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When God Was Not

When God was Not.

We will start by saying a quote from our Pastor. Before the Beginning, God
was not God.... He said more to this quote as to what He means and I will
post the rest of that paragraph at the end of this writing. However you can
read it in its entirety on the web, if you care too.

Now that is a very deep and powerful statement to make. When God was
not God. When we say God was not God, we have to ask ourselves, How
can that be? Well as incredible as it sounds, it can be explained in a simple
way, yet not take away from the utter depths of what it is saying. It simply
means, God was not God because He had not yet been defined as God. So
when we say He was not defined, then we are saying a lot. We know from
the Word that God is Light. We know light contrast darkness.So Light is a
revealer and darkness is a hidden mystery. In Light, we see, in darkness, we
are blind. Though we may have eyes to see, without light, eyes are useless.
We see this daily as people with eyes wide open, yet walk in spiritual
darkness and blindness.

So in the beginning, we see it can be called a beginning, because we can

see a contrast of the beginning. We see there is but darkness and the first
thing to come forth is Let there be Light. So we see Light coming forth
from the Darkness, causing a contrast of Light and Darkness, revealing to
our minds, that something exist, or existence has come into being. If we had
no light and we remained in darkness, we would never know it, till Light
would come. In other words there is no Comprehension without Light. It
could have said, Let there be Comprehension, or Let there be
Understanding. The Word tells us, Light has shined into Darkness, and the
Darkness comprehended it not.

Lets take a moment and rightly divide this Light. We say Light is an
understanding, and this means a knowledge has come forth. So for our
minds sake, lets use a Word, we say a Word has come forth and this word

carries a knowledge and that knowledge is truth and it requires that the
knowledge it carries to be received in faith. So we see Light inside the Word,
as what is spoken is truth and must be received in faith, for that is its
purpose for coming forth. It does not come forth to meet with unbelief, for
that would be a lie. So a Word is presented to someone, they by faith
receive the engrafted word and the hearing of faith from the heart and the
shell of the word is rent in twain and the life and light of that word enters its
resting place of intent. Now we see the one who receives has become
Enlightened and more bright with light or understanding.

However if that same word is heard and falls on deaf ears and meets
unbelief, then we see they receive the Shell of the Word, as to the
Knowledge of that Word, but they have rejected the Light of that Word by
Unbelief, then they have changed truth to a lie and now they hold
righteousness in unbelief, hold the truth in Unrighteousness. Simply by
Unbelief. This is what makes the difference in the Two Men in the Field
parable. One hears in Faith, the other hears, but does not have faith. One
translated into the Inner Kingdom of God, the other cast out. Knowledge is
the Moon Light, Understanding is the Sun Light. When the doubters receive
the word but rejects its light they are illuminated by a carnal religious moon
light, to a knowledge of knowing to do, but cannot perform, increasing their
condemnation of guilt.

So now back to Before the Beginning. Back before Comprehension was.

Before Understanding came forth. God was not God. Though I see what the
Lord is doing and showing me this day, I am reaching deep and hard to find
the proper words to even begin to relate this to your mind. So even though
we say, God was not defined, as of yet, it goes so much richer and deeper
than that. Before God was Light, He was Darkness. He did call the Light
forth from the Darkness. What was that Light He called Forth? We can still
see it today, at the end of Revelations, The Great Light of the Ancient of
Days, God revealing the end from the beginning. Looking at this in a
pictorial kind of way we can see the Light of the Ancient of Days, shining
upon the Cross and it casting a Shadow of Darkness back towards Genesis.
We say the Hinder Part of God or the darkness of that side of Calvary which

we say was the Law and Sin, and of course on this side we say Grace and

God being what is termed as an Object of Worship, we see for the Object
to be made known, their would have to be a Light to shine upon it and for
their to be light it was to cast a shadow from the Object as well. The Object
of course was and is Calvary, the Cross. The 33 Years of His Life as a man,
as the Man Christ Jesus who was God the Word made Flesh. This time of His
33 years is seen in Revelations every time it mentions a 3rd of something. a
3rd of this dies, a 3rd of these fall from the sky, and on and on, it all ties in
with the Man part of Christ Jesus, when the Word became veiled in bloody
Human Flesh. This created a Moon Light realm of existence of a mixture of
darkness and light.

