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Department of Commerce
U.S. Census Bureau – New York Regional Census Center
330 W. 34th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10001
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March 15, 2010 Event Inquiries: Adela Dalto, Partnership Specialist

C: (201) 927-0916
Press Inquiries: Igor M. Alves, Media Specialist
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Mayor Alex Blanco will deputize local students to assist in the effort to motivate everyone in
Passaic to “Fill out the Questionnaire and Walk it to the Mailbox”
PASSAIC, NJ: On Tuesday, March 16th, Mayor Alex Blanco welcomes the 2010 Census “Portrait of America”
Road Tour to Passaic City Hall, where he will deputize his Student Advisory Committee to pursue the mission
of the 2010 Census: to get everyone counted accurately at their place of residence. The event will include the
presentation of a short film, an explanation of how to complete the 10 question census form, and an
elaboration on why the 2010 Census is Safe and Important to this community. All are welcome to attend.

WHERE: Passaic City Hall

330 Passaic Street, Passaic, NJ 07055
WHEN: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Featured speakers: Dr. Alex Blanco, Mayor of City of Passaic
Representatives from the U.S. Census Bureau

Upcoming Census-related events in Passaic:

April 1 – Census Day

Reading of Proclamation on steps of City Hall, followed by Parade around the city with the Student
Advisory Board and 2010 Census deputies.

April 10 – National Neighborhood Blitz Day

Poster, flyer and banner distribution around the city, together with “Marches to the Mailbox”.

April 17 – “Motivate to Participate” Rally

Mayor Blanco and the SAB/2010 Census deputies visit neighborhoods and areas where the mail back
response rate is lagging behind.
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Census Bureau – New York Regional Census Center
330 W. 34th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Tel: (212) 356-3100 Fax: (212) 971-8991

About the 2010 Census

The 2010 Census is a count of everyone living in the United States and is mandated by the U.S. Constitution
to be conducted every 10 years. Census data are used to apportion congressional seats to states; to
distribute more than $400 billion in federal funds to local, state, and tribal governments each year; and to
make decisions about what community services to provide. The 2010 Census form will be one of the shortest
in U.S. history and consists of just 10 questions, taking about 10 minutes to complete. Strict confidentiality
laws protect the respondents and the information they provide.

March 15-17: Mailing of 2010 Census form to most homes.

March 19 – April 19: Opening of Be Counted Sites / Questionnaire Assistance Centers in select
neighborhood locations to provide extra forms for those who need it, as well as the
national Telephone Assistance Center, with help in 60 languages.

March 22-24: Mailing of reminder postcards.

March 29-31: Census workers count homeless people at shelters, soup kitchens/food vans, and
selected outdoor locations.

April 1-10: Second mailing of 2010 Census form to many homes that have not returned first one.

April 1, 2010: Official Census Day

April - July 2010: Census workers visit households that have not mailed back their census form.

Dec. 31, 2010: Reporting of Census data to the President of the United States.


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