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Mishnayot Avi Greenberg
‫מסכת שבת‬ George Kestel
Raphy Meyer
This week we will attempt to learn Mishna 7 Perek stage which is neither properly Shabbat, nor still Contributor: Aharon Goldwater
Bet of Messechet Shabbat which is the last one of Friday. Therefore, we may not do Melachot (neither
the Perek. Deoraita nor Derabanan) just in case it is actually Director : Rabbi D Meyer
The Mishna cites three things which one must re- ‫לעלוי נשמע ר' אליהו רחמים בן מאיר‬
The Hasmonean High School Weekly ‫דוד ע''ה ואחיו ר' עבדאללה פרג בן מאיר‬
mind one’s family to do on a Friday afternoon. The Mishna says, in this time period, we may not
Rashi explains that reminding them in the morning take Maaser and we may not use a Keilim Mikveh ‫דוד ע''ה‬
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is not as good because people are likely to put it off (ritual bath for new vessels). We may also not light
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until later and end up forgetting to do it. In the after- Shabbat lights. No. - ‫תש״ע‬ 13th
Vayakhel March
noon, however, people will do the things as soon as Pick up your copy of the Living Torah in school, online, at your local synagogue or by email. View all 333 5770
reminded. However, we may take Maaser from demai (produce past issues at our online archives. 2010
which is unknown whether Maaser has been taken.
The first thing to say is, “have you taken Maaser It is still not allowed to be taken on Shabbat but due Shabbat, The Mishkan and Donations
from produce we might want to eat on Shabbat?” to the lesser level of stringency, it may be taken The first of this week’s Parashot starts off with instructs the Jewish people to bring donations to the
The second question is, “have you made an Eruv?” during this uncertain period). Moshe gathering the Jewish people together to tell Mishkan. This could only be done once Moshe had
This means both an Eruv Chatserot (to permit one to them three things. Firstly, how they should keep judged the people to solve all the monetary disputes,
carry), and an Eruv Tanchumim (to allow one to We may also make an Eruv and insulate hot food. Shabbos even though they are building the Mishkan. because if people would donate beforehand there
walk further than the Techum Shabbat). Insulating a warm pot e.g. wrapping a towel round it Secondly, that no fire should be lit on Shabbos. might be donations of some funds which come from
The final thing to say on a Friday is, “light the lights may not be done on Shabbat but may be done in the Thirdly, that they should make donations towards somebody who is not the rightful owner. Only after
for Shabbat.” uncertain period. the building of the Mishkan. all disputes are solved and all monies are definitely
with their right owner can the donations begin.
We have in Halacha a doubt as to when night starts. Hadran Alach Perek Bet!!! Rashi points out when this gathering took place. He
This means that on a Friday afternoon there is a Shabbat Shalom says that it was as soon as Moshe had come down He goes onto explain why all this had to happen on
from Har Sinai after the Eigel with the second Lu- the day after Yom Kippur. The Mishkan was a
chos. Since Moshe came down on Yom Kippur, the unique opportunity for over 3 million people to have
first available opportunity was on the day after Yom a share in the same building. What would normally
‘Parasha Digest – Vayakhel-Pekudei Kippur. happen when 3 million Jews would have to build a
house together? Can you imagine the Machlokes?
‫ראשון‬: The Parasha begins with the Mitzvah of Shab- ‫ חמישי‬and ‫ששי‬: The Kohen Gadol's breastplate and
The Sifsei Chachomim asks on this point a question The only way this could happen is if all the Jews
bat and the penalty for doing Melachot on it. Moshe vest are described. The remaining garments of the from Rashi in Parashas Yisro. Over there (Shemos had Achdus. On Yom Kippur when we received the
asked the Bnei Yisrael to donate the time, talents, Kohen Gadol and the other Kohanim are detailed, 18:13) the possuk tells us that, “It was on the fol- second Luchos and forgiveness for the Eigel we
and materials for the construction of the Mishkan. lowing day and Moshe sat and judged the nation …. managed to also regain the incredible level which
and Moshe inspects the completed Mishkan. Moshe
The Bnei Yisroel responded with unbridled enthusi- From morning to evening.” Rashi says that the day we had at Matan Torah of “K’Ish Echad B’leiv
asm (which means “yes”). certifies that the entire project followed the exact
that the possuk is referring to is the day after Yom Echad”-“Like one man with one heart.” Only with
details of Hashem's instructions. Moshe blesses the Kippur. If Moshe spent that whole day “from morn- this level of Achdus could we begin to start talking
‫שני‬: Materials were donated and Betzalel and workers. ing to evening” judging the nation, then when could about building a Mishkan. Therefore Parashas
Ahaliav were appointed as chief architects and art- he say Parashas Va’yakhel? Va’yakhel needed to start as soon as possible now
ists. The response to Moshe's appeal was so great ‫שביעי‬: On the 1st day of Nissan, 2449, the Mishkan Moshe has removed the technical problem of a few
that Moshe had to command the people to stop their was assembled. After every vessel was properly in The Sifsei Chachomim answers that Rashi himself court cases.
