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gods not dead

A commonly requested concern that Team Alena Larie is going to solution for yourself all. Here it
is: "Is Alena Larie a #Christian musician? Exactly what music and songs does she do? The
information of her tunes is #Christ motivated due to the fact she is a Christian a follower of Jesus
God's Not Dead Alena Larie
Her recording undertaking "The Appreciate Split Job" was influenced by her very own
personalized testimony of once becoming a younger individual really like ripped between her
fascination with Our god and her adoration for the globe. She has stopped being TORN. Her
tunes is obvious and speaks to the real world circumstances, self-alteration, religious alteration,
appreciate, challenges, and spirituality. She is a true worshipper and another of her most recent
tracks "You Might Be Worthwhile" delivers that. You Might Be Worthwhile is actually a lovely
worship song it is additionally on #iTunes in conjunction with her testimony audio job "The Really
like Ripped Undertaking. Her genre= noise mirrors that relating to an infusion of Take & RAndB,
Soul, Urban Gospel. She is Finally an on flame small gal of Lord who seems to be UNASHAMED
Of Your GOSPEL OF Jesus. Alena Larie's design verse is 1 Peter 2:9 "But you are a picked out
race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for their own thing, that you might proclaim the
excellencies of Him who known as you of darkness into his marvelous light-weight." To arrange
Alena Larie for your forthcoming live concert, discussion, or affair, email us at, or call us today on the phone at 425 757 0490. And, make sure to
check out her official site most of her audio is obtainable on #iTunes
#Google Participate in Software retailer #CDbaby #Amazon . com #Spotify Alena Larie Walker
Is it possible to can recall the time you accepted Jesus to you? I will. I recall being placed in a
pew, vocal singing down towards the hymn (or anything they call the greater number of modern
church tunes) and hoping to never sing loud enough for anybody to hear me across the people
today on point. I began to consider the text for the track, I cannot quite keep in mind what song it
absolutely was, and exactly how the words applied to living. I started to consider things that the
Lord obtained done for me, and the things that he possessed offered to complete. Tears started
flowing and I commenced vocal after some more sincerity. An individual recognized me there,
plus they directed me towards the modify. They informed me exactly what to pray, so i
recommended every single concept than it... during the time.