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Step 1
Preheat oven to 180C. Brush a round 20cm (base measurement) cake pan with melted
butter to grease. Line the base with non-stick baking paper.
Step 2
Place dates and water in a medium saucepan over high heat. Bring to the boil. St
ir in the bicarbonate of soda. Set aside for 10 minutes to cool slightly.
Step 3
Use an electric beater to beat the butter and sugar in a bowl until pale and cre
amy. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in the va
nilla. Fold in the date mixture and flour until well combined.
Step 4
Spoon the mixture into the prepared pan and smooth the surface. Bake for 40-45 m
inutes or until the top springs back when lightly pressed.
Step 5
Meanwhile, to make the caramel sauce, stir the sugar, cream, butter and vanilla
in a medium saucepan over medium heat for 5 minutes or until smooth.
Step 6
Cut pudding into wedges and pour over the caramel sauce. Serve with cream or ice
-cream and strawberries.
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added this comment at 03:16pm Thu 10th September, 2015

With all the compliments I get for this pudding I feel like a five star chef. Yo
u simply have to make this!!!
added this comment at 07:09pm Sat 13th June, 2015
Absolutely foolproof. Tastes amazing!
added this comment at 12:41pm Mon 8th June, 2015
This recipe is very easy and tastes very Very good. If I could I would make this
every weekend
added this comment at 04:48pm Sat 27th December, 2014
This recipe is a winner! Will be making this again and again. Moist pudding and
the best caramel sauce! Served up to my three young adult children and their par
tners. It was like a chorus with the first mouthful....yummmm
added this comment at 02:31pm Fri 20th June, 2014
This always turns out great and everyone is impressed with the flavour
added this comment at 11:02pm Tue 15th April, 2014
Hmmm yum ! Thank you
added this comment at 10:36pm Sun 16th March, 2014
Loved this recipe. Very easy and sauce is delicious. I used brown sugar in the p
udding which made it lovely and dark. Will make again for sure
added this comment at 01:11pm Sat 16th November, 2013
Made no changes and the result was a moist, delicious pudding that anyone can ma
ke. Served it with vanilla ice-cream and got my dinner guests coming back for se
conds. Will definately be making again and again ;-)
added this comment at 11:13pm Wed 7th November, 2012
This was absolutely gorgeous, one of the best puddings I have ever tasted. Thoug
h I made some small changes. I added a good dash of cream sherry, about 3 tables
poons of golden syrup, and like other s suggested, used brown sugar in place of
caster. I also used 3/4 a cup of cream, instead of half. Absolutely delicious, w
ould make again.
added this comment at 02:21pm Sun 12th August, 2012
In a word - amazing! Made it as per the recipe with no changes. Super easy to ma
ke and the result was delicious! The other half was very impressed :)
added this comment at 02:58pm Thu 2nd August, 2012
Soooo easy and taste is even better. I added more dates than the recipe recommen
ded which I think resulted in an even sweeter pudding. Will be making this again
for sure.
added this comment at 10:52pm Mon 9th July, 2012
I love this recipe, it tastes great!!!

added this comment at 06:08am Mon 2nd July, 2012
rated this recipe at 06:43am Sat 2nd June, 2012
added this comment at 05:50pm Sat 26th May, 2012
Liked the brown sugar variation others suggested. Great taste. Cut dates first t
hen added water etc rather than adding water first as others said and found that
this worked well. Family loved this ESP caramel sauce and would make again.
added this comment at 03:22pm Mon 5th March, 2012
Really moist just enough dates and great all round flavour. Will definitely make
it again.
added this comment at 05:52pm Thu 18th August, 2011
Ive just made this pudding, however I altered it. I used all the ingredients wit
h the exception of the flour I used a plain wholemeal stoneground flour, same qu
antity but 3 tsp baking powder, then about 1/2 thru baking, I poured the sauce o
ver the top and continued to bake for about 10 mins longer. I then served it wit
h Dairy bell coffee icecream.. in one word DELISH
rated this recipe at 09:01am Tue 16th August, 2011
added this comment at 11:20am Tue 5th July, 2011
Yum will be making this again for sure. I increased dates to about 300g, forgot
to chop before boiling but just used my kitchen scissors onece they were soft an
d think this was easier that chopping beforehand. Made extra sauce just incase b
ut we had heaps. Nine adults and a few kids all very happy!
added this comment at 02:35pm Mon 27th June, 2011
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD !!! I got fresh dates so i cut the pitts out and roughly ch
opped them, and left them to sit in the water for a while. Once they had gotten
a little soft and not so sticky, i mashed them with a potato masher ... leaving
a smooth consistency and not too much huge chunks of dates. Was so good ! Will d
efinately make a million times more !
added this comment at 10:25pm Sun 19th June, 2011
This tasted really yummy but cutting up dates is too tedious. Instead I put whol
e pitted dates & 1 cup BOILING water into a bowl then stirred in bicarb soda and
let sit for 5 mins. Then put date mixture, butter & sugar into blender and proc
essed until pureed. Then added flour, eggs & vanilla essense & processed until c
ombined, then poured into tin. I had to increase the cooking time. If using a 20
cm tin I would recommend checking pudding after about 40mins then keeping a clos
e eye on it. If getting too brown before cooked thru you can cover with tin foil
. To check if cooked the cake should spring back if pressed lightly in middle or
if poked with a skewer the skewer should come out clean. My family & dinner gue
sts love this recipe. Always on the request list.
replied at 10:27pm Sun 19th June, 2011
PS. I forgot to mention that I increased the dates to about 300g.