donations! (see, miracles do happen!) The outer place, the presence of Hashem, the Shechina, de- covers this question in a later comment on that pos-
coverings of the Mishkan and the inner tapestries are suk in Yisro. Rashi says peshat in “from morning to
He then brings a Drush which puts the icing on the
scended in a cloud and filled the Mishkan. evening” is not to be taken literally. Rather it is
cake. We are told that there should be no fire lit in
detailed. The beams of the Mishkan, the Aron Hako-
desh, and the Shulchan - Table are described. there to teach us that whoever judges a correct our dwellings on Shabbos. Fire is representative of
Parasha Summary adapted from Rabbi Aron judgement, it is if they are partners with Hashem in
heated Machlokes. Building the Mishkan helped us
‫ שלישי‬and ‫רביעי‬: The Menorah and the inner Golden Tendler creation where it says, “And there was evening, maintain the level of Achdus and avoid Machlokes.
there was morning.” Since “from morning to eve- However, that is all very well throughout the week,
Altar are described. The outer ramped Altar, the
ning” is not literal rather Moshe only spent some of
what about Shabbos when we can’t build the Mish-
Washstand, and the Mishkan's surrounding enclo- his time judging he had time to say over Va’yakhel.
kan? Therefore we have a special possuk warning us
sure are detailed. Pekudei begins with an accounting that on Shabbos when we aren’t building the Mish-
of the materials used in the construction of the The Kli Yakar says over that there is a much more kan, be extra careful to avoid Machlokes.
Mishkan. (gold = 4,386.5 lb./ silver = 15,088.75 lb./ fundamental connection between Moshe judging the
people and Parashas Va’yakhel. Parashas Va’yakhel By Aharon Goldwater
copper = 10,620 lb.)
Story Mishlei

The Witnessing Tree Those Wise In Heart

The wheel of fortune had taken a downturn for a The rabbi of Sali at the time was the famous "Ohr “Let all those with a wise heart among you come and make everything that Hashem commanded” (35:10)
once-wealthy Jew who lived in the Moroccan city of HaChaim," Rabbi Chaim Ibn Atar. The two men
Rabat. He was forced to leave home and wander went to his house. Rabbi Chaim listened carefully to This week the words ‘Chacham Lev’ are repeated
from city to city and town to town, in search of an both sides. He then addressed the host: "This Jew seven times and the root of Chacham appears eleven Indeed the Malbim comments that ‘Chacham Lev’
appropriate business opportunity that would enable claims the money which he says he deposited with times. Chachma is generally translated as wisdom. refers to someone who has integrated the moral
him to support the large extended family that had you before Shabbat eve. What do you say?" The meaning of the phrase wise-hearted needs fur- discipline that wisdom imposes with his natural
come to depend on him. ther clarification. instincts and passions.
"It never happened," the man answered. "This man is
He experienced many difficulties, yet he maintained slandering me."
his faith in the One that provides all. Finally, after Two approaches to Chachma: Alternatively, Rabbi Yehuda Halevi says that we
several failed attempts, he succeeded in amassing a Rabbi Chaim turned to the guest. "Perhaps there was The Ramban comments that at first none of Bnei describe Hashem as ‘wise in the heart’, not because
significant amount of money. Now he would be able a witness at the time you say you handed your Yisrael were aware that they had the skills necessary intelligence is a description of Hashem rather be-
to return home. money to him?" to carry out the Divine will but through their devo- cause it is intellect that is our essence and Hashem is
tion to Hashem they discovered that they had the the very ultimate of intellect, the very epitome of
On the way, he passed through the town of Sali, The dejected man now felt even worse. "No, there skills required within in them. Emotional factors do Chacham Lev – Where there is complete unity be-
which is not far from Rabat. As it was already fairly was no witness there. Just before Shabbat we sat not allow a person to accept something about him- tween ‘wisdom’ and the one who possess it. It is a
late on Friday, he figured he had better remain in Sali under a tree. That is when I removed my pouch and
for Shabbat. A good friend from his youth whom he gave it to him to hold for me until Saturday night." self whether it be good or bad no matter how many natural characteristic of Hashem; a human being can
had not seen in many years lived there, and he knew "Under a tree? Very good!" cried out Rabbi Chaim times he is told it and regardless if it is explained to achieve the same objective if he yearns for Hashem
he would find a warm welcome at his house. excitedly. "Go back and summon that tree to be a him in detail. Our emotions can cloud our minds and attempts to be an instrument for the establish-
witness on your behalf!" meaning that no intellectual information will regis- ment of Hashem’s kingdom in our world. Much like
Indeed, as soon as his friend saw him, he insisted ter. Betzalel was.
