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Tid Bits of Wisdom


From the Wonderful Word Publishers

VOL.9 No. 10

Poem by Robert Burns

2 Chron. 16:9
For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the
whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them
whose heart is perfect toward him....

What an awesome thought! We are never alone. Im reminded of Adam
and Eve and how they hid themselves when they realized they were naked. God
could see them, but they thought they were hid. Have we not been like Adam
and Eve and thought we hid ourselves from God? We cannot hide from God.
He will see everything we do in our life-time and we will give an account for all
those things. Not only does God see our nakedness of the flesh, but He sees the
wickedness of our hearts. He is concerned about both the flesh and the heart, but
the heart is where we communicate with God.

God is not just looking to see what we have done wrong; He is looking to
see if we are right in our hearts and usable to His kingdom. God wants to show
Himself strong in the eyes of this world, but He is looking for children whose
hearts are perfect (completely surrendered to His Will). He is looking for Daniels and Esthers. Are we usable servants?

If you are depending upon your good works to get you to heaven, you are
wearing fig leaves and are still naked in Gods sight. God has provided His robe
of righteousness for those who have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ, and covered us
with His blood. We no longer have to hide. The wicked has said in his heart that
God has hid He face and He will never see him (Ps. 104:11 Ps. 94:7). He is so
wrong! My standing in Christ is settled. I am forgiven and clean in the sight of
God. My rewards or the results of whatever will go through the fire. When my
parents birthed me I became their child forever! Daily my actions determined the

All men were born alike

In each and every nation.
All have been the same
But for wealth and
But when we lie beneath
the sod
And a hundred years
to back it,
Who can tell which are
the bones
That wore the ragged

Connie Martichuski and
Juanice Davis


Loyd (Sonny) Martin

Rebecca Remmer
Len Straling
Pernie Harrell

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way they responded to me as their child. When God looks my way I want to be
ready for whatever He desires to do.
Job 34:21
For his eyes are upon the ways of man, and he seeth all his goings.

Not only does God see all things, He also sees the way we do all things.
He is watching to see how we work. Are we working with a right heart? Do we
serve people out of love for God and love for them, or do we do it to be thought of
as being good and respectful? Is our service to God and man from a willing heart?
Are we attempting to remove motes out of peoples eyes when there are beams in
our eyes? We cannot be affective unless we have right hearts and clean lives!
Ps 11:4
The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lords throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his
eyelids try, the children of men.

The trying of our faith is much more precious than gold. Until we have
been tried and proven, we do not know who we are. Trying reveals truths about us
and about what we believe. Pressure brings out whatever is inside. Our trying is
the very thing that God wants to use to show Himself strong in us. When we stand
by His Word and we overcome the trial, then the world sees that God is strong!
Most of us want to be used of God, but we sure do not like our faith being tried.
Our first thought usually is that God is mad at us or He would not allow us to go
through our troubles. The opposite is true. Because God can trust us He gives us
the testing. The reason it is so hard to go through the testing, is that Satan is mad
at us. Satan always tries to make us think that God is the enemy and Satan is the
friend. Wrong!!! God will never allow us to go through things to hurt us but to
turn them to our good. It may hurt for awhile, but the end is good.
Job 36:7
He withdraweth not his eyes from the righteous: ....
Ps 34:15
The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.

Not only is Gods eyes upon us, but His ears are open to the righteous. He
is listening to us to hear our hearts cry. Our righteousness comes from the Spirit
of God and those who live and walk in the Spirit of Christ are righteous. They
have this promise. We never know when we may be in trouble. We need to know
that Gods ear is open to our cry, not only in trouble, but in prayer for ourselves
and others. When someone asks you to pray for them, they hope that God will
have His ear open to your prayer! In my flesh there is no good thing, but if I walk
in the Spirit of God, then God will keep His eyes on me and His ears open to me.
What a wonderful Father!

We know that Gods eye is on us, but what are our eyes fixed upon?

