Empowering learners to manage their own development. Supporting progress against competency curriculum. Making a difference to personalised Learning and development.

Who Serco are.

A leading UK service company employing over 48,000 people Proven track record in education Serve over one million learners in 2000+ schools in 30 countries Serco in Education
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Scene Setting
About Serco ePortfolio How our ePortfolio can help with CIAG Overview of software Closing remarks and questions

What CIAG did I get? What have I given others? Does “diet” matter?

It might be a strange world.....

“We have a tradition that when a baby is 1 year old, we will let him pick an item that represents what he will be in the future. Gabriel picked the calculator, which means, he is going to be an Accountant!” Calculator | Ruler | Paint Brush| Pen | Screwdriver

My mixed bag!
PE Teacher Physiotherapist

Well.....that was it!

Our Ever Changing World
Most young people leaving school in 2008 will have between 8-16 jobs By 2020 the biggest employer group in UK will be self employed A job for life? or Skills for life?

Key drivers for ePortfolio.

Personalised learning and development. Tracks student development against competency curriculum e.g. PLTS Supports AFL through self and peer assessment Encourages action planning and target setting

ePortfolio – definition.
“ePortfolio provides learners with an opportunity to gather, review, identify and present evidence to show growth and change over time against a range of competency frameworks, providing the means to celebrate, reflect and illustrate their learning journey, leading to a truly personalised learning experience.”

ePortfolio – the educational principles Learning to
“How” as important as “What” Learning competencies – National Strategies ECM – enjoyment and engagement learn for life Develop motivation and selfawareness Independence and resilience Learner has responsibility Emotional intelligence

ePortfolio – key features


ePortfolio - summary

Every student has a personalised site in which they can demonstrate control of their own learning Self-assessment of key skills is continual, with students also owning their own ambitions for improvement To achieve ambitions, students gain access to examples (over time) of how others have achieved their goals Students can store and display examples of their work, and provide access as required to others Students can benefit from active engagement in on-line study and focus groups Potential exists for ePortfolio to collate student’s achievements from more than one educational setting, and the work-place

ePortfolio and CIAG
Collation of achievement and evidence from more than one setting Future focus Enable youngsters to find out about their own ambition We can certainly look after the “Information” by making it accessible

Making quality information readily available. Careers information when the student decides. Schools can move away from Careers week. Gives the opportunity to make Careers part of the daily conversation.

A Quick View of ePortfolio

Closing Remarks
Evolution not revolution! Technology can’t really solve the guidance issue It can only help to promote discussion
“ePortfolio can help by making information available to young people in an environment in which they are managing their personal skills and self development.”


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