that his surprise guest remain for Shabbat. The weary The traveller was taken aback when it sunk in what
traveller accepted the invitation happily. Before can- the rabbi wanted him to do, but being well aware of We usually think of wisdom as associated with the The Pasuk describe Betzalel as having/using wis-
dle lighting, he gave his money pouch to his host for Rabbi Chaim’s reputation as a miracle-worker, he mind and brain rather than with the heart. We also dom, insight and understanding. R’Hirsch says that
safekeeping, so that he wouldn't have to worry about stood up and left the house, without questioning the
it during the Day of Rest. great rabbi's instructions. usually associate the heart with our emotions rather he was appointed specifically because he had these
than with wisdom. The phrase of Chacham Lev qualities. The building of the Mishkan was not
By Saturday night, the traveller was anxious to reach After just a few minutes, the Ohr HaChaim remarked seems to be telling us of the importance that we merely the external work of artisanship but a way to
home. Immediately after Havdalah, he requested his that certainly the man has already reached the tree. should attach to our emotions and that we must un- establish a structure where there are no spare parts,
money pouch back from his friend. derstand ourselves and our emotional responses to where each part has a symbolic significance.
"What do you mean, Rabbi?" said the other man. any situation. According to R’Hirsch understanding
"What are you talking about?" denied his host. "You "That tree is quite far from here." and insight are subcategories of Chachma – wisdom. So in summary, it is likely that Chacham Lev is the
never left any money with me." Our emotions and our intellect are very closely re- wisdom needed to build the Mishkan, wisdom that
Looking sternly into the man's eyes, Rabbi Chaim
The stunned guest could not believe his ears. He declared: "Give that poor innocent Jew his money lated; lack of one has an adverse effect on the other. can translate a Divine plan into human reality,
almost fainted. When he recovered his senses, he back, right now!" Seeing the surprise on the man’s something that will form a bridge between our emo-
begged his friend to return to him the money for face, the Rabbi stroked his beard and added: "If you It is possible to think that this character of Chacham tions and our intellect and between us and Hashem.
which he had laboured so long and hard, and which didn't receive the money from him under that tree, Lev is only relevant to this week’s Parasha (It only The Mishkan is the centre of vitality of Am Yisrael.
was critical to his family’s survival. how is it that you know where the tree is?" appears five times in the Torah – all in our Parasha). It a spiritual and emotional centre, the source of all
The Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim (3:54) notes that the teachings of Bnei Yisrael, intellectual or other-
The host was beside himself with indignation. "You The man turned pale. Without saying another word, is specifically linked to the art of construction. How- wise.
have some nerve!" he shouted. "Aren't you embar- he promptly returned the money that had been en- ever the phrase and its inner meaning seems to in-
rassed? You slept in my house, you ate at my table, trusted to him.
clude a broader category than simply the ability to What is needed to construct such a centre is wisdom
and now you dare to hurl at me these false accusa-
tions!" After he finally reached home, the merchant utilized make things. In other places around the Tanach, the combined with a heart, someone who is truly
most of his hard-earned savings on wise investments, phrase is related to the observance of Mitzvot: Chacham Lev. Only this can bring together the high-
The man soon realized there was no chance that this and with G-d's help became wealthy again as he had est point of the Jewish soul and its strong yearning
conniver would return the money of his own accord. been once before. “One whose heart is wise will do the Mitzvot, but a for Hashem. This is wisdom that results from the
He decided he had better go right away to make a (Adapted from fool will have tired lips.” (Mishlei 10:8) link between man and Hashem.
claim at the Beit Din (rabbinical court).
Thought of the Week Riddle for the Week
Moshe blessed Bnei Yisrael that they truly desire that Hashem’s presence rest in their Mishkan. After all their hard work they needed to On what date in the Jewish calendar do we some years say Tachanun, and other years say Hallel?
add the crucial element: their desire to have Hashem with them. (Answer in next week’s Living Torah)
Answer To Last Week’s Riddle:
Where is Hashem to be found? Wherever man lets him in (R’Menachem Mendel of Kotzk). Q: These won't make what you dig, even with two, But without this we might have all suffered from swine flu.
Hashem enters man’s life only if man makes him feel welcome. Just as one who wants a prestigious guest to visit his home makes sure Explain. (Hint: Swine flu could be any sort of plague)
that his guest will be comfortable, so must we conduct our lives and homes so that Hashem feels ‘comfortable’ in our presence. A: Machazit HaShekel - as answered by Mikey Lebrett