So stay with me now as we go more into this, as we have said before, this
ties in with previous writings where we spoke of God being the Good and the
Evil. From a childs perspective we see in its immaturity the child thinks it is
hypocritical for the Dad to shoot the gun and the child not able to. I am
using this in a philosophical sense so we can show our point. So from the
childs view, the Dad is in one sense Evil. He does what he tells the child He
cannot. The child must go to bed early while parents stay up. Dad is the
punisher, as Mom is much more loving and giving and trusting, Dad is more
exact and spanks me good and He does not let me get by with things as
Mom does. SO we see from a Childs view Mom is as Grace and Dad is as The
Law, one is seen as Good and one as Evil, in the sense of punishment and
wrath. However neither one are those. They are both loving parents working
together to raise the child. All things work Together, unto those who love the
Lord. Therefore shall a man leave his mother and father and cleave to His
Wife and they shall be One Flesh. So as we have said, God is both Good and
Evil from our childlike mind, until we mature in the Lord.

So in saying God is Evil then is certainly sounds blasphemous to say such,

as the Bible says, Woe unto those who call Evil Good and Good Evil. So we
are viewing this from a more mature spiritual higher adult understanding
and not as children any more. Before the beginning there was darkness, so
in one sense we always say the darkness is referred to as evil or even as

unto Satan. So it sounds like we are twisting it all around and making God
evil and Satan good, when that is not at all what we are doing. It is the same
careful way we have used the Spirit of Revelation to show our Lord and
Savior as Good as well as to show the other side of Him that was made Sin
and made Evil. It is a very fine line and only the God Mind can lead us safely
through such places. If before the defining of God He was not God, then it is
for certain if there was no God, there was certainly no Satan, so it would as
well be impossible to call the darkness before the light Satan. Lets remove
Satan from the equation as He is not fit to be even mentioned in this
perspective yet we see a darkness and when we say darkness and light
came forth from darkness, does not that make darkness a bearer of light?
Light does not bear itself, it is the darkness that bears as a burden the light.
The light is certainly a burden to the darkness for the light is the destroyer
of the darkness. Now think on this for a moment, Light is a destroyer of the
Darkness. God who was darkness, before the beginning, commands Light
to come forth, making the darkness that God was, a Bearer of the Light. God
is a Bearer of the Light. The Light Bearer. The Bright and Morning Star that
shines at the edge of the end of darkness of night and the coming forth of
the light of day. So in this view we see the darkness which is God, is the
bearer of the light. Lucifer, the Light Bearer. Lucifer the Darkness. When we
see this in the view of the Moon it really makes sense because the Moon is a
bearer of Light, as the sunlight bears down on it and it shines a false light to
the world of darkness. Being that the Moon answers to the Law and to the
Soul, we see it is a reflected Light, thus indicating the Carnal Mind is a
reflecting Light that lies to us. It is a black light, or a dark light. If that light
that is in you be darkness....! So we know the same as a mirror lies to us
and shows us the opposite reflection of truth and reality, then the carnal
mind is totally a lie and the subconscious Mind of Faith and Christ is truth.

This is why we must cast down every thought and imagination, because it is
a lie. So God is darkness before Light. We find at Calvary this same thing.
The Christ being the Light and the Flesh or Jesus part being made our
darkness, makes Jesus a Light Bearer in that sense. Your body when born
again, makes it in its unredeemed form still in the death of darkness a
bearer of the Light of the Christ within. At the Cross the Light utterly
destroyed the darkness of sin. We see here at the beginning Light comes
forth and by its very presence, it is destroying the darkness. God in the Old

Testament called Satan a waster and a destroyer. Now when we stand

before a mirror, we see Light has to shine upon and into the mirror for it to
reflect to us that which we think we see. So Light striking the mirror, reflects
the light, in this sense. what you are seeing in the mirror is not a true light,
but a reflected light. We say light shining in a positive way, yet when it
strikes the mirror, it causes the light to go into reverse making it a reflected
light of negativity so to speak.

