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Birth Time Rectification

- B.K. Kumar
Why Need of Birth Time Rectification

Every individual takes birth in a very particular moment. However, this moment can not
be timed exactly due to limitation of our watch. Yet very closely it can be timed.
Generally time of birth is recorded by doctor in hospital. Such recorded time at most
could be correct upto minute level but on second level more often it is found not accurate.
However, second is not equivalent to a moment, but as said above due to some constraint
we can not time it beyond second level. In our Khullar System of Astrology difference of
even a second sometime may change horoscope entirely. This is why in this system we
can differentiate between even twins. Birthtime rectified on second level yields
satisfactory results as it nearly simulates the destiny.
We believe that any natives birth time is that very moment when he takes his first breath
on this earth plane with his noticeable independent existence. From his first breath he is
treated as a self-regulating being. From that moment the soul incarnated in his body
makes functional his body in natural course in such a fashion that he may sustain due to
those very personal efforts that can not done by others in lieu of him i.e. his being is now
responsible for his evolution and growth.
Recording of time of first breath or incarnation of soul in the body of child is not easy
even for doctors as doctors preference and concern are different in the labour room. It is
astrologer who can declare the time of childs first breath or incarnation of soul in the
body of child as per the very particular planetary position, calculated upto second level,
on the horizon at that moment. and place However for astrologers also it is not so easy
particularly in other system of astrology but in Cuspal interlinks Theory (Khullar
Astrology), it is quite possible to rectify the birth time which is close to the very moment
of birth. Once time-closed-to-birth-moment is found, it is very easy to cast a horoscope
or matrix simulating destiny, using Khullar Ayanamsa.
We know at the time of death impressions (Samskara) of previous lives remain attached
with soul. Due to these impressions, soul is bound to reincarnate. As per impression
accumulated in previous lives, soul chooses a very particular parents, family, society,
country etc. So in true horoscope these should be reflected besides many other
individualistic elements. Co-relation with society, country etc can not be ideally
established for want of data required for true horoscope of the same. But a true horoscope
must exhibit relationship with parents and other family members. In medical science such
relationship is known as Genetic relation. Further, True horoscope should show
individuality & sex of the native. And, the planetary position should certainly confirm the
event of birth of the native at that very moment besides many other aspects and events
related to him.

In other system of astrology, scarcely an astrologer bothers to rectify the birth time.
Owing to this, accuracy in the horoscope remains missing.

(Based on teachings imparted by Sh. S.P. Khullar, Eminent Astrologer)