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Well, we have just about survived our HMIe visit last week and will now
move on to our regular stuff in school which, believe me, is a joy!

I must firstly though thank Miss Reid for all her hard work putting
together our first major World of Work event last week. It was a real
success and the evaluations from children, staff and providers are very
good. The school really was buzzing and busy and lots of good learning
linked to the event took place – children were completing job applications,
making up questions and using IT to research jobs etc. Our Enterprise
Champions were making sure timetables were working and people were
where they should be at the right time. All in all the Enterprise
Champions had quite a responsibility and every one of them did a superb
job. Congratulations to all of you – what a triumph.
Photographs from this event will be on our website and I would urge you
to have a look.
I must take this opportunity to thank all providers who came into school
last week and gave of their time and talents to Moray pupils. Most of the
providers are parents or family members and this made it even more
special – well done all of you.

Primary 7 pupils were at the Science, Engineering and Technology Fair on

Friday last week and this was a super event for them. In addition, each P7
has had a visit to the National Archives in Edinburgh to research
information about WW2. This is the second year we have visited the
archives and feedback is very positive.

Next week 51 of our P7 children and 6 staff are going on a five day
residential to Dounans outdoor adventure centre. This is a first for us
and everyone is now getting quite excited about the trip.

Primary 6 pupils had a successful enterprise event making and selling

calendars before Christmas and as a reward they are all going to a private
screening of “Alice in Wonderland” complete – I am told – with 3D glasses.
Following that they are going to Pizza Hut for lunch. What a great way to
celebrate success.
Some of these P6 pupils also recently make a radio broadcast on Central
FM to advertise our World of Work event – what a fabulous experience.
Primary 4 pupils will be visiting Callendar House soon for workshops about
the Romans and to finish off this topic they will be having a “feast” in
school. This has been a good topic and they have shown a lot of interest in

Cross country runners have been doing well and taking part in races in
some pretty dreadful weather. There is another event this week and over
thirty children will be going. Well done to staff and pupils.

The football team had a round of league games recently and I’d like to
thank Bob Niven for supporting us with this event. The team won two
games and were beaten in one so well done boys.

Primary 5a are paying a visit to Jupiter centre later this month with Miss
Shanks as part of a topic activity.

This week should be our Mobile Adventure Course for pupils in P1-P7. We
were let down quite badly a fortnight ago so hopefully everything will go
without a hitch this time.
Nursery children will have a sponsored bounce on Wednesday 17th.

Nursery swimming is almost at an end but this has been a successful

event and one which we will certainly give consideration to again.

Primary 3 children are planning our Easter service which will take place in
Zetland Parish church on Thursday April 1st at 10.00 a.m. Families and
friends of any school pupil will be made very welcome. Should the weather
not be good for walking to church, the service will be in school for pupils
only and for 2 family members from each P3 pupil.

School will close for the Easter break on Thursday April 1st at the normal
times of 2.45 and 3.15 p.m. and will re-open on Monday April 19th at 9.00

From Monday 19th April the price of a school meal will increase
to £1.55.