So we see by this, using the mirror and light in this view that both the light
and the mirror are the reflection and they are a lie. So can you catch a
glimpse of how the word Lie is sounded in the world Light. Light can be used
for deception as we have seen in this view. It can be manipulated and it can
be directed and redirected and used to make false images. Now stay with
me on this. Do you know what does not lie? Darkness. Darkness in this
sense is utter profound truth. It is what it is. Darkness does not lie and give
you false images and weird shapes of vanity. It just is what it is. When you
look up at the stars at night shining in the darkness, the darkness has no
power of the light to manipulate itself as to change light into something it is
not. In this sense the darkness is subject unto the Light. So we see
darkness is formed and takes shape by the light, not vice versa.

So what is it that can manipulate and change and form images into what so
ever they will, but Light. The only one that has the power to change
darkness to form it into any image is Light. Light in this sense is the Power
of Change. The darkness is always darkness. It can never be nothing but. So
we see Light changes things and darkness remains the same always. So in
this view we see Darkness remains unchanging and eternal, yet Light can
be moved and changed and redirected. In this view from Genesis, at the
beginning we see Darkness was always here as from the eternities and Light
was birthed or created and brought forth. So it would appear Light has a
beginning and thus it has an end.

You can see this on a much simpler level as we always term the Law as
darkness and Grace as Light, We find that the Law appears weak and has to
be done away with so Light which is truth can come forth, so in this sense it
surely appears Law and darkness was not truth, but Light was. However

when stepping back and seeing a broader view we find Grace and the Days
of the Gentiles coming to an end and the Law coming back into view and
the Jews. So Light it appears was not the true, but the darkness of the Law

Women are given credit for the birth of life as to our children, and rightfully
so, but when we see from a higher view it is actually the man and his seed
that begins life in the woman and when the woman gives forth her child it
begins to die a daily death to the walk to the grave. What man gave brought
forth life, what woman gave brought forth death, we see this again easily in
the Garden with the Serpent and Eve. So we say Who was God before the
beginning? He was darkness. He was total and pure truth. He was the Law
of Absolute and Perfection. It was a God whom though undefined, it also
meant it had no purpose. There was no purpose for a God to exist. There
was but the eternal darkness of unrevealed manifested truth and power and
eternity. God was not God, Nothing existed, for there was no existence. As it
has been said that Existence dwelled in the body of the Preexistent. Yet if
we say Preexistence we still miss the utter profound truth, that nothing
truly existed, yet all things existed, all at the same time. How can this be?

Because God was not God until He was revealed or defined to be. As I have
said before, suppose walking among us was an invisible ghost. Unless it did
something to reveal itself to us of its existence, we would never know it
existed. A Billion years can go by and it existing all the time but not to
humanity. we say one day it does something to make itself known, so it is
now a recorded memory and a substantiated truth formulated in the mind of
man, of its existence, so we say well in the year of such and such this ghost
appeared or had its beginning. When we see there is truth to this, but only a
partial truth. It had no beginning and no ending, EXCEPT, In the Mind of
Man. So we see Existence is only existent as it is by recording of Light upon
a film. If Light is a revealer then Light must have a purpose of revealing and
that purpose must be to establish truth, and to establish truth, there must
be a recording of said truth, else there is no purpose of the light to reveal.
For in that Light contrast the darkness, it is, as to the contrast, revealed the
Object of Creation or it has made known The Object of Existence.
Existence or even from a human standpoint of what we call between life and

death as temporal existence only exist by contrast of good and evil or light
and darkness as recorded in the Mind of Man. Man is the Film that Light uses
to form the darkness of the film and project to ourselves that which we call
existence or life.

Now when we see this from the Life of Jesus, we see He is truly all things. He
was the Light as He said He was, He was the darkness as we know He was
or became, and we know He was the Man Christ Jesus, or God the Word
made manifest in the Flesh, thus He was Light, He was Darkness and He
was the Film it was to be recorded onto. We say Knowledge or making
known a Knowing to be written down or recorded upon a Ledger, or a
Written Word. The Page of a Written Word which we call Laws, then when it
is written it is recorded and once recorded and sealed by the authority at
hand then the written word is become Law. So when the Great Spirit
becomes a Man or a Living Soul, writing its Laws upon the Tables of the
Heart, then we see Law is become Flesh, Word is become Flesh, God is
become Flesh. God who was up in the highest of heavens we say, hath
veiled itself in the form of a human soul and came to the level of a fleshly
beast. So we easily see a Father becoming a Son. The Adult becoming a
Child. An Adult knows all things, like Law, yet a Child knows not anything, as
like unto Grace. Jesus or Grace, the beginning of the Creation of God, the
God Child, the Man Child.