replied at 11:48am Sun 24th July, 2011
Thanks Debbie this is such an easy quick way to make sticky date pudding and it
is absolutely delicious a new favourite.
added this comment at 09:53am Sun 5th June, 2011
Really yummy, but I added extra dates, 300 grams, I did this because in the pict
ure the pudding looked pale to me. I m glad I did and it was actually the best s
ticky date I ve had. The sauce was good too, but I think it could be better, I w
ill try a different sauce next time, a creamier caramel sauce would be better. W
ill make again and again and so so easy and quick to make.
added this comment at 08:06am Sun 5th June, 2011
Absolutely yummy. With strawberries at $6 punnet, I didn t worry about them thou
added this comment at 07:33am Sat 4th June, 2011
This is a beautiful, really moist cake. Was really easy and quick to make too. T
he caramel sauce was to-die-for! I added a bit of cornflour (about 1tsp) just to
thicken the sauce up a little. Made for a really good dessert!
added this comment at 06:11pm Tue 31st May, 2011
This was the first time I d ever made a sticky date pudding, and it turned out g
reat! Put the mixture in muffin tins, as suggested, and they turned out to be de
licious. The caramel sauce was beautiful! A brilliant recipe, perfect for the co
ld weather we re currently going through!
added this comment at 08:58pm Wed 25th May, 2011
Super delicious! I also made some adjustments by upping the chopped dates to aro
und 300g, decreasing the bicarb to 1/2 tsp (not necessary really but i made a st
icky date once and it tasted too bicarb-y..), used 3 eggs and used brown sugar i
nstead of white. I also used a slightly flatter rectangular tin which decreased
cooking time to 20 minutes. This recipe was easy peasy and the results were supe
rb even without the caramel sauce! A keeper in my recipe book for sure... :)
added this comment at 06:51pm Sun 10th April, 2011
Used just a little more dates in the recipe. Very easy, everyone in the family l
oves this one.
added this comment at 10:54pm Fri 18th February, 2011
I made 18 muffins with this recipe. Used 500g dates with 2 cups of water an d 2
tsp bi carb. Used 3/4 cup brown sugar instead of caster. Used 3 eggs. Cooked the
m for about 18 minutes. Very light & delicious .. I hope the ladies at lunch enj
added this comment at 05:10pm Tue 5th October, 2010
yummy! made in muffin tray with the changes others recommended (but didnt change
the amount of dates like others mentioned). super quick to make and very very d
added this comment at 11:11pm Mon 2nd August, 2010

