
Second of all I think you
should see how he re-
acts to you working and
if he does react well
then you have to think
about your morals.
Lastly think about your
true feeling for him to
see if you really love him
Five Day Forecast
because in the end you
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
will be the one to know
if you really want to be
with him.
Best of luck think hard.

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Page 1 "Let's do it now. Let's get that place now" (Steinbeck 106). He is survived by
those who loved cared for him Slim, Candy and George. He will be remembered

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Edition #1 Issue #1 March 24, 2009

Mental Ill Death Penalty

It would be wrong to everyday challenges.
give a Mentally Handi- What makes the judge
capped person the believe that they are
Death Penalty. aware of the acts of
According to the 2001 brutality they have com-
Article, "Some groups mitted. None the less
with such disabilities stand up for themselves
are not sophisticated as well as their rights.
enough in defending Further more Women
themselves and do not and Men with the same
thoroughly understand capabilities of Lennie
their rights Small,
(Mc Carver and Perry John P. Perry, and
2001)". Ernest P. Mc Carver are
human beings that will
Mentally Ill persons ultimately need someone
struggle with Lennie Small one of the many Mentally Ill
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Recent hands of his great

friend. He will be re- Dear
Casualties membered for his ado-
ration for soft objects, Abby...
his soft spoken voice,
On Tuesday,1936, Lennie Dear Abby,
and love and desire for
Small was killed. He was I am at a loss with my
the American Dream.
a young Mentally Chal- life, I belive I'm at the Abby Advisor
lenged person with an Continued “Casualties” on page 2
end of this battle. You went skool. Learn how to
enormous heart to love see i have a husband his reed and rite from my
and care for people. Al- name is Curley. Dont get mama a llttle. Then came
though large and power- ma rong he is an good Curley and he swept me
ful he was still a great person. Unfortunately I off ma feet. He hitched
person."Guy don't need havnt met that side of me and then we moved
sense to be a nice him. Ya see I had an ok to the farmland. I am
fella" (Stienbeck 40). life livin on the planta- the only woman there
His life was taken at the tion. Back home I neva
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