Now see the Child in this perspective. It is darkness of not knowing

anything, yet it is Light as to it being the full potential of being the Father,
knowing all things, though it being ignorant and in darkness, it is also full of
Light because of Grace. So we see in this sense a Child, an Object of
Creation, being both darkness and light and the object of creation itself.
God, the Object of Creation, being both Darkness and Light. Yet not knowing
yet as to comprehension, that it is any of those things yet it is all of those
things. Here it is being God, the Object of Creation, being fully Light, but not
knowing it is Light, being in utter darkness, yet not knowing it is in
darkness. Yet it is all of those things yet neither of those things, until the
Film begins to record!!!! Existence is not made known or manifest until it is
recorded as such. When it is recorded as such, then it is Law. Then it is
established TRUTH! Now it is required! God using the Soul to write Himself

upon the tables of the heart. In one dimension it is Light writing itself upon
the negative film of the heart, in another dimension, it is the darkness
writing itself upon the Light of the Spirit. One is but the reflection of the
other. As it is written, it is both Truth and a Lie. As the negative is being
filmed or recorded so is the Spirit being made known.God is being created
or revealed the same as Man is being made known or created or revealed.
As In Heaven, So in the Earth! As Man write His Laws on Paper, God writes
His Laws on the Heart. The Light is writing the what the darkness is by
revelation and the darkness is writing what the Light is. It is revealing each
to their own self! When God revealed Satan as being Satan, he revealed it to
Himself as such and thus he became it as such. So He had to go and do
away with it. Since God is the Substance of all things, He, to allow Satan to
be formed or existent, then He would have to become it, and He did. Then
he separated Himself from it. For evil to exist, he had to become it, and He
did, then He had to separate Himself from it. God being both Light and
Darkness, He being the Image revealed by the contrast of both, then by
rending the veil, He separated Himself from both, Light and Darkness,
making Himself the Object of Creation that was void and without form. So
that which was the Object by contrast of Light and Darkness, by separating
Himself from Light and Darkness, removing Himself as God from the
Equation, by His Death at Calvary, doing away with the Object, we knew as
God, Sonship, then He hath created all things, by recorded existence of
the 33 years, yet in death, hath removed Himself from creation by
seemingly non existence, He hath created absolutely nothing, or what we
call the negative of creation, the Bottomless Pit of Infinity. In His Life He
created all things, in His Death He hath created nothing, but in this sense
He hath removed that which man needed to define, and though we say
creation hath existed, by His own birth and Life and bringing to us both
Light and Darkness that revealed Himself as the Object of Creation, In His
Death, He hath removed the Object, thus eliminating the need for Light and
Darkness, thus leaving what was recorded on the film, to be none existent,
because there is no more Light or Darkness to contrast. Yet by allowing the
film to record a period of time we call time, which that was all time was, the
beginning and ending of the film, then it left on the film proof of its one time
existence by contrast of light and darkness upon the object or film.

So we see Calvary was the Light, it was the Darkness, it was the Object that
was to be revealed by the contrast of Light and Darkness and the Object
hath made itself known yet it hath by death, removed itself from recorded
existence and ended all things. There is both eternal life and eternal death,
there is both Eternal Heaven and the Bottomless Pit.
One man in Faith looks into the rent veil and sees The eternal Kingdom of
God, another looks and sees by unbelief the Bottomless Pit of nothingness
and darkness and emptiness. The rent veil is the end of the world and the
beginning of the Kingdom of God to one and the Bottomless Pit to another.
Life and Death, according to ones faith.
The Recorded Film of Jesus Christ of Calvary is a stepping stone of Stairs to
Heaven to the Elect, yet a stumbling block and rock of offense and stairs of
descent into hell to the wicked. Like the Rorschach Test, The Elect see Christ
and His Righteousness, for they are Pure in Heart and to them all things are
Pure. To the Wicked they see their own sinful image as the serpent on the
Cross, and even good is made evil to them and their conscious is defiled
and all they see is perverted and evil and wicked. Destroyers they are.
The Film is the Book of Life. To the Elect it is the Lambs Book of Life, to the
wicked it is their names being blotted from even the Book of Life itself.