Matt 6:22-24
The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body
shall be full of light.
But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body
shall be full of darkness. If therefore the
light that is in thee be darkness, how
great is that darkness!
No man can serve two masters: for
either he will hate the one, and love the
other; or else he will hold to the one,
and despise the other. Ye cannot serve
God and mammon.

We cannot have our eyes fixed
on both God and the world and succeed. Jesus said He was the Truth, the
Way, and the Light. For His light to
completely light up your life, you must
have a single eye fixed on God only. If
God is seeing all and we are walking
in the Spirit of God and our eye is only
on God, then we should be able to let
Him do His work though our lives and
let the world see Jesus in us. Isnt that
what we want?
Ps 123:2
Behold, as the eyes of servants look
unto the hand of their masters, and as
the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of
her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the
Lord our God, until that he have mercy
upon us.

We are looking to God for mercy everyday. He said He would show
mercy to the merciful! With His eyes
fixed on us and our eyes fixed on Him
we can live in His mercy. What a wonderful knowledge. This knowledge
gives us hope and causes us to desire to
live by faith. This is a God who knows
everything about us and still loves us
and using us when our hearts are right.
What a mighty and loving God we

On the next page is a old, old
song that has stuck with me for years.
Maybe you will remember it.

-----Jerry Brewster

All along on the road to the souls
true abode,
Theres an Eye watching you.
Every step that you take this great
Eye is awake,
Theres an Eye watching you.
As you make lifes great flight, keep
the pathway of right,
Theres an Eye watching you.
God will warn not to go in the path of
the foe,
Theres an Eye watching you.
Fix your mind on the goal, that sweet
home of the soul,
Theres an Eye watching you.
Never turn from the way to the kingdom of day,
Theres an Eye watching you.
Watching you, watching you,
Every day mind the course you
Watching you, watching you,
Theres an all-seeing
Eye watching you.

J.M. Henson
I wish Heaven had a phone so
I could hear your voice again.
I thought of you today, but
that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday,
and the days before too.
I think of you in silence, I
often speak your name.
All I have are memories and a
photo in a frame.
Your memory is a keepsake,
from which Ill never part.
God has you in His arms and I
have you in my heart.



Have you ever just had an hunger to give a gift to those you love? At 45
years of age, God called Jerry into full time ministry. It meant a two thirds cut
in our income. By faith we took the leap!

I had always laid aside little gifts when I found them on sale and saved
them for a later time. After two years in the ministry I had used all my supplies
and was down to the Nitty-gritty. Christmas was coming and all of a sudden I
had a deep urge to give to my children and my family. They didnt have great
needs, but I had a great need to give and I had nothing to give. I felt like God
had placed that desire in my heart.

I always tried to start buying for Christmas in September, but it was
September and I had no money for gifts. God had directed us not to charge for
our provisions but to live on what was in our hands. That was part of our walk
of faith. I would go to Wal-Mart and see everything on the shelf that I wanted
to buy, but I had no money! I would go to the checkout and there would always
be two or three women in front of me with baskets full of gifts. They used their
credit cards and walked out with the things they wanted. Satan would say to me,
Gloria, you have a credit card. You can do what they did. You have as much
right to charge as they do. But I knew what God had told me to do. I would go
to prayer and say, Lord, you put this hunger in my heart and you havent given
me the money to fulfill this hunger. This is September and soon there will be
nothing left on the shelves. I had determined that I needed $1200 (I have a large
family!). I didnt have a dollar to put toward gifts. October came, November
came, and still no money. The shelves were getting empty by the day! The first
of December I knelt and prayed and said, Lord, you put this desire in my heart
yet you have not supplied. I dont understand, but I accept whatever you do.
I surrender this desire back to you. I had struggled for three months trying to
figure out how and what God was going to do. I got off of my knees and I was
free. Whatever God did would be find with me.

