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E&P-exploration and production

O&G- oil and gas
EIA- energy information administration
OECD-organization for economic cooperation and development
OEEC-organization for European economic cooperation
DOE-department of energy
2010 U.S. Energy Consumption:
99.304 quadrillion Btus in 2008
335+ million Btus per capita
Oil -- 37.5%
Natural Gas -- 24%
Coal -- 22.5%
Nuclear -- 8.5%
Renewables -- 7.5%
Go M-go Mexico
WTI-west Texas intermediate
OPEC-organization of petroleum exporting countries
NPC-national petroleum council
IEA- International Energy Agency
"Energy Independence for much of the OECD world is not realistic in the foreseeable future.
But enhanced Energy Security is a worthy goal.
Lecture 2
Oil and GasHydrocarbonsformed from temperature + pressure + time
Reservoir types:
traditionalstructural and stratigraphic
chalk and coal-bed methane
shale gas
With sufficient size and "porosity (pore space) to hold a commercial quantity of oil or gas
With sufficient "permeability" (connecting pore spaces to allow the oil (given its "viscosity") or
gas to flow through the reservoir
With sufficient "natural reservoir energy" (pressure) to force the oil or gas into the wellbore.
CBM-cold bad matter
Distance = (time)*(velocity)
Lecture 3
OCS-outer continental shelf
SDA-surface damage acts
NIRA-national industrial recovery act
IOCC-international oil concentrates commission
IMLA-Indian mineral leasing act 1938
IMDA-Indian mineral development act 1982
Oil and gas lease:
Problem: Mineral Owner, often times a private individual such as a farmer, desires to develop the
minerals but does not have the time, money and expertise. Producers has all these things, but no

Solution: Agreement/deed whereby Mineral Owner sells right/real property interest to develop
minerals to Producer in return for bonus, royalty and/or other benefits.
Lecture 4
WCR-well completion report
FracingU.S. and Internationally
Marcellus Shale New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia,
Ohio, Virginia
Barnett Shale Texas
Bakken Shale North Dakota, Montana
Haynesville Shale Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Eagle Ford Shale Texas
Utica Shale New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania
CWA-Clean Water Act
CAA-Clean Air Act
UIC-Underground Injection Control
SDWA-Program of Safe Drinking Water Act
RCRA-Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
CERCLA-Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act
TSCA-Toxic Substances Control Act
TSCA-Toxic Substances Control Act
EPCRA-Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act
ESA-Endangered Species Act
MBTA-Migratory Bird Treaty Act
NEPA-National Environmental Policy Act
Lecture 5
NOCs-national oil company
Exon-international oil company (nigeria)
IOC-international oil company
BOE-board of equalization
Most influential NOCs:
China National Petroleum Corporation (China)
Gazprom (Russia)
National Iranian Oil Company (Iran)
Petrobras (Brazil)
PDVSA (Venezuela)

Petronas (Malaysia)
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
LNG-largest (liquefied) natural gas
OPEC-oil producing export company
Lecture 6
While the Middle East dominates currently proven, conventional and commercially viable reserves,
these reserves account for less than 10% of the total oil in the world
There is approximately 7.9 trillion bbls of potentially recoverable oil left in the world from all
sources, according to the IEA, with more than 90% of it outside the Middle East.
African oil: Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Libya, Egypt
NGL-natural gas liquid
Lecture 7
DECC-department of environment and climate change
DECC first issues an exclusivity license in a competitive offering bidding process
Permission from the Local Planning Authority (can require an Environmental Impact Assessment
and a subsequent environmental permit);
Consultation with the Environment Agency;
Submission of application to drill to DECC;
Submission of information and independent health & safety verification to The Health and
Safety Executive;
Notification of the Environment Agency of intent to commence drilling;
Lecture 8,9
POC-partnership operating company
EPC = Engineering, procurement, and construction.

HGI-Host Government Instrument

CA-Confidentiality Agreement
Consultancy Agreement
Local counsel
Participation (Farmout) Agreement
JOA-Joint Operating Agreement
Secondment Agreement
AP-Accounting Procedure
AMI-Area of Mutual Interest
UOA-Unit Operating Agreement
Purchase and Sale Agreement
GSA-Gas Sales Agreement
Gas Balancing Agreement
Gas Transportation Agreement
Liquefied Natural Gas Agreements
Crude Oil Sales Contract
Lifting Agreement
Lecture 10
Proved recoverable reserves is the tonnage of coal that has been proved by drilling etc. and is
economically and technically extractable.
Lecture 11

The main vector of renewables support for the EU was through the Directive on the Promotion of
Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources RES-E in the Internal Electricity Market (2009), also
called the Renewables Directive.

Lecture 12
FERC-Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Lecture 13

IAEA-international atomic energy agency

PA-pensilvanya first reactor
European nuclear authority. Euroatom treaty.
Lecture 14

FCPA- foreign corrupt practices act (u.s.)

Lecture 15

But understand the distinction between governing law and applicable law.