What is this Film to you? It is either Christ and Salvation or it is Satan and
damnation. It is the Lamb of God or it is the Serpent on the Tree. You choose
this day what it will be.
To the wicked, it remains in them a film of knowledge that contrast good and
evil revealing to them as a Law that they are the wicked and that film is
their sinful serpent soul bound them for eternity. To the Elect, it is the
Serpent of their sins that Christ became and paid for them and is a reminder
of His Grace and Righteousness of who they are in Him. It seals one in their
forehead as Elect, it seals another in their soul as Satan himself.

What a glorious unveiling our Lord has wrought. The purpose of Light is to
shine upon an object. If there is no object for the Light to manifest, then
Light has no purpose.

Now darkness can remain, for it has no need of what we call purpose, for
it just is. Light however, has to have purpose. Light is a revealer, so it must
have an object to reveal, else it has no purpose. Did you know Light is the
exact same as darkness. Darkness is the Absence of Light, as Light is the
Absence of Darkness. Now someone would say, No Light and darkness are
very different. In the realms of contrast it would certainly appear as so. How
is it that one exist only by contrast of the other, yet we make them in mortal
enemies of one another. They are but different ends of the spectrum of one
another. We have visible light, yet when we go to one end of the spectrum
of visible light, then suddenly light disappears, or goes into the Ultraviolet
stage of the unseen by the naked eye. When we go the other way, to that
extreme, Light actually becomes darkness as it enters the Infrared state
of light so faint and dense it can no longer be seen by the naked eye, only
measured or recorded by instruments. Just like sounds are, we have low
wave frequencies and high frequencies, our ears can only hear a certain
measurement of those frequencies. Yet a dog can hear sounds we cannot.
Like we have microwaves and radio waves etc all around us, but as human
recording go we do not see them or hear them. Unless we turn on a TV or a
Radio do we know they are there. It is the same in the Spirit World. Only
through the Device of Calvary do we know God exist. Calvary is the Eternal
Film of what we call the Burden of Proof that anything that exist even exist
at all. It is why man will never defeat Christianity or Christ, because to end
Calvary would end Man Himself and He cannot do it. Satan cannot and does
not desire to end Himself. For it is in Calvary that He exist. It is why He holds
it up so high in the churches. You know who has created and fathered more
churchs that anyone? Satan! He gets life and existence by the contrast of
light and dark from Calvary. When Christ died, He ended Calvary and thus
ended Satan and in that sense ended God as well. Yet by His Faith in the
recording of His own Film will He return to establish the eternal existence of
God Himself, through the recorded film of His own Faith and His Faith is
Eternal. It is in that realm of eternal faith that God eternally Exist! No longer
does God exist in the dark carnal film of fallen man. Jesus saved God. The
Lamb of God. Oh Glory to the Lord God of Heaven and Earth for such Love
and Wisdom! Praise be unto God and unto the Lord Jesus Christ! God saved
the Soul of Jesus in Hell and Jesus the Soul saved God from The Bottomless
Pit of Non Existence. God or Christ hath established but One Church, Satan
the counterfeiter hath many!