A short time later, Jerry called me from the church office. He said he had
gotten a call from an apartment complex asking if he knew anything about boilers. Someone had told them that he had worked on boilers before going into the
ministry. It was cold and they needed help immediately. Two days later, Jerry
received another call from another apartment whose boiler had troubles. Jerrys
profit for both jobs, after tithe, was $1200. He gave me the money and I went to
the store and everything I had wanted to buy was still on the shelves!!!
There is nothing that can take the place of Living by Faith!

----Gloria Brewster


Committed beyond its means.
Expecting what sense cannot certify.
Based on Gods promise.
Dependant on Gods supply.
Motivated for Gods glory.
Confident in Gods integrity.

.....Dr. Ken Connally



Gloria Brewster



Have you ever been out in the hot sun and had someone to hand you
a drink of cold water? Wasnt it refreshing? Nothing would be needed more
than a cup of cool water.

Jesuss word is that cool cup of water. I want to dip into the water that
the Lord has put in my life and share with you a cup of cold water. Dr. John
R. Rices daughter, Grace McMillian, once said to me, Gloria, are you writing
down what God is giving you? I said, No, but I want to, I just havent gotten
around to it. She said, Do you think that God meant His truths to be only for
you. When He gives you understanding, He expects you to share with others.
Grace was lying on a couch, dying of breast cancer, writing what she was learning
at that time. I was there typing so she could get the word out. Her words have
stuck with me all these years. If you would allow me to, I would like to share with
you some of the cold water the Lord has given me.

Creation is where we learn: who we are; why we are; and what God created us for. Evolution takes you from creation and then you have no one to give
an account to. You have no rhyme or reason for life. No wonder our children are
killing one another today. Evolution gives you no reason to live. There is no
knowledge about tomorrow in evolution. You dont know what you will evolve
into! There is no reason to pray because there is no one to pray to. What you
learn today may not work tomorrow! There is no TRUTH in evolution. Truth is
a strong affirmation and does not change. Evolution changes constantly. There
is no purpose for your life. In evolution you are the god of your life, but how do
you know what to do as god of your life? You dont know how or why you exist
and you have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Evolution has no HOPE!

If we will live to please our
God, we will be pleased with the life
we are given. There is no destruction
in the ways of God. His ways bring

In the New Testament we read
GATE. For years I thought of those
gates as heaven and hell, but that is not
what it is talking about. Its not speaking of salvation of the soul; it is speaking about salvation of the flesh. How to
live here and now, and find life! When
Jesus says, Follow me, He is inviting
you to enter the strait gate. His ways
bring life. To do it OUR way is entering the broad gate and it will bring destruction at some time in our life. Many
of us play around with Gods truths but
we wont walk the path of those truths.
You dont get benefit from knowing
truth. You get benefit from walking in
those truths. (Mtt. 7:12-14)

On the other hand, creation comes with purpose and an obligation to the
creator. The Bible reveals our God and His purposes for creation. Everything He
created the first six days have purpose and a job to fulfill. Oh yes, the seventh day
He rested and we are made in His image and just as He needed rest, so do we!

There are two truths in Gods
word that most people never submit
to or trust God to work those truths in
their lives. Those truths are that the
man is the responsible party in a union
of marriage between a man and a woman. The other side of that coin is that
women are to do their work through
the mans position in the family. The
woman, being created equal with man,
fights humbling herself in becoming
his servant. The man wants to run from
responsibility and the woman wants to
run the home. When this happens, the
home falls! We cannot do the work of a
family which produces life without doing it Gods way. Any other way is the
BROAD way! The way of destruction.
We are free to choose either. We need
to decide if we want life or destruction.

Man, male and female, is the only creation that was made in Gods likeness and image. God created them for His PLEASURE. (Rev. 4:11)

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Jesus said, I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE! There is no Way
in evolution. It is constantly changing. There is no Truth in evolution because
there is no foundation in evolution. There is no Life in evolution because Life
is found in Christ and is lived through the Spirit. How has this generation swallowed evolution as a fact?

