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News from the Library

March 2009
Crossett Library and Jennings Music Library—Bennington College

Recent Graphic Novels and Comics Release Extravaganza!

Andrew Barton, Emily Tareila, and
Open Face Records presents:
Zine/Comic Book/Tape/CD Release
Friday, April 3rd, 2009 at 9:00 p.m.
on the Crossett Library's main floor.
Short-but-very-sweet Zine readings by
Awkward and Definition Andrew Barton and Emily Tareila
The Bottomless Belly Button Short-but-very-sweet music performance
BFF: Brainfag Forever by bands 'Advrb' (Andrew Barton
The Education of Hopey Glass '09), 'Pegasissy' (Russell Melia '09),
Essential Dykes to Watch Out For and Jo-Anne Hyun '12.
Explainers Postcard making/writing activity
Hall of Best Knowledge throughout the evening
Kramers Ergot 7 Tea and homemade snacks
Little Nemo in Slumberland
Things that will be celebrated and
Love and Rockets: New Stories
available for free/trade/sale:
Museum of Love and Mystery
Omega: The Unknown 'We've Got Issues' zine by Emily Tareila
Potential and Sean Adams ('08)
Skim 'AD LIB #4' zine by Andrew Barton and
The Three Paradoxes Aria Mikkola-Sears
The Umbrella Academy 'Simon & Stephin,' comic book by
What It Is Andrew Barton
Only The Sound Between Us, 2006 cd
reissue of album the by Pegasissy
New Research Tool Revive Old Wonder, new
cassette+download album by Advrb
Citation Linker is a tool that will simplify your research.
If you need an article and you already have the citation
just input the information into Citation Linker. It will
search all of our databases to find the full-text. On Exhibit in the Library
Work by Alex Grimley
Spring is in the Air Painting is a very material activity; I find
it useful to keep metaphors and
memories in mind while I paint. The
Spring is a great time paintings on display were inspired by a
for bird sightings on late-afternoon drive on Mount Anthony
campus, like this Road last December as well as a
Pileated Woodpecker
that Susie Reiss
statement by the painter Kenneth
Bird Songs: 250 Noland from 1968: “The thing is to get
spotted last week. Here North American
are some books to that color down on the thinnest
Birds in Song has a
inform & inspire. built-in audio player conceivable surface, a surface sliced
with the songs. into the air as if by a razor.”
Both paintings measure 48 x 40 inches
and are made with acrylic paint on
unprimed canvas.
Work by Robert Doisneau
Robert Doisneau, one of France's most
celebrated photographers, is noted for
his depictions of everyday life in post-
World War II Paris. Although he was
To See The Sibley A Supremely Egg & Nest natural eventually forced to reveal that one of
Every Guide to Bird Bad Idea: illustrator Rosamond
his best-known pictures -- a couple
Bird on Life and Three Mad Purcell’s newest
Earth Behavior Birders book. kissing in a crowded street -- was staged
with paid models, Doisneau had a gift for
revealing the simple and spontaneous
Music Archival Preservation Project aspects of seemingly ordinary existence.
The work exhibited comes from library’s
I am pleased to share with you good news with respect Photography Portfolio Collection. To
to the Music Library Archival Preservation Project. With schedule an appointment to view works
the expertise of Dan Roninson, Music Technician for the from the collection contact Joe Tucker.
college, we have produced approximately (still counting)
38 new CDs from the collection of analog tapes of
concerts from the 1950’ – 1980’s. Read more Questions or Comments?

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