If Light has nothing to strike and reflect it, it does not exist. It would just
travel for eternity and no one would ever know of its existence. When the
sun rises, you see the source of light and you see the reflection of that light
upon the trees and the clouds etc, but the in between, the light itself you do
not see. Even when you go into a dark dusty room with a flash light you say,
I see the beam of light, yet in all reality you are seeing but the light
reflecting off of the dust elements. In a vacuum room where if we could
remove all air and dust and we cut on a light, you would see the source of
light and you would see the end of where the light struck as to a reflection
to your eyes, but the in between you would not see but darkness. Actually if
they hid the source of light and the place of its reflection from you so that
light never reflected to strike your eye, you could be looking directly at light
and never ever see it. You cannot see Light, unless it strikes an Object. It
has a purpose, that is to reveal, or make manifest. You can no more see
actual nonreflected Light, than you can darkness. So in this light....
can see Darkness existed before Light and the existence of darkness
automatically gave purpose for their to be created light. Because in that
Darkness there were Objects. If we go before the Light came in Genesis,
then we are before the beginning. So God became known or existent upon
the coming forth of Light. So he was non existent before. He was nothing. I
do not mean nothing as emptiness. I mean nothing as to no defining,
unseen, unknown. So what did the Light do for the darkness? It began to
create God. We have already said there was darkness before anything and
that Light came and the purpose of light was to reveal the Object, so we see
by this, all 3 are eternal in this sense. Inside the darkness we say, the
eternal object of creation existed. The Lamb was slain before the world ever
was in the Eternal Mind of God that has no beginning and has no end. The
Fire of that Sacrifice never goes out. Thats the Lake of Fire, Calvary.

So we have within the darkness, objects unknown. Because there is

darkness, and we have known that Creation is the Darkness that God veiled
Himself in. Then it stands to reason all things have existed eternally and
none of them had a beginning nor an ending. Now the shapes and forms
they may take can be done away with as the changing of Light and
darkness do. Like the word Gay, used to be defined as Happy, now it is
defined as a perverted person. Same word, changed by contrast of light and
darkness to form or say something else. A fire may burn a house down, but

the original elements are still there and in that sense by a reconstituting of
faith in rearranging the elements by faith, we can make the house all over
again. New Stars are born in the galaxy while old ones seem to die. In all
reality nothing ever dies, all is element and element simply changes forms
is all. Life is an ever evolving, ever changing contrast of Light and darkness
upon the Objects of Creation which are eternal. Science goes back to so
many billions of years ago to a Big Bang. They say the only thing that could
have been was some type of single cell and from that single cell it exploded
and out came the myriad of elements we have today that have formed
creation. Some say, I wonder what that element was? Well we already know
the answer. Fire and heat are the only things that destroy the shapes and
forms of all elements and all they do to these shapes is destroy the shapes,
the original elements are still there and remain intact. So if fire and heat
cannot destroy the elements then nothing can. If nothing can destroy them
then they must be eternal. If they are eternal they have always been. Where
we mess up at is we think of creation in the view of a Time Element, and
time is the one element that actually does not and never has existed. If you
must stay in a realm of time then the only way you can view endless time
which is another way of saying eternity, you would have to make a Circle.
No beginning and no ending, it just is. So if we take all of the elements and
place them in the loop of endless time to try and go back to find their
beginning, we are again at a loss, no beginning and no end to the circle, it
just is. The elements just are.

So stay with me as we delve a little closer on this. Since we have seen the
purpose of Light was to contrast darkness and without their being darkness
we would not know light, then in one sense we see we have no purpose for
darkness either, so how do we rid ourselves of darkness as to it having no
purpose that we may lose it. If we have no darkness and no light then we
have nothing in that sense. Without defining we cannot see, so if we cannot
see then we are as we say in darkness yet we have said there is no
darkness, so we see by this that the darkness we speak of by not seeing is
not darkness at all because darkness is only revealed as darkness when it is
contrasted by Light. So again if we have no light and light never existed,
then we have no darkness either. So before God was God we have said He
was darkness, yet we find without Light we do not have any darkness.
Comprehension is key and how we comprehend is paramount, as we have

said before, Perception is Key. How we perceive is just as important as

comprehension is itself. So when we remove darkness and light, then all we
have left is the eternal object. The self same object that has always been
and had no beginning and has no end, without Mother and Father. We have
called it the Object of Creation. We may narrow them down to the level of
Elements, as we say elements are eternal, as they cannot be destroyed.
Paul said the natural was first then came the Spiritual. A Great Mystery right
there too!