If you really want to serve God,
then find out what pleases Him! He desires us to bring Him pleasure. How
pleased do you think God is with your
life today?


(Singing at our Banquet at 93 years of age)

Mrs. Pernie Harrell! How to you explain her? Her Christianity bubbled over into all parts of her life. She was in
her early 80s when we came to Galilean Baptist Church. She was 96 when she died.

She was our first ministry when we arrived at Galilean. Her husband was on his death bed as we arrived in town.
We went straight to her home and stood beside his bed with her as he died. We sung hymns in his last minutes of life. Mrs.
Pernie had a song in her heart. She had lost most of her hearing and did not know that she changed keys a lot while she was
singing, but everyone loved to watch Mrs. Pernie sing.

Mrs. Pernies first husband died many years earlier and she and her son spent some years alone. Later she remarried
and had a daughter. Soon afterward they came to Galilean Baptist Church, where Bro. Bob Keys was then pastoring. Bro.
Bod came to their home and led her husband to the Lord. They became active soul-winners and Mrs. Pernie never backed
off. When she had to go to a nursing home, she assumed that God had put her there to get the gospel to all in the house. The
administrator came to her room to introduce himself and get to know her. As they sat on her bed her first words were, Are
you a Christian? He said, Yes, I am. She said, No, I mean are you a blood bought child of God? She said you should
have seen how fast he got out of there! She was a bold compassionate Christian. She got right to the point and you knew
she did it because she cared about your life. She prayed for every member of the church every day!

Not long after her husbands death, she was in a grocery store and looked up and saw a young couple with a small
child in the basket. As she looked up, she read what was on the young fathers hat. She couldnt believe what she saw. She
walked over to the young father and asked, Young man, do you know what your hat says? He said, Yes maam, I do.
She said, Do you want your little boy to read that when he grows up? He said, No maam, I dont. She said, Then
take that hat off of your head. He said, Yes maam! Only Mrs. Pernie could get away with that because that young man
realized that she did it for his sake and the sake of his son. He thanked her for it!

Mrs. Pernie took a childrens Sunday School class and taught faithfully for over 40 years. Her class was upstairs
(and they are high stairs). I can still see her wearing her highhill shoes at 90 years of age and climbing those stairs to teach
her little students. Her helper, who worked with her for many years, Mrs. Glenda McMillian, is still teaching the little students. Love, compassion and faithfulness was Mrs. Pernie.

When we came to Galilean, the last two rows of the church were where our elderly jewels sat! They were ladies
who had been in this church from the early days. One, Mrs. Luna Hammans, was a charter member. The first two years we
took part in 40 funerals. I often told Jerry that God had sent him here to bury the saints. These saints had built and had kept
this church together all these years and they needed to be loved in their dying days. Oh, how I miss them when I look at the
back two rows.

Tell me! What will the church think about you when you die? What kind of a legacy will you leave behind.

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I strove to enter into the strait gate the first 10 years of my Christian life.
I believed that I was supposed to work through Jerrys position, but I didnt want
to. Outwardly I obeyed Gods word, but my spirit resisted the whole idea of it.
I had no understanding of what God had asked me to do. Why did He do that to
me? Why couldnt I be in charge of my life? I was as smart as he was! My ideas
were as good as his. WHY? I didnt understand how or why I was created to do
this. I thought my resistance was toward Jerry, but it was God that I was resisting.
Satan would whisper in my ear, You were just a second thought to God and you
are not as important as the man, therefore you were made to serve him. Thats
right, Satan was in my garden also!

I knew that God was good and not a respecter of persons. If God was
who He said He was, then I was wrong about what God had done by putting me
under the leadership. I was wrong; God was right. Therefore submission was
good, because it came from God. I had to find out what God was thinking when
He made me for man. Just about that time God put me under some teaching that
opened my eyes to truths I had never seen before.