Great recipe and so easy! I added some raisins ad cinnamon as well as a little b
randy essence. Everyone loved it. Defo make again
added this comment at 05:56pm Mon 26th July, 2010
MMMMM Best Sticky Date pudding i ve ever made. Great recipe.
added this comment at 12:13pm Sun 30th May, 2010
I made this last weekend and it went down a treat. As a coeliac I miss a lot of
desserts but I just adjusted the recipe to using gluten free flour and it was gr
eat. I also made double the sauce. Most people came back for seconds. I absolute
ly loved it!
added this comment at 12:19pm Sun 2nd May, 2010
This is absolutely delicious! Very easy and straightforward. I haven t tried mak
ing individual puddings in a muffin tray yet, but that s next on the list.
added this comment at 06:57pm Fri 22nd January, 2010
This pudding was delicious. Although I thought it could have been a little more
added this comment at 10:49pm Thu 3rd December, 2009
A fantastic recipe, delicious and easy to make! I now keep dates in my pantry an
d if I have visitors I make a batch - a definite hit with everyone. I use a 12 m
uffin tray and it s a good size serving.
replied at 08:47am Fri 16th July, 2010
How long would you cook it for, if it were in muffin trays?
added this comment at 05:14pm Thu 23rd July, 2009
This came out really well. But wonder if it should be kept in the over for a lit
tle longer as the bottom part was a little wet. Or maybe that s the way it is..
But really easy recipe and tastes yummy too. :)
added this comment at 07:45pm Wed 22nd July, 2009
It was the best sticky date pudding ever! Won the hearts of everyone at the last
dinner party
added this comment at 09:33am Sat 18th July, 2009
also followed familyprochef s advice to add another 250g of dates,(a bit time co
nsuming to coarsely chop but worth the effort), a cup of brown sugar instead of
caster & an extra egg & it turned out so yummy though i added 3/4 cup of cream f
or the caramel sauce (think sauce is not enough since we still have leftovers,i
ll cook a bit more of sauce later). didn t have strawberries to serve so i just
served this as it complains at all! daughter had 3rd servings, lol! wil
l definitely be cooking this again... :-D
added this comment at 05:06pm Fri 17th July, 2009
First time I had made Sticky Date Pudding and was a real hit. "Better than my mu
m s" was a resounding comment!

added this comment at 03:34pm Thu 9th July, 2009

My father in law is not a desert person and even he loved it. Real crowd pleaser
. I made it in ramekins, made 4. still needed to cut them in half to serve so ne
xt time I think I ll try the muffin tin.
added this comment at 03:12pm Mon 6th July, 2009
Fantastic easy recipe. Made it for mothers group lunch in the muffin trays, was
really a hit. Thank you so much for the reviews.
added this comment at 12:06am Sun 21st June, 2009
I made this for Dad s birthday and it was super easy and delicious. I used brown
sugar instead of caster and served with custard. It didn t last long, very yumm
added this comment at 02:49pm Mon 15th June, 2009
Winner, winner, winner!! Increased to 250g dates and used brown sugar instead of
castor. Made 6 texas muffin size which were HUGE. Next time will make 12 in reg
ular muffin tin and freeze some. Sauce was devine!
added this comment at 04:47pm Mon 8th June, 2009
i followed familyproshef s advice and it was ablolutely delightful, extremely
moreish and an great crowd-pleaser. already made more than once and will never s
top making over and over again :)
added this comment at 09:30pm Fri 5th June, 2009
This was AMAZING! My bf said it was my best dessert made by far (and i have made
some pretty good desserts). It is just as good as in a restaurant! I used brown
sugar instead of caster sugar in the pudding as others had recommended. Otherwi
se everything else was made as per recipe and it was sooo delicious! I have kept
the rest in the freezer so we can have it whenever we want. I served it with co
nniseur vanilla ice-cream which made it just perfect! The others are def spot on
with the ratings on this recipe
added this comment at 02:55pm Fri 22nd May, 2009
Try 500g of dates, 1 cup of firmly packed brown sugar instead of the Castor suga
r, and one more egg if you can. Makes it so much more datey and rich. Crowd pl
added this comment at 02:45pm Tue 14th April, 2009
I love this recipe, made as individual muffins, light fluffy, used raw sugar in
lieu of castor sugar, also added som cinnamon, will be making again.
added this comment at 11:09am Mon 23rd March, 2009
Just lovely and very easy to make! I also only did 1/2 cup castor sugar and the
sweetness turned out great. Maybe a bit too light and fluffy.
added this comment at 02:40pm Sun 22nd March, 2009
YUMMO !!!!! just divine. I did cut back on castor sugar(1/2 cup) and brown sugar
(1/2 cup)And it was still sweet. Delicious with ice cream. I also cooked mixture
in muffin tin.

added this comment at 08:32pm Wed 11th March, 2009
Very light and fluffy inside. Cooked as muffins for 30 minutes. Made 6 generous
texas style. Plenty of caramel sauce. Would definately make again. Give this one
a go if SD is a favourite.
added this comment at 06:34pm Fri 5th December, 2008
I use this delicious pud on our menu at work... everyone loves it!!
added this comment at 10:22pm Wed 27th August, 2008
super easy. made in muffin size so I could easily freeze. added some cinnamon an
d a pinch of spice. delicious