We know those with Eternal Life cannot be destroyed. We know that even
the wicked will one day be raised from the dead and cast alive, in their
bodies, into the eternal Lake of Fire. Satan, the False Prophet, the Anti
Christ, The Beast and on and on, they will be burn alive eternally in the Lake
of Fire. Their smoke ascends up forever and ever. They will be tormented in
the presence of the Saints and the Holy Angels. Does that means the Saints
and Holy Angels are in Hell with them or does it mean the wicked are in
Heaven with the Saints and Angels? See there is a much broader dimension
to this, it is neither, yet it is both. So we see nothing can actually be
destroyed. Only rearranged. Now Faith is the substance of all things. What
Faith is the substance of all things? Christ Jesus. His Faith was and is the
Beginning of the Creation of God. His Faith of Light defined God. We say it
like this, God the Father was Creation and God the Son was the Light or
revealer of that Creation. So God created Man and yet Man created God, the
Man Christ Jesus. Remember as in Heaven so in Earth. If God is eternal and
He is heaven, then that means The Earth is eternal and abides forever else
Heaven cannot. I know heaven and earth pass away but that is just the fire
of rearranging, we also see a new heaven and new earth coming forth.
Heaven is eternal, then the Earth is eternal! Creation is eternal!
There is no time with God so if He is Creation itself and as we have said He
veiled Himself in all of Creation, then we are saying Creation is eternal. We
are saying Creation is God and God is Creation.

So when we refer to Creation as the Darkness God veiled Himself in, then
we certainly know what God was before He was God. He was the Darkness
of Creation. He was the Objects of Creation. We say a Ghost threw a sheet
over itself. Yes in one sense this is true. However when we say God is the

Object of Creation and that Creation is eternal as we have proved already.

Then we have said that carnal minded man has by intellect caused a
negative defining of that Creation and by that unbelief hold Creation in a
When we consider Creation is God and Creation is made up of Elements that
consist of Molecules and Atoms etc that are so far apart that it has been
said all that is in existence if it were to be condensed and compressed into
empty space it would only fill maybe 1 percent of all empty space that exist.
So that means with all that exist that takes up Space fills only 1 percent of
the entire Universe already. Clouds of Gas so huge and massive that just
one section of that cloud takes over 1 Billion Years for Light to go from one
side to the other and thats not counting the cloud itself. Stars so massive
you could fit over 1 Million of our own Suns into it and we could fit 1 million
earths into our own sun.

It was said by a scientist recently that if we could enlarge an atom to the

size of a human fist the nearest molecule or element would still be 3 miles
away. So what we think is solid as to what we call solid is actually not at all
but very porous and actually contains more empty space than it does viable
solid mass. So we see it was a very simple thing for Jesus to pass through
walls and walk on water and ascend into the air. The elements and
molecules and atoms etc. are subject to His Faith. Light rearranging the
form by changing the Light of Faith it automatically changes the form of the
Darkness. Nothing is impossible, for all things are possible. it is according to
your Faith. Now we have the Faith and the Mind of Jesus Christ! He became
One with God because He was God. When you was as we say a Natural
Person, it was revealed to you the Divine Element of Faith via Calvary. Thus
you was no longer darkness as to a Created being, you have become the
source from which that Creation is formed. Say what you will! The Light of
Faith controls the Creation of Darkness. Part the waters Moses, Stop the Sun
Joshua, Bypass The Grave Enoch. Ascend to the heavens John. Command
the fiery chariot Elijah! Rise from the Dead Jesus. There is no such thing as
death. You ascend to the heights of heaven or descend to the depths of hell
according to your faith.

So God is. God is all things. He veiled Himself simply means He created
Himself, He changed His form to appear as Creation. Then He gave us the
secret to unlocking Him in Creation when He gave us Calvary and revealed
The Faith to us. The Thunders of Creation, Let There Be...and there
was...and it was Good! Faith is Light and Light is Good, regardless of what
form of darkness it may appear, as a butterfly on a childs nose or a deadly
virus in the body. A fire can be used for good and life and food and warmth,
or destructive as evil and torment. Nothing is evil or unclean of itself, it was
all meant for good. Christ hath defined God. By being the Light, He hath
revealed the darkness. He is the man who discovered the Magic Lamp and
rubbed the Genie to come forth. Truth testifies of itself. God is truth and He
is all things. Thus all things testify of Him. Thus from the darkness of
creation we see the Light of Revelation coming forth that eternally defines
God. Light can change, the darkness remains. Darkness has subjected itself
unto Light, saying Command Thou Me! So we see Darkness is God, and
also Light is God, for these two work together to define the eternal object
which is also God. The 3 are One!