Jesus didnt ask me to do anything that He had not already done. To
work through the mans position is being to man who Jesus is to the Father. In the
heaven, Jesus was the WORD. The WORD lived to do the will of the Father! It
was the Fathers will to send the Word to earth as a man so He could live without
sin, the life that God had created us to live, and to give that life to us so we could
come to the Father and be restored to the family of God. It was a work that would
cause Jesus to have to humble Himself and become a man. Even to humble Himself to go to the cross. Jesus WILLINGLY volunteered to please the Father and
accomplish His will. Jesus says to woman, I want you to be to man what I am
to the Father. The woman is to fulfill the will of the husband, birth his children
as Jesus birthed us, and to bring the children to the father, as Jesus has brought
us to the Heavenly Father. The only way Jesus could be our example and show
us the way was to take on Himself a life like ours. Mothers can only be a childs
example if she will humble herself and serve the father the way the children are to
serve the father. Did Jesus become less than God when He humbled Himself and
became man? NO! Jesus was always God. He laid down His powers and became
one of us. When a woman humbles herself and serves a man, like the children are
to serve him, it doesnt make her less than man. Its like taking off your coat so
you can work. The coat is still yours, you just arent wearing it! Surely I can give
myself to work the will of my husband if Jesus, who is God, can give Himself to
work the will of the Heavenly Father. Womans work is an awesome work, but
it can only be accomplished through SUBMISSION to Gods command. Only
WILLING submission takes you through that strait gate and puts you on the right

All of the important lessons of life are to be learned in the family. Looking at the families in America I think we can truthfully say we are a sick nation!
Our testing takes place within our family. The father has a great opportunity
to show his wife and children a pattern of godliness through his position. If he
would just look at how Jesus runs His church, the father would understand how
to lead his family. The mother, being the producer of the home, has a great opportunity to cause her home to prosper in spirit and in material goods. It is the

job of the father to establish the commands for the home and it is the job of
the mother to see that the will of the
father is done. The children are there
to grow and learn how to live a full life.
This sounds simple. Why does it become so difficult?

The godhead works in unity
because there is no sin and the Word
and the Holy Spirit are committed to
doing the will of the Father! With man
there is the struggle of sin in the lives
of each one. Not only did our father
Adam bring death to each of us, but the
two of them brought us into judgment.
There was no judging until there was a
knowledge of both good and evil. Now
everything in life had to be judged as
good or evil.

The first law given to man was
Do not eat of the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil. A command is what
to do; a law is what not to do! Without law there is no sin. When a law
is broken, a sentence must be given.
There has to be a judge. You will never
find partnerships in the Bible. Partners
cannot always work. Two people will
not always agree and one must have
the power to make the final decision.
God gave that power to the father since
he was made in the image of God. To
produce a great work it must be done
through one will so it can be done as
ONE and in unity. Mans will is to be
submitted to Gods will. Womans will
is to be submitted to Gods will, which
is to work through her husband,s will,
AS UNTO THE LORD! If both allow
God to direct their lives they can have
a precious relationship with each other.
The problem is that sin of one or the
other creates trouble. We either conquer sin, or sin conquers us!

Next paper we will talk about
how to Conquer sin in the home.

No matter whos president,

Is King!


Brethren, We enjoyed the article Taken in Captivity in the Aug-Sept. issue

of Tid Bits of Wisdom. Thank you
for mailing to us. The article on Job
and testing in the previous issue was
certainly needed by all believers also.
We are appreciative of Mrs. Ciminos
ministry efforts also and find occasion
to contribute to her work by providing
tracts to missionaries. A missionary
servant in PANAMA once said stay
focused. With prayer...Bro. Russ
Hanson, Mo.
Good Morning Bro. & Sister. Brewster.I
just finished reading your newsletter. I
always enjoy them. Thank you! Your
words about trusting God are dear to
me. I was 53 when my husband died.
All income was gone. I lost my home
and all furnishings. All I had was a car
paid for and some STUFF. I had prayed
many years prior to his death. Lord,
your Word says you will take care of
me. I want to see you do it. I said, I
want to get out on a limb and watch you
come and provide for me. After Don
died, I said, OK Lord, now I want to
see how you are going to care for me.
Im out on that limb. That was 23
years ago. At what seemed to be the
last minute God opened up a door for
me to go to Florida (relocate from TX)
and house sit on the Marnatee River in
Brudenton. I had to drive their Mercedes once in awhile! God has provided
for me over and over in many unusual
ways, supernaturally. He has been my
husband these many years (Is. 54). I
was not always content and happy in
those trying years. We all have a story
to tell. I believe I could write a book on
my journey since Don passed. I am 76
this month. Mary Lanoue (She wrote
more encouraging words to us and I
thank her for taking the time to share
her story. Do you have a story?)

Some people should use

a glue-stick instead of



Fall has come and the weather is delightful! This is the time of
the year to accomplish outside projects. Nine acres keeps a person busy.
Again we thank the Lord for keeping us on our feet. It really doesnt matter what we are going through as long as we get through. Gloria is walking
better and I am still able to accomplish the things that need to be done.

We have not done a lot of ministry in other churches, like we would
have hoped, but God brings ministry to us every day in one way or another.
We have an empty travel trailer that is being used to house Christian workers as they pass through our part of the country. We also have a couch that
makes a bed in the office and it often has someone resting there. I cannot
tell you how many times someone has provided a bed for us in one of our
ministry trips and we love doing this for others. We love to hear what God
is doing for them. They encourage us!

This paper is a faith work. We do not charge for anything this work
does. This December, Tid Bits of Wisdom will have been publishing for
10 years by faith. God has supplied our every need these ten years. Many
of our first supporters were elderly (they seem to be the people who feel
others need the most). Some have gone to be with the Lord and a few new
ones have joined us, but there is still much to be done. We would ask you
to pray about being part of this work and if not, then please pray that God
will raise up others to help carry the load.

A few of you have given to us personally this year because of Jerrys retirement. We will never be able to express what your gifts have
done to carry us through this year. We gave up $3800 a month to obey
God and turn the church over to the new pastor. We could have continued
to hold on, if money were the only thing to consider, but the will of God is
what we have been asked to follow. His will is a walk of faith and there is
nothing like it!!! We have had to totally rebuild a car, fix a gas leak, water
leaks, stopped up drains, etc... Last month we had to have the air conditioner serviced twice. We cannot explain how we have survived, outside
of the love gifts that God has put in the hearts of friends, but we have not
been stranded or left without our needs this whole year. Is it scary? Yes!
But thats where faith comes in and faith is the victory that overcomes the
world. To you who have invested in our lives this year, thank you for your
part of our survival.
Tid Bits of Wisdom is a non-profit work and operates through the
Wonderful Word Publishers, whose founders were Bro. Dick and Mrs.
Rose Cimino. The Tid Bits of Wisdom is published by Bro. Jerry and
Mrs. Gloria Brewster. The tract ministry is operated by Mrs. Connie
Cimino. All gifts are tax deductible. Tid Bits of Wisdoms web site is Our email is Phone: 214-2935252

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Tid Bits of Wisdom

Ps 34:15
The eyes of the Lord are upon the
righteous, and his ears are open unto
their cry.

--Psalms 68:11-Founded December, 1966

now Tid Bits of Wisdom, is the official voice of WONDERFUL WORD
PUBLISHERS, a non-profit, religious
organization, endeavoring to publish
Gospel Literature in the Spanish Language for world-wide distribution,
through Bible believing Missionaries at no cost to them. It is published
as the Lord enables. It is dedicated
to Missionary activity on the fields
already white unto harvest, and
contending for the verbally inspired
Word, exalting the LIVING WORD.


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