So what was God, He has always been exactly what Christ has revealed Him
to be. Christ revealed God before the world ever was. For in that darkness
before Creation as we know it came. we find within God, Calvary, Both Light
and Darkness within the Object. In the Ark we find both Good and Evil or Life
and Death, Light and Darkness, Man and Woman. Both are but reflections of
the two sides of the One Object. So very much more can be said about this.
Stopping right here to bring about to your remembrance a few things.

Remember darkness never changes, only Light does. Light veils the heavens
from us, though it lightens up the Earth. Only at night time can we see the
natural heavens and its stars and comets and moon. God the Father is like
the unchanging darkness of Night and Christ is become the Light of the
World. Light is forever changing the darkness, so we say Light is always
changing when it is actually the darkness that changes. Yet we see the
darkness never changes but it is the Light changing that causes the
appearance of the darkness to change. Neither actually change as to their
essence, Light is always Light and dark is always dark. You are God and
according to your faith both Light and Dark are under your subjection. I

speak of those born again. Those not born again are a God as well, but the
evil god of this world that is in their dark hearts. Divine Will is the Key in the
Heart, Say what you will and doubt not and whatsoever you say shall be
done. God Bless You!

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The Definition Of God

Before the beginning, God was not God. He was the invisible
incomprehensible all sovereign spiritual mass of unmanifested reflexes
and impulses of love, joy, compassion, peace, righteousness, and power.
He was perfection, or the perfect state of being, the fountain of life, the
pre-existent one. I said before the beginning because the word beginning
means the start or verge of creation or tangible existence. The merging of
time. The word God means object of worship. It is mans terminology for
the incomprehensible or unmeasurable one. Deity earned title because of
the creative creatures just like the Jehovah titles of the Bible, or Father,
Son or Holy Ghost, but his name and image is the Lord Jesus Christ. God
is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God, El Shadiah, the Breasted
One, from everlasting to everlasting. He was, He is, and He forever shall
be. The Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning
Star. The Day Spring from on high that hath visited His people. The great
knowledge light that no man can approach except through Jesus Christ
the veil, the Word. He created the heavens and the earth, comprehended
the dust in a measure, held all the waters in the earth in the palm of His
hand. The wind is His cherub, the clouds the dust of his feet.

There is no finite existence except in the mind and knowledge of God.

His infinite foreknowledge in comprehension formed existence. God is
non-existent in the realm of comprehension except as recorded by human
instrumentality of expression or activity, thus God is manifested. The
only mind or knowledge God has as for existence is the human recording
in mortal life of the expressed attributes through humanity. All creation
is nothing more than a composition of mass matter and energy of atoms
and electrons held together by friction and gravity. Objects produced by
contrast of light and darkness and formation of shadows that make
colors which is composed or decomposed by Gods thoughts or desires.
Mortal life is a breath of inspired consciousness which caused stimulated
movement and human activity which generated friction and heat causing
light and darkness to be recorded by the nerve system which caused
comprehension of objects. A spirit is a nature or a character attribute or
characteristics which develop through human maturity by process of
time and take form in Gods mind or knowledge thus becoming existence.
When surrendered from the body it becomes oneness with God if
disciplined by the Word, or else part of projected perversion.
God who is a Spirit, is comprehended by eyes of understanding and not
seen by eye nerves, manifested by human intelligence, seen only by
human instrumentality, so that when matter is decomposed or
dismantled, God will still be existent by spiritual comprehension of past
experience, also manifested in the body of Christ.
Fire is released combustible energy that is caused by friction which
dismantles, decomposes, or rearranges objects causing them to return to
their original state of elements.
Satan is a mental comprehension of perversion in all things which was
constituted by the merging of invisible spiritual life, (knowledge) that
made existent or manifested the invisible Deity by contrast of light and

darkness, which formed a negative and produced the object of creation